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The Red Menace

Mark Forum ReadMARK READ Topic Replies Views Started by Last Post introduces two new members to our staff!

Earlier this month I made the call to folks who would like to join our staff on

2 243 Bandit0 8/24/14 4:18 PM
by: ItsBaca looking for National Writers

I've been telling you all that is NOT messing around. They are making moves... There

0 141 Bandit0 8/18/14 8:20 AM
by: Bandit0

PinnedRedMenace.TV on USN wants your clips and videos! Check it out!

So we live in a world of YouTube, Vine, and all other forms of people having the ability to make

4 492 Bandit0 8/27/14 12:13 PM

Pinned and LockedTRM Terms of Service -- PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!

TRM Terms of Service (please read before you post here, folks.)

0 7456 KennRodriguez 9/19/11 6:29 PM
by: KennRodriguez

Who scores first TD for UNM 2014 season? Win $50.00

Multiple Pages 1 2 

So let's all get it going on a good foot. We have the prediction thread,..but,...who will

33 1169 rudyc Yesterday 11:39 PM
by: wolfpack219


That's what my family in College Station is saying right now!  Texas A&M score in their

12 563 72lonewolf Yesterday 10:25 PM
by: 72lonewolf

Red Menace TV with Reece White and David Guthrie

RudyC with: Reece White  David Guthrie

1 104 WesHender Yesterday 10:22 PM
by: Alphalobo

Who gets our first sack?

All the talk of scoring is NIIIICCCCEEEE!!!! But which Lobo football player gets the first

6 293 Bandit0 Yesterday 9:18 PM
by: Alphalobo

19k sold as of this morning...

per 610 am.  Also, they confirmed the $5 game day surcharge is still in effect.

14 856 ShortsAndTShirt Yesterday 6:53 PM
by: Lob0tomy

Lobo Points of Interest: The Opponents: UTEP Miners 2014

And here I am. It's time. I’m typing furiously away towards the first game of the season: the

14 1050 LetTheFurFly Yesterday 5:21 PM
by: Soonlobo

UTEP Coach Game week Presser

Kugler provides his breakdown of this weeks game. As Furr said, they have spent a solid 2

3 331 Alphalobo Yesterday 5:19 PM
by: Soonlobo

Football game Saturday

Just to confirm the game will be streaming on the Mountain West Conference site Saturday

4 338 LOBOGROOVE Yesterday 1:14 PM
by: DanceswithLobos

Bandit0 - about that Resource 5 game TBA

Multiple Pages 1 2 

you mentioned in the Krebs Q&A thread. Any chance it's with a school within two hours

20 799 StLouLobo Yesterday 11:23 AM
by: KennRodriguez

UTEP prediction thread !

Multiple Pages 1 2 

LOBOS. 42 minors. 28 Closest wins a Lobo T-shirt from Graphic Connection

38 1289 MWCWOLF Yesterday 9:37 AM
by: 72lonewolf

Finally a depth chart... Gipson start at RB D-line Hightower Juarez Bowers

12 1462 Bandit0 Yesterday 8:42 AM

#63 in your program, #1 in our hearts

Dillion Farrell looks good today. The 49er's are playing him at left guard and at center. He

5 629 rudyc 8/27/14 8:53 PM
by: rudyc

Matt Hegarty

Congratulations to Matt Hegarty.  Starts at LG for Notre Dame Saturday against Rice.  Also 1st

0 290 ILlobo 8/27/14 6:53 PM
by: ILlobo

Here's whats up this week.

GAME WEEK! EEEEEEE! I'm working on the Lobo Points of Interest preview of UTEP. It should be

6 474 LetTheFurFly 8/27/14 6:02 PM
by: LetTheFurFly

Thank you Red Menace! Greatest moments ever!

Nothing is as awesome when you roll onto a practice field, or meet the YAFL coach and parents

0 111 Bandit0 8/27/14 12:26 PM
by: Bandit0

Get your applications in...

