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The Red Menace

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PinnedThank you Red Menace- A new Sheriff in town!

My friends, Last month I put up a post asking for people that wanted to step up and be a part

2 56 Bandit0 Today 1:52 AM
by: Bandit0

Pinned and LockedTRM Terms of Service -- PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!

TRM Terms of Service (please read before you post here, folks.)

0 7502 KennRodriguez 9/19/11 6:29 PM
by: KennRodriguez

The saddest part of the night for me... I DON'T KNOW ANYONE!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I have to admit that I am heartbroken to know so few people on this team...  This is the

27 1275 Bandit0 Today 8:02 AM
by: KennRodriguez

Week 1 Attendance for the MWC

Things could be worse Lobo fans.  Check out the full stadium San Jose St had. San Jose

4 498 SpanaBaller Today 7:41 AM
by: Lobopride76

Flying up from Tucson this weekend-I some logistical questions..

Looking forward to the trip-I have never experienced your athletic facilities.  That being said,

0 46 devildownunder Today 2:58 AM
by: devildownunder

Rick Wright tweets Gautsche is practicing

@Burquerick: Morning report: Lobos QB Cole Gautsche (hamstring) unimpaired to the naked eye at

11 862 Bandit0 Yesterday 10:52 PM
by: KennRodriguez

What uniform combination for Saturday?

I'm thinking we'll go with red jerseys and silver pants with the silver helmets and Lobo shield.

0 132 Alphalobo Yesterday 8:41 PM
by: Alphalobo

Lobo Look Alike Thread!

Now for your viewing pleasure, I give you a long standing ASU tradition! UNM Lookalike

0 246 SunDevilDog Yesterday 7:33 PM
by: SunDevilDog

Gotta call Van Tate...

The weekend guy keeps claiming Cole Gautsche has a torn Hammie... Thinking that is just bad

4 702 Bandit0 Yesterday 6:29 PM
by: Lob0tomy

Maybe next year huh?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

WOW......year 3 in the Davie era, and I can honestly say there has been no change from year one

32 1471 MWCWOLF Yesterday 6:17 PM
by: UWyo85

Attendance prediction for next week?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I bet we have less than 18,000 and 1/2 of whatever crowd is there will be ASU fans.

39 1036 Alphalobo Yesterday 4:35 PM

I am just a dude in the stands...

So for 18 years I have sat in the exact same seat and lived and died with the Lobos.  I have

9 1007 TheWuffman Yesterday 1:36 PM
by: KennRodriguez

Manuel "El Brujo"

Every time weird stuff like last night happens we remember Manuel "El Brujo" Dude

2 356 Bandit0 Yesterday 8:51 AM
by: domsdugout

Getting to know this team Pt. II (Loveable mutts)

My post on Facebook about Dillon Farrell and the entire Lobo Nation and the Red Menace You

0 133 Bandit0 Yesterday 8:27 AM
by: Bandit0

Happy Labor Day Lobos!

I know, not much excitement around here after Saturday's loss. But, you have to buck up and put

0 112 SunDevilDog Yesterday 8:14 AM
by: SunDevilDog

My 24 Hours Are Up... 24 hours of lamenting opportunities lost are up. I will be happy to actually watch this

0 236 IllinoisLobo Yesterday 8:13 AM
by: IllinoisLobo

I have not wavered on Davie

You know... I can give an objective opinion on things without saying a coach needs to be

16 1203 Bandit0 8/31/14 11:46 PM
by: loboman59

610 AM's JJ Buck reports Gautsche likely out.

JJ Buck tweeted this from his @JBuck610 account. "Bob Davie doesn't think Gautsche will

13 1254 KennRodriguez 8/31/14 10:15 PM
by: wolfpack219

Why do we have to throw the ball? Please explain it to me?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Please explain to me why we HAVE to throw the ball? They freaking run the ball down

26 1040 Bandit0 8/31/14 10:03 PM
by: go100

A. Jones has a bone to pick with UNM

In the MinerRush Post Game Interviews, Aaron Jones says that he enjoys taking it to UNM because

