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Hoosier Hoops Nation

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PinnedOur exclusive content with Crean

All of you should be coming over to the premium side. We've got six exclusive stories from our

2 334 jmalbers13 4/11/14 7:51 PM
by: marslanding

PinnedIU Scholarship Grid

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...13 14 15 

2013-2014 Roster ... IU IU 2013-2014 Schedule 2014

283 193548 fasbjd 1/3/14 8:40 AM
by: Dyedinthewool

Questioning CTC coaching philosophy

Is the philosophy of working overtime on a players weaknesses effective? Was it the right thing

19 768 annarodriguez Today 9:54 AM
by: ponies20

Another departure coming from Indiana Men's Basketball?

Looks like losing one to Maryland? Johnson to Maryland?

5 779 MSUMilt Today 9:44 AM
by: bronkonagurski

Darius Latham

Any chance Crean could talk Latham into helping out this year if he doesn't secure a big?

6 806 Lynchmob23 Today 8:04 AM
by: Dyedinthewool

HotVT Transfer, 7'0 Trevor Thompson

Multiple Pages 1 2 

From Indianapolis, Indiana.  States he will visit IU... Committed to Ohio State today.

39 1873 cohete15 Today 1:21 AM
by: TransAmMan

Martin to Cal and possible bigs

Cuonzo Martin has accepted the job at Cal and will be taking his recent commit kingsley okoroh

1 202 Lynchmob23 Today 12:04 AM
by: iuden

Wool? Anyone?

No answer to the legitimate question about a deleted thread? Silence? I see you've been posting

16 1318 BattlinBob Yesterday 8:40 PM
by: marslanding

Michigan Starting Over?

Stauskas hasn't made up his mind on the draft, but chances are, your stock is as high as it will

3 940 Dyedinthewool Yesterday 7:03 PM
by: Lynchmob23

Cal And The One And Done

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

So how is that one and done working out in Lexington? Swept by Arkansas, and a tip in at the

80 4066 Dyedinthewool 4/14/14 9:13 PM
by: Dyedinthewool

The List Is Growing

Before you kick CTC to the curb for transfers, take a looksy.

15 2825 Dyedinthewool 4/14/14 5:58 PM
by: NikolaTesla

Hollowell visits

Per Indy star JH had a good visit with Georgia St and will visit Iowa st and Houston in the near

3 710 Lynchmob23 4/14/14 2:56 PM
by: Lynchmob23

Face Reality IU fans

Multiple Pages 1 2 

It is time for IU Basketball fans to face reality. Tom Crean had a #1 seed last year in the NCAA

30 3362 IUrules03 4/14/14 1:14 PM
by: StripedTomato

7'5 "Taco" Fall

Another Tijan?

2 691 YOTHN 4/14/14 11:32 AM
by: gocolts88

Troy A Lottery Pick

Maybe, maybe not. He has alot of work to do, but he has all the God Given talent at his

12 1545 Dyedinthewool 4/14/14 9:19 AM
by: Dyedinthewool

Marial Shayok

I realize that he is another wing but I like what I have read about this guy.  Who knows if IU

0 404 Indymitchell 4/13/14 11:58 PM
by: Indymitchell

What happened to the Coach thread?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

What happened to the Coach thread?

43 1424 chicagoHOOSIER 4/13/14 3:58 PM
by: Lynchmob23

James Blackmon, Jr., Wins 3-Point Competition at MCDAA

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Blackmon edged out Tyler Ulis for the Men's crown tonight, with his beautiful stroke.

25 2428 IUebermensch 4/12/14 3:38 PM
by: oggyiu

The Big Man Issue

Multiple Pages 1 2 

It's been a great topic of discussion around IU hoops recently. It's an interesting topic. I

20 3247 BattlinBob 4/12/14 3:18 PM
by: oggyiu

Xavier coach possibly going to Cal

If he takes the job out at Cal, that might open things up for Travon Blueitt.  He is a guy that

7 1248 Indymitchell 4/11/14 1:11 PM
by: pistonhonda1

Hmmmm... could we even be considered?

