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Posted: Yesterday 6:20 PM

Re: MBB vs WVU in Madison Square Garden 12/20 (83-69 Loss) 

I sit here wondering which is a more productive discussion to join, the Herb Sendek one, the Tyler Lewis one or the one with that squirrel in my backyard who maintains that he has a right to raid the bird feeder. I am leaning toward a spirited debate with the squirrel. biggrin

Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference

Mark Twain

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Posted: Today 10:01 AM

Re: MBB vs WVU in Madison Square Garden 12/20 (83-69 Loss) 

Why should every game be a referendum on coaches past, present, and future? Our coach is our coach, until he is no longer our coach. Old coaches are never coming back, nor are failed targets of coaching searches gone by.

Why is every game an indictment of our players and their weaknesses? If all the players had perfect offensive and defensive games, they wouldn't be here, they'd be in the pros.

Why is every game a predictor of games yet to come? It's hard to see it now, but this team will be better in the long run for having endured the physical punishment that they received on Saturday night. 

We have a team of complimentary players, that appear to enjoy playing together, and appear to be content sharing the spotlight. For that I am grateful, and look forward to things to come, this year and in years future. Spend less time being negative, you'll live longer.
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Posted: 12/20/2014 8:21 PM

Re: UNC Scandal - DBR Kane podcast: page 21 

LincolnWolf wrote:
Marc O. Chambers wrote:

--- direwolfpack wrote:

did anyone hear what cbs said about Roy pre-game? the caption was asking if he would survive the scandal.

I find it highly amusing that Duke graduate Seth Davis goes out of his way to extend UNC/Roy Williams every courtesy possible in this situation those lying cheaters would never afford their rivals. Perfect illustration of class vs crass right there.
Well, the fact that they're even talking about it is progress.
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