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Spartans Football

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Pinned and LockedSPARTAN CALENDAR – OCTOBER 2014

SPARTAN CALENDAR – OCTOBER 2014 For up-to-date Spartan Calendar go to:

0 152 MartinSpartan1 09/29/14 5:27 AM
by: MartinSpartan1

Pinned and LockedFuture Football Schedules

FUTURE SJSU FOOTBALL SCHEDULES Subject to Change Note:  Home Games in  CAPS

0 6612 MartinSpartan1 04/30/13 5:25 AM
by: MartinSpartan1

Pinned and LockedInside Sparta Community Rules and Guidelines....

Please read. Thanks

0 6139 DonHoekwater 07/04/09 7:27 PM
by: DonHoekwater

Colorado State with big lead over Wyoming

The Colorado State/Wyoming "Border War" game has streaming video at:

0 0 alp227 Today 5:39 PM
by: alp227

SJSU defense > USU defense?

Today, Utah State beat UNLV 34-20 . USU 3rd-string QB Craig Harrison (both Chuckie Keeton and

1 4 alp227 Today 5:34 PM
by: sjsbuff

2015 season

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Maybe 2014 is a rebuilding year. Next season, we have Fresno St, Utah State, and SDSU at home.

20 250 spartansindahouse Today 5:33 PM
by: sjsbuff

How does a red shirt work

I have read where the coaches said they do not want to use up Malik Watson eligibilty

4 88 SpartanGabeAna Today 5:25 PM
by: SJSUSpartan1992

Inside the 10

How about using a RB that's something like 6' 1" 220 lb when we're inside the 10

2 26 armand01 Today 5:19 PM
by: creeper86

Spartan Defense Is Built For MWC Teams

Before we start calling for coaches to get fired, let's remember that this defense is built to

19 379 MikeMorgan Today 5:18 PM
by: SJSUSpartan1992

Did we burn Chacere's RS year today?

Seems like he was in on a Special Teams tackle...

5 144 sjsbuff Today 5:03 PM
by: sjsbuff

That 98-yard Navy drive...

...all on the ground--told me a lot about our team and coaches today. That was arguably our best

0 56 SactoSpartan Today 4:36 PM
by: SactoSpartan

So how do we rebound from the Navy loss?

IMO, we have still have some nagging coaching issues (decisions, play-calling) and some serious

18 368 sjsbuff Today 4:33 PM
by: acer15

Did Ronald Learn Anything From Last Year....?

Answer: NO Come on.. This is hard to watch.... Rpn cannot put to good game plans together

17 404 DrDave1969 Today 4:27 PM
by: eetrebor

Thorns in our side

La Tech (2007 and 2008) and Navy (2013 and 2014) might be the reasons we missed a bowl game.

3 88 spartansindahouse Today 3:36 PM
by: coachm1968

SJSU beat writer answers five questions from The Capital

Durkin answers questions from the Navy beat writer:

8 508 SJSUSpartan1992 Today 3:30 PM
by: 7nalma

'NEWS LASH" We're still #1 in pass defense

I wonder why

3 116 armand01 Today 3:11 PM
by: SantamariaSpartan

How do you stop Reynolds?

Have one player who is his shadow. He is killing us like last year.

9 216 Yutkey Today 3:06 PM
by: slipperypete9696

HotSJSU-Navy game string

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...13 14 15 

Fumble recovery by Jimmy Pruitt on 1st play from scrimmage!!!

284 875 sjsbuff Today 3:05 PM
by: slipperypete9696


To Stop the triple option you must tackle the QB in the backfield. Ok I over it; Go Spartans!

0 42 sar1954 Today 3:02 PM
by: sar1954

Durkin: Spartans relive nightmare

0 112 SJSUSpartan1992 Today 2:44 PM
by: SJSUSpartan1992

Credit goes to Navy OL

They dominated the SJSU DL, Reynolds was three or 4 yards down field many times before even

0 68 SpartanGabeAna Today 2:27 PM
by: SpartanGabeAna

Did we lose the Navy game in the 1st quarter?

Yes, they're about to go up three scores, but leaving those points on (off) the board just

5 151 sjsbuff Today 2:25 PM
by: sjs81

Predictions: SJS @ Navy

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I'm going with the 2011 final score, 27-24 SJS.

21 578 creeper86 Today 1:24 PM
by: sjsbuff

San Jose State forfeited seven games in 1979

Just ran across this article and had never heard of this issue--anyone have any details about

14 606 SJSUSpartan1992 Today 10:28 AM
by: AceMulligan

Durkin's Instagram Pictures from Annapolis

Quite a few pics this morning:

0 128 SJSUSpartan1992 Today 9:28 AM
by: SJSUSpartan1992

Durkin: Game day links: San Jose State at Navy

0 86 SJSUSpartan1992 Today 9:24 AM
by: SJSUSpartan1992

CBS sports Direct TV

Anyone know which channel on Direct TV , CBS Sports is broadcasting the Navy vs. San Jose State

4 280 burritostan Today 8:26 AM
by: bnichols3

Spartans for DQ

Did anyone see this awesome article for David Quessenberry?

9 528 SanJoseState Yesterday 9:29 PM
by: spartanfamily408

Radio as I travel

I'll be spending my time tomorrow morning driver to So Cal. I'm guessing I'll lose KLIV at some

6 234 sjscb Yesterday 9:05 PM
by: markcarbon

Durkin: San Jose State hopes for defensive game against Navy

3 356 SJSUSpartan1992 Yesterday 8:35 PM
by: sjsbuff

Corporate partners

In another thread the question of what corporations support Spartan Athletics was raised. I

4 252 SpartaRick Yesterday 8:25 PM
by: sjsbuff

SJSU v USNA live video

For those unable to attend the game or the wonderful party at Stanley's and without the cable tv

2 234 lawfox Yesterday 4:38 PM
by: lawfox

Watch Party for Navy Game

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Come cheer on the Spartans with other fans as they take on Navy! Be sure to come to the two

22 672 SuperSpartan743 Yesterday 4:34 PM
by: SpartaRick

Cameron Burston interview . . .excited to be a Spartan!

Our Coaches are doing a great job of creating a family atmosphere at SJSU and recruits are

6 489 Lawman87 Yesterday 4:11 PM
by: Lawman87

Watch Navy game online

A Navy fan pointed out to me that there is an option to watch the Navy game online. This could

1 170 SJSUSpartan1992 Yesterday 2:15 PM
by: lawfox

From Annapolis

-------------------------------------------------- > Hey there! My name is Justin and

1 268 Gayle Yesterday 1:14 PM
by: MartinSpartan1

Interesting Head to Head article for SJSU @ Navy

Found this on the navy scout forum. Interesting read. Also, when reading some of their posts it

2 414 Lukatoll Yesterday 12:48 PM
by: vallespartan

GetSportsFocus: SJSU Spartan QBC: Patrick Walsh

1 165 SJSUSpartan1992 Yesterday 11:34 AM
by: freedivedoug GSFWeekly after UNLV Game

Highlights from UNLV game start at 2:23

0 50 SJSUSpartan1992 Yesterday 10:19 AM
by: SJSUSpartan1992

Matchup: San Jose State at Navy

0 144 SJSUSpartan1992 Yesterday 10:12 AM
by: SJSUSpartan1992
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