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Camp Randall Football Board

Mark Forum ReadMARK READ Topic Replies Views Started by Last Post Free Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets

Scout has joined forces with the best-kept secret in all of fantasy football —,

2 287 BWWorgull 8/28/14 12:00 AM
by: BWWorgull

PinnedState of

Members - This is an exciting time for us here at Scout, as our new ownership continues to

0 902 BWWorgull 8/8/14 9:10 AM
by: BWWorgull

Pinned and LockedMessage Board Rules

Every one of you who posts here agreed to these terms of service upon sign up. Please be

0 4261 BWWorgull 3/6/14 11:31 PM
by: BWWorgull

Pinned and LockedVisitor's Guide to Madison/Camp Randall

Head over the tailgating board: Definitive Madison Visitor's Guide Thread

0 48755 badgermaniac 7/17/09 10:40 AM
by: badgermaniac

Warren Herring

LSU could not run at all until he got hurt. Has anyone found out how bad it was?

15 2934 uwbadger12000 Today 3:55 AM
by: Bendbadgersteve

HotFire Anderson

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

This is the worst coached team I ever seen. Bring back Bielema. This is embarrassing. I'll be

153 7079 joeybadger Today 3:05 AM
by: BeachBum21

HotBadgers, LSU wasn't lucky. Y'all got beat.....

I understand you boys see through Red and White glasses but get real. LSU finally stopped

27 2038 MillervilleTiger Today 3:05 AM
by: randomation

HotMelvin Gordon update

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

A reliable source at another board said this Melvin Gordon thing might get ugly. It is a source

71 5136 silverman1 Today 2:04 AM
by: bbadger2013

Outcoached by a guy whose best postgame quote was....

"We did everything we could possibly have done, the latest possible time to do it, before

15 2118 BadgerNCarolina Today 1:27 AM
by: OmegaMan17

Fire Ludwig...

If Anderson wants to be the head coach of Wisconsin he'll have to can Ludwig.   This just isn't

3 402 pickinbadger Today 1:04 AM
by: HotTimes

DL pipeline

So we got one guy last year and none so far this year. Are we really going with 245 pound DEs

2 554 911sfan Today 1:03 AM
by: wiscspfan

Let's stop with the 'Fire Andersen' stuff...but...

...he owes Tyler Marz, Dallas Lewallen, Dan Voltz, Kyle Costigan and Rob Havenstein a public

0 170 rbsj4 Today 12:35 AM
by: rbsj4

HotMy 10 Things -- LSU

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

1. I will give GA the benefit of the doubt and assume he just wanted his post game press

65 5317 EricTheeRed Yesterday 11:59 PM
by: Badgercat63

LSU has a long way to go

Hey guys, First of all, I want to say that you did a nice job of coming into this game and

2 330 mstreet2 Yesterday 11:49 PM
by: noson

Promote Aranda to HC (also in charge of D) after the season?

He is the only good thing we have going in the coaching staff, and if we could lose him to a

2 402 Pipez Yesterday 10:37 PM
by: Badgers919

Tenn v Utah State

Is that our future? Star USt DE gets knocked back on his butt by big Tenn LM. Knee injured.

8 684 911sfan Yesterday 10:16 PM
by: Badgers919

What Barry told the crowd at JJ Watt's pregame tailgate

I'm wondering what BA's evaluation of our coaching staff was after he told Badger fans THIS

2 858 Brumus Yesterday 10:13 PM
by: ZestyEnterprise

Disappointed and Disgusted

First of all, I thought the defense played well until injuries took there toll. The two

5 782 MRBIGL Yesterday 10:00 PM
by: ZestyEnterprise



11 2482 bigmac1973 Yesterday 9:45 PM
by: uwbadgers

Zagzebski News

0 848 rekim Yesterday 9:04 PM
by: rekim

Shades of Drew Henson vs Tom Brady at Michigan

Remember when Michigan had all-world recruit, Drew Henson, and they had a much less heralded

9 887 George2k5 Yesterday 8:11 PM
by: Kansasspike

LSU game - impact on recruiting....

GA has stated that part of the appeal of a neutral site game against a top 15 team

11 1218 new2pru2000 Yesterday 7:50 PM
by: BJPenn

Prediction for this Saturday at home

I will wait in terms of points given up due to injuries O will score close to 70 imo

14 920 buckyfever1 Yesterday 7:49 PM

What were your thoughts on LSU's Pregame?

First of all, good game...y'all had us LSU fans all very nervous and feeling helpless. I'll be

0 242 JPLSU Yesterday 7:30 PM

HotBlaming the Oline

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Shameful and inexcusable. Liking GA less this morning, he needed to take some accountability

32 2691 Sackman86 Yesterday 7:18 PM
by: jbooshey

List 3 or more postives about the UW vs LSU game ...or 2 ...1?

