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Spartan Battle Ground

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Brian Cole to Michigan

I must say Spartan fans are taking this well.  Until this weekend I thought he was a Spartan

10 211 Temp430 Yesterday 5:16 PM
by: GVSpartan

Urban Meyer -- not so popular within Florida

Ouch, that one has to hurt.

3 58 JakeGrafton Yesterday 4:17 PM
by: AdCole

The "We're Michigan for God's sake" mantra

is still strong in state as I stated before...Cole has just committed...It takes more than 5

8 237 royal12 Yesterday 9:34 AM
by: jy1960

Big Ten Media Day

I'm sorry, but did Ryan Clark of Michigan today say they wanted to build something

6 107 AdCole 7/29/14 12:23 PM
by: AdCole

Little Sister totally obsessed with MSU - sign in weightroom

U-M fansite writer Joshua Henschke posted this on Twitter: Joshua Henschke @

19 523 JakeGrafton 7/29/14 12:38 AM
by: IBowToIzzo

Look at all those empty end zone seats at Ohio Stadium.

This was one of the biggest games on their schedule.   I thought they were the most devoted fans

14 828 Yabbadabbado 7/27/14 6:01 AM
by: royal12


Well kids, it looks like the fine folks in ann arbor are just a tad worried about their

18 491 msu1972 7/26/14 12:39 PM
by: ssspartan

UM ranked #3 in the nation in sexual assault cases

Perhaps from now on whenever they think about talking about the type of people MSU has on our

9 318 AdCole 7/17/14 1:14 PM
by: AdCole

This Was A Great Achievement For MSU...

Michigan State places second in the nation...

1 108 RockGoGreen 7/15/14 3:22 PM

The comments of another pathetic Wolverine fan...

For your enjoyment, here's another quote from a current Michigan (Stadium & Main)

10 416 jdryzga 7/15/14 3:19 PM

Top Selling License Plates in Michigan

Look who's on top, and more notably in third...  Apparently the Walverine license plates haven't

6 239 jdryzga 7/14/14 11:56 AM
by: JakeGrafton

Jerome Baker

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Now that we are officially in his top 8, where do we actually stand with him?

30 3136 joshgio 7/14/14 8:40 AM
by: mark24eagles

Jashon Cornell

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

don't get your hopes up here.  He basically tipped his hand in an interview today.  Said despite

143 2929 Rrekk 7/8/14 8:02 PM
by: wankfunk

Tracy Sprinkle

If he transfers to Akron, they could add him to Marcus, Pittman, and Jamel Turner.  Zips just

1 308 Rrekk 7/8/14 8:45 AM
by: GVSpartan

All is not well in The Big (Out)House ...

Very interesting read; scathing indictment of the not so rosy Brandon era, but many of the same

1 273 Sparticus1 7/8/14 1:11 AM
by: TrueBlue1979

Miles Boykin

Sounds like the MSU staff doesn't expect Boykin to pick MSU

2 382 Rrekk 7/2/14 8:37 PM
by: devastatingdub

One reason that Michigan's w-l record is inflated

Michigan benefitted tremendously by having a big stadium when others in the league did

23 790 JakeGrafton 6/30/14 10:00 AM
by: Yabbadabbado

Has the "We're Michigan for God's sake" mantra wore

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Has the "We're Michigan for God's sake" mantra wore thin??? This seems to be a

100 1248 jdryzga 6/23/14 4:46 PM
by: IBowToIzzo

Hoke - who wouldn't want to play for this man :)

1 169 jdryzga 6/13/14 6:11 PM
by: miguelit

Congrats to UM Alumni in Charlotte, NC

They defeated the MSU contingent 6 1/2 to 5 1/2 in the 9th annual golf challenge.  The record is

4 148 queencityspartan 6/11/14 10:30 PM
by: ssspartan

McCullough has committed to Ohio State

I didn't want to win this one. 

