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Need Some Advice Board

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The ideal Outfit Which are more Essential Day

Brides currently go for any stop to ensure that they appear excellent about the wedding day.

0 47 newdress 4/2/14 10:17 PM
by: newdress

Relocating to Springfield MA

If there are Badger fans within 50 miles, I'd love to know  Also if there are folks

0 54 jayintoronto 3/27/14 8:56 PM
by: jayintoronto

1994 Rose Bowl Memorabilia

I recently came across some 16 oz. Pabst Blue Ribbon, 1994 Rose Bowl cans while cleaning out a

1 200 Badgerboi21 3/5/14 8:59 AM
by: sudsmcbucky

NCAA College Basketball 2nd and 3rd round tickets

I am looking for advice on how to best obtain tickets for the 2nd or 3rd round of the college

2 112 WISDRAKE 3/4/14 9:32 AM

larger size Wisconsin clothing

Does anyone know where I can find/purchase larger sized Badger clothing? T shirts, jackets, etc.

3 402 minch 1/13/14 9:07 PM
by: TheCodger


I'm thinking of buying a tablet, and I can get a good deal on a brand named ASUS. It has

2 272 rockobrown 11/24/13 5:10 PM
by: rockobrown

viewed games shown on tv at a later time

I winter down south and my condo building does get the big ten network (hooray).  But there is

4 280 economan 11/7/13 5:08 PM
by: 1hoophead

How do I get free iphone ring tone On Wisconsin

preferably with the UW Band. I googled and the "free" connected to Jepsom at $9.99 a

0 324 badgermitt 8/6/13 7:58 PM
by: badgermitt

Old to New DVR

I was going to post this on the advice board, but that board doesn't seem to get much action,

1 583 terror5 7/22/13 5:59 AM
by: TaxideaTom

Legal help

I was on the other site and I told a moderator on one of the sites(not a badger site) that I was

2 1090 badger20 7/16/13 5:27 PM
by: StillTAW

iPhone or Galaxy?

I don't play games or listen to a lot of music. I will use the camera and internet. If I am not

1 535 badgermitt 5/6/13 8:02 AM
by: AerialBomb

USAA for financial planning

Anyone use them and have thoughts?  Am currently with an investment company and am looking for a

1 567 independentGeorge 3/31/13 11:54 AM
by: Badgerbuster44

Weber Tires - Bristol ???

I'm looking at buying a used vehicle that needs new tires. I've looked at Sears, Costco, Tires

7 10145 Madtown94 3/23/13 8:05 PM
by: badgerfib

Apartments in Madison

One of my good friends is going to be moving to Madison in April to help open a new Hy-Vee store

1 525 jaihawk 3/8/13 4:13 PM
by: AerialBomb


Anyone else use firefox?  Does your window size always come up wrong when on the BadgerNation

9 2092 cardinalfib 1/18/13 6:31 AM
by: rivenbark121

Badgers: Moving to Madison, Need Your Help

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Hey everyone, I'm a Georgia Bulldog alum/fan planning on making a move up to the great

23 2539 Spasibazatort 1/17/13 11:09 AM
by: chinaglia

Best Pubs In the Capital Square Area

Oklahoma State fan here! Making a business trip to Madison in a few weeks and would like to

5 747 ostatesportsfan 1/17/13 10:52 AM
by: chinaglia

Little Giant ?

I was thinking of getting a little giant ladder for my wife, as our other ladders are a bit

3 576 TheCodger 1/16/13 9:12 PM
by: Wettle

Ford C-Max hybrid vs. Prius V hybrid

Am familiar with the Prius generally, but would love thoughts from anyone who owns or has

3 617 independentGeorge 1/14/13 2:55 PM
by: independentGeorge

Ipad or Laptop?

Don't play games or listen to music

6 793 badgermitt 9/28/12 1:43 PM
by: sudsmcbucky

Cambria CA, (Moro Bay) need hotel

Anyone have a good stay there?  Need 1 night stand!

