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Off Topic Water Cooler Board

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Potential Ebola Case in NYC

CNN just reported that a man who returned from West Africa 10 days ago has been quarantined. He

28 495 brisco0317 Today 9:07 PM
by: SkannerDan

New free speech threat from Progs/Libs.

From Bretibart article.  They may get away with IRS politicization , too.  This MUST be

2 67 TheCodger Today 6:55 PM
by: TheCodger

Here JWE44, in case you missed it below

Multiple Pages 1 2 

It's important and summarizes who and what progressives are beautifully:

40 596 ajmadison Today 5:12 PM
by: SkannerDan

Rich kids, poor kids

Multiple Pages 1 2 

"America is the land of opportunity, just for some more than others. That's

47 696 OlBadger Today 5:09 PM
by: SkannerDan

Leftists in California shoot themselves in the foot again.

1 73 ajmadison Today 3:31 PM
by: TheCodger

HotMore Democrat respect for Constitution.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

"Breitbart News reporter Matthew Boyle was removed, without explanation, from a campaign

34 475 TheCodger Today 3:44 AM
by: SkannerDan

So is Global warming a farce?

23 345 ajmadison Today 3:21 AM
by: SkannerDan

Iranian official say's Obami's Presidency is weakest ever

I guess the question is why should they NOT build Nukes, there's no America to stop them.

26 369 ajmadison Today 3:18 AM
by: SkannerDan

NYPD Officer Attacked With a Hatchet

A man hiding behind a bus stop attacked 2 NYPD officers, striking one of them in the head with a

3 94 brisco0317 Yesterday 11:21 PM
by: brisco0317

School's back in know what that means

A male student opened fire inside a high school cafeteria near Seattle on Friday, killing

0 44 OlBadger Yesterday 11:18 PM
by: OlBadger

Is this "sex abuse"?

"A 22-year-old substitute teacher at a D.C. charter school for at-risk youth was arrested

21 472 OlBadger Yesterday 11:17 PM
by: ajmadison

I have new admiration for Canada

Republicans will be touched by this video and the treatment of the Sergeant at Arms, tears

10 220 ajmadison Yesterday 11:02 PM
by: JWE44

Congress: It's richer than you are

Ever wonder why Congress seems to spend so much time worrying about things that are important to

8 152 OlBadger Yesterday 5:29 PM
by: SkannerDan

A Brit speaks out on the "two State" solution.

Multiple Pages 1 2

35 453 ajmadison Yesterday 3:21 PM
by: MuddyDove

From NT Times.....

"From 2004 to 2011, American and American-trained Iraqi troops repeatedly encountered, and

15 312 TheCodger 10/23/14 10:24 PM
by: ajmadison

I'd like to know what everyone's profession here is,

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Mine is Real Estate, we buy,own, build, develop, manage, and Broker Commerical Real Estate.

33 724 ajmadison 10/23/14 8:44 PM
by: SkannerDan

Ferguson, MO/Brown Shooting

Let me preface this by saying that if the evidence suggests that Officer Wilson was not

6 179 brisco0317 10/23/14 8:43 PM
by: ajmadison

Uh-oh, Toto - What's happened to Kansas?

Kansas is in the midst of what its Governor calls an "experiment" in fiscal policy,

4 107 OlBadger 10/23/14 7:33 PM
by: SkannerDan

IBM and what's wrong with Corporate America

"On Monday, IBM’s stock tumbled by 7 percent after it unveiled a dismal quarterly

3 97 OlBadger 10/23/14 11:32 AM
by: OlBadger

Obama Is A Republican Oh boy!!  Here we

7 208 Badgers919 10/23/14 12:32 AM
by: SkannerDan

DO the unions run the federal Gov't?

10 207 ajmadison 10/23/14 12:21 AM
by: SkannerDan

Here's my opinion on NYTIMES

and other leftwing organizations including ESPN, suddenly out of nowhere, heavily going after

14 271 ajmadison 10/23/14 12:16 AM
by: SkannerDan

AND so the Voting fraud begins:

7 200 ajmadison 10/23/14 12:13 AM
by: SkannerDan

Codger is correct.

This is what we're up against.

21 336 ajmadison 10/22/14 6:41 PM
by: SkannerDan

Thomas Friedman, almost as honest and smart as Paul Krugman

Last week Thomas Friedman tried to understand ISIS through the lens of Batman. This

7 157 ajmadison 10/22/14 4:23 PM
by: ajmadison

Another Czar.

