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Spartan Battle Ground

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Biggest Dumpster Fires in CFB

Is anyone surprised at who tops the list?  Believe it or not, some of the Walmart Wolverines are

9 309 jdryzga Yesterday 6:38 PM
by: bluto270

And with this, we sadly bid adieu to Brady Hoke

And with this, we sadly bid adieu to Brady Hoke. Brady, we barely got to know you, but I'll

6 187 JakeGrafton Yesterday 1:33 PM
by: bluerick

Is the next dumpster fire Nebraska?

Last year they extended Bo's contract and it will cost them $7 million to buy him out.  In the

10 194 Yabbadabbado Yesterday 10:52 AM
by: devildogbuckeye


Multiple Pages 1 2 

Feel free to add to list as it progreses: #1- 4-star DT Darian Roseboro #2 - Harris #3 -

34 1180 ssspartan 11/22/14 10:21 PM
by: devildogbuckeye

Devildog has some explaining to do?

How does mighty Ohio State get taken to the mat by an Indiana team that is winless in the Big

0 46 Yabbadabbado 11/22/14 4:40 PM
by: Yabbadabbado

OSU's problem.

At the end of the season they will only play two teams that will finish in the top 25.  MSU and

26 458 Yabbadabbado 11/20/14 7:13 PM
by: devildogbuckeye

Frank Clark is in the slammer

Is ANYONE honestly surprised by this headline.  I'd call it the least surprising one of the

10 366 JakeGrafton 11/18/14 4:14 PM
by: roberts663

U-M and NCAA rules on time allowed for practice

If you're not shocked that the president of the University of Michigan just comes out and states

8 193 JakeGrafton 11/14/14 4:24 PM
by: bluto270

Powerful Michigan defeats Mighty Northwestern

Congratulations to the powerful Michigan Wolverines for their nail-biting, intense victory

3 106 AZBUCKFAN 11/10/14 10:19 AM
by: msu1972

Anyone else shocked at the OSU/PSU game?

I had a feeling they were over-rated just like last year, but that Penn State game confirmed it.

7 212 Yabbadabbado 11/9/14 2:34 PM
by: rayjack01

Maryland Fined $10K

Does anyone think that Maryland being fined is a lil ridiculous?

4 114 SpartyPartyinNC 11/4/14 3:16 PM
by: brianmore

Can we assume that MSU will beat Michigan in '15?

Of course we can assume a win next year in Ann Arbor.  That almost goes without saying. So,

28 709 JakeGrafton 11/1/14 11:05 PM
by: Yabbadabbado

Michigan Man John U Bacon says, "We're in trouble!"

Well, he doesn't use those words, but boy things are looking grim over in Ann Arbor.

1 184 JakeGrafton 10/28/14 1:18 PM
by: msu1972

Video of scUM staking out turf!

23 419 Yabbadabbado 10/28/14 12:46 PM
by: jdryzga

Hoke issues an apology

At least there is some class left in scUM's program...

24 976 jdryzga 10/27/14 9:06 PM
by: roberts663

Garrett Taylor decommits from UM

sounds like MSU is a major player here.  Or was.  I guess VT is considered the heavy favorite

6 622 Rrekk 10/27/14 7:43 PM
by: GVSpartan

block M painted green Maybe it was Dave Brandon who paid someone

8 221 AdCole 10/27/14 3:21 PM
by: msu1972

OT but of all the potential flips committed to UM

the only instate kid that I truly want to flip to MSU is Josh Alabi.  Can't let a guy with that

18 2087 Rrekk 10/27/14 2:00 PM
by: jdryzga

Rich Rod now 6-1.

He won big at West Virginia and now Arizona.   Interesting he couldn't win at Michigan and

1 68 Yabbadabbado 10/26/14 8:41 PM
by: miguelit

last UM thought before I switch to OSU

reading some threads on other boards and it got me thinking along this line.  If the new UM

4 178 Rrekk 10/26/14 6:42 PM
by: devildogbuckeye

OSU vs Penn State

Just catching the last 8 minutes or so of this game. The officiating is horrid! Edit: Since

4 109 G0MSU 10/26/14 12:21 PM
by: devildogbuckeye

Man I wish he were playing...

