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Off Topic Water Cooler Board

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Pinned1250 WSSP golf outing

I'm on their radio station every Thursday morning during the season and every August they do a

0 100 BWWorgull 7/19/14 9:31 AM
by: BWWorgull

HotLet's have an honest debate regarding the info in this article.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

(NaturalNews) Hey, did you hear about how strong this year's storm season was, and that the

50 434 ajmadison Today 3:02 PM
by: ajmadison

Jordan, Lebanon, then on to Israel

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...13 14 15 I predicted

424 822 TheCodger Today 2:54 PM
by: ajmadison

WOW! Obamacare in big trouble

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The whole point was for the "rich" to pay for more illegal aliens, now it's a big

31 562 ajmadison Today 9:06 AM
by: JWE44

ANd so it begines, tip of the Iceberg.

I read there is no way for the GOv't to know who is illegal either, just pay, or as the liberals

9 195 ajmadison Yesterday 11:29 PM
by: SkannerDan

Is it American to fire Creationists?

Just for their beliefs? A California university says it is investigating religious

3 88 ajmadison Yesterday 11:26 PM
by: SkannerDan

Ted Thompson Signs Extension I was looking back at old threads

1 42 kowitzc Yesterday 9:36 PM
by: AdvantageSchneider

Israel Debka's file on ceasefire,

Seems like as usual, LEFT wants to reward people for BAD behavior. Scroll down. Kerry

1 60 ajmadison Yesterday 1:17 PM
by: ajmadison

It seems we barely missed a nasty solar storm in 2012

Scary stuff.

15 287 K9Buck 7/29/14 9:24 PM
by: SkannerDan

More "religion of peace".

A Pakistani mob has killed a woman and two of her granddaughters after a member of their

4 130 TheCodger 7/29/14 9:22 PM
by: SkannerDan

Have you guys heard of "The Harbinger"?

I haven't read the book but I did watch a video about it on YouTube.  I certainly can't vouch

18 256 K9Buck 7/28/14 9:54 PM
by: D3Badger

Of course corporations will always want to pay less taxes!

senator’s daughter uses maneuver to avoid US corporate taxes By Howard Kurtz

9 198 ajmadison 7/25/14 11:03 PM
by: SkannerDan

Do you believe government...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

...should exist to serve the people or should people exist to serve the government?  Do you

63 644 K9Buck 7/25/14 10:48 PM
by: MuddyDove

PAul Ryan's propsed budget cuts.

PAUL RYAN'S PROPOSED BUDGET CUTS     A List of Republican Budget Cuts

29 417 ajmadison 7/25/14 3:36 AM
by: SkannerDan

Oh, they found Lois's back up!

The head of the IRS confirmed Wednesday that investigators looking into missing emails from

0 69 ajmadison 7/23/14 11:53 AM
by: ajmadison

Vice News documentary on Gaza

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

Here is a very interesting and telling documentary on Gaza by Vice News from two or three years

154 718 K9Buck 7/22/14 5:42 PM
by: SkannerDan

IRS heats up.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...5 6 7 

Lost 2+ years of Lerner's emails.  Ya, sure.  Easily recovered.  And, recipients have them too.

182 734 TheCodger 7/22/14 5:29 PM
by: SkannerDan

Packer Tickets

Looking at options for taking my Dad(75th birthday present) and son to a Packer game but I'm

0 62 BadgerRedd1 7/20/14 6:24 PM
by: BadgerRedd1

Airline travel

It's been 10 years since I've done any overseas flying-- I am debating taking along and older

10 330 Rmasters3 7/18/14 8:35 PM
by: belkins

More transparency issues and cooperation with Congress

The chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee attacked the Obama

1 90 ajmadison 7/17/14 8:03 AM
by: ajmadison

Harry's Razor

I see ads for Harry's razors all over the place recently, and coincidentally I will soon be in

0 137 TaxideaTom 7/14/14 9:14 AM
by: TaxideaTom

Happy Bastille Day!

0 90 OlBadger 7/14/14 12:29 AM
by: OlBadger

Couple of months, this will all be .....

....... gone, for a disgustingly long period of time. 

2 218 MuddyDove 7/12/14 11:23 PM
by: SkannerDan

Tom Lechnir

The venerable UW-Oshkosh coach threw a kid 8 innings today less than 24 hours after he had

15 2790 LisaStonesMullet 7/12/14 10:43 PM
by: JWE44

Brewers chances of winning the division

After eight games (6-2 record) this season and a sweep of Boston, I still do not think that the

29 1238 WISDRAKE 7/11/14 10:42 AM
by: Brumus

What did they expect?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

On May 11 Breitbart News reported that Jack in the Box told law-abiding customers it would

92 1541 TheCodger 7/10/14 3:19 AM
by: SkannerDan


Trying to plan a 3-4 day stop in London later in August.  Want to show my daughter (age 33) a

1 143 Rmasters3 7/6/14 4:21 PM
by: salopbadger

Happy Independence Day!

