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Off Topic Water Cooler Board

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How about instituting a "Round Table"?

The Round Table would be a self-policing group of posters who would agree to stay civil, period.

2 56 MuddyDove Today 10:40 PM
by: MuddyDove

Right-wing craziness and hyperbole is nothing new

In the late 30's, watching what was happening in Europe and the Far East, Roosevelt pushed for a

3 86 MuddyDove Today 9:19 PM
by: Brumus

Another environmental hoax exposed!

"Earth's protective ozone layer is beginning to recover, largely because of the phase-out

27 461 OlBadger Today 8:23 PM
by: badgerkevin

Constitution Day

Multiple Pages 1 2 

September 17 is Constitution Day, commemorating the signing of the US Constitution in 1787. It's

42 375 OlBadger Today 5:21 PM
by: MuddyDove

Ray Rice video.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

I can now see why Ravens fans cheered for Ray Rice. Look at how he defends himself from

176 3393 potrykus Today 5:14 PM
by: Ph3431


So,  DOJ tries to work with IRS against "Conservative" groups.   These type of events

16 232 TheCodger Today 12:17 PM
by: stuckchuk

30 year string broken ineconomy.

More business destroyed than created.  A net loss in new companies.  Thanks to taxes,

8 130 TheCodger Today 11:05 AM
by: Badgers919

No comment on Obama's speech?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I'm kind of surprised that we haven't seen any comment yet. I suppose the board's righists are

70 517 OlBadger Today 9:36 AM
by: brisco0317

Even an AHole like Bill Maher gets it

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

86 1040 ajmadison Yesterday 9:08 PM
by: ajmadison

Kansas Senate race

"The Republicans’ bid to regain control of the US Senate suffered a major blow on Thursday

24 336 OlBadger Yesterday 2:36 PM
by: JWE44

Emotions affect foreign policy views

Multiple Pages 1 2 

These beheadings carried out by ISIS against Westerners -- three of them now -- have fired up

48 411 MuddyDove Yesterday 10:44 AM
by: TheCodger

Speaking of PC

Yesterday in Iowa Joe Biden said this: “On the way back from Mumbai to go meet with President

16 221 OlBadger 9/19/14 10:15 PM
by: ajmadison

Fresno or Colorado Springs?

Today, 9-17-14, news broke that the Nashville Sounds organization, the AAA minor league

10 203 PDCBadger 9/19/14 1:13 AM
by: AdvantageSchneider

Brewers chances of winning the division

Multiple Pages 1 2 

After eight games (6-2 record) this season and a sweep of Boston, I still do not think that the

30 1376 WISDRAKE 9/19/14 1:04 AM
by: AdvantageSchneider

Scottish referendum

With 10 of 32 regional councils reporting, the No vote is leading in the Scottish independence

10 114 OlBadger 9/19/14 12:36 AM
by: OlBadger

Nats win NL East

And they did it by winning three straight in Atlanta, long the team's nemesis. This is

15 134 OlBadger 9/18/14 9:58 PM
by: ajmadison

Scott Walker good for State of Wisconsin

not for Unions. I predict the LEFT will cheat enough to defeat him.

7 184 ajmadison 9/18/14 9:46 PM
by: ajmadison

Let's hope the voters are watching.

FROM FOX NEWS TODAY. ) EXCLUSIVE: John Podesta, the Obama administration’s

12 287 ajmadison 9/18/14 6:34 PM
by: TheCodger

"F*ck Her Right in the P*ssy"

Multiple Pages 1 2 

--Jameis Winston yelled yesterday at the FSU student union. That will cost him the 1st half

39 4427 Ph3431 9/18/14 3:39 PM
by: Ph3431

How to run a congressional hearing

"When Trey Gowdy got the job to run the House’s new Benghazi select committee, there was

1 40 OlBadger 9/18/14 10:07 AM
by: ajmadison

Tonight MUST SEE special on Benghazi

On FNC, Bret Baier hosting.  On twice.  CIA people on the ground will be heard. Watch or

16 358 TheCodger 9/17/14 1:17 AM
by: SkannerDan

Packers got ALL the calls against Jets

Jets should have won that game, Zebras bet Green Bay.

7 195 ajmadison 9/16/14 7:21 PM
by: ajmadison

What should we do about radical Islam?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

All hyperbole aside, I think we can agree that radical Islam is a problem - frankly, any

58 470 mudcannon 9/16/14 3:01 PM
by: SkannerDan

Where is Sandy Berger when you need him?