Never did read his article when it was published, but just saw it on someone's twitter feed

7 268 steveatc 10/22/14 6:14 PM
by: bluto270

UM week

I think I finally understand what UM fans used to say when they never thought about MSU week

19 552 Rrekk 10/22/14 12:08 PM
by: GVSpartan

Mark Snyder of The "Blue Wall..."

Mark Snyder of the Free Press fantasizes about what he hoped would happen. Somebody tell Notre

13 676 sparty63 10/22/14 11:11 AM
by: daisydad

What does everyone make of this:

Devin Gardner talks adversity, dealing with racist comments in interview with Detroit News

7 173 Thenationalchampions 10/21/14 5:04 PM
by: Thenationalchampions

Big Ten Competition

Looking at the state fo the conference at this time it is clear that O$U is class of the rest of

7 688 atlsprtn 10/20/14 11:58 PM
by: devildogbuckeye

Last scUM TD versus MSU...

...occured on October 15th 2011.  That was 3 years ago as of yesterday!!!  Considering scUM's

2 143 jdryzga 10/17/14 7:52 AM
by: daisydad

Why did Alabama lose to Ole Miss? Because they didn't try!

At least, that's what their fullback says.

3 140 JakeGrafton 10/16/14 3:41 PM
by: JakeGrafton

Seth Green announcing tomorrow

Think it's definite he isn't picking MSU. Hope he picks Minny. Great local talent and I respect

3 963 Rrekk 10/15/14 5:30 PM
by: Yabbadabbado

Trivia Question?

When has a Super Bowl participating head coach (win or lose) ever gone on after that to be a

4 157 sanjosespartan 10/15/14 3:50 PM
by: roberts663

Florida State / Winston

As far as I'm concerned Jameis Winston represents everything that is wrong with society today.

3 114 jdryzga 10/14/14 4:55 PM
by: IBowToIzzo

Little Des' Howard

In case you missed it Little Des' was at it again Saturday on Gameday. He suggested that

25 1589 sparty63 10/14/14 2:44 AM
by: Brody75

Jon Gruden wanted to be head coach in Ann Arbor

Per collegefootballtalk . Now, I think he would rather go back to the mess in

2 192 G0MSU 10/10/14 8:20 AM
by: jdryzga

Alabama is 2-3 against their last 5 BCS opponents.

Their only wins are against West Virginia and Florida who have terrible records this year

1 90 Yabbadabbado 10/9/14 10:19 AM
by: JakeGrafton

15 months ago UM fans were on this board

Multiple Pages 1 2 

saying UM would surpass MSU due to superior "talent" and superior

50 1091 Rrekk 10/8/14 3:21 PM
by: devildogbuckeye

Derrick Green out for year

Sounds like things keep going downhill in AA, being reported that Derrick Green broke his

8 218 GVSpartan 10/7/14 9:55 AM
by: jdryzga

Is this the death thrall of Brady Hoke?

lose as many football games as you want and UM will struggle on But start losing the mythical

7 333 Rrekk 10/7/14 9:34 AM
by: bmiller11

Tom Izzo defends Hoke on concussions

I'm inclined to agree with him.  He said he knows most of the basketball and football

1 135 Rrekk 10/5/14 8:03 PM
by: roberts663

Obituary 09/27/14

OBITUARIES - September 27, 2014 Football, Michigan. Michigan Football passed away

5 218 JakeGrafton 9/30/14 9:01 PM
by: ssspartan

Hoke on Good Morning America

They had a whole segment on Good Morning America about how Hoke put Morris back in the game when

22 406 AdCole 9/30/14 4:25 PM
by: AdCole
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