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The Red Menace

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PinnedDo you like Fantasy Football? Free and paid with

Check out 's new FREE and Pay to play Fantasy Football Games! This is pretty

0 415 Bandit0 9/2/14 9:50 AM
by: Bandit0

Pinned and LockedTRM Terms of Service -- PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!

TRM Terms of Service (please read before you post here, folks.)

0 8189 KennRodriguez 9/19/11 6:29 PM
by: KennRodriguez

OT: Congrats to the Women's Cross Country Team

The Women's Cross Country Team finished 3rd in the Nation yesterday!  That's awesome!  If we

3 89 Alphalobo Today 9:44 PM
by: LobosFan871XX

Time for a change FIRE DAVIES!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

i'll say it because I know how you guys love this coaching staff, and think this team is getting

21 1260 SayWhatNM Today 8:32 PM
by: Lobodawg92

Lobo Football favored

Line opened -6 and quickly fell to three.  Not nearly enough, IMO, the way 'Pokes played last

1 131 DavieDouble Today 7:48 PM
by: Soonlobo

85 Players Away

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I see the Lobos as being 9 playersvaway from being really good. Somebof these guys may already

35 1948 IllinoisLobo Today 5:02 PM
by: LoboBaller

What's most annoying about this team?

Turnovers suck and so do penalties on short yardage situations but when our defense blitzes on

8 511 DvLOBO Today 2:59 PM
by: zooom

HotDear Paul Krebs

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Please resign immediately. Today is ALL ON YOU. YOU RUINED LOBO FOOTBALL AND GOT PAID TO DO

37 1321 onlylobo Today 1:55 PM
by: Soonlobo

Did you hear the referee yesterday?

During the game the Lobos called timeout and the referee said... "timeout New Mexico

1 238 Bandit0 Today 1:46 PM
by: rudyc

20,000 reasons why McIlwain is leaving

look at the stands, wanna coach at Fart Collins, or Gainesville? He is out of there like

9 552 rudyc Today 11:05 AM
by: unmlobo1

Don't wanna hear folks cry...

about attendance at Uni Stadium anymore.  CSU is a top 25 program and their gym isn't much more

15 832 DavieDouble Today 8:40 AM
by: LoboDen

Players today that caught my eye!

Jhurell Pressley is the freaking man! I love this kids effort and ability... In my opinion he is

1 194 Bandit0 Today 8:26 AM
by: Alphalobo

re McElwain and Redsox brothers?

With those glasses they both look alike

3 283 Bandit0 Today 8:16 AM
by: Alphalobo

His name is BOB DAVIE

Are people really that obtuse? Obviously. His name is BOB DAVIE. If you are going to get on

0 157 rudyc Today 8:14 AM
by: rudyc

HotRocky Long

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I'm going to beat the dead horse here...........Krebs not hanging onto Rocky is as big a blunder

29 972 Aggieweiser Today 1:22 AM
by: Suelto

Other Scores MW

Fresno State leads Nevada 38-20 in Reno in 4th quarter. Do you realize that if Fresno holds

0 154 lobojonz Yesterday 11:35 PM
by: lobojonz

Lobo Postgame Presser-CSU

Lobo Football Postgame Press Conference: Nov. 22,…:

0 145 IllinoisLobo Yesterday 11:14 PM
by: IllinoisLobo

I Think The Lobos Will Beat CSU

There, I said it. It's just a funny feeling, it just popped in my head, it seems completely

13 900 Soonlobo Yesterday 3:53 PM
by: Soonlobo

Don't remove my posts!

remove the asshat that has zero respect.

2 495 rudyc Yesterday 2:59 PM
by: onlylobo

If the shoe is ever on the other foot

I will insist that UNM score 100

0 229 rudyc Yesterday 2:40 PM
by: rudyc

PollIf both are 100% healthy who is our QB?

So I've seen both QB's for awhile now so I think it is fair to ask this question. Who is UNM's

0 232 Bandit0 Yesterday 2:34 PM
by: Bandit0

Hotcsu game thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Helluva start I must say smh

96 999 lobojonz Yesterday 2:24 PM
by: unm1991

MOVED: Whoever the asshat is that

- - - -

McIlwain gone?

I am calling it right now. Florida will hire Jim McIlwain as it's next head coach. He will never

13 1122 onlylobo Yesterday 10:28 AM
by: rudyc

Krebs removes Kit Vela! Right Choice?

I am torn...I liked her and this team. Anyone here know how Krebs is evaluated? If at all.

5 515 unm1991 Yesterday 10:26 AM
by: rudyc

That 11 year old girl football player is back.

It's nice to see her take up the game and I hope she creates a s***storm when she gets to high

0 226 LetTheFurFly 11/21/14 6:03 PM
by: LetTheFurFly

Can anybody tell me

Multiple Pages 1 2 

another team in the MWC that faced four straight conference opponents who had a bye week before

33 1088 rudyc 11/21/14 8:49 AM
by: rudyc

Looking for RedMenace.TV contributors and hosts

I'm currently on my sick bed... The flu has devastated RedMenace.TV for two weeks now, I'm

1 210 Bandit0 11/19/14 6:31 PM
by: redsox87122

Wyoming freshened...

during bye week and a little healthier for stretch run.

1 403 ShortsAndTShirt 11/18/14 7:18 PM
by: rudyc

Davie's Postgame Comments for Utah State

He seems a little more annoyed than usual. Utah State Post-Game Press Conference:

2 451 IllinoisLobo 11/18/14 1:27 PM
by: IllinoisLobo

Fun game yesterday!

I thought the last 2 games were fun! Yeah the Lobos lost but played and worked hard, were in it

9 688 Bandit0 11/18/14 7:23 AM
by: LoboWizard

Game thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

Lobos down 7-0! Utags tough D, some snow

113 1259 Bandit0 11/17/14 8:16 PM
by: Aggieweiser

Boise State under consideration for College Football Playoff

Here is continuation of why 4th and down was reversed.

15 1290 lobogrande62 11/16/14 7:34 PM
by: antdogg34

Wish my nephew Devin good luck as his St Therese Crusaders

play for the parochial school league flag football championship. He plays Center on O and D

6 451 rudyc 11/16/14 5:16 PM
by: redsox87122

reconsidering stance on the "late timeout"

Davie called a late TO and I always thought that was a bit of sour grapes but am reconsidering;

2 423 CyLobo 11/16/14 3:31 PM
by: rudyc

Lobo TV Highlights of Utah State Game

Win or lose, I really enjoy these videos. Lobos Hang Tough In 21-28 Loss To Utah State:

0 212 IllinoisLobo 11/16/14 10:04 AM
by: IllinoisLobo

ESPN News HD is channel 256 on Xfinity


6 264 Alphalobo 11/16/14 6:38 AM
by: IllinoisLobo

What happened to the logo on the helmets btw

Was watching replay of BSU game and took a closer look at the helmets and the sticker on the

10 810 lobojonz 11/15/14 1:03 PM
by: DHLoboF

OK here is the official prediction thread

Matt Wells was at UNM not once, but twice as a coach. He knows UNM well. This will be a ground

11 590 rudyc 11/15/14 10:13 AM
by: LoboWizard

Over and under on official reviews for our game today?

Last week we had an unprecedented 5 reviews from the booth and the MWC. This week I'm

2 163 Alphalobo 11/15/14 9:45 AM
by: Proski69
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