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Posted: Yesterday 5:25 PM

Re: My 10 Things -- Boise State 

I think it is too early to generalize about the team and players. Each opponent picks out some thing they want to keep us from doing. These efforts effect different players differently. If they try to take Sam out of the game he is smart enough to not force things. If he takes 4 shots that is smart, not a problem. Someone else has opportunities, let the team make the best decision for the team, not a showcase of one player. Next game the defense  might try to neutralize Frank, this leads to opportunities for someone else. This is the ups and downs of scoring and the ebb and flow of the games and the season. I believe at the end of the season Sam, Frank and Nigel will all be averaging between 13 and 18 points per game. I have no idea who will average what, and it doesn't matter to us as Badger fans as long as we get back to the final 4! Let's not forget it is all about the team!
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