0 525 TheCodger 9/18/12 10:10 AM
by: TheCodger

Madison advice

Hey everyone, I'll be a 1L at UW Law this fall and just secured an apartment on the corner of

6 1133 btownbadgercane 9/3/12 11:55 AM
by: Tbaz11

Remote record MSU game ?

Does anyone know if one can program record a DTV HD DVR show from the road.  I will be on Amtrak

7 1021 TheCodger 8/22/12 1:27 PM
by: TheCodger

Snow Tires?

I just purchased a 2011 Subaru WRX last Friday.  Does anyone have any input on what kind of snow

9 1033 Tbaz11 8/21/12 3:28 PM
by: TheCodger

Anyone have CenturyLink Prism TV service?

I'm seriously considering switching from our current Dish service to CenturyLink.  The main

1 32 TaxideaTom 8/19/12 8:32 PM
by: TaxideaTom

buffering on videos

Every time I watch a "You-Tube" or some other video, my computer always stops to

5 812 killler 7/10/12 12:16 PM
by: LakeFlambeau

River or Lake Front Acreage

100 feet of frontage on a Grade A Muskie Lake or 1,200 feet of river front neither

5 28 madbadger2000 7/5/12 5:26 PM
by: madbadger2000

3-D glasses?

I have a 55" 3-D Samsung.  Was wondering, has anyone tried 3-D glasses with that or any

3 892 TheCodger 6/17/12 6:26 PM
by: TheCodger

Advice for an Out of Towner...

Hello Badger Nation.  I am from Oklahoma (graduated from Oklahoma State in 1993, go Pokes!) and

1 612 SanditeCowboy1 6/16/12 9:08 PM
by: badgerman27

Grand Cayman

I will be vacationing in the GC on Seven Mile Beach in late June. I understand it is both the

1 665 WISDRAKE 6/2/12 10:14 PM
by: badgerjon66

October Coastal CA drive.

In October  we will need to drive form San Bernardino to Davis/Sacramento to catch Amtrak.  Too

0 564 TheCodger 5/6/12 4:54 PM
by: TheCodger

Removing Post Surgery Scars?

Hi everyone, I had triple bypass last July and wondering if anyone can give me any

4 20 OneShiningMoment 5/6/12 4:38 PM
by: TheCodger

Cable in Middleton Question

Charter - lousy service Dish - over priced Direct - ditto Uverse - not available in Middleton

0 19 redgym 3/12/12 9:18 PM
by: redgym

Jos. A. Bank.............opinions

Has anyone bought dress clothes form Jos. A. Bank.  I see adds on TV, but there is no store on

7 1320 TheCodger 12/12/11 4:00 PM
by: BadgersRock

Apple Holler Restaurant

If anyone is planning on visiting Apple Holler in Sturtevant WI  (between Kenosha &

1 873 philipfloyd69 11/10/11 10:46 AM
by: TheCodger

Apple River

Iowan here... Anyone have any tips on going down Apple River this Friday/Saturday? Never gone

2 1356 bmiller11 10/21/11 2:09 PM
by: independentGeorge

Charter or DISH or Direct

We are moving to Hawks Landing -Verona They don't have U-verse We need high speed internet

3 1078 badgers11 9/16/11 7:55 PM
by: TheCodger

pee wee football

any leagues out there for 4-5 year olds Verona, middleton, madison area? Thanks

0 844 badgers11 7/19/11 10:32 AM
by: badgers11

real estate agents

know anyone good for the Middleton area?  need house quickly - budget is $600K

3 1212 badgers11 7/16/11 1:17 PM
by: StillTAW

temporary housing or Middleton real estate agents

Anyone know of a house we can rent for 2 months starting in August in Madison or Middleton?  We

0 638 badgers11 7/5/11 12:32 PM
by: badgers11
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