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Spartans Hoops

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Pinned and LockedSPARTAN CALENDAR – APRIL, 2014

SPARTAN CALENDAR – APRIL, 2014 For up-to-date Spartan Calendar go to:

0 46 MartinSpartan1 03/25/14 9:25 PM
by: MartinSpartan1

Pinned and LockedInside Sparta Community Rules and Guidelines....

Please read. Thanks

0 1253 DonHoekwater 07/04/09 7:27 PM
by: DonHoekwater

PG- Darryl Gaynor Commits!!!

just made it official via his twitter!

10 326 sfmdh25 Yesterday 11:08 PM
by: evanpope

Signing Period for LOI

The late signing period for LOI started April 17, if I am not mistaken. Do we have a LOI from

24 988 husky57 Yesterday 8:14 PM
by: acer15

possibility of appealing postseason APR ban

After reading a bunch of articles I found the NCAA Manual when it comes to the APR ban and its

5 185 sfmdh25 Yesterday 5:54 PM
by: Larry1961

Women's basketball/Spartan Foundation Brunch

Come One, Come All! May 10, 2014 at 10:30 am Villages Fairway Room The

11 522 Gayle 04/17/14 11:00 PM
by: Gayle

Mike Lepore coming to SJSU...

Check out the Spartan Roundball article.

6 556 Spartandave1 04/17/14 7:10 PM
by: sfmdh25

Guess who quit the Hawaii men's basketball team?

Keith Shamburger.

7 497 cannonballrun6 04/16/14 8:36 PM
by: coachm1968

Event center question ?

Is the capacity 4,500 or 5,500 and can is be expanded to 8k easily ?

8 462 acer15 04/16/14 1:03 PM
by: SierraSpartan

Basketball Gear

Met with Coach Jamie today to pick up items for our upcoming basketball brunch. She gave me a

0 108 Gayle 04/16/14 12:38 PM
by: Gayle

Are you watching 60 minutes sports?

And we are out for 2015 post season for Hoops, and this BS is going on at the AQ NCAA schools.

2 316 sar1954 04/15/14 2:15 PM
by: Gayle

Confirmed: DJ Brown Is Transfering

per jimmy durkin:

17 1372 evanpope 04/15/14 12:46 AM
by: alp227

Spartan Recruit Robotham ?

How tall is this guy some site have him at 5-10 others have him at 5-11 and 1 has him at 6-0?

1 234 acer15 04/14/14 10:54 PM
by: btspartan

MOVED: Jerry Tarkanian hospitalized

- - - -

Coach Craighead's invite to women's basketball brunch!

(Also WBB is providing a trip with the team and Spartan Gear) Dear Spartan Supporters,

0 114 Gayle 04/11/14 9:06 AM
by: Gayle

Interesting write up about The Event Center

We're ranked right in the middle of Division one arenas.

3 342 cannonballrun6 04/10/14 7:53 PM
by: QWNTut

Rokas Looking More Human Now Sounds like he didn't match up well with

9 343 evanpope 04/08/14 11:14 PM
by: sfmdh25

SJSU > Houston > UConn...... SJSU>UCON? ;)


4 254 dyow11 04/07/14 11:09 PM
by: Bixby23


Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Men's basketball hit with APR sanctions. No post season at all for 2014-2015 season including

69 1224 cannonballrun6 04/07/14 8:37 PM
by: sjsbuff

SJSU MBB alumni: Where are they now?

(On edit) I expanded on my original theme a bit on the 2nd reply. (On edit #2 4/5) Thanks

18 1913 alp227 04/07/14 2:08 PM
by: alp227

Postseason MWC thread

All postseason tournament pools have been announced. This thread is an ongoing discussion about

23 1005 alp227 04/05/14 6:47 PM
by: alp227

Former MWC players and AF Alumni team needs your help

NEED SOME HELP. Air Force Bomb Squad has dropped from 7th to the 13th seed. Please sign up below

0 102 ltcpilot 04/05/14 9:06 AM
by: ltcpilot

Bridge program ?

Does basketball have a bridge program like football does where the recruits would take 2 summer

0 92 acer15 04/04/14 10:26 PM
by: acer15

Devenir Duruisseau commits

3 star PF recruit commits -

21 1138 state89 04/04/14 6:58 AM
by: sjsbuff

Louisville player dismissed for pot transfers to Colorado State

A story I just found out about today. Don't know whether to laugh or cry about the fact that

6 395 alp227 04/03/14 3:16 PM
by: alp227

JC Signee

Per ESPN's recruiting web site, SJSU signed SF Jeremiah Ingram in November 2013 from Colby Comm

11 683 Cutter64 04/03/14 12:52 PM
by: acer15

And George Nessman is STILL getting PAID! Thanks Bowen!


8 486 spartygus 04/02/14 2:05 PM
by: alp227

Recruits Visiting

2.5 star recruit PF/C- Rokas Gustys and 3 star recruit PF-Devenir Duruisseau are visiting SJSU

8 870 sfmdh25 04/02/14 11:46 AM
by: btspartan


Is anyone aware when the 2014-15 signed recruits will be announced?

2 260 burritostan 03/31/14 10:49 AM
by: alp227

Our old WAC Foe Wins - NIT Game

I was pleased to see that LA Tech beat the Georgia Bulldogs in their NIT game. I wasn't sure

4 278 QWNTut 03/28/14 12:43 PM
by: alp227

Two Assistants Have Resigned?

Spartan Roundball reports that according to what Hoop Dirt calls an excellent source, Lowery and

10 1415 Spartandave1 03/25/14 7:20 PM
by: candice2008

Aztecs sold Cox Arena naming rights toto an Indian Casino

Watching UCLA-Tulsa game at Viejas Arena and wondered what Viejas was? it's a San Diego

10 496 SJSrat 03/25/14 10:55 AM
by: SierraSpartan

MOVED: Steve Fisher rips NCAA for making NMS catch a late flight home

- - - -

MOVED: Coeds: Will this T-shirt make everyone think you're 16?

- - - -

Save the Date

My friend Donna and I will be hosting a Spring brunch on May 10th as a fundraiser for women's

1 172 Gayle 03/23/14 2:36 PM
by: Gayle

Sagarin Ratings: #284 9f 351; #174 just advanced

USAToday's great NCAA Tournament section shows us just behind Savannah State at #284. But

3 309 SJSrat 03/23/14 12:26 PM
by: alp227

Go Spartans

No comment.

17 1002 burritostan 03/23/14 12:28 AM
by: alp227

USU's Jarred Shaw gets weekends in jail for felony drug charge

Cache Valley Daily reports : --- LOGAN – Former Utah State basketball center Jarred Shaw has

6 222 alp227 03/18/14 9:28 PM
by: creeper86

Civic Center

I was too young to remember when we played at the Civic Center in downtown, but for those who

14 555 SpartanTrav 03/18/14 7:05 PM
by: Larry1961

1st Look MWCBBALL 2014-2015 who leaves, who returns

1st Look MWCBBALL 2014-2015 who leaves, who returns

1 250 ltcpilot 03/18/14 10:13 AM
by: ltcpilot
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