For those of you who have conveniently forgotten, Sandy Berger was the Clinton ally who stole

23 296 ajmadison 9/16/14 1:21 PM
by: ajmadison

How Reagan put students and parents into deep debt

Multiple Pages 1 2 

"Today’s student  aid crisis  has its roots in the 1980s. In 1981, the Reagan

36 557 OlBadger 9/13/14 3:11 PM
by: mudcannon

Is ISIS really that big a deal ....

...... when you compare it to what's important in life?

6 185 MuddyDove 9/12/14 10:17 PM
by: uwbadgers

I'm surprised she didn't get automatic tenure

14 261 ajmadison 9/12/14 2:50 PM
by: SkannerDan

3 Americans held in NK

Trumped up charges for some edge in concessions.  One in failing health at hard labor.

9 238 TheCodger 9/11/14 2:21 PM
by: SkannerDan

Greta VanSusteren.......

Tonight, a special on ISIS and how the can infiltrate, blend in, be a threat here.  She is an

29 492 TheCodger 9/11/14 2:12 PM
by: JWE44

UW Madison ranked #13 public school

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Latest US News ranking has UW at #13 in the public school rankings (Michigan was #4, Illinois

38 411 mudcannon 9/10/14 7:13 PM
by: SkannerDan

The ISIS strategy

Multiple Pages 1 2 

"Obama does seem to have a strategy, and it gets pretty good marks from allies abroad. But

45 496 OlBadger 9/10/14 2:42 PM
by: SkannerDan

Have you heard the one about CO2?

"Levels of heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rose at a record-shattering pace

22 291 OlBadger 9/10/14 2:12 PM
by: mudcannon

Brewers speculation

Multiple Pages 1 2 

With Fiers and Nelson both throwing well, I was wondering if Ron R. would consider using a 6 man

58 549 Brumus 9/10/14 9:33 AM
by: JWE44

McDonnells convicted

"Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife were convicted Thursday of taking bribes

2 121 OlBadger 9/9/14 6:01 PM
by: JWE44

OT: Ray Rice....Wow.

2 games for that? Hope the same people talking about boycotting Donald Sterling will do the

17 418 Ph3431 9/9/14 2:18 PM
by: SkannerDan

More transparency issues and cooperation with Congress

The chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee attacked the Obama

18 493 ajmadison 9/9/14 1:25 PM
by: brisco0317


Nutjob WI republicans going after Burke for not paying enough  taxes and outsourcing production

25 834 911sfan 9/8/14 9:52 PM
by: JWE44

Israel to sell gas to Jordan

"A U.S.-Israeli partnership of energy companies agreed to supply Jordan with natural gas

9 140 OlBadger 9/8/14 2:01 PM
by: ajmadison

IS / ISIS /ISIL returnees

0 43 TheCodger 9/7/14 6:36 PM
by: TheCodger

Obama Commander in chief. Obama

10 204 ajmadison 9/7/14 11:43 AM
by: MuddyDove

At least the ECB is trying

"The European Central Bank cut interest rates Thursday and announced a program to pump

1 84 OlBadger 9/5/14 11:23 PM
by: ajmadison

Muslims gather to protest...


13 318 mudcannon 9/5/14 1:08 PM
by: ajmadison

Uh-oh...Medicare costs are...

going DOWN. "Medicare spending isn’t just lower than experts predicted a

7 235 OlBadger 9/5/14 9:48 AM
by: OlBadger

ISIS in US and soon.

ISIS/ISIL/IS in US soon.  They are already here in worrisome numbers.  Their objectives are

15 282 TheCodger 9/4/14 5:29 PM
by: OlBadger

About those Obamacare subsidies...

"The controversial federal court decision that threatened the future of the Affordable

0 48 OlBadger 9/4/14 2:03 PM
by: OlBadger

Oh, they found Lois's back up!

The head of the IRS confirmed Wednesday that investigators looking into missing emails from

22 509 ajmadison 9/4/14 12:04 PM
by: stuckchuk

Jordan, Lebanon, then on to Israel

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...15 16 17 I predicted

482 1070 TheCodger 9/4/14 12:17 AM
by: Badgers919

Separation of church & State

Very important to atheists and liberals, I'm for it but why is it different for Muslims?

14 367 ajmadison 9/2/14 9:57 PM
by: Badgers919

Putin the thug at it again

Multiple Pages 1 2 

"Russian forces in two armored columns captured a key southeastern coastal town near the

31 401 OlBadger 9/2/14 9:56 PM
by: OlBadger

US military in Africa

US military forces are engaging on several fronts in Africa these days. Yesterday, a US

2 115 OlBadger 9/2/14 9:33 PM
by: OlBadger
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