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Posts of the Day

Posted: Today 5:27 PM

Re: What is your expectation level for the Paul Chryst era? 

Kansasspike wrote: You are calling Russel Wilson stupid?

--- UnknownBadger wrote:

Kansasspike wrote: Agreed , think many of us are concerned if the recruiting will be good enough to keep up with Urb and Jimbo, if he goes to Michigan.

--- madtownies wrote:

Interesting most votes to the poll don't expect B1G titles during the Paul Chryst era.

Wouldn"t that be true no matter who we hired? Those who expect  NCs have little between their ears.

Nope, but I do think he's nice and believes it can happen. To expect it when there's only one champion each year is asking for disappointment. Unless of course you are an Alabama, tOSU, FSU. Hell, many here don't think we can win our conference.

I'll be sky high if we do, but I certainly don't expect it. $hit, we don't even have a QB right now and if we did he'd have trouble finding someone to throw to.

That's the reality of it. How many games did all-pro Wilson's team lose and that was a pretty damn good team.
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Posted: Today 2:25 PM

Re: Pittsburgh Tribune Article on Chryst 

ajmadison wrote:
RacineRed wrote:
Joe Starkey is a freelancer whose style is to critique, perhaps 180 from our local coverage.  In any case and IMO, his evaluation of Chryst seems a tad shallow and doesn't really offer a contextual perspective, although he alludes to the shaky state of the program that existed prior to Chryst.

I have read through the article a couple times and don't see the references alluded to throughout this thread; bad recruiter, bad assistants.  In fact Starkey says that Chryst has bequeathed elite offensive talent to his successor. 

Nope, as is the case with nearly all these threads, it provides a platform for those who thoughtlessly agree the/any critique, filling in their own shibboleth rants, "he can't recruit", "he needs GAs assistants".

We'll see.


Based on what?


Interesting response.  I haven't really given it much thought but my recollection is that your posts normally contain greater critical thought.  As for PC's recruiting, as the article itself alluded to, he left a great deal of offensive talent, which, presumably he - or his retreads - recruited.  But again, we'll see.  I note you now have over 10K posts.  Wow. That must count for something....
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Posted: Today 2:23 PM

Re: Congrats to UW-Whitewater 

great story


still,uww would lose 70 to 7 if it played even a low level team Like Purdue 

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Posted: Today 2:00 PM

Re: Pittsburgh Tribune Article on Chryst 

Being a head coach for the first time had to be a learning experience for PC. He will grow with the experience, not making the same mistakes twice. UW is fortunate he did his learning on Pittsburgh's dollar and he is no longer a rookie head coach. Hopefully he learned the importance of having a staff that can recruit and will have a better recruiting staff in Madison than Pitt.
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Posted: Yesterday 3:37 PM

Re: What is your expectation level for the Paul Chryst era? 

Anything less than 75-0 with 5 national titles would be a failure.
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Posted: Yesterday 1:11 PM

Re: What is your expectation level for the Paul Chryst era? 

he has a 5 yr contract--- in that time I would expect a B10 championship, 5  bowl games, 1-2 years be ranked in the 8-10 and chasing getting into the playoff, those are Core metrics what he will be judged on.   Other metrics will be his graduation rate, players off-field incidents (trouble), NCAA compliance, recruiting -lock in WI players, Solidify the B10 area- MN, IA, IL, OH, PA, NJ and expand Nationally FL, TX, GA, WEST-CA,  and make sure there are about 78K fans in the stands.   

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