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The Red Menace

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PinnedDo you like Fantasy Football? Free and paid with

Check out 's new FREE and Pay to play Fantasy Football Games! This is pretty

0 169 Bandit0 9/2/14 9:50 AM
by: Bandit0

PinnedThank you Red Menace- A new Sheriff in town!

My friends, Last month I put up a post asking for people that wanted to step up and be a part

14 877 Bandit0 9/7/14 2:41 PM
by: Bandit0

Pinned and LockedTRM Terms of Service -- PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!

TRM Terms of Service (please read before you post here, folks.)

0 7792 KennRodriguez 9/19/11 6:29 PM
by: KennRodriguez

Fire Davies time

Multiple Pages 1 2 

This is year 3 and this team shows no signs of improvement. Our offense is still one

20 1863 SayWhatNM Today 10:11 PM
by: winnnner

Brandon Branch has decide to leave UNM football

Brandon Branch has decided to close out his football career at the University of New Mexico,

7 461 Bandit0 Today 9:19 PM
by: Alphalobo

Lobo Points of Interest: The Opponents: UTSA

The preview is coming earlier this week, as I have to get my stuff in order before I leave town.

6 511 LetTheFurFly Today 8:30 PM
by: rudyc

Looking for a fishing hole.

Anybody recommend a good fishing hole for us out of towners that don't live in the  17 acres of

2 148 LoboDen Today 7:49 PM
by: rudyc

Lobo Talk with Coach Davie live at Chama River

0 80 UNMSID Today 6:15 PM

Davie Needs To Man Up

Multiple Pages 1 2 

and admit in public he and his staff lost the Fresno game. With the possibility of going up

30 1786 Soonlobo Today 4:03 PM
by: AbqLobo

San Antonio Roll Call... Lobos Unite!

Anyone else from TRM going to San Antonio for the game? Just bought my tickets online ( 30

2 193 loboman59 Today 2:08 PM
by: LetTheFurFly

Happy Birthday Coach Davie

So...what do you get the guy who just bought cherry and silver everything? Coach Davie is 60

1 246 LetTheFurFly Today 1:58 PM
by: Hador

Hey Redsox remember "Fritzie"

When Mike Locksley was fired Redsox would scoff at me for the idea of hiring Willie Fritz then

2 322 Bandit0 Today 10:37 AM
by: DvLOBO

Mark Smith... Hey its 2014

I didn't make much of the "words" spoken between Davie and De Ruyter because to be

8 782 Bandit0 Yesterday 7:15 PM
by: Lobodawg92

Why did the D breakdown?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Call me crazy but I saw a pretty impressive defensive performance in the first half against

20 713 DvLOBO Yesterday 2:58 PM
by: Soonlobo

Lobos/UTSA on My50 TV!

The Lobo/UTSA game will be on My50 TV at 1:30PM on Saturday.

1 212 goddardrocket Yesterday 2:09 PM
by: retafm

AFA shuting out BSU

20- 0 14:20 left in the game. BSU trying to score now

12 691 rudyc Yesterday 1:32 PM
by: Hador

Keep the headset on Coach!

Okay, I saw this on the other blog, but it had been nagging at me and I just wanted to put in my

7 619 ElFeroz Yesterday 10:56 AM
by: redsox87122

UTSA is now 1-3

After spoiling Houston's brand new stadium opening and scaring the crap out of Arizona, UTSA

16 1095 LetTheFurFly Yesterday 9:37 AM
by: LetTheFurFly

Albuquerque rapper

Not too long ago on this forum there was a you tube video of a New Mexico rapper who has a song

7 450 LOBOGROOVE Yesterday 6:17 AM
by: crispysdad

UTSA Game will be on My50 TV! Also out of state info!

Some good news!  My50 will show the UTSA game this weekend.  The article on GoLobos also

3 347 Alphalobo 9/29/14 10:15 PM
by: loboman59

Optimistic - The LOBOS!

There were allot of positives in the excitement on friday night. I think from a fan perspective

8 537 lobogrande62 9/29/14 9:38 PM
by: animas

Cool moments tonight!

So one of the coolest moments of the night was each member of the Atrisco Heritage YAFL

4 375 Bandit0 9/29/14 4:42 PM
by: DHLoboF

Here's why we lost.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

First, working for three quarters against Fresno was fairly admirable. We lost with 8:00 minutes

34 1452 LetTheFurFly 9/29/14 11:45 AM
by: Soonlobo

Conservative play-calling

Honestly I felt that in the 1st quarter we should have gone for it on 4th down to go up 7-0

17 756 SpanaBaller 9/29/14 9:40 AM
by: Soonlobo

The magic of a win

Tough game for sure. Blame aside (coaching, player mistakes, etc), the Lobos are competitive.

15 838 TwilightLobo 9/29/14 9:30 AM
by: Soonlobo

Difference between 1-3 and 3-1

We are in year 3 of the rebuilding process. A process that has been far to slow for many,

0 288 Alphalobo 9/29/14 4:21 AM
by: Alphalobo

PR Volume

It has always been you can never hear the questions are Lobo press conferences. Now, based

2 250 LasCrucesLobo 9/28/14 11:41 PM
by: Bandit0

OT Kansas fires Charlie Weis

Two years and four games was enough for them I guess.  Though the AD should be the one feeling

13 714 StLouLobo 9/28/14 7:55 PM
by: KennRodriguez

Lobo Football banged up!

I didn't hear a word all week from the useless ABQ media that 4 offensive starters would be out!

10 819 Lob0tomy 9/28/14 7:44 AM
by: zooom

Coaching cost us this game!!!!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Bad coaching simple. Players came to play. They had some heart and played with some

22 1339 OthersideLobo 9/27/14 7:06 PM
by: gr8thypelobo

Lamar Jordan

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Starting QB nuff said. I don't have any desire to see Clayton play again period Cole is always

22 1723 mountainlobo 9/27/14 3:03 PM
by: 72lonewolf

Defensive Adjustments

The Lobos are close, there is talent, but a few changes need to be made immediately to improve

0 228 Soonlobo 9/27/14 11:34 AM
by: Soonlobo

Turqouise Wigs!!!! Oh no more self promotion! LOL

I'm heading out to Party City right now... See if there is a turquoise wig!!!! Why not? It's

10 574 Bandit0 9/27/14 10:37 AM
by: lobojonz


Multiple Pages 1 2 3...6 7 8 

Here we go!

157 632 wolfpack219 9/27/14 7:39 AM
by: ClubmakerBob

How big does last second drive....

Multiple Pages 1 2 

against NMSU look now?  Imagine the Lobo Meltdown on this board right now if they were 0-4?

20 696 Lob0tomy 9/27/14 7:24 AM
by: littleman12666

Just Annouced - Mitchem to Start

Must say - I just do not get it???!!!

4 553 redsox87122 9/27/14 5:55 AM
by: Bandit0

MOVED: Do not understand it

- - - -

Just sick right now

This was a Bulldog squad that didn't lift their legs in their first three games.  Yet tonight

1 374 Lob0tomy 9/26/14 9:32 PM
by: Soonlobo

How Many Tickets Have Sold For Fresno Game?

The Lobos have a good chance tomorrow night if they play a great game for 60 minutes. Hope

6 645 Soonlobo 9/26/14 9:29 PM
by: Lob0tomy

I really liked the uniform tonight......

Hated the 80 yards of offense in the 2nd half!!! Adjust!!!!

0 127 utahlobo 9/26/14 9:22 PM
by: utahlobo
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