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Badger Football Recruiting

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PinnedState of

Members - This is an exciting time for us here at Scout, as our new ownership continues to

0 811 BWWorgull 8/8/14 9:11 AM
by: BWWorgull

Pinned and LockedMessage Board Rules

Every one of you who posts here agreed to these terms of service upon sign up. Please be

0 2699 BWWorgull 3/6/14 11:35 PM
by: BWWorgull

Pinned and LockedWisconsin Coaches Recruiting Areas

Here is where the 2014 UW football staff will recruit: Defensive coordinator/Linebackers

0 4137 BWWorgull 3/6/14 11:38 PM
by: BWWorgull

PinnedReminder about interacting with recruits

Technically, it is an NCAA violation to interact with recruits on message boards.  While I don't

24 16409 badgermaniac 5/13/14 4:03 PM
by: BigAppleBucky

Recruting Punter

Is UW recruiting a punter? Weakest spot on team right now.

28 4094 aepie Today 7:40 AM
by: packa

Mike Weber

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I heard he plans on visiting Wisconsin later in the year. Is that true?

36 14179 abbybadger Yesterday 8:35 PM
by: BadgerBacker

So any recruits visiting for the big UW-- MN game?!


2 2044 Badger89 Yesterday 8:12 PM
by: terror5

So multiple flip predictions for 2 4* RB's

Jordan Stevenson and Tyson Williams. do we take both and have 3 RB commits in this class? i

6 4462 Bolhaboy Yesterday 3:44 PM
by: komacki

Preferred Walk-Ons

Who has the staff offered as a preferred walk-on so far?  If you know of someone please add them

3 1556 agarr 11/22/14 11:24 PM
by: komacki

MOVED: Which B1G coaches do you think will get a pink slip at the end

- - - -

Some new Hudl video on Crookshank

His Hudl page was on a private setting for the majority of the fall.  He is wearing #5 in the

5 2441 NewerBreed 11/22/14 8:08 PM
by: 84bucky

Tyler Johnson QB From Menasha

Sure hope Wisconsin offers this guy as a grey-shirt or at least preferred walk-on if they

3 1744 agarr 11/22/14 3:07 PM
by: komacki

The 5 star RB pipeline will start....

Multiple Pages 1 2 

...when Melvin Gordon becomes a star in the NFL. That's just a fact. These guys all want to

34 4427 George2k5 11/22/14 12:56 PM
by: combatsports4life

TJ Griffin commits

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Not a huge surprise, but it appears TJ is the newest Badger. Welcome aboard!

41 6653 BuckYeah 11/21/14 10:53 PM
by: ajmadison

High schooler from Fond du Lac ...

... kicks 61-yard field goal:

17 4724 Bmoken 11/21/14 2:43 PM
by: cambells19

Someone at Utah State knew/knows how to evaluate QB talent

Multiple Pages 1 2 

After watching the poor/putrid QB play by Stave/McEvoy, I was unexpectedly treated to terrific

45 5818 Kohala 11/21/14 2:38 PM
by: BigSkySooner

Well that didn't take long!

Welcome aboard Mr. Booker!  Maybe that will be you in a few years...

7 6606 GCbadger 11/21/14 11:05 AM
by: BadRick

Stevenson, Weber and Scarlett

Hope you guys watched the game yesterday. It could be one of you in Melvin's shoes in a few

5 5842 mikhael94401 11/21/14 10:54 AM
by: BadRick

Antonio Williams

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Looks like he will be announcing his commitment to UW on December 4th at his school gym.

35 8801 BuckYeah 11/21/14 9:03 AM
by: badgerjess

Totally Unfounded Baseless Rumor

Well, not entirely baseless, per se. Buddy of mine has a daughter going to school at tOSU. She's

15 8244 Madger 11/21/14 8:42 AM
by: TheNewRed

I hope they're all over Spencer Kanz

Yea, some were all over me when I suggested Bredesen get an immediate offer and a lot of love in

18 4910 ajmadison 11/20/14 7:21 PM
by: ajmadison

Is Wisconsin recruiting the kicker from Springs

I have never seen a kicker in HS with that kind of leg.

1 1374 abbybadger 11/20/14 4:11 PM
by: komacki

Zack Baun WFCA Offensive Player of the Year

David Pfaff was named WFCA Defensive Player of the Year. Jon Dietzen was all state in the OL

2 1757 NewerBreed 11/19/14 5:04 PM
by: gphunk67

Bay Port junior OT Cole Van Lanen

I like the kid on film and he's visited twice this year:

1 1313 AllenTrieu 11/19/14 4:04 PM
by: NewerBreed

Jonathan Stiever

Any information on Jonathan Stiever (6'3", 195 lbs) from Cedarburg.  He was 1st team all

2 1779 wiscspfan 11/19/14 3:41 PM
by: AllenTrieu

Austin Kafentsis article

Nice article I ran into about Austin Kafentsis...sums up his career.  Looking forward to seeing

