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Posted: Yesterday 12:11 AM

Re: Bo's Recruiting Record 

I agree that Bo is a better recruiter than many on this board give him credit for and I would also argue that he is a much better evaluator of talent than any of the recruiting gurus that hand out the stars; however, I posted this table a couple of months ago. Since Bo took over at UW they have the 10th most NCAA wins, but take a look at the comparison of "starred" players recruited. Clearly no one has done more with less "stars" than Bo but I think many of us wonder what he could do if he had the kind of talent the Coach K has had to work with or even Izzo. In terms of wins in the regular season and NCAA UW is arguably a top 10 program, but look at the comparison in recruiting between these 10 programs.

Notice you could argue that no one has done less with more than Coach K. I realize that NCAA wins don't tell the whole story but....

ProgramNCAA Wins5 Star4 StarTotalWins per BC

Last edited Yesterday 12:15 AM by Madtowntom

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