Boston College Junior F Ryan Anderson announced via Twitter this afternoon his intention to

5 2089 cheyennemtnman 4/10/14 11:15 AM
by: BTB

Badgers are the new Hoosiers

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

They have the style and the discipline of Bobby Knight teams. That is all.

50 3618 Frakkinchichooz 4/9/14 5:50 PM
by: gocolts88

Cats And Dogs

So, who ya got? Can UCONN shut down Uk with their defense? They made a really good Florida

17 1221 Dyedinthewool 4/8/14 6:24 PM
by: coltcrean

Royce Waltman dead at 72

RIP, Coach

2 432 gocolts88 4/8/14 12:50 PM
by: BattlinBob

What If?

Every time a potential player decides to transfer, several of the HN immediately start throwing

2 648 Dyedinthewool 4/8/14 8:41 AM
by: Dyedinthewool

Moses Abraham Ayegba

Many will remember the legendary 2010 recruiting thread about this 6'9" 250# Nigerian that

2 1184 IUebermensch 4/7/14 7:50 PM
by: marslanding

Coach Crean Q&A Part 1 and Part 2 Indy Star 04-04-2014

Coach Crean Q&A Part 1 and Part 2 Indy Star 04-04-2014  Part 1 Part 2

6 1507 cheyennemtnman 4/7/14 12:25 PM
by: wouldplayfornothing


Hey Yante Maten committed to Georgia so even if Izzo planned a stick it to em offer while he was

0 700 jclem23 4/5/14 10:50 PM
by: jclem23

Good News Coming Soon?

It seems that everything is too quiet on the recruiting front. lord knows CTC and Company are

8 3221 Dyedinthewool 4/5/14 8:54 PM
by: IUebermensch

No Class Glass.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

We will not play in the CBI, (We are Indiana). Not a very classy move on his part, Just like our

28 3542 johnfreed 4/5/14 3:14 PM
by: Dodsworth

Which Player Do You See

Making the biggest jump next season? It would seem that we have a few gym rats left on the

2 836 Dyedinthewool 4/5/14 2:17 PM
by: Dodsworth

Sampson maybe coaching again.

ESPN is saying he is being targetted by Houston.  I didn't think he would get a D 1 job again.

15 1521 devdem 4/4/14 10:36 PM
by: NikolaTesla

For those who missed NV PC.. here it is... can judge yourself

Interesting the reaction by some.... Pretty good selling of NV... will go a long way for his

0 564 cheyennemtnman 4/4/14 2:33 PM
by: cheyennemtnman

Luke Fischer leaving IU......

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

just what IU doesn't need.  Post play is thin as it is. I guess he sees how much NV gets the

77 7055 BillMonroe 4/4/14 1:10 AM
by: StripedTomato

Not being negative but................Perea and his OWI

I have a strong feeling that Perea's OWI is the only reason he's not transferring. The guy has a

16 3083 annarodriguez 4/3/14 7:56 PM
by: annarodriguez

I a so Sick of Kentucky

Being a IU fan living in Southern Indiana and a mile from the KFC YUM Center, I am so sick of

13 2666 SouthernMichael 4/3/14 6:29 PM
by: UnknownBadger

Matt Carlino...again

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Matt Carlino an early Indiana signee back in the day?  If I

1 826 SHOULDABEENACANE 4/2/14 5:34 PM
by: BTB

Anthony Lee

Multiple Pages 1 2 

We are in need of some immediate front court help and he would definitely be better than what we

38 5161 YOTHN 4/1/14 2:01 PM
by: chicagoHOOSIER

Recruiting freshmen again?

He's already offered 3 star players full rides for 2015 and 2016. Now he just offered 2 Freshmen

3 1889 annarodriguez 4/1/14 11:40 AM
by: Dyedinthewool

The Fuhrer sounds off on Coach Crean

Good stuff!

11 2570 BattlinBob 3/31/14 11:11 PM
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