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Posted: Yesterday 11:06 PM

Re: As the UNC stomach churns: Wainstein report Oct. 22 

whatisyourexcuse wrote: JP @ Joey_Powell 2h 2 hours ago

@ andybechtel How does that happen?!?!

Andy Bechtel @ andybechtel 2h 2 hours ago

@ Joey_Powell It happens frequently. "Here is our report. Don't release it until Wednesday at noon."

Andy Bechtel @ andybechtel 2h 2 hours ago

@ Joey_Powell It's a mutual agreement. A head-start on the story for the press, but with controlled timing on publication, posting.

JP going into holycrapdankanealreadyhasthereportinfoilloller mode. What a complete wuss.

Speaking of wuss, has anyone heard from brad the last few days? Is he teaching football players in Point Barrow now?

"You know what you did wrong. Stand up." - Rashad McCants

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Posted: 10/20/2014 10:35 PM

Re: Technician:Students camp on Miller Field for basketball tick 

The last campout occurred in 1999. Everything since then has been for show.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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