Ebola Czar.  Democrat operative, no medical background.  Instills confidence, no?  When will

25 483 TheCodger 10/22/14 1:44 PM
by: SkannerDan

Conservative echo chamber in one graph

The following graph provides data from a new study on where people get their news, showing the

0 99 OlBadger 10/22/14 9:55 AM
by: OlBadger

obami, the virtuoso manager,

October 21, 2014 Our World: Obama, the virtuoso manager At least as far as Israel is

0 30 ajmadison 10/22/14 9:19 AM
by: ajmadison

must be co2 from my wifes SUV LMAO.

16 247 ajmadison 10/22/14 12:43 AM
by: SkannerDan

Ben Bradlee, RIP

Benjamin C. Bradlee, who presided over The Washington Post newsroom for 26 years and

0 48 OlBadger 10/21/14 11:12 PM
by: OlBadger

Greta on Friday eve.

That famous Badger  "right wing wacko" VanSusteren ( ) has a Friday eve special on

5 144 TheCodger 10/21/14 8:09 PM
by: SkannerDan

Are Leftwing college campuses safe for Jewish students?

28 456 ajmadison 10/21/14 8:07 PM
by: SkannerDan

Democrats care about the constitution?

This one obviously doesn't. AUSTIN, Texas -- Houston Mayor Annise Parker has backed down

19 384 ajmadison 10/21/14 7:16 PM
by: SkannerDan

I thought it was Righties who were being censored

That's what aj keeps telling us. And yet, in its dispute with Hachette Books over fees, Amazon

16 256 OlBadger 10/21/14 6:01 PM
by: OlBadger

Kasich spills the beans on the Affordable Care Act

Ohio Governor John Kasich, who has accepted the Medicaid expansion his state, recently suffered

0 75 OlBadger 10/21/14 4:41 PM
by: OlBadger

How conservatives spread Ebola

"Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, administered a dose of

10 274 OlBadger 10/21/14 4:19 PM
by: OlBadger

Sad employment figures remain.....Workforce at record lows.

"As a result, the "significant under-utilization of labor resources" that Fed

9 192 TheCodger 10/21/14 4:10 PM
by: OlBadger

Obama Reneges on Transparency Pledge Over Air Force One

Multiple Pages 1 2 

See linky -

45 584 brisco0317 10/21/14 2:58 PM
by: vuke84

Obami admits Democrats are liars.

DON’T WORRY, DISTANCING DEMS ARE LYING If you didn’t know better, you’d think that President

2 73 ajmadison 10/21/14 12:31 PM
by: Badgers919

Where the money goes when Liberals run NIH.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has spent more than $39 million on obese lesbians,

4 122 ajmadison 10/21/14 9:54 AM
by: OlBadger

Good news for Leftwing voodoo lovers!

7 159 ajmadison 10/21/14 8:44 AM
by: ajmadison

The radical leftists among you will jump for joy!

Despite no official action from the president ahead of the election, the Obama administration

4 151 ajmadison 10/20/14 4:03 PM
by: SkannerDan

Official Dumbass Conservative Thread

About time we had one of these as the only threads that come up here are AJ and codgers

7 213 Badgers919 10/20/14 3:58 PM
by: SkannerDan

Derelection of Duty....again and still.

22 U.S. Code Section 1732. "Whenever it is made known to the President that any citizen

22 508 TheCodger 10/19/14 7:27 PM
by: TheCodger

Another Leftwing Democrat they can be proud of!

In a classic tale of how the selfish entitlement of the elite 1% always ends up hurting the

7 206 ajmadison 10/19/14 3:51 PM
by: SkannerDan

AJ won't read this

" Frankly, nothing anybody say's , gets through to anybody else of different Politcal bent,

4 142 mudcannon 10/18/14 1:09 AM
by: mudcannon

???????????? Wondering

9 2268 SilverWarrior 10/18/14 12:10 AM
by: EatStuffFudgeYou

GOP, climate change, and Florida elections

This week, as a regular flood was about to inundate Miami Beach, Gov. Rick Scott went into

1 65 OlBadger 10/17/14 11:34 PM
by: Badgers919

Clinton's using the Politburo against Obami,

Everyone in the political-media hothouse is now asking the same question about Hillary. No,

1 60 ajmadison 10/17/14 7:14 PM
by: MuddyDove

Emergency! APA style and citing help needed this morning!

I have a seven page paper and need help getting it in APA style.  I need help writing the

1 69 gardengal10 10/17/14 2:03 PM
by: PDCBadger
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