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Re: VU WBB: Exhibition win brings a big loss

Posted: 11/5/2012 7:13 AM

Re: VU WBB: Exhibition win brings a big loss 

Other than the injury to Steph, the two things that stood out most to me during the game were the type of defenses we played and the play of Kendall Shaw and Heather Bowe.

I had heard a lot of talk about defense since the end of last season, and more than one person had pointed out that having more available players opened the possibility of more aggressive defense because of having more substitutes. A player can give it her all, then take a breather while somebody else takes her place.

I was interested to see the difference from the very first defensive possession with pressure on the inbounds, and that style of baseline to baseline defense continued through out the game. It wasn't always the same; sometimes it looked like man-to-man pressure, other times more like a zone press, but it was always aggressive. Last year, I saw that occasionally, most notably when we were pretty far behind, so it isn't totally new, but it is new to see it throughout the game.

Second, after having watched Heather Bowe in the summer league a number of times and thinking that she was pretty advanced skill-wise for an incoming freshman, I wasn't surprised to see the same on Saturday. I hadn't seen as much of Kendall Shaw, so I was less certain of what to expect and was extremely pleased with what I saw on Saturday. She's got a great soft touch around the basket and is a true "big".  Also, I thought they played together extremely well, especially since it was so early on.
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Posted: 11/5/2012 6:29 PM

Re: VU WBB: Exhibition win brings a big loss 

I'd love to see this team play multiple players and really develop the bench. Run them in and out, like KY does. Ky is #6 in alot of polls, and for good reason.
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