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The Red Menace

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PinnedDo you like Fantasy Football? Free and paid with

Check out 's new FREE and Pay to play Fantasy Football Games! This is pretty

0 115 Bandit0 9/2/14 9:50 AM
by: Bandit0

PinnedThank you Red Menace- A new Sheriff in town!

My friends, Last month I put up a post asking for people that wanted to step up and be a part

14 791 Bandit0 9/7/14 2:41 PM
by: Bandit0

Pinned and LockedTRM Terms of Service -- PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!

TRM Terms of Service (please read before you post here, folks.)

0 7700 KennRodriguez 9/19/11 6:29 PM
by: KennRodriguez

The MWC Is Just Plain Awful This Year

The MWC overall record this season is 20-22. And the wins are mostly against FCS schools.

3 156 Soonlobo Today 12:53 PM
by: LetTheFurFly

HotA Win Is A Win

Multiple Pages 1 2 

But my attitude has changed a bit on Davie. UNM should have won this game by a mile. Too

33 847 Soonlobo Today 12:44 PM
by: unm1991

One overlooked spark from the NMSU game....

...was Chris Davis returning punts! He had some good looks and turned nothing into ten to

2 319 LetTheFurFly Today 11:52 AM
by: rudyc

Cannot leave receivers wide open!

I don't know if it is lack of execution or what is being taught... But I know of at least 2

6 475 Bandit0 Today 11:38 AM
by: rudyc

hats off to UNM

Your scout team QB owned us. It only goes to show how far from the D-3 football of Walker to

5 574 WIAggie Today 11:34 AM
by: loboman59


What's wrong with Gautche, no one is saying?

7 398 GrayWolf Today 11:31 AM
by: loboman59

How young is Davies' team?

how many upper classmen starting? how many upper classmen on 2 deep? how many 2nd,

2 207 loboJ Today 11:30 AM
by: rudyc

Oh this game...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

It's interesting because UNM and Bob Davie are SUPPOSED to win this game... And when they do,

22 930 Bandit0 Today 11:02 AM
by: apenland01


I think once we have a true QB will be able to see the true genious of coach Debesse. ( I think

0 166 antdogg34 Today 8:27 AM
by: antdogg34

HotUNM vs NMSU Game Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...15 16 17 

Game about to start. Just hooked up laptop to TV. Sound a problem, but at least there is

335 890 redsox87122 Today 8:08 AM
by: 97NMSU


Nothing has changed, our D is still horrible.

12 648 LOBOGROOVE Today 1:15 AM
by: 72lonewolf

Who is Glad NMSU only had 27 Seconds Left

To try to tie the game? I was nervous because they still had two time-outs.

8 406 redsox87122 Yesterday 11:41 PM
by: 97NMSU

Curious about Cole

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Merc said during the game a non-injury reason to be pulled... Not sure what that means, but

23 608 Bandit0 Yesterday 10:56 PM
by: mountainlobo

Lobo Leap in Loss Cruces

3 271 Bandit0 Yesterday 10:49 PM
by: mountainlobo

Lamar Jordan

Starting QB nuff said. I don't have any desire to see Clayton play again period Cole is always

0 216 mountainlobo Yesterday 10:42 PM
by: mountainlobo

Post Game

Davie praising defense - a real gut check. Says he knew Cole wasn't going to play in 2nd

12 461 redsox87122 Yesterday 10:16 PM
by: redsox87122

3 is as good as 30

Way to hang in there and pull out the victory, Lobos! You hung in there and held on when it

7 356 IllinoisLobo Yesterday 10:06 PM
by: IllinoisLobo

Fresneck Week

It is past time for our Defense to step up.   Props to LaMar and the offense overall has been

1 162 DvLOBO Yesterday 9:47 PM
by: SpanaBaller

Halftime thoughts!

I hate this color commentator with Scott Didrickson leaving... Paul I can drink a beer and come

1 274 Bandit0 Yesterday 7:54 PM
by: avmoreno

Rio Grande Rivalry Predictions

If Cole is healthy and plays in the game without getting injured, we win going away: UNM: 45

9 405 Alphalobo Yesterday 4:54 PM
by: rudyc

OT: Jameis Winston

Great athlete, complete dumb@ss. Suspended for the first half of FSU's game vs. Clemson for

9 643 StLouLobo Yesterday 4:13 PM
by: AbqLobo

Where did the new sheriff go?

Did TRM already run the new sheriff and deputy off?

6 360 Alphalobo Yesterday 3:54 PM
by: KennRodriguez

Lobo game on the big screen...

Is there ANY local bar in town that will be streaming the game in their establishment? Since

7 338 loboman59 Yesterday 3:33 PM
by: wolfpack219

Official Aggie Joke Thread

It's officially Aggie week so let's get the jokes started! What is the difference

19 1292 Alphalobo Yesterday 12:44 PM
by: Proski69

Lobos on ESPN College Football Minute

Story on David Ash retiring from football show an extended clip of him running through hapless

2 390 LoboDen Yesterday 6:38 AM
by: LoboDen

Lobos NEW jerseys! Check em out!

19 1496 Bandit0 Yesterday 6:37 AM
by: Soonlobo

Lobo Points of Interest: The Opponents: New Mexico State

Hey there, I'm going to start on the Aggie preview today and probably post the overview,

9 1239 LetTheFurFly 9/19/14 6:59 PM
by: Alphalobo


Multiple Pages 1 2 

Guess what this number means Winner gets a Lobo T-shirt

28 1447 Bandit0 9/18/14 8:19 PM
by: Proski69

LockedLobo Talk with Coach Davie live at Chama River

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.  --- It's Wednesday night, and that means it's time for another edition of

0 298 UNMSID 9/17/14 3:30 PM

very interesting

Vegas has Aggies +3 in week This game will be very interesting, if u watched the NMSU/UTEP

7 985 WIAggie 9/17/14 11:06 AM
by: Fettleibiglobo

Bye Week: Band Question

Does anybody know why the band no longer plays "Louie, Louie"?  When I was at UNM the

8 592 Alphalobo 9/16/14 7:49 PM
by: leviblu

Who has ESPN 3 at their crib!

Maybe we can descend upon your crib for tailgate and Lobo football

3 440 Bandit0 9/16/14 7:27 PM
by: Bandit0

Defensive Changes

Just wondering what some of you think might happen as far as personal changes this week?  I

2 523 mountainlobo 9/16/14 7:18 PM
by: SpanaBaller

Will Cole G Play?

From the Journal article this morning it seems Cole G is still questionable for the Aggie game.

7 768 Soonlobo 9/16/14 3:00 PM
by: mountainlobo


Hay all, I live out of state so obviously will not be able to get Aggie vision, to anyone’s

11 768 LOBOGROOVE 9/16/14 2:24 PM
by: rudyc

New offer in AZ

Phoenix Mt. Pointe OT Davis Perrott was just offered Profile , story soon

1 444 jason247football 9/15/14 9:34 PM
by: jason247football

Just threw up in my mouth...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

On 610 I said I was pulling for NMSU over UTEP... So that way when the Lobos crush them it

29 1696 Bandit0 9/15/14 2:08 PM
by: LetTheFurFly
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