2 137 OlBadger 7/4/14 9:38 PM
by: MuddyDove

Awesome Prank

0 150 tcRick 7/3/14 7:14 PM
by: tcRick

Arkansas is beating Wisconsin in Poll VOTE NOW!

Razorbacks vs Wisconsin Badgers in the best College Tradition? Arkansas and Woo Pig Soooie is

0 134 sgt13echo 7/2/14 6:54 PM
by: sgt13echo

Fifa Soccer World Cup.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I have an office in Queens and it's amazing how thousands here are dressed in their 'real'

73 582 ajmadison 6/28/14 8:47 AM
by: mudcannon

Terrorists in US now (and in EU, doh!)

Multiple Pages 1 2

37 840 TheCodger 6/26/14 1:51 PM
by: SkannerDan

Actual World Cup discussion here

USA 2, GHA 1! Talk about a fantastic finish! Dempsey scores at about 0:30 into the game,

4 319 OlBadger 6/20/14 1:00 PM
by: OlBadger

Sports Memorabilia Auction

Just trying to help a friend out, he has a large collection of sports memorabilia and is trying

0 137 BuckyismyAirbag 6/19/14 5:38 PM
by: BuckyismyAirbag

Vancouver hotel--Alaskan cruise

A friend will be spending two night in Vancouver at the end of an Alaskan cruise and needs hotel

2 341 Rmasters3 6/18/14 9:58 PM
by: ncoliver

June 4th, 1942, the Battle of Midway One of the most significant sea

11 542 Rmasters3 6/17/14 2:56 PM
by: ajmadison

Grainger with boost for UW Engineering

First big get for the new admin.

0 178 911sfan 6/16/14 12:16 PM
by: 911sfan

The point of everything on Earth, guys ....

.... is to get yourself snuggling up (and then ..... ??) with a female of the species like this

2 449 MuddyDove 6/4/14 1:08 PM
by: TheCodger

SOme inconvenient truths.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

The Period Of No Global Warming Will Soon Be Longer Than the Period of Actual Global Warming

82 1166 ajmadison 6/2/14 2:35 PM
by: TheCodger

MBL All-Star ballot

Rickie Weeks is listed instead of Gennett - what gives? 

2 341 independentGeorge 6/2/14 11:21 AM
by: independentGeorge

Tragic Johnson will get his team no matter what

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

so sterling gets fine and banned from the NBA. Tragic wants to buy the Clippers. tragic gets

75 3327 tmoneylovesguns 5/28/14 5:27 PM
by: SkannerDan

Things went badly for me yesterday

I bought some chicken wire ............. it was afraid to keep out animals.

8 570 MuddyDove 5/28/14 5:23 PM
by: SkannerDan

Why Whitewater?

First off, congats to UW Whitewater and their trifecta of national championships in football,

3 403 Brumus 5/28/14 3:03 PM
by: TheCodger

Is U.S. Govt. on our side?

WTF is going on?  All the while trying to reduce Americans right to defend ourselves and our

21 662 TheCodger 5/25/14 5:54 PM
by: SkannerDan

What kind of jokes are off topic?

I've seen rape jokes, racist jokes, gay jokes and everything in between fly by except cancer

15 633 Bolhaboy 5/25/14 3:27 PM
by: TheCodger

Even EPA corrupted.

Sullivan is Assistant IG.  Just tip of iceberg.  Go to and read the article.  We desperately

10 462 TheCodger 5/11/14 4:59 PM
by: TheCodger

Thailand's tame tigers

Friend of mine sent me a bunch of pics of these tame tigers. If you want to read about them,

14 625 MuddyDove 5/11/14 12:14 PM
by: 911sfan

Just a few weeks away.

Hard to imagine during this atrocious winter that we would ever see such sights again.

7 626 MuddyDove 5/10/14 6:13 PM
by: TheCodger

V-E Day

Today marks the 69th anniversary of the end of WWII in Europe. When I was a kid, it still was a

1 270 OlBadger 5/9/14 10:43 AM
by: TheCodger

Absolutely True Story

A farm hand appeared before Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates. "Have you ever done anything

4 649 MuddyDove 5/7/14 10:44 AM
by: TheCodger
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