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Bucky's Tailgating/Viewing/Road Trip Board

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PinnedVisting Madison...the DEFINITIVE thread

So may folks come on this board asking for tips on visiting Madison for game days, that I

19 23728 badgermaniac 9/18/14 4:44 PM
by: BigAppleBucky

Radio Stations in Chicago with Badger Game

I will be at Soldier Field this Saturday, watching the New Zealand All-Blacks v. US Rugby

0 16 WISDRAKE 10/29/14 9:32 AM

Rutgers roadie... Anyone? Anyone?

Rutgers (New Brunswick/Pissthataway area) is a FAR cry from Madison. Early opened pubs are

6 168 badgerpaw 10/28/14 4:14 PM
by: badgerpaw

Italian Workmens' Club

This may seem out of left field, but does anybody know anything about the Italian Workmens' Club

2 85 tbadger 10/27/14 12:35 PM
by: tbadger

Badger Bar in New Orleans

Going to be in NOLA on Saturday, any recommendations on places for viewing the Badger-Maryland

0 48 UWDad 10/19/14 9:12 PM
by: UWDad

Game day facilities

Do all / any UW lots have portajohns? If I'm going to pay ,I'd like to have something nearby.

1 207 bajerman 9/4/14 7:38 AM
by: returnfish

Looking for JJ Watt Tailgate Tickets

Really dropped the ball not locking up tickets early. If anyone has extra or can not make the

0 141 TNpackerbacker 8/17/14 10:03 PM
by: TNpackerbacker

Purdue tickets

Where should I avoid at Ross Ade?

2 320 badgerfan1977 6/29/14 8:13 PM
by: orlandobucky

Viewing ESPN3 and BigTen2Go on Samsung Smart TV

Just got a samsung f8500 series, and was thrilled with the preloaded HBO2Go app.  Tried to

0 332 diddlypoo2 6/26/14 12:56 PM
by: diddlypoo2

Houston - Where to stay?

Any tips on where to stay? Better to be close to stadium or in a specific part of the city?

1 587 PackerSweep 6/19/14 9:03 PM
by: texbadger

Battle for Atlantis

Hi I need tickets real bad for tourney in Nov. 2014 in Bahamas. I had already booked trip and

0 368 emil3rd 6/5/14 12:47 AM
by: emil3rd

Matt Lepay versus BTN

The BTN announcers are so painfully bad I would love to listen to Matt L on the radio instead.

5 1707 chimpscampee 4/21/14 9:23 PM
by: 1hoophead

Rutgers Trip

Looking at a trip to see the Badgers play Rutgers(football) and also see some of the NYC sites.

1 458 BadgerRedd1 4/7/14 5:21 PM
by: Ph3431

big parties in Madison or Milwaukee?

Anyone know of any big parties or awesome specials or events goin on in Madison or Milwaukee sat

0 396 rywarner16 4/3/14 5:54 PM
by: rywarner16

A Simple Style of Wedding Dress for Your Wedding

As the development and improvement of the technique of the apparel industry, the women's

1 358 newdress 4/2/14 11:15 PM
by: Badgers919

Bars in San Jose

Any Badger and/or good sports bars in San Jose to watch the Final Four?

0 261 brfbadger 3/30/14 9:45 PM
by: brfbadger

Final Four Bound? Great bar/Italian restaurant in Dallas

Going to the Final Four in Arlington Texas? You will quickly realize that the area around the

0 532 chausseswa 3/30/14 5:04 PM
by: chausseswa

Pep rally in Orlando

Anyone know where and when it will be held..

