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Kohl Center Basketball Board

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PinnedBadgerNation Facebook Page

Give us a "like" today and get updates on all of our coverage and a chance to win free

0 245 BWWorgull 11/11/14 3:26 PM
by: BWWorgull

Pinned10% off UW vs. Marquette Tickets for All Scout Premium Members

Wisconsin Sports Events All Sports and Concerts Still on the fence about turning that

0 773 BWWorgull 10/15/14 9:11 AM
by: BWWorgull

PinnedState of

Members - This is an exciting time for us here at Scout, as our new ownership continues to

0 2031 BWWorgull 8/8/14 9:11 AM
by: BWWorgull

Pinned and LockedMessage Board Rules

Every one of you who posts here agreed to these terms of service upon sign up. Please be

0 9218 BWWorgull 3/6/14 11:30 PM
by: BWWorgull

Pinned and LockedCompendium O'Links

First of all, credit for compiling this obviously goes to UnknownBadger .  Just wanted to make

0 134080 BuckyBourne 1/23/07 9:33 PM
by: BuckyBourne

Nigel Hayes

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The kid is a monster in the paint and only a soph

59 7521 Badger8843 Today 7:47 PM
by: joefry

Kevon Looney

He has had 4 double-doubles in a row he likely a ONE and DONE player? He was

4 572 BabcockHouse Today 7:45 PM
by: joefry

HotAXS tv ??????

Multiple Pages 1 2 


35 6159 PAKMAND Today 7:19 PM
by: hoopsgalore

B10 going to be even worse than we thought?

Indiana last night was embarrassing... Rutgers tonight may be worse... PSU in a struggle.

17 2207 imabadger55 Today 6:48 PM
by: BadgerGrove

Butler ruining Bahamas bracket?

I really wanted to play UNC/Roy Williams/Tokoto in the championship game, but Butler looks

13 2083 obobo55 Today 5:50 PM
by: gus4badger

UNC down 13 to Butler | 8:44 to go

Butler 26-10 so far in the 2nd half to erase a 3pt deficit.

18 1800 YouAreOur Today 5:14 PM
by: jeffwax1

HotMarquette will end up hurting our RPI

Multiple Pages 1 2 

This MU team is BAAAAD.  They are about to lose to Nebraska Omaha, a team that got drubbed by

58 5249 imabadger55 Today 2:12 PM
by: tmoneylovesguns

Rutgers Has $10 Tickets For Wisconsin Game

Rutgers has $10 tickets for all games against Big Ten teams. Mention promotional code PARENTS15.

0 132 HeavenUniversity Today 1:43 PM
by: HeavenUniversity

Nigel Hayes UW / Marc Loving OSU

I believe these two players are great comparisons as to how good at player development Bo is

18 3706 geosteve Today 1:24 PM
by: BadRick

Passed Arizona on both polls

I see we jumped Arizona into the #2 spot on the AP and #3 in the USA rankings this week. I'm not

3 1346 OlBadger Today 1:18 PM
by: George2k5

Maryland beat ISU and Michigan playing Villanova tough.

Michigan is up 1 right now and this game has been back and fourth.  Just a great game so far.  I

15 1512 combatsports4life Today 11:13 AM
by: KingHawk86

More trouble in Gopherland

Daquein McNeil suspended from the team for arrest  on a felony domestic assault charge.  He was

8 2388 wisbadger303 Today 8:26 AM
by: DBQBadger


Who's going? The potential (likely?) match-ups are appealing - Fla in the 2nd round, NC in the

27 7316 stlbadger Today 7:24 AM
by: redbadger0401

Welcome to the big ten Maryland

saw their game last night.  They look like a decent team with many new players.  Disciplined

5 1361 economan Today 7:02 AM
by: UnknownBadger

Diamond it is the 21st

Multiple Pages 1 2 

If you believe diamond he will announce today. If you believe his dad he won't. Tmoney is on

38 10529 tmoneylovesguns Yesterday 10:59 PM

Nice gesture, interesting to see but whatever works

UAB vs. Wisconsin Quick Hits »  UAB meets No. 2 Wisconsin for the first time in school

0 1252 BadgerHole Yesterday 7:41 PM
by: BadgerHole

Jordan McCabe

I coach middle school basketball at one of the local schools and have had some of my players

7 2543 4badgerdenu4 Yesterday 7:41 PM
by: Isthmus

Boise paper this a.m.

Boise State's men's basketball team saw up close and personal why Wisconsin was a Final Four

9 5497 BadgerHole Yesterday 2:53 PM
by: BB Fran

Anyone see Clappy's team go down ...

... To Eastern Washington? Good defensive effort by the Hoosiers. Only gave up 88 points to the

7 2942 Bmoken Yesterday 2:47 PM
by: cameraguy

Badgers Maui Bound in 2016

The Badgers will be part of a field of: UConn Oregon North Carolina Oklahoma State

7 2018 Gregdawg Yesterday 2:37 PM
by: blockm2

Price is right

Anyone else annoyed by the stupid Price is Right knockoff we now do at the Kohl during timeouts?