8 456 BuckeyeDefender 6/11/14 8:09 PM
by: Rrekk

OT Josh Barajas flips from PSU to Notre Dame

Be prepared to hear "flips from PSU" a few more times, this year IMO

7 409 Rrekk 6/8/14 8:09 PM
by: Yabbadabbado

UNC Tarheels- Facing Death Penalty

New book on the UNC Death Penalty.... Tarnished Heels: How Unethical Actions and

3 206 TarHeelBlueinCA 6/6/14 5:44 PM

Clelin Ferrell

This guy is supposedly making a decision tomorrow.  We are in his top 7.  He has visited. Says

2 600 devastatingdub 6/5/14 4:54 PM
by: WhoCares1

Oregon sportswriter predicts a Spartan victory over Ducks

I think that man is brilliant, positively brilliant.

2 162 JakeGrafton 6/4/14 12:35 PM
by: AdCole

This might be of interest to you!

0 82 Drakewing 6/3/14 5:10 PM
by: Drakewing

Jashon Cornell

How do you guys stand with the 5* DE from Minnesota.  Came out a month or two ago naming MSU his

12 1646 BuckeyeDefender 6/2/14 6:30 PM
by: Banker4

Shaun Crawford (UM Commit) taking other visits!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I read that Urban Meyer has still been pursuing him.  Going to visit other schools.  Could this

34 1495 jdryzga 5/31/14 11:54 PM
by: devildogbuckeye

It's the **** crowned field

Rumor has it that Oregon is already grading their field to enhance the crown. Obviously they

4 206 LPShark 5/30/14 9:52 AM
by: Rrekk

by the way, Taylor Lewan belongs in jail

His ex girlfriend told police he beat up that OSU fan in Ann Arbor after the game last year.

2 140 JakeGrafton 5/29/14 10:13 PM
by: JakeGrafton

Herd Scum having trouble selling student tickets.

Student ticket sales  are way off and they may be offering them to the public.  Considering

0 96 Yabbadabbado 5/29/14 9:21 PM
by: Yabbadabbado

What's UM's record in 2014?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

Over the last six seasons, UM has averaged a 7-6 record. From that, the over/under is 7 wins.

150 1097 Rrekk 5/29/14 4:48 PM
by: jdryzga

Recruit Mike Weber -- U-M calls him an All-Amercian

Yes, I wrote "Amercian."   You can't make this stuff up.

15 576 JakeGrafton 5/29/14 9:40 AM
by: JakeGrafton

Hoke, U-M Coaching Staff to Host Wolverine Technique Schools!!!

I guess they're extending their expertise to the public since it has worked so well for the scUM

6 313 jdryzga 5/27/14 3:23 PM

Walmart Wolverines still blaming Rich Rod after all these years!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

In post after post the Walmart Wolverines are still blaming Rich Rod for their lack of depth and

32 872 jdryzga 5/12/14 6:19 AM
by: GVSpartan

Stauskas vs. Harris

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

I am curious who you guys think is better and why. I am a Bobcats / Hornets fan and we are in

95 960 MedellinHeel 5/9/14 5:33 PM
by: bmiller11

Northville OL David Moorman...

...has committed to Wisconsin. Does this surprise anybody?

22 1366 sparty63 5/9/14 11:56 AM
by: atlsprtn

Most HATED and LIKED school of each conference????

I saw this on another board and thought it could make a good discussion for this slow time.

2 252 luvUNChatedook 5/8/14 4:29 PM
by: devildogbuckeye

MSU's Spring Game Thoughts

I was shocked at how many starters/major contributors played in the game. That stood out to me

11 344 devildogbuckeye 5/7/14 11:40 AM
by: GVSpartan

OSU's Spring Game

Multiple Pages 1 2 

There were 8-9 starters that did not play. It was a split squad event. Here's what I saw.

37 716 devildogbuckeye 5/5/14 11:02 PM
by: SprtnDoug
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