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Re: The only solution, contract or not.

Posted: 02/27/2012 11:44 AM

Re: The only solution, contract or not. 

alicein wrote:
Bobbk wrote: Last time a coach left we released those who signed LOI's.  Do we do that again and start all over with no incoming class?   Something to consider.
Something VERY important to consider, too.

Dawkins is struggling, no doubt, but at times the team looks solidly coached. Lots of his problems are in the fact that he uses so many players and so many different lineups take the floor.

The one thing that's hard to argue is Stanford's depth. The team really has a lot of good players, probably as solid in that regard as ever. The incoming freshman will only add to that and Chasson Randle still has 3 years to go. He could be really outstanding and have a lot of talented teammates alongside him.
Yes, this an important consideration.  But I've not seen much of an indication that JD can develop the talent he apparently can attract.  How long do you think that talent will continue to show up with the results he's getting on the court?

Yes, I agree, lots of problems stem from his bizarre substitution patterns.  But that's HIS decision.  If it's not working, that's on HIM.  To me, it looks more like the team is succeeding at times DESPITE the coaching, not because of it.  That talent is going to show up at times.  It's JD's job to get it to show up consistently and to improve it.  I've not seen his teams succeed on either point.

So, yes, we need to consider recruiting.  But I'd argue we need to weigh avoiding a potential short-term loss in the current incoming class by retaining JD against the potential long-term effects of poor to middling results.  A year or two more of this and there will be less and less fan support and fewer and fewer recruits will want to come to the Farm to play.
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