1 661 badger1970 12/25/13 5:59 PM
by: BuckyDMB

Tickets arrived

Section 227, row M

0 461 badger1970 12/24/13 8:25 AM
by: badger1970

Pep rally in Orlando


0 385 badger1970 12/20/13 7:03 PM
by: badger1970

Front Row Packages at the Capital One ($1,399 total for 2 fans)

Experience, "The Best Bowl Trip Ever!" Outstanding seats, wonderful hotels and

8 1464 BOWLJET 12/18/13 3:16 PM
by: bigmac1973

Badger fans in Orlando

Does anyone know of a sports bar in Orlando where fans get together for games? Or, for those in

0 623 wfh04 12/10/13 8:11 AM
by: wfh04

Bowl Trip suggestions

We haven't gone to a bowl since the 94 Rose.  We've been to Orlando, but wondering if fans think

7 751 SectionD18 12/10/13 7:05 AM
by: sudsmcbucky

Bars to watch Badger football in Auckland,NZ

I'll be in Auckland over New Years and wanted to know if anyone has suggestions for a place to

2 563 chitownbucky 12/4/13 12:57 PM
by: chitownbucky

Madison Bound for the Iowa Game

Got some tickets on StubHub and was wondering if the seats in the first row of the 300 level

1 475 hawkhead02 12/3/13 2:32 PM
by: hoopsgalore

Badger game or BTN in L.A. county

Where can I go to see the Big Ten Network or the Badger games in L.A. County. Is there any

2 555 Rockster1 12/3/13 2:25 PM
by: hoopsgalore

Atlantis 2014 basketball tourney

After freezing my ash off deer hunting this year- next year going to Atlantis.  Never been

0 537 killler 11/28/13 1:39 PM
by: killler

Badgers @ Virginia Men's Basketball Dec 4th

Huge badger fan that lives in the Washington DC area and was curious if any other badger fans in

0 381 airman658 11/27/13 12:08 PM
by: airman658

Where to watch Badger football games in Naples?

Where can I catch a Badger football game in Naples?  Headed down there this weekend and want to

0 476 justwanttocomment 11/19/13 8:02 PM
by: justwanttocomment

Gopher-Badger Gametime?

Many people are far more knowledgeable of these things, so I thought I'd get some takes on

3 1251 ostertag 11/13/13 9:02 PM
by: OshMau

Gameday reccomendations

Hey guys,  Comin in town for the game on Sat.  I am excited for my first live game at Camp

2 826 capunk2441 11/6/13 10:49 PM
by: chinaglia

BYU fan here.

I am making the Journey out to Madison with my friend on friday for the game and couldn't be

13 2751 YaBoyDewy 11/6/13 5:41 PM
by: returnfish

TV Coverage Set for St John's and Remaining Non-Conference Games

The Badgers' regular-season opener on Friday, November 8 vs. St. John's at The Pentagon in Sioux

8 3070 DanG82 11/1/13 2:19 PM
by: dan g

Platteville: Any TV Coverage....?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 says it's on BTN...but that isn't what BTN is showing.

51 5783 ThirstyDog 10/31/13 10:02 AM
by: potrykus

@ Minnesota Football Tailgate - Pohle's Badger Blast XXII

The WAA: Twin Cities Chapter would like to invite everyone making the trip to Minnesota to one

0 1091 KentuckyBadger 10/30/13 3:40 PM
by: KentuckyBadger

BYU 2:30pm Kickoff


2 1345 Ph3431 10/28/13 12:10 PM
by: Ph3431

Bars that show games in Portland, OR

Anyone know of a good place to catch the Badger game this upcoming Saturday in Portland, OR? I

2 778 badgerfan84 10/28/13 10:51 AM
by: badgerfan84

Any guess on BYU game time?

and when will it be announced?  Maybe this non-conference game will be a unique 1 pm time versus

8 1864 gbwi97 10/28/13 10:41 AM
by: jbharris87jb

TV Coverage

I noticed that, on the website, of all the games prior to to the Virginia games,

2 1461 BuckyFanDan 10/22/13 12:23 PM
by: FrontRowJBo

Iowa Game Time set

11:00 AM on ABC/ESPN/ESPN2

5 1786 brewcrew23mt 10/21/13 2:09 PM
by: GCbadger
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