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Posted: Yesterday 8:49 PM

Re: Don't think Jaynes liked Weis Post Rating (4 votes)

--- illinijhawk wrote:

WilliamTRiker wrote:
illinijhawk wrote:
MountOread wrote: Beaty hits the recruiting ground running

And listen to this: The Charlie Weis staff -- and this is really (aimed) at Charlie Weis, he's the head coach, he's making these things happen -- he would go three weeks at a time without even talking about recruiting. Now that is laughable. When you're talking about college, the big-time programs, they talk about recruiting and work on recruiting every day."
It's more than mildly disturbing that this kind of stuff was going on, apparently well known and yet somehow nobody thought to do anything to change this behavior until the ship had sunk completely.  I mean at some point Weis' bosses and even his underlings (I'm looking at you Bowen) have to step up and take some heat since they sat by and allowed this to go on unchecked.
Are you insane? What should he have done?
Something . . . that's the point.  

I know it's dangerous and uncomfortable to confront your boss or to go over his head, but when the engines are on fire and the plane is heading straight into the ground while the pilot sits just whistling Dixie, shouldn't someone, even the stewardess at least try to extinguish the flames or radio the tower?   What's the worst that could happen?  A coach who is pretty much a dead man walking will demand your head?  Wouldn't that be a favor if this guy is really as bad as everyone indicated?


You can't be this ******* dense Charlie got canned a month in to the season and was replaced by Bowen. Hmm, do you suppose Zenger and Bowen might have had conversations previous to this? It was widely known that his coaches were frustrated by Charlie's reluctance to put the press on recruits. Plus John Elway is a horse toothed jackass.
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Posted: Yesterday 5:22 PM

Re: Holsopple out as Director of S&C Post Rating (9 votes)

ThePrideofWildcatLand can now only post in Wildcat land.

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