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Spartan Battle Ground

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0 12 MikeWScout 9/15/14 12:06 PM
by: MikeWScout

Remember who called the Utah win at Michigan preseason

Utah beat Fresno State about as bad if not worse than USC and Neb did...they scored more points

21 450 devildogbuckeye Yesterday 10:33 PM
by: GVSpartan

How do we compete????

Found this gem on the michigan university board: goblue11:  Look at what Dantonio did in year

4 128 steveatc Yesterday 9:10 PM
by: roberts663

Is the B1G really down? When was it last up?

To be honest I'm not so sure.  These are some very valid points.  What does everyone else

8 196 jdryzga Yesterday 4:28 AM
by: Rrekk

Michigan on the fence for the playoff! LOL

For your enjoyment.  Is ESPN a comedy network or a sports network??? I immediately laughed at

1 95 jdryzga 9/16/14 10:41 PM
by: GVSpartan

Brian Cole to UM

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...5 6 7 

Wow. Hats off to them. That's a recruitment they had no business winning. Surprising.

182 2801 Rrekk 9/16/14 10:13 AM
by: bmiller11

Former UM RB and current CMU Thomas Rawls

Thomas Rawls, who used to play for UM and is now at CMU was charged with 3 felonies. He was at

2 95 GreenwithNV 9/16/14 10:06 AM
by: GreenwithNV

UM has a shot at upsetting Miami, OH


4 207 Rrekk 9/13/14 7:51 PM
by: devildogbuckeye

Just read Kiy Hester enrolled at Rutgers

good get for them.  Word was he would have committed to MSU if MSU hadn't closed with other guys

2 423 Rrekk 9/13/14 1:04 PM
by: atlsprtn

In Retrospect

....was Notre Dame a chicken, or merely being magnanimous? 

4 358 msu1972 9/13/14 9:46 AM
by: GreenwithNV

UM / Texas announce home and home

What will this series be called? The Underachievers Bowl? The Recruiting Rankings

5 180 GreenwithNV 9/12/14 10:58 PM
by: brianmore

How many scUM recruits will be jumping ship?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

My guess is at least 2 before signing day.

31 785 jdryzga 9/11/14 11:22 AM
by: Rrekk

Does the Big Ten need a coaching purge?

Their are a few good ones but as a whole some of these schools need to make some changes.  Just

7 201 Yabbadabbado 9/10/14 4:49 PM
by: Rrekk


This is brutal to watch. UM looks horrible. They are going to get murdered in conference play.

18 550 1990spartan 9/10/14 4:42 PM
by: Rrekk

MSU position grades from a Duck fan

We were talking over on our premium board about how well MSU played and how the game could've

4 199 jimmypop 9/9/14 11:33 AM
by: GVSpartan

BH Won't Talk About Injuries

When reporters asked him about 3 injured players he replied> “Well, we’re not going to

13 414 SprtnDoug 9/8/14 10:15 AM
by: jdryzga


We are a work in progress. We made enough mistakes to lose. IMO MSU is the class of the B10. I

6 122 devildogbuckeye 9/8/14 8:55 AM
by: Yabbadabbado

UM Football Players & Classes: Devin Garndner does his own

With the academic rot festering from under the Golden Dome resulting in suspensions for not

3 156 TrueBlue1979 9/7/14 9:53 PM
by: GreenwithNV

MSU's loss is the final nail. Big 10 CANNOT be in 4 team playoff

Got to be realistic AND honest: This loss by MSU absolutely is the final nail in the coffin for

10 450 20ozBulldog 9/6/14 10:48 PM
by: tbednarczyk34

Notre Dame adds series with OSU after dumping Michigan.

Talk about kicking sand on Michigan.  They get dumped at the alter by Notre Dame and they run

11 215 Yabbadabbado 9/6/14 12:25 PM
by: ssspartan

Wow - U-M 4-star & part time starting OG Kyle Bosch

Kyle Bosch is taking a leave of absence from the Michigan program. He played in the opener,

4 208 JakeGrafton 9/5/14 3:13 PM
by: jdryzga

Chris Clark

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

here's a good chance for MSU to show that it can sell itself.   I assume he's a UM lean.

101 2738 Rrekk 9/5/14 9:41 AM
by: bmiller11

Frank Clark - Perhaps a large part of the problem at Michigan?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

His latest quote about MSU... “Basically, against State, it’s more of a personal thing

55 777 jdryzga 9/3/14 3:16 PM
by: bmiller11


If they don't figure out how to complete a forward pass they're going to be in serious trouble

0 60 AdCole 8/31/14 2:54 PM
by: AdCole


is the best RB in the Big Ten.  He's special.

4 136 Rrekk 8/30/14 11:10 PM
by: JakeGrafton

Appalachian State

I know that due to the strength of schedule issue, I'm supposed to want the other teams to

1 172 G0MSU 8/30/14 2:49 PM
by: Rrekk

Greg Mattison - the man, the myth, the legend

Mattison is talked about among Michigan fans as if he's the silver bullet that can make them

10 442 JakeGrafton 8/25/14 4:56 PM
by: bmiller11

The "We're Michigan for God's sake" mantra

Multiple Pages 1 2 

is still strong in state as I stated before...Cole has just committed...It takes more than 5

30 1098 royal12 8/25/14 9:10 AM
by: JakeGrafton

Oregon preseason video

Here is basically all the public is able to see happen in our practices . . .

3 301 charlestonduck 8/23/14 1:26 PM
by: charlestonduck

Huge story: Braxton Miller hurt

11 255 JakeGrafton 8/21/14 4:11 PM
by: devildogbuckeye

Buy one month, get one free is BACK!

This promo is back again for you guys to jump on board with SpartanDigest now to get inside

0 6 MikeWScout 8/20/14 10:38 AM
by: MikeWScout

UM's D-line best in the conference or O-line a dumpster fire???

According to "bluehomer" the D-Line is simply that good!  Curious as to what everyone

22 549 jdryzga 8/19/14 1:38 PM
by: TrueBlue1979

Regarding the U-M WR booted for hurting U-M hockey player

I was told that there's an attempt at humor on the Wolverine Stadium & Main board, where

17 484 JakeGrafton 8/19/14 12:01 PM
by: GVSpartan

Buy One Month, Get One FREE!

Been thinking about subscribing to SpartanDigest? Right now, buy one month, get one month free!

0 12 MikeWScout 8/13/14 3:33 PM
by: MikeWScout

Is it time for MSU to pay a skywriter to go to Ann Arbor?

I'm thinking that sending the skywriter over Michigan Stadium on the day of their home opener,

3 195 JakeGrafton 8/11/14 6:58 PM
by: AdCole

Little Sister totally obsessed with MSU - sign in weightroom

U-M fansite writer Joshua Henschke posted this on Twitter: Joshua Henschke @

26 829 JakeGrafton 8/7/14 8:56 AM
by: GreenwithNV

If I'm Mike Weber I commit to

MSU on this visit... I'm almost 100% positive I'm not him, though

11 544 Rrekk 8/7/14 8:48 AM
by: brianmore

John Reid?

People saying MSU passed PSU. Anyone hearing anything?

3 245 Rrekk 8/6/14 7:49 AM
by: heisman286

BTN Program yesterday about paying players

Did anyone else see the program on BTN yesterday where they got into the discussion of paying

1 80 oldgreenmachine 8/5/14 4:45 PM
by: JakeGrafton

We're Off to See the Wizard

F ootball Season is Almost here!!!!!

0 53 sarahjo640 7/31/14 1:26 PM
by: sarahjo640
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