Aggies search for a new AD down south . My first piece of business will be introducing a

1 355 LetTheFurFly 8/27/14 11:51 AM
by: WIAggie

Lobo football tailgate video

RedMenace.TV would like your tailgate vide for our show! So use your phone send us some clips of

0 99 Bandit0 8/27/14 8:08 AM
by: Bandit0

Parking passes

Did anyone get their parking passes yet and if so when?    Did you get them with you tickets or

2 195 SpanaBaller 8/27/14 12:02 AM
by: Alphalobo

Tailgate time!

Myself Mike TAO Wes Rudy C. Let The Fur Fly Carla Tony Daniel Anna Rab Sheila

7 436 Bandit0 8/26/14 5:02 PM
by: LetTheFurFly

Over 3,000 young people sent to Lobo football games!

Did some quick math and want all of you of The Red Menace to pat your backs! In the past 13

1 282 Bandit0 8/26/14 4:11 PM
by: rudyc

How dominant is Cole Juarez?

Dude just got into town a few weeks ago... Dominic Twitty and Nik D'Vanzo were supposed to be

1 764 Bandit0 8/26/14 12:15 AM
by: avmoreno

LockedInside Athletics with Paul Krebs

Sorry for the late notice (busy Monday) but you can listen live starting at 7 p.m.

1 298 UNMSID 8/25/14 6:58 PM
by: loboman59

A UTEP Miner Walks Into a Bar. . .

A UTEP Miner walks into a bar with an orangutan. . .Bartender holds his nose and says, "Oh

3 673 IllinoisLobo 8/25/14 5:22 PM
by: LetTheFurFly

Texas Tech speculation: Ruidoso? Red River?

Interesting article from an Amarillo source. Speculative. Talks about moving camps from

11 978 LetTheFurFly 8/25/14 5:13 PM
by: LetTheFurFly

Introduce yourself! Lurkers speak up.

Hey there, If it's your first time reading the website or you're a return reader we want to

17 1460 LetTheFurFly 8/25/14 4:09 PM
by: rudyc

Slooow ticket sales

14 1627 DavieDouble 8/25/14 3:02 PM
by: AbqLobo

Tailgate #1 Food Selection

Ok Rudy has a thread to get things started for game week with the prediction of the first Lobo

2 308 Alphalobo 8/25/14 2:22 PM
by: 72lonewolf

When is the USN channel going to start

I was wondering what channel to tune into and the date USN would begin

3 278 Lobotat13 8/25/14 1:17 PM
by: Bandit0

USN Kicks off Today! Today is the 24/7 New Mexico sports!

The time has arrived!! The 24/7 USN Sports Central Television Show will be starting today at

2 240 Bandit0 8/25/14 9:13 AM
by: Bandit0

Thank you Lt. errr Dr. Dan!

Thank you Dr. Dan! For coming through for the YAFL kids! We are so close I can taste!

2 316 Bandit0 8/25/14 8:42 AM
by: Bandit0

Graphic Connection Eye On Recruiting: Randy Crystian

OL Randy Crystian (Cedar Hills HS, Texas) 6-1 264 Offered by New Mexico and Navy

0 165 Bandit0 8/25/14 8:41 AM
by: Bandit0

Happy Friday Lobos!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

From your friendly neighborhood Sun Devil! It is getting close, can you feel it?!?!?!?!?!?

39 813 SunDevilDog 8/25/14 5:15 AM
by: SunDevilFroggy

Another article on David Anaya I hope davie

0 226 antdogg34 8/24/14 9:49 PM
by: antdogg34

Gongbay-Edwards-Price Update????????

Gongbay, Edwards and Price all were starters in the spring.  Since they missed Ruidoso camp

4 697 brashear 8/24/14 9:42 PM
by: antdogg34

Today's meeting with Krebs, Merc., and Hutch.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

You know what didn't come up moving students to the end zone but a lot did come up and I

47 1192 Bandit0 8/23/14 5:15 PM
by: DavieDouble

New Mexico in Football Since WWII

Hello Lobo fans, I'm an avid data visualization specialist with a love for college football.  I

0 284 DawgPassion206 8/23/14 3:22 PM
by: DawgPassion206
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