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Posted: Yesterday 8:56 AM

Re: NCAA Has Too Many Bowls-Losing teams will qualify Post Rating (1 vote)

--- mwc71081 wrote:

Why do people support this mediocrity?


Most intelligent people are realistic. If you are not one of the traditional college football powers, and if your school hasn't had a massive influx of cash like Baylor or OK St....then you cannot realistically expect to jump into that elite company, at least not quickly.

If you are a "barely over .500" program like us, you need to realize that we will likely never do such a thing....short of having someone like Jim Goodnight give half a billion to athletics, (very unlikely) or hitting the jackpot and hiring the next Bobby Bowden or Saban...also unlikely...and even if we did, a coach like that would not stay long enough to get us to the top.

I used to think there was no reason we couldn't rise to the top....but it's just not realistic to think we could stay there.

Our lot in life is to win 7-8-9 games a year and go to bowl games, and hopefully have that one or two special seasons every so often when things fall into place and we win the ACC.

We now have a good enough coach to do this. The previous one proved he couldn'couldn't do it and was semi-retired on the job. One before him had potential to do it, but was a megalomaniac and couldn't keep a staff together.

Last time we had "that guy" was Sheridan. We now have that type of coach again. If we can keep him, IMO he will eventually deliver an ACC title. Might not be for a few years...and that's okay. We have no reason or right to expect Bama or FSU-like results....we do not have their commitment to the game. So we should accept what we are, and be glad we have the 7-8-9 win a year guy that represents us well and had potential for one of those "special seasons".

Free Cal and Brakk.

We'll leave Jeffrey Lee banned as payment

Last edited Yesterday 8:59 AM by Pacfanweb

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Posted: Yesterday 11:13 PM

Re: MBB vs LSU 11/24 (83-72 OT) Post Rating (4 votes)

wilmwolf80 wrote: I'm glad that Maverick Rowan is Maverick Rowan. I don't need to compare him to anyone else to appreciate what he has done so far. He has been thrust into the starting lineup at the major college level when he could be cutting homeroom as a high school senior. Let's give him time to grow into his own player and not spend five pages bitching about who he is or isn't.
5 stars

"Listen, and understand. That PP terminator is out there. It can't be bargained
with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And
it absolutely will not stop, ever..."

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Posted: Yesterday 11:12 AM

Re: NCAA Has Too Many Bowls-Losing teams will qualify Post Rating (1 vote)

Don't hate on the Popeye's Bahamas Bowl until you've been at a Popeye's in the middle of the Bahamas.
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Posted: Yesterday 9:56 AM

Re: Head Coaching Jobs Opening up (11/23 Syracuse) Post Rating (2 votes)

Is Shaka Smart in the mix for any of these jobs?
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