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Cats have plenty of issues

Posted: 12/10/2012 4:30 PM

Cats have plenty of issues Post Rating (1 vote)

Cats have plenty of issues;
1.  Free throw shooting terrible, espcially in cruch time;
2.  Too reliant on 3 pointers, clear lack of consistent inside scoring (accept Olah);
3.  Princeton offense seems to go cold in 2nd half of most big games;
4.  Where are Lumpkin and Cerina?
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Posted: 12/10/2012 8:09 PM

Re: Cats have plenty of issues Post Rating (1 vote)

The free throw shooting is something they can address in practice. They improved noticeably against Butler, I thought, and don't think that's their biggest problem.

Northwestern is generally over-reliant on threes, and that's just a byproduct of the Princeton. It's nothing new. What they need, I think is to get better shots later in the shot clock, threes or not. An open three is a great shot, and certainly they're capable of making them, they just need to be a bit more disciplined I think. The inside scoring, well, it's better than last year.

As far as the Princeton going cold, honestly the 'Cats just haven't been making shots. Teams adjust to them and certainly they must also make that adjustment in turn, but it's not the offense that "goes cold," it's the players. As the season goes on, most teams include new wrinkles and get used to their scheme and I think we'll start to see that. Will it be enough? Your guess is as good as mine.

Lumpkin's apparently still getting back into the swing of things. I'm curious if they're saving him to the point where he can obtain a medical redshirt, or if they'll just end up redshirting him depending on how the year goes but he's improving and my guess is he'll debut before the new year. Cerina is hurt and there's no timetable, but I think he'l be back by Big Ten play.

You're right that NU has problems, but it's not anything new. How fast they can adjust on the fly will be crucial to how their season ends.
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Posted: 12/11/2012 10:14 AM

Re: Cats have plenty of issues Post Rating (1 vote)

Northwestern is missing one thing offensively, that player similar to myself or Michael "Juice" Thompson who can break a guy down one on one and get to the basket, or find someone else wide open for an easy shot.  Reggie Hearn is aggresive, but he's not the go to guy.  NU does rely on three-pointers alot.  Its an old saying, "You live by the three, you will die by the three."  Balance offensively is definitely needed, and the Princeton Offense have lots of opportunities to find driving lanes and get inside.

Sanjay after having Mono is getting back into shape.  I dont think he will redshirt this season, but this freshman can play.  Nikola Cerina has definitely been missed against some of these physical teams.

I think the problem is consistency.  How do you get Drew Crawford in his first year as the designated leader and go to guy to be consistently reliable? How do you get Jared Swopshire to come every single game ready to impact and make his presence felt? How do you get the centers (Turner and Olah) to control the paint inside and not get dominated against the good teams?

If the Wildcats can address these issues they will go to the NCAA tournament
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