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Camp Randall Football Board

Mark Forum ReadMARK READ Topic Replies Views Started by Last Post Free Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets

Scout has joined forces with the best-kept secret in all of fantasy football —,

2 757 BWWorgull 8/28/14 12:00 AM
by: BWWorgull

PinnedState of

Members - This is an exciting time for us here at Scout, as our new ownership continues to

0 1352 BWWorgull 8/8/14 9:10 AM
by: BWWorgull

Pinned and LockedMessage Board Rules

Every one of you who posts here agreed to these terms of service upon sign up. Please be

0 4713 BWWorgull 3/6/14 11:31 PM
by: BWWorgull

Pinned and LockedVisitor's Guide to Madison/Camp Randall

Head over the tailgating board: Definitive Madison Visitor's Guide Thread

0 49525 badgermaniac 7/17/09 10:40 AM
by: badgermaniac

Rank the top 5 B1G teams who have a chance to make the playoff.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Ironically, I think UW is number 1. The Badgers have a favorable schedule and it's only loss is

70 3244 George2k5 Today 8:46 PM
by: Badger1964

HotMusings from a southern Badger

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I'm going to be upfront and ask:  what caused the downfall of the Big Ten?   Now before I

35 2291 Wischeese84 Today 8:44 PM
by: Badger1964

HotAssistant's salaries

It was just mentioned on the national CBS telecast of the Arkansas- Texas Tech game that BB tolf

25 2793 travrest Today 8:36 PM
by: betrage


Say what you want about Rutgers and Maryland not adding quality to the Big10.   And as one

17 1413 gold325 Today 8:34 PM
by: BadgerinDC

Best section at Camp Randall for new fan/family?

Hey, everyone, I am wanting to take my 6 year old son to the Bowling Green game. We are

6 538 Foust Today 8:21 PM
by: Brumus


Wholesale changes this year and was a big question mark.  Must say this group has risen to the

11 2562 jamesthegreek Today 8:20 PM
by: redline59

Does anyone have a copy of...

The Western game that they can put up on a torrent, or copy and burn to DVD to mail me?

3 321 badgerguyingb Today 7:22 PM
by: badgerguyingb

My Updated College football Top 25

Top 25 1) Oregon 2) Florida St 3) Alabama 4) Oklahoma 5) Auburn 6) Baylor 7) Texas

1 642 Wisconsinfan77 Today 6:47 PM
by: BadgerSteve72

Kyle Costigan's mom, battling cancer, has plenty of supporters

Spent some quality time in Wind Lake today to see family/friends rally for mom of Kyle

3 664 potrykus Today 1:20 PM
by: badgerpaw

Why Minnesota is, well, Minnesota

Proof that MN is scared to play non-cupcakes:  link From the link: FORT WORTH,

0 1004 FormerlyBIS Today 11:05 AM
by: FormerlyBIS

Bowling Green beats Indiana....

45-42. BG scores TD with :09 left. Rather meaningless...but a great college football game.

8 1807 MotionW Today 10:39 AM
by: WisconsinBadgerFan


Anyone have any reports about how our two current QB's have progressed in practice this week??

16 3638 Rose62 Today 9:46 AM
by: TheCodger

"Return" of USC

Not really all that relevant to the Badgers, but coming from someone who lives in California,

9 1958 Gregdawg Today 5:01 AM
by: badgerpaw

HotB1G Games (09/13)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Bye week for Wisconsin.  Might as well see what the rest of the conference is up to...

71 2046 hoopsgalore Today 2:39 AM
by: Gregdawg

Will Arkansas go for 100?

Looks like BB might top his high score in a game personal record. Up 56-0 near start of 3rd

27 3895 skunknuts Today 2:20 AM
by: UWRX95

Concerning Depth in the Backfield

Wisconsin is down two tailbacks and two fullbacks after two weeks, a concern for its struggling

22 2608 BWWorgull Today 12:12 AM
by: EricTheeRed

I really like Rutgers.....their QB is weak as hell

This guy is an absolute nightmare when it comes to decision making. He's just brutal. Stares

0 416 betrage Yesterday 10:33 PM
by: betrage

BTN Coverage

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Was it the telecast or where the Badgers fans really quite? I had the surround on and it sounded

44 2525 Madrocker2012 Yesterday 9:51 PM
by: 911sfan

B1G out of Playoff Chase

ESPN Scoreboard claims the Big10 Will Not be in the Playoff this yr as the conferance is now

6 749 DapperZak Yesterday 9:32 PM
by: rednwauk

BREAKING: Penn St. post season eligibility restored immediately

Multiple Pages 1 2 

...and they get full scholarships in 2015-2016. BREAKING: NCAA has restored Penn State's

41 2946 George2k5 Yesterday 8:21 PM
by: TheNewRed


Man that guy is fun to watch.  What a great player.  He will have a great pro career.