3 801 monty002 Yesterday 12:09 PM
by: aepie

A summary of the tournament with game times and opponents

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. ----  UAB's men's basketball team will begin the 2014-15 Battle 4 Atlantis

8 2556 BadgerHole Yesterday 10:08 AM
by: jerdud59

My 10 Things -- Boise State

Multiple Pages 1 2 

1. These are hard to write because we are really, really, REALLY good. I was watching those

55 5538 EricTheeRed Yesterday 8:45 AM
by: jerdud59

Why isn't BTN covering live sports tonight?

Brown at Ill Pepperdine at Iowa Oregon at Michigan All these games are on ESPN3, anyone

8 802 LakeAlexander Yesterday 12:14 AM
by: illiniguy26

The Big Bad ACC

Over the past eight days, ACC teams have lost 14 games, 10 of them to teams in

4 1548 SilverWarrior 11/24/14 10:16 PM
by: TheNewRed

Battle 4 Atlantis Travelers...

Does anyone know of any Badger groups or anything that plan on gathering together throughout

2 945 MorgannAndy 11/24/14 7:54 PM
by: EricTheeRed

Future early season tournaments

At work we are starting the vacation request process for 04/15-04/16 and I am trying to figure

6 1670 badgerballer23 11/24/14 4:49 PM
by: EricTheeRed

Burgundy a better COLLEGE player than Sam???

Frosh #'s - Nigel 17.4 mpg, 7.7 ppg, 51% FG, 2.78 rpg Sam - 22.3 mpg, 9.6 ppg, 48% FG, 3.33 rpg

17 2674 stlbadger 11/24/14 3:21 PM
by: TBALLZ81

Boise State Observations

UW defeated Boise State 78-54 to run their record to 4-0.    The game was won by superior

3 1320 turomon 11/24/14 10:44 AM
by: TheNewRed

From a poster on the Blazer forum and he was the most positive

There are two ways we can win the Wisconsin game. 1) Coach Haas becomes

0 2313 BadgerHole 11/23/14 6:28 PM
by: BadgerHole

So... How about that Boise State game tonight?

No posts about it?  Really? Good win over an okay team.  Reserves looked like they were

5 1473 komacki 11/23/14 3:57 PM
by: imabadger55

Boise Sate fan here to pay respects!

Hey Badgers! I got high hopes for my blue and orange tonight, but also recognize your fine

6 3233 Mad4March 11/23/14 1:38 PM
by: brugee

Bo's program approach

NO PROBLEMS HERE Ryan has built his program with four-year players, not one-and-dones. He

1 842 economan 11/23/14 10:27 AM
by: brugee

Coach speak from Boise, but can't argue with facts

“Sometimes there are teams that are going to be good and they are really talented and highly

3 2428 BadgerHole 11/23/14 10:14 AM
by: hoopsgalore

How Kentucky is influencing Ryan's thinking

While watching the second half of the game against Green Bay a couple of evenings ago, it hit

16 3840 Badger1964 11/23/14 10:06 AM
by: blockm2


Multiple Pages 1 2 3...14 15 16 

It's time that Diamond had his own board!  Follow Benjamin Worgull ‏ @

467 23803 ThirstyDog 11/23/14 7:59 AM
by: George2k5

Preston Mattingly

Don Mattingly's nephew just entered the game for Lamar. He's a 27 year old sophomore, who spent

5 1402 betrage 11/23/14 3:19 AM
by: betrage

Link to Online UW-BSU if You Don't Get BTN

Found this link to work if you need it

2 424 NCBadger 11/22/14 11:45 PM
by: NCBadger


There's no need for the shot clock in this game. Sloppy offense, quick shots, guarding seems to

3 808 betrage 11/22/14 8:41 PM
by: betrage

Boise State has some height, but young

Pos. Ht. Wt. Hometown (Prev School) 21 Alford, Montigo RS JR Guard

6 1082 BadgerHole 11/22/14 3:49 PM
by: tmoneylovesguns

From the Boise paper

The Broncos have used 13 players this season, giving 11 at least eight minutes per game. Six

3 1246 BadgerHole 11/22/14 12:02 PM
by: orangejumpsuit

tomorrows game is 9:00pm?

9:00pm. Really? Why?

15 3310 redgym 11/22/14 10:53 AM
by: EricTheeRed

UWGB Observations

UW defeated UWGB 84-60.  Pomeroy had UW winning by 13, yet they were able to stretch that to

10 2386 turomon 11/22/14 9:26 AM
by: badgershroomsnake

this team is so classy

Win or lose this year I am proud to be a badger fan and this team shows it every chance they get

9 2171 chicubs1116 11/22/14 8:09 AM
by: brisco0317

Watching Iowa take it to Texas I have to ask

Why in the hell is Texas ranked 10?  Yeah yeah they have some great recruits, so what?  They

26 3631 combatsports4life 11/22/14 1:03 AM
by: komacki
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