14 1159 MinerMadness 8/31/14 9:36 PM
by: 72lonewolf

GM Bassett Football Model Results this Week

For ASU v Weber State - he was spot on.       Prediction:      90-100% chance of

2 259 SunDevilDog 8/31/14 9:29 PM
by: SunDevilDog

Who scores first TD for UNM 2014 season? Win $50.00

Multiple Pages 1 2 

So let's all get it going on a good foot. We have the prediction thread,..but,...who will

35 1371 rudyc 8/31/14 9:21 PM
by: Bandit0

Lots of exciting moments still to come

Heartbreaking loss. But once the emotions subside, it's always "On to the next game."

1 243 TwilightLobo 8/31/14 6:22 PM
by: jozer

UTEP is already prepping for us.

They're in day 10. of their fall camp and they're already prepping our basics. Now it starts.

14 1384 LetTheFurFly 8/31/14 5:49 PM

Aggies Win Opener Against Cal Poly 28-10

From the ABQ Journal The New Mexico State University football team opened its 2014 season in

8 948 LasCrucesLobo 8/31/14 5:42 PM
by: WIAggie

Early odds for ASU v UNM ASU at -27 figures in

4 393 SpanaBaller 8/31/14 5:25 PM
by: 72lonewolf

before the hatin starts

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I can live with this one I came away impressed with the fight in this team. it will take a

40 1210 mountainlobo 8/31/14 12:40 PM
by: redsox87122

HC comments about Gamblin fumble in MSmith's story depressing

I know, I don't post much, but I do still care...ALOT.  Watched the game

2 488 domsdugout 8/31/14 11:20 AM
by: AbqLobo

Didn't see the game, but....

Losses like this one at home are the single BIGGEST obstacle to getting fans interested and in

2 324 IllinoisLobo 8/31/14 11:06 AM
by: AbqLobo

UTEP Coach Game week Presser

Kugler provides his breakdown of this weeks game. As Furr said, they have spent a solid 2

6 593 Alphalobo 8/31/14 8:50 AM
by: MinerMadness

Haven't even talked about tackling...

Is this some sort of New Mexico disease? Seriously? We haven't had good tackling since Rocky

6 432 Bandit0 8/31/14 8:39 AM
by: Hador

Notes from the Den - Turnover Edition

Greetings and Salutations Lobo Fan.  A new year, a new start and he she it is excited to enjoy

1 266 LoboDen 8/31/14 8:34 AM
by: mountainlobo

Redsox look on the bright side...

We don't have to watch the Dallas Cowboys lose tomorrow!

1 132 Bandit0 8/31/14 1:03 AM
by: redsox87122

Bob Davie Post game quotes

Opening statement: "Alright guys, you saw the same thing I saw. We started out wobbly.

2 444 Bandit0 8/31/14 12:45 AM
by: redsox87122

OT - Well Kind Of. New Forum - It Sucks too!!

I feel kinda like I did when I left the stadium tonight - all over again.  

9 261 redsox87122 8/31/14 12:37 AM
by: redsox87122

Game Day Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I know everyone in ABQ will be at the game so this thread is for those of us watching online.

54 1401 LasCrucesLobo 8/30/14 11:54 PM
by: wolfpack219

Dillon Farrell IS A NINER! He made the team!

This is the best news of the day! Congratulations to Dillon... He was a hardworking awesome

2 149 Bandit0 8/30/14 11:33 PM
by: redsox87122

The good news is...

the MWC looked lousy this weekend.  Fresno was lit up by a depleted USC.  The 'Pokes hung on

2 360 Lob0tomy 8/30/14 10:18 PM
by: LetTheFurFly

19k sold as of this morning...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

per 610 am.  Also, they confirmed the $5 game day surcharge is still in effect.

30 1706 ShortsAndTShirt 8/30/14 9:35 PM
by: Lob0tomy

How do I watch the game tomorrow?

I don't see it in any TV listings? I believe someone mentioned streaming earlier? Is that free

4 905 SunDevilDog 8/30/14 2:31 PM
by: SunDevilDog
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