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Posted: Today 9:40 AM

Re: THEE Scandal Thread, Basketball BIGGEST Beneficiary 

The walls ARE closing in, yes. Not just on roy, but the whole university.

What a lot of people here aren't seeing is Weinstein was hired by unc-ch to do a job. He did that job and tried to appease them with the presentation of things. But as manalishi pointed out, there were some people (I believe the big money donors) that tried to hamstring his investigation into a complete and utter Martinesque whitewash.
Weinstein wouldn't have any of that, and gave them the F you with the attached emails, implicating several higher ups.

A lot of people are going to be exposed, and possibly brought down by those emails. MIKE FOX was getting national attention before the ink was dry on the report. Anson dorrance is getting his fair share of shame. Deborah stroman, and john blanchard, and our good friend roy boy, who just can't keep his dadgum mouth shut.

This isn't over by a damned sight. There is plenty of ammunition left. Kane, Barrett, Ganim (did you see the coy little smile on her face when Ashley Bansfield mentioned Pulitzer?), a CLUSTER of national sports media, and PP and friends are going to keep pounding at these vile little creatures.

Like manalishi said, Patience. What's the rush? Enjoy it. biggrin

"Every single day, in every walk of life, ordinary people do extraordinary things.!!"

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Posted: Yesterday 7:21 PM

Re: THEE Scandal Thread, Volume #216 

Since myself and others were curious, I estimated the average number of enrollments per player for men's basketball, men's football and women's basketball.  Based on my estimates, on average athletes on the men's basketball teams were enrolled in 80% more paper classes than football players.  Even players on the women's team averaged more individual enrollments per player than football:

Average Number of Enrollments per Player per Year:
MBB:  1.45
MFB:   0.81
WBB:  0.82

Here is Wainstein's chart updated to use the average enrollment per player:

Note that once normalized in this manner, football only surpasses men's basketball in the 2008-2009 academic year.  Also, note that even though William's first year was largely comprised of the same players as Doherty's last year, the per player enrollment almost doubled during the 2003-2004 academic year and did not decrease back to the levels found under Doherty for another 4 years. 


Enrollment data was estimated using the Photoshop ruler and grid lines.  Numbers are based on estimated 15 pixels per 20 enrollments, or 1.333 enrollments per pixel.  Based on the individual numbers posted for basketball (e.g. Williams with 167 enrollments and Doherty with 42), I would say that they are pretty accurate, but there may be some slight inaccuracies due to the resolution of the source image.  Team roster data was taken from two online sources, for mens basketball and football, and for women's basketball, and includes all players listed on the site (e.g. no differentiation between scholarship players and walkons).  If anyone happens to find the actual raw numbers in the report we can update the data to reflect the real numbers.

Estimated Numbers:

SportYearPixel (187=0)~EnrollmentsRoster SizeAvg En/Athlete
I post, therefore I am

Last edited Yesterday 7:28 PM by LittleZZ NCSU

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Posted: Yesterday 3:40 PM

Re: Blast From the Past: Articles Written Against Valvano 

I have already written Tom's reply based on his earlier work.  I posted it in the other thread but just so you don't have to look for it.  This is what Tom would obviously write.

October 23, 2014

Pseudo Tom Sorenson
The Charlotte Observer


When P.J. Hairston played for UNC, some really swell adults (two bit felon) gave or lent him several high priced rental cars and apparently one night a gun and some drugs. That’s a lot of stuff for a college kid.


But UNC coach Roy Williams says he was not aware of Hairston’s sudden ties to such unsavory character. Could this be true?


It could be if young P.J. took money and stuck the money in an Individual Retirement Account.


If not, Williams should have known. He also should have known his players were taking fake and making only guest appearances in the classroom.


Being coach is more than finding players and pointing them toward the proper basket. Being a coach is caring enough to know what’s going on.


WILLIAMS DID not. And if he doesn’t quit at the end of the season, UNC should fire him.


Williams is not a guy to whom you want parents entrusting their sons. He does a great job with players, a miserable job with young men and student athletes.


It is true that he has changed. There he is on the television screen, talking about the sad state of college athletics and about how priorities have to change and about how he has changed his. Listen to the emotion in his voice. It is evident he cares.

The NCAA made him.


Last year, it smacked his program by disqualifying Mr. Hairston for the rest of the year due to impermissible benefits. Cars, drugs and guns will do that to a fella. With the Wainstein report being issued yesterday there is a very real possibility that the NCAA will be calling again. Wainstein’s report confirmed an 18 year systemic cheating scandal that included 1500+ student athletes and touched every sport at the school in order to keep athletes eligible. This included both National Champtionship years for Williams’ Tarheels in 2005 and 2009. That is a lot of fake classes and a lot of cheating. But Williams didn’t know.


Williams is one of the people responsible for the sad state of college athletics. At how many schools could a basketball program have 167 false enrollments over six years to boost their GPA without the coach knowing about it?


THERE ARE only 12 players on a basketball team. Williams has driven to their houses, sat in their living rooms, promised their parents that if they send their young men to him, their young men will get an education and play a little ball, too.

On each kid there is a file as thick as an agent’s bankroll. By the time Williams leaves he probably has a pretty good idea what parents and son can and can’t afford.

And if the son can suddenly afford to drive around in luxury SUVs and marginal High School students are pulling As and Bs with apparent ease, well, that could be a tip that something is wrong.

If Williams is smart enough to beat Duke and State and win 2 National Championships, he is smart enough to figure out that his players are not playing by the rules.


Now Williams is the most influential adult in the players’ lives. He determines whether they play, and how much. They see him at practice, before and after games, in hotel lobbies and on airplanes.

IF I’M struggling through college on a student’s income and somebody gives me a luxury car to drive people will know. If several students are struggling in school yet they all miraculously remain eligible time after time you think someone would notice.  The coach maybe? I talked to two college basketball coaches. One said he would know if one of his players bought a new suit.


For a smart guy, there are many things Williams doesn’t know.

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Posted: 10/22/2014 8:59 PM

Re: List of UNC NCAA Violations & National Articles- 10/22 

I must have missed this today in all the carnage.   Wow, Roy!

Brad Wolverton     @ bradwolverton                     7h 7 hours ago               

Basketball player enrollment in bogus classes, by coach: Dean Smith, 54; Bill Guthridge, 17; Matt Doherty, 42; Roy Williams, 167.

Debbie Crowder T-shirt idea: "I spent 18 years committing systemic fraud to keep our players eligible and all I got was this Belk Bowl ring"

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