4 2625 zcheetah 11/19/14 3:03 PM
by: zcheetah

Yowser! We'd better keep on recruiting

f you don't think SEC football is king, you're kidding yourself. (OK, make that SEC West

10 4270 BadgerHole 11/19/14 11:53 AM
by: BadRick

Titus Booker flips

I love the infusion of speed (10.64 FAT 100 meters for Booker) that we will have with this

16 5473 NewerBreed 11/18/14 11:46 AM
by: combatsports4life

Texas DBs

I follow recruiting closely but not as closely as some of you do.  Regarding the two verbally

4 3317 badger4life 11/18/14 6:19 AM
by: 84bucky

Howard wavering?

Post on his twitter now shows maybe has doubts. Nate Howard   @ Nate_Howard_  ·

19 9966 911sfan 11/17/14 7:23 PM
by: SkannerDan

Another Gigantic Recruiting Weekend!!!!!

Super Fired Up!!!  There are some big-time players coming this weekend with big-time offer

16 8081 agarr 11/17/14 2:06 PM
by: Bmoken

All elite RB's

form a line to UW!!!!

21 6738 stlbadger 11/17/14 12:55 PM
by: badgerballer23

Today we were lucky that the offense and defense had a blowout

game.  If the game would have turned into a play for field position game our biggest weakness

7 2048 packa 11/17/14 12:19 PM
by: multimed


Watching Mater Dei -Westlake CIF playoff game. Sagapolu is playing guard on o-line and is not

8 4300 Kohala 11/16/14 7:19 PM
by: cambells19

Recruiting help from announcers

I know much of what they say is hyperbole, but "Wisconsin doesn't recruit linemen, they

13 6399 jamesthegreek 11/16/14 7:01 PM
by: combatsports4life

Elite OL

You form another line - all OL love to run block, where's that happen more than UW??

0 1018 stlbadger 11/16/14 10:44 AM
by: stlbadger

Robert Windsor-Fond du Lac offered by Illinois

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Robert Windsor, defensive end/tackle (6'5", 245 lbs) from Fond du Lac was offered a

37 9692 DocWrestling 11/14/14 11:33 PM
by: multimed

Nick Thomas

IMG Academy Football  ‏ @ IMGAFootball     2h 2 hours ago We celebrated three seniors

6 3027 911sfan 11/14/14 6:47 PM
by: combatsports4life

Why are we recruiting only 2 WRs?

Last year we recruited 5 and Chris Jones and Watkins are gone. We have 3 enrolled. Isn't this a

29 5255 BeatOhioState 11/14/14 3:17 PM
by: cambells19

Nate Stanley

Does Iowa have anything to worry about with Wisconsin and this kid? I am surprised there was no

11 4247 KingHawk86 11/14/14 2:08 PM
by: Oscoe

Mohamed Barry De-Commit

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The Loganville (GA) Grayson three-star OLB texted me tonight that he has de-committed from the

32 7615 BWWorgull 11/13/14 5:10 PM
by: punkerz123

Dareian Watkins

I finally got a hold of Watkins, the former four-star wide receiver who mysteriously left

17 7643 BWWorgull 11/12/14 1:29 PM
by: BeatOhioState

At the Purdue game - Purdue is expected to host 3* Safety

Antonio Sotolongo 6'2" 200#, if I remember correctly UW was and maybe still is interested?

2 2770 packa 11/11/14 2:10 PM
by: BadRick

Florida weekend visitors

Really glad to see they will be greeted by the polar vortex.....@*#@#&(!!

1 2360 tmbtp94 11/11/14 1:54 PM
by: BadRick

Goofy clip of Jon Dietzen from Packers Live

Larry McCarren says Dietzen is the real deal from having watched his videos. He earned an

4 2809 NewerBreed 11/11/14 6:42 AM
by: stlbadger

Amani Jones

Had a chance to watch this LB out of Chicago Phillips in their 2nd round match up with Johnsburg

2 2338 GCbadger 11/10/14 9:13 PM
by: returnfish

Does anyone know what criteria is used for evaluating HS

football players?  I've been re-watching some of Austin Kafentzis film, the guy is incredible.

9 2513 packa 11/6/14 10:57 PM
by: agaperev

Any further news on TB's Scarlett and Stephenson??

These two running backs fit Wisconsin so well. They seemed to like Wisconsin a lot. I know they

18 8440 agaperev 11/6/14 8:10 AM
by: TheNewRed

Jake Pickard to select his school Thursday

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Jake Pickard, N.J. class of 2015’s top TE prospect, to make collegiate announcement Thursday

44 13676 NewerBreed 11/5/14 6:14 PM
by: 911sfan

Zach Baun - Brown Deer

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

At what point do the Badgers start looking into this kid?

128 22200 uwrjl 11/4/14 6:05 PM
by: ajmadison
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