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Posts of the Day

Posted: Today 8:39 AM

Re: Jameis at it again (Will now sit entire game vs. Clemson) 

Like it or not, Jimbo's boss is the president of the university.  If he wants to move on after this, go ahead but there aren't going to be too many openings like FSU.  Maybe Michigan.  Jimbo's punishment of Jameis was a joke.  It's not about this one incident.  It's about Jameis' "body of work".  He needs a strong message sent or he'll wind up being the next Ryan Leaf.  He is the face of college football with an already long record.  He doesn't have the luxury of making stupid mistakes other 20 year olds have, and oh by the way, he put himself in this position. Yes, the current state in the NFL probably is playing a roll in this but so what?  Life is the big picture and he may as well learn it now.
FeloniousQ wrote: If professional out-of-touch wet blanket Tim Brando is on your side, you've already lost.

Great to see the national title will be decided by the morals council and the thought police rather than the results on the field. I'm sure the bowl committees and the sponsors are very excited.

If I were Jimbo I'd turn in my resignation tomorrow. Win a natty and then get your on-field decisions vetoed by a (temporary) stuffed suit? How is that tenable?
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Posted: Today 6:36 PM

Re: Official game thread 

Owen Spencer is ROTFLHAO at that drop.

"If you want the truth, ask me".

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