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Re: Ragged

Posted: 11/11/2012 8:17 PM

Re: Ragged 

geeznotagain wrote:
VandyWhit wrote:

You're right that Heather didn't play in the second half. The minutes she played went to Kendall instead. I think defense was the biggest reason for that. Kendall's four blocked shots in the second half pretty much speak for themselves, but coach said that she wanted a big body in the lane to help deal with the very capable senior guards on the other teams. Given that, plus the fact that Tiffany playing lights out, there just weren't many minutes left over for Heather. 

I know that the loss of Steph changed CMB's plans. Still, I was disappointed that we started 4 guards. While our non-starting posts played a significant number of minutes, if my calculations are correct our posts logged 70 total minutes. If we had played 2 posts the entire game our posts would have logged 80 minutes. So we basically played 10 minutes (1/4 of the game) with 4 guards. Maybe match-ups dictated that, maybe it has more to do with the fact that CMB feels we have more talent and experience at the guard position. It just disappoints me a little, because I have seen so many SEC contests when we were out-rebounded, giving up 2nd chance points and 3rd chance points. I hoped this year would be different, was SO looking forward to having a healthy Steph and a healthy TC in the game at the same time and -- if the sky wouldn't fall -- maybe even having (gasp) 3 posts on the floor at the same time. (I love the inside game.)

With Stephanie out, we DO have more experience at the guard positions. if you count Elan as a guard, then Tiff is the only upperclass post that we have. I suspect that's why Elan started in one of the post positions. But in the second half, she played less (14 min in first half, 6 in second) and Kendall played more (4 min in first half, 15 in second half) as Kendall showed she could do what was needed.

I know it isn't realistic to think that Kendall will be able to bring everything to the table that Steph would have, if she hadn't been injured, but I thought she did a good job yesterday. She has some real strengths, aside from being a big body. She can shoot, got a really nice touch around the basket, she can rebound, block shots, and she seems really teachable and surprisingly fluid for her size. If she continues to develop, I think we'll see her playing significant minutes, even if she doesn't actually start.

Last edited 11/11/2012 8:17 PM by VandyWhit

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