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Other Sports

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SPARTAN CALENDAR – SEPTEMBER 2014 For up-to-date Spartan Calendar go to:

0 46 MartinSpartan1 08/30/14 12:30 PM
by: MartinSpartan1

Pinned and LockedInside Sparta Community Rules and Guidelines....

Please read. Thanks

0 730 DonHoekwater 07/04/09 7:27 PM
by: DonHoekwater

Tentative/Possible 2015 Women's Gymnastics Schedule

The following are probable dates/opponents for San Jose State based on other athletic websites

0 28 ashnel Yesterday 1:02 PM
by: ashnel

Last of the baseball recruits

I received a newsletter from the baseball program and it listed the recruits. Most I’ve reviewed

2 136 Bozar 09/20/14 3:02 PM
by: spartan123

40% of SJSU student success fees go to athletics

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

The Merc reports : "San Jose State, whose total campus fees are the second highest in

96 1761 alp227 09/13/14 9:44 AM
by: fansjsu

New Spartan soccer coaches from London, Brazil, North Carolina

1 85 SJSUSpartan1992 09/11/14 1:06 PM
by: SpartaRick

Net year's baseball schedule

Just read that the Spartans will be on the road for a 3-game series with UC Irvine in March.

4 246 Bozar 09/10/14 8:36 PM
by: spartanbaseball

San Jose State Set To Name Tom Kunis As Pitching Coach

10 314 SJSUSpartan1992 09/10/14 7:29 PM
by: spartan123

Baseball Diamond Club.

Just got my Golf invite, won’t be able to make it, but I will send my donation in. Also,

1 121 pvsea 09/10/14 11:54 AM
by: cbautista

Spartan baseball ll

What will be the. Baseball team strength this year? Pitching, speed, defense or hitting?

18 864 burritostan 09/08/14 6:16 PM
by: spartan123

Piraro completes cycle as prep baseball coach

Nice article in the Merc...who knew he worked 16 hours a day for 7 days a week in a pickle

0 101 SJSUSpartan1992 09/02/14 11:43 PM
by: SJSUSpartan1992

Kevin Frandsen funny gif

0 84 spartanbaseball 09/02/14 10:38 PM
by: spartanbaseball

Men's X Country Improving

The Spartans beat multiple division 1 teams--I'm not sure that happened last season.

1 112 SJSUSpartan1992 09/01/14 9:59 PM
by: spartanmark

ESPN3 televises SJSU alum winning a championship...

ESPN3 televises chicken wing eating championship...which SJSU alumnus Joey Chestnut won.

0 24 SJSUSpartan1992 08/31/14 11:12 PM
by: SJSUSpartan1992


An announcement will be made real soon on a new sport. I heard it's a men's sport. Also a

14 625 cannonballrun6 08/28/14 12:35 AM
by: pvsea

Former SJSU golfer Mark Hubbard...

... is now T-3 after the 3rd round of the Portland Web.Com Tour event. Mark starts the day in

2 68 sjsbuff 08/24/14 7:32 PM
by: leonidas13

Track coach Ernie Bullard has died

Tommie Smith and John Carlos were among those who ran track under coach Bullard.

2 91 alp227 08/23/14 12:22 PM
by: vallespartan

new Director of Baseball Operations

Although this is somewhat old news, I didn't see anything posted on the forum. Met Dave at

0 161 pvsea 08/16/14 9:01 AM
by: pvsea

Dana Dormann To Play At The Legends Championship

1 34 alp227 08/15/14 11:14 PM
by: sjsbuff

Sam Piraro now coaching at Willow Glen HS

1 162 alp227 08/14/14 6:10 PM
by: SJSUSpartan1992

2014 Gymnastics Season Highlight Video

Nice video...

2 54 SJSUSpartan1992 08/14/14 4:03 PM
by: leonidas13

Blick In Line To Advance After 18 Holes At U.S. Amateur

2 88 alp227 08/12/14 8:34 PM
by: sjsbuff

Hockey schedule released

0 47 alp227 08/12/14 6:29 PM
by: alp227

emotional story about Sheldon Daquioag

you can find it here:

1 263 Bozar 08/10/14 10:20 AM
by: pvsea

Some information on a baseball recruit

I found an article on a baseball recruit for whom I could find little information. His name is

15 668 Bozar 08/07/14 1:39 PM
by: Bozar

Sanfilippo leaving SJSU Baseball?

I heard that Assistant Baseball Coach Brad Sanfilippo is leaving SJSU for the Assistant job at

5 471 doubleinthegap 08/05/14 4:16 PM
by: SpartaRick

SJSU engineering students defy gravity

Pretty cool, check out the video:

0 74 SJSUSpartan1992 08/05/14 3:45 PM
by: SJSUSpartan1992


Tim Lakose? Sam Piraro?? George Freaking Nessman??? In 2014-2015?! WTF???!!!

5 358 sjsbuff 08/05/14 3:06 PM
by: creeper86

2nd Annual Sparta-Q BBQ Competition Oct 11, 2014

Benefit for the softball program:

0 91 SJSUSpartan1992 08/05/14 1:45 PM
by: SJSUSpartan1992



0 88 MartinSpartan1 07/31/14 6:42 PM
by: MartinSpartan1

New volleyball roster out The 2 returning players have jersey #'s,

5 356 alp227 07/30/14 1:09 PM
by: alp227

The Grit Squad: Article about Women's Track and Field

4 149 SJSUSpartan1992 07/27/14 12:24 AM
by: alp227

Boys of Summer

Been following the baseball boys that were posted on the team website were they are playing

3 381 pvsea 07/26/14 11:00 AM
by: pvsea

Swimmer Darcie Anderson, MWC Female Scholar Athlete of the Year

Great job Darcie!

2 130 SJSUSpartan1992 07/25/14 4:03 PM
by: alp227

Nice article on D. J. Slaton

0 130 Bozar 07/22/14 9:40 AM
by: Bozar

SJSU tennis

The only D1 team in the Bay Area to qualify? LOVE IT!!!

2 176 Gayle 07/11/14 9:51 AM
by: spartanbaseball

Aztec coach Tony Gwynn dies at 54

I heard earlier that Tony's contract was recently extended.

3 247 SJSrat 07/09/14 4:27 AM
by: tdmaximus

We've been in the MWC almost a year now

I know it's a minor thing, but it has been bugging me for awhile. Can the moderators for the

8 603 AncientSpartan 07/02/14 10:28 PM
by: spartanmark

softball recruiting for the coming years

Coach Turner should be up at Calaveras High in San Andreas, Ca The Softball team there will have

0 113 acer15 06/25/14 6:38 PM
by: acer15

new baseball recruit for 2015

Just read in the Merc that Leland’s winning pitcher in the CCS championship game is “San Jose

15 943 Bozar 06/25/14 10:52 AM
by: spartanbaseball
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