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Spartans Football

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SPARTAN CALENDAR – NOVEMBER 2014 For up-to-date Spartan Calendar go to:

0 89 MartinSpartan1 10/31/14 5:26 AM
by: MartinSpartan1

Pinned and LockedFuture Football Schedules

FUTURE SJSU FOOTBALL SCHEDULES Subject to Change Note:  Home Games in  CAPS

0 6966 MartinSpartan1 04/30/13 5:25 AM
by: MartinSpartan1

Pinned and LockedInside Sparta Community Rules and Guidelines....

Please read. Thanks

0 6571 DonHoekwater 07/04/09 7:27 PM
by: DonHoekwater

Top Ten jobs I'd rather see Caragher in

In David Letterman style, for the humble, soft-spoken, uninspiring, watered-down coach at 7th

1 161 alp227 Today 11:01 AM
by: sjsjeff

Campus Village Phase 4 ?!?!?!?!

Just read something interesting. A campus village phase 4. I hadn't read anything about the

13 422 evanpope Today 10:56 AM
by: sjsbuff

Hottalent but not enough

Multiple Pages 1 2 

let's bypass all the venting on head coach and coaching staff.........and focus on

36 884 1sjsu Today 10:40 AM
by: evanpope

Durkin: Caragher on his postgame exchange with Utah State coach

Thanks Alp for posting the right link!

5 688 SJSUSpartan1992 Today 10:09 AM
by: SJSUSpartan1992

San Diego State Football Game Viewing Party @ Stanley's 12:30pm

I've created an event on Facebook for the SDSU game viewing party at Stanley's, 12:30pm--hope to

0 6 SJSUSpartan1992 Today 9:57 AM
by: SJSUSpartan1992

Disillusioned. Beyond repair?

i have supported SJSU since 1966. I have never felt more hopeless. Is there any reason for

12 759 1nemo Today 9:54 AM
by: evanpope

Give Me Just One of These Gene....

I'm headed to today's Niner game and thought about why I have been a fan of the Red and Gold for

0 82 EBayBen Today 9:16 AM
by: EBayBen

Houston Nutt

Bleymier hired him at Boise. I have followed his career in the SEC because I was impressed how

17 605 tdmaximus Today 9:01 AM
by: SpartaRick

Hawaii beats UNLV 37-35 with CRAZY ending

The game video is here (right now the postgame show is streaming & should be on til

3 206 alp227 Today 8:22 AM
by: DogFan8

HotFire Ron Caragher

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

We can't dump Joe Gray, so something's got to give. We as fans have been bent over this year.

66 1865 fiveseven Yesterday 9:58 PM
by: SJSU1forever

New Hampshire

For those "..waiting 'til next year."-- you can get a head start by taking a

6 357 stefanpiersche Yesterday 8:55 PM
by: SantamariaSpartan

Are we really a young team?

I keep reading that we are a young team-- but is that really the case? I believe we had about

3 303 SpartaRick Yesterday 4:32 PM
by: alp227

3-9 (beware, this is a rant)

Wow. Who woulda thunk it? My absolutely worst case scenario this year was 4-8. I know there's

5 528 sjsbuff Yesterday 4:32 PM
by: punjab25

HotBuying Out Caragher

Multiple Pages 1 2 

OK, some people have wondered where I've been, and to be honest, I was so numb for a couple of

37 1341 BananaSpartan Yesterday 12:57 PM
by: SpeedCity51

Tago-out; Popovich starting; Jurich starting


5 356 creeper86 Yesterday 12:24 PM
by: vallespartan


When you come to this site the next morning, after yet another drubbing/terrible loss, and there

10 547 sjsbuff Yesterday 11:57 AM
by: DrDave1969

Self Fulling Proficy

It seems that SJS has a self fulling proficy of we are bad and nothing will change this. We as

0 152 terror8396 Yesterday 11:42 AM
by: terror8396

It was a good first half

and that is all I got...

0 174 colo25m 11/21/14 11:10 PM
by: colo25m

Durkin: Ravizza delivers early spark, but Utah State...

...rolls Spartans 41-7

1 323 SJSUSpartan1992 11/21/14 11:05 PM
by: alp227

HotGame thread: SJSU @ Utah State

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...8 9 10 

The pregame show has already begun on KVNU , the Utah State flagship station. But I'm still

183 813 alp227 11/21/14 10:53 PM
by: SJSUSpartan1992

Air Force @ San Diego State discussion

Right now ~10 min. left 2nd. San Diego State up 13-7 at home vs. Air Force. Radio: "The

3 178 alp227 11/21/14 10:47 PM
by: nomorefitz

New Hampshire: Another 2010 UC Davis game, or even worse?

The latest Sports Network FCS poll is out , and next year's opening opponent New Hampshire is

14 682 alp227 11/21/14 10:00 PM
by: alp227

A little something to cheer you up..

Blake Jurich hits Tyler Ervin in stride for a game tying touchdown against Auburn!

6 314 weazal4645 11/21/14 9:45 PM
by: weazal4645

Caragher throws Austin Lopez under the bus on the postgame show

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

In my opinion, Coach Caragher verbally threw Austin Lopez under the bus on the post-game show.

55 1673 ashnel 11/21/14 9:44 PM
by: weazal4645

Brandon Rutley: The Latest Unknown Alouettes Back

0 156 alp227 11/21/14 7:29 PM
by: alp227

Which Game will be Watched by More People Tonight?

Will we have a larger audience on ESPN2 than the Aztec Falcons game? ESPN2 has a larger

3 148 Spartan68 11/21/14 6:34 PM
by: sjsbuff

Friday Night Lights!

Who's excited? haha... But seriously, if we win..Does you're opinion of Caragher change or

15 461 weazal4645 11/21/14 4:50 PM
by: SJSUSpartan1992

Creeper for HC!!!

Seriously the guy knows what the heck he is talking about! As the resident expert, he has never

4 216 Spartan1992 11/21/14 4:16 PM
by: creeper86

Ron Caragher on Damon Bruce show today 6:15

Radio: 95.7 SF/98.5 HD2 SJ. or the Tunein app keyword: 95.7 the

0 72 alp227 11/21/14 3:21 PM
by: alp227

SJSU only college football option for Levi

Cal hated their experience at Levi stadium and has vowed never to play a conference game there

7 417 Junkie 11/21/14 3:13 PM
by: aaflyer

Durkin: Inexperience hurts San Jose State's offense

4 410 SJSUSpartan1992 11/21/14 3:12 PM
by: SpartanDude

What If

I am by no means enamored of Coach Caragher, but I'm also not ready to attribute all of our

1 138 sparticulous 11/21/14 2:33 PM
by: BananaSpartan

Thoughts on the NEZ Project

I've heard the SJSU Associated Students has a huge war chest. This would not surprise me since

15 693 sparticulous 11/21/14 1:29 PM
by: 81Spartan

Spartan Sports Central, episode 12 First 5:19: Recap of the Hawaii game. 5:19-6:35:

0 18 alp227 11/21/14 1:19 PM
by: alp227

Mountain West action

on the tube this weekend: (tonight) Air Force @ San Diego St 6:30p.m. CBSSN San Jose

0 64 7nalma 11/21/14 12:03 PM
by: 7nalma

Fresno St to San Jose St connection......

they can work together. QB Derek Carr (FSU) 9-yard TD pass to WR James Jones (SJSU) with 1:42 to

1 98 7nalma 11/21/14 11:16 AM
by: sparticulous

Durkin: Game day links: San Jose State at Utah State

0 46 SJSUSpartan1992 11/21/14 10:47 AM
by: SJSUSpartan1992
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