1. The defense played better in the first half than I suspect most of us had predicted 2.

5 497 SectionP Yesterday 6:42 PM
by: sweatpants

For all of the B!TC#ES on this Board

Well, well, well... I am aware that most of the people raging on this board are flamers,

18 1534 ScoNNieSuPPorteR Yesterday 6:24 PM
by: badger1970

By the way, here's an update for y'all......

Bret Bieliema and "Bieliema Ball" are now 0-9 in the SEC and counting.

3 568 MillervilleTiger Yesterday 6:10 PM
by: komacki

Throwing something out for Discussion.

I've had discussions with a close friend of mine, over the last several years, of what a

3 1125 tndman9 Yesterday 5:57 PM
by: tndman9

Reshaping the roster?

A few times last night ESPN made it a point to say that GA is looking to make the Wisconsin

2 667 TillmanTunnell Yesterday 5:52 PM
by: buckyfever1

What was worse. Last nights o game plan or uw vs tcu?

Kids deserved better in both, disgusting,,

6 480 buckyfever1 Yesterday 5:40 PM
by: buckyfever1

McEvoy to start at QB @LSU

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...6 7 8 


238 10149 911sfan Yesterday 5:04 PM
by: 911sfan

We go to the playoff if we win out?

I know we suck but our schedule is a joke... Would we be expected to make the playoff if we win

7 544 Pipez Yesterday 5:03 PM
by: randomation

Band Did Not Travel

I've been trying to understand how we lost to LSU. Injuries on the D Line, McCovey's inability

1 321 NOLABadger Yesterday 4:42 PM
by: CCBadger


he really stinks tonite

16 1284 badgerNJ Yesterday 4:34 PM
by: BadgerRPh

HotLet's be fair,

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The lack of depth in this program, the lack of a big time QB , TE and WR's corps is not on Gary

49 2534 ajmadison Yesterday 4:29 PM
by: Ph3431

Why the SEC is better than the B1G and why it isn't even close.

The Badgers can (and should) throw Stave in as starter for the remainder of the season and with

10 1829 geosteve Yesterday 4:12 PM
by: MillervilleTiger

Post game press conference

The "aw shucks, we were in till the end" tone was very reminiscent of a mid major

7 1397 D3Badger Yesterday 3:51 PM
by: WiscSports1

HotStave isn't coming back

Andersen said post game that Stave isn't coming back. " Stave isn't coming in. Gary

29 5672 bbadger2013 Yesterday 3:47 PM
by: bbadger2013

HotDudwig's Playcalling

Multiple Pages 1 2 


54 2648 Gregdawg Yesterday 3:36 PM
by: sweatpants


Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Obviously he is not the answer. It is clear the Badgers do NOT have a capable quarterback.

98 3514 badger1970 Yesterday 3:32 PM
by: rickaroni

LSU Here...

First off let me congratulate ya'll on a hell of a game! So pumped we won but thought ya'll

16 2374 Sythyn30 Yesterday 3:27 PM
by: elLesyou

Hate to say it, but we are headed back to the dark ages

3 straight losses to P5 schools with numerous head scratchier coaching decisions. Since 1995 we

7 1353 silverman1 Yesterday 3:00 PM
by: spartyshannon728

Is this really an inferior QB? AND, the Arizona and OSU games were in many ways

18 998 ajmadison Yesterday 2:53 PM
by: BJPenn

PollPrediction of Gordon/Clement rushing output vs LSU

Which option is most likely to occur in terms of rushing output? I would definitely love

3 684 NewerBreed Yesterday 2:29 PM
by: buckyfever1

JJ watt and Alvarez were awesome at pre game event

If one did not get goosebumps listening to jj? Need to get your blood alcohol checked! :) I

2 402 buckyfever1 Yesterday 2:27 PM
by: buckyfever1

Post game thoughts

1, if Ericsson catches that deep ball in early first half? Uw wins in a laugher, great throw by

4 964 buckyfever1 Yesterday 1:39 PM
by: LizWaters

Good game

Hey guys, enjoyed the dialog this week. Here's my thoughts on the game. I was impressed with

3 386 noson Yesterday 1:00 PM
by: UWRX95

I don't know yet herring,,, ..?

Game review looked like a leg whip vs ligament issue Hopefully, it's just a bad bruise,

0 336 buckyfever1 Yesterday 12:44 PM
by: buckyfever1

If uw can recover from the 2013 Asu screw job?

They will rebound well IMO They will destroy the next five opponents as I was pissed after

5 302 buckyfever1 Yesterday 12:26 PM
by: buckyfever1
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