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Posted: Yesterday 3:30 PM

Re: Willis Post Rating (4 votes)

--- WileyKUFan wrote:

If this was on the road it would be the perfect time to start him ... being at home only adds a little bit to his nervousness.


KU is a MASSIVE dog in this game ... There really isn't anything Willis can do to make that difference up and he and the coaching staff know it, so Willis just needs to go out and try and have fun. If he plays loose and doesn't worry about the game, just tried to compete on each play, we may be surprised and more optimistic.


I have no idea if the kid can play ... I know on film his Arm appears to be the best we've seen in a LONG time.


I'm in for the long haul (not anticipating anything of real essence until Beaty's third year) so any improvement (and there appears to be improvement each week in one area or another) and a continued emphasis on consistency will go a long way for me.




I'd rather start him in a a game that won't be so one sided. But you can't have everything.

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