1 371 uwbadgers Yesterday 7:34 PM
by: rednwauk

Big loss for Tosu today

Spence is out probably for good after his second failed drug test.

8 1829 UnknownBadger Yesterday 7:01 PM
by: belkins

Any guesses on the South Florida game time?

Is there a chance this will be a night game, or is it most likely 11am?

4 605 uwbadgers Yesterday 5:41 PM
by: Badgerbengal

Michigan as drama queen

Multiple Pages 1 2 

On "BTN Live" the other day Gerry DiNardo made the observation that until Lloyd Carr

33 3942 OlBadger Yesterday 4:39 PM
by: travrest

Riutgers PSU will be hot

Lots of energy in Piscataway for this game, despite the 2-22 alltime record against the Lions.

3 616 CardinalWhite Yesterday 7:57 AM
by: Ph3431

Deal and Kinlaw

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Did anyone else notice that in pre-game warmups there were only 4 Running backs (Gordon

78 6707 ghostbucky Yesterday 4:17 AM
by: Kohala

badgers in nfl

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Looked at the box score for a couple preseason games: Borland had a lot of tackles and a sack

61 6000 chilibadger 9/12/14 6:01 PM
by: SkannerDan

The 1st Round of the 2011 NFL draft is phenomenal.

Look at the top 15 players taken in that draft : 1. Cam Newton 2. Von Miller 3. Marcel

12 2195 George2k5 9/12/14 5:16 PM
by: ajmadison

Western Illinois Game

Multiple Pages 1 2 

To those that blame the offensive line you need to get a clue.  They were putting 8-9 guys in

56 3772 badgerbirtz 9/12/14 12:57 PM
by: BadRick

Interesting Stave Article from Jesse Temple

Multiple Pages 1 2 

It includes comments from Steve Sax and Joel's mom.

50 5787 EricTheeRed 9/12/14 12:12 PM
by: TheNewRed

Maryland uniforms this week

For this week's WVU game Maryland will be wearing uniform jerseys that celebrate the 200th

2 501 OlBadger 9/12/14 7:50 AM
by: Madger

Zander Neuville

Redshirt freshman, anyone know how he is doing? I believe he has been moved to DE from OLB.

0 872 tjn75 9/11/14 5:03 PM
by: tjn75

Doe as a return man

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Can someone convince me that he belongs there?

31 1936 stlbadger 9/11/14 3:46 PM
by: 911sfan

Perspective on the LSU loss...

At least we did not get smoked 31 - 0 by Notre Dame!!!!

14 2799 joefry 9/11/14 3:34 PM
by: Oscoe

Warren Herring points to B1G opener as return date.

Talked to Warren Herring today. He is encouraged by the pace of his recovery.

6 1335 potrykus 9/11/14 7:22 AM
by: Badger8843

Clash of Big Ten Power Rankings

The differences between Tom Dienhart's [] power ranking and the ESPN B1G blog writers

16 2357 Badger1964 9/10/14 9:45 PM
by: combatsports4life

Erickson as good as Abby?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

In certain ways, i think he can be a better college player. He's sturdier, goes up and gets

102 4239 ajmadison 9/10/14 8:17 PM
by: jbooshey


Multiple Pages 1 2 

I hope anyone who jumped off the bandwagon didn't hurt themselves because they have to be able

33 2058 WarriorBadger 9/10/14 5:57 PM
by: badger1970

Help getting to Northwestern game

How close can I get to the stadium if I take AMTRAK from Milwaukee?

15 1730 uwrjl 9/10/14 4:14 PM
by: Brumus

THANK YOU for the privileged invitation to be a part of the B1G

As a lifetime Rutgers fan, and alumni, THANK YOU for the privileged invitation to be a part of

7 1651 4bazza 9/10/14 4:03 PM
by: Brumus

Our Donna retiring

"University of Miami President Donna Shalala plans to step down in 2015, ending a tenure in

13 1184 OlBadger 9/10/14 3:10 PM
by: badger1972

MOVED: Ray Rice video.

- - - -

Wisconsin is tied for 2nd for most B1G championships since 2000

Who will win the #B1G this year? As of right now the 2014 title looks up for grabs!

0 396 Scoutosphere 9/9/14 5:41 PM
by: Scoutosphere

The one area I'd most like to see TAnner improve on

over the next two weeks, is his ball faking on the play fakes. He threw it well enough that

9 1154 ajmadison 9/9/14 4:40 PM
by: buckyfever1


Badgers get a roughing call for drilling QB.  It did not seem flagrant.  Later, TM gets drilled

9 1044 TheCodger 9/9/14 4:05 PM
by: knoxvillebadger

Leonard Fournette strikes Heisman pose after 1st college TD. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that

23 3016 George2k5 9/9/14 10:14 AM
by: George2k5
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