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Other Sports

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Pinned and LockedSPARTAN CALENDAR – AUGUST 2014

SPARTAN CALENDAR – AUGUST 2014       For up-to-date

0 36 MartinSpartan1 Yesterday 6:42 PM
by: MartinSpartan1

Pinned and LockedInside Sparta Community Rules and Guidelines....

Please read. Thanks

0 686 DonHoekwater 07/04/09 7:27 PM
by: DonHoekwater

Sanfilippo leaving SJSU Baseball?

I heard that Assistant Baseball Coach Brad Sanfilippo is leaving SJSU for the Assistant job at

0 102 doubleinthegap Yesterday 7:35 AM
by: doubleinthegap

New volleyball roster out The 2 returning players have jersey #'s,

5 324 alp227 07/30/14 1:09 PM
by: alp227

The Grit Squad: Article about Women's Track and Field

4 119 SJSUSpartan1992 07/27/14 12:24 AM
by: alp227

Some information on a baseball recruit

I found an article on a baseball recruit for whom I could find little information. His name is

11 460 Bozar 07/26/14 4:31 PM
by: Bozar

Boys of Summer

Been following the baseball boys that were posted on the team website were they are playing

3 367 pvsea 07/26/14 11:00 AM
by: pvsea

Swimmer Darcie Anderson, MWC Female Scholar Athlete of the Year

Great job Darcie!

2 100 SJSUSpartan1992 07/25/14 4:03 PM
by: alp227

Nice article on D. J. Slaton

0 116 Bozar 07/22/14 9:40 AM
by: Bozar

emotional story about Sheldon Daquioag

you can find it here:

0 144 Bozar 07/12/14 11:51 AM
by: Bozar

SJSU tennis

The only D1 team in the Bay Area to qualify? LOVE IT!!!

2 160 Gayle 07/11/14 9:51 AM
by: spartanbaseball

Aztec coach Tony Gwynn dies at 54

I heard earlier that Tony's contract was recently extended.

3 237 SJSrat 07/09/14 4:27 AM
by: tdmaximus

We've been in the MWC almost a year now

I know it's a minor thing, but it has been bugging me for awhile. Can the moderators for the

8 595 AncientSpartan 07/02/14 10:28 PM
by: spartanmark

softball recruiting for the coming years

Coach Turner should be up at Calaveras High in San Andreas, Ca The Softball team there will have

0 97 acer15 06/25/14 6:38 PM
by: acer15

new baseball recruit for 2015

Just read in the Merc that Leland’s winning pitcher in the CCS championship game is “San Jose

15 929 Bozar 06/25/14 10:52 AM
by: spartanbaseball

Julie Inkster shoots 66 on Saturday at US Open, Tied for THIRD!

Spartan and LPGA Hall of Fame golfer Julie (Simpson) Inkster shot a blazing 66 on Saturday at

2 113 SJSrat 06/24/14 10:50 AM
by: SJSUSpartan1992

Baseball Hall of Fame, ATO Dick Brady dies

Richard Kenneth "Dick" BRADY Passed away peacefully on June 16, 2014.

0 83 SJSrat 06/23/14 8:18 AM
by: SJSrat

SJSU Womens Volleyball releases "not their" team

The new husband/wife coaching team at San Jose State just notified their team last night tonight

18 1372 olliewood 06/22/14 11:38 AM
by: cannonballrun6

Spartans lose 4-0 to Nevada, season over

CG win for the Nevada pitcher. SJS couldnt muster any offense. Onto next year, and hopefully

4 301 spartanbaseball 06/09/14 7:55 PM
by: SpeedCity51

MLB draft - no current or future Spartans taken

Looks like all key returnees will be back and all incoming recruits will be on board for 2015.

0 125 spartanbaseball 06/07/14 9:17 PM
by: spartanbaseball

ccs playoff

we tend to say baseball coaches are poor  recruiters going to at lease six high school playoff

0 127 vassardave 06/06/14 1:43 PM
by: vassardave

Where does Baseball stand?

With deference to Bozar and others that know SJSU and college baseball a lot better than myself,

4 436 SpartaRick 06/06/14 7:49 AM
by: fansjsu

Congrats to WAC baseball champs Sacramento State.

They lost the first game of the tournament, won 2 on Saturday, and sealed the deal on Sunday in

7 328 SJCCAlum 06/05/14 9:25 PM
by: jenjas

Stats for 2015 recruits David Campbell and Matt Brown

David Campbell, Colfax HS 24 G, .551 AVG, .631 OBP, 1.011 SLG, 32 R, 27 RBI, 10 2B, 5 3B, 6 HR,

2 175 spartanbaseball 06/05/14 2:46 PM
by: Bozar

The SJ High Golf Tourney was at the Villages

yesterday, and guests were Coach Sam and his wife Joanne. They both looked great! Sam is

0 118 Gayle 06/01/14 10:35 AM
by: Gayle

Men's soccer

Just noticed that the men's soccer has a total of six Eorpean players . Five from England and

0 126 burritostan 05/24/14 7:47 AM
by: burritostan

Spartans lose to Nevada 4-0, eliminated from tourney

At least Coach Nac won a game in the tourney.

0 84 ashnel 05/22/14 1:29 PM
by: ashnel

Spartans lose second game of tournament

and they didn't even show up. They lose 15-1 to SDSU and scored an inconsequential run in the

2 203 Bozar 05/21/14 10:48 PM
by: leonidas13

Contrades 2nd team all-MWC baseball!/news-detail/...05-21-14_grwef3

0 95 spartanbaseball 05/21/14 3:20 PM
by: spartanbaseball

SJSU up 5-2 over AF after 5 innings

San Jose State is ahead of Air Force 5-2 after five innings of the play-in game. If we win, we

5 141 ashnel 05/21/14 3:05 PM
by: leonidas13

Spartans Win

over AF in play in game, 11-3!

0 82 Gayle 05/21/14 1:42 PM
by: Gayle

Spartans' play-in game

Here I am in the wilds of Colorado. No, haven't moved yet, but getting closer. Just had internet

1 165 Bozar 05/20/14 7:51 AM
by: SpartaRick

Why no MWC Softball Tournament?

I know that the NCAA's have begun, but the MWC needs to have a softball tournament. I have not

0 103 sar1954 05/18/14 9:02 AM
by: sar1954

Sponsor new lockers for MBB, WBB, Volleyball, or Gymnastics

Got this info in an email can view the full email at

6 270 SJSUSpartan1992 05/18/14 7:50 AM
by: burritostan

Are we brash enough to say this on a T-shirt

Michigan State is.

1 157 SJSrat 05/15/14 10:01 AM
by: Gayle


is anyone going to the game @ Stanford tonight?

5 310 SPARTAN189 05/14/14 3:40 PM
by: Gayle

Could Contrades be drafted?

Of all the current players, he would be the most obvious choice to get drafted. My guess is that

6 235 spartanbaseball 05/13/14 9:38 AM
by: SpeedCity51

Frandsen is clutch -- hits GW homer

Fast forward to the middle:

1 80 spartanbaseball 05/13/14 9:23 AM
by: leonidas13

A Huge Coaching Staff Issue

I looked at the staff early in the season and thought why no pitching coach? Well I said I will

6 313 sar1954 05/12/14 9:33 PM
by: heinsite

Baseball ranking in MWC

Now that our league MWC season is complete, AFA would have to lose all three of its final 3

4 231 SpartaRick 05/11/14 8:18 PM
by: sjsbuff
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