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Posts of the Day

Posted: Yesterday 9:41 PM

Re: More Conspiracy Theory 

BadPJ wrote: Stave won't be the only one to miss the Western Illinois game.

No announcements will be made ahead of time, but, when you see who is missing, it will support the halftime confrontation theory.

No "suspensions" will be announced. Players will be held out for "precautionary reasons".
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Posted: Yesterday 4:00 PM

Re: Stave Watt out 

Your wrong need that blind homerism to be checked. I will even pay the doctor bill for you. 
Ph3431 wrote: Liar, Liar, Troll on Fire.

--- silverman1 wrote:

brm2300 wrote: I have said all along that the only thing that makes sense is that Stave is hurt. However, I heard as recently as Sunday directly from his family that he is in fact not injured. I am totally confused.
Stave practiced all of fall camp and warmed up before the LSU game. If his shoulder was hurting he wouldn't have been practicing all of this time and not warming up before the LSU game. Only an incompetent coach wears out a shoulder of a QB that has a shoulder that is hurting......IT IS CALLED COMMENSENSE AND LOGIC. 

There was a tweet that went out a few days ago that stated Coach Anderson was not going to bring in Stave BEFORE the second scrimmage even took place. 

But you know people that have a severe case of blind homerism. The people who are being spectable about all of this are the ones being smart.

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