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Hoosier Hoops Nation

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PinnedThe Greatest Series: Tell me your top performances

Beginning today, I'm going to have a series that will likely span the gap between now and the

0 261 TerryHutchens 6/27/14 2:09 PM
by: TerryHutchens

PinnedStudent subscription plan

We have a new offer for college students. Any college student can sign up for a subscription

0 613 jmalbers13 4/28/14 1:21 PM
by: jmalbers13

PinnedIU Scholarship Grid

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...13 14 15 

2013-2014 Roster ... IU IU 2013-2014 Schedule 2014

284 198247 fasbjd 4/18/14 9:56 PM
by: fasbjd

Nick Zeisloft

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

It looks like CTC just couldn't take an open scholarship. Is this an academic signing, or will

61 3173 Dyedinthewool Yesterday 10:52 AM
by: Bumstead

CTC Seems To Have A Problem Closing

When you look at all the positives over the last 3 years, it's really hard to believe the

1 437 Dyedinthewool 7/20/14 11:49 PM
by: chicagoHOOSIER

Is Tom Crean on the Hot Seat or not? (link)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Good read.

40 2738 eventred 7/19/14 2:49 PM
by: coltcrean

Looking Ahead To 2015

It seems that the HN is growing more and more concerned about the lack of commitments from the

2 1177 Dyedinthewool 7/18/14 3:55 PM
by: chicagoHOOSIER

The Trip North

The upcoming trip to Canada should do wonders for the team and coaching staff. It will give CTC

1 405 Dyedinthewool 7/17/14 7:39 PM
by: IUebermensch


He will be an important part of our season this year. Lord knows he has all the physical tools

1 576 Dyedinthewool 7/17/14 7:42 AM
by: Dyedinthewool

Tarnished Heels

The book UNC and the NCAA want banned.

13 2437 stateone 7/8/14 5:03 PM
by: marslanding

Which center do you want?

For the class of 2015, choices include Diamond Stone, Caleb Swanigan, Stephen Zimmerman, Doral

1 885 annarodriguez 7/4/14 9:25 PM
by: cheyennemtnman

Tar Heel With A Question

What can you tell me about Vonleh? Looks like he and Carolina's P.J. Hairston will be

5 797 mikedeason 6/30/14 7:46 PM
by: IURocks35

Jerkin is gone

Anyone shocked, good kid but was never healthy..

5 1580 SouthernHooser0126 6/29/14 9:44 AM
by: BattlinBob

Leaving After 1 Year Cost NV

Another year of development and maturity would have paid big dividends for Noah. This years

3 1054 Dyedinthewool 6/29/14 8:11 AM
by: bronkonagurski

Austin - "I'm Much Happier Here"

Doesn't sound like he enjoyed his experience last year, nor does it seem like he has any love

9 2562 BattlinBob 6/25/14 1:28 AM
by: gocolts88

Exum - "I would have gone to IU"

Would have been great to have him for a year...however close only counts in hand grenades and

0 697 million00 6/24/14 1:55 PM
by: million00

Louisville vs. Indiana

ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!  What took so long?????????

2 896 bloodbought 6/21/14 11:17 AM
by: bloodbought

Stephen Zimmerman

5-Star big man had this to say about Indiana.   Anyone else cringe when they read

15 4080 gocolts88 6/18/14 2:45 PM
by: Lynchmob23

What is up with this site?

I'm posting from my cellphone because I can't log in at all on IE or Chrome, both at home and

11 1624 bronkonagurski 6/14/14 5:33 PM
by: bronkonagurski

Crean is at it again

Is there ever, and I mean ever, a player that makes a visit to IU that doesn't get an offer? If

18 3690 annarodriguez 6/9/14 8:59 PM
by: annarodriguez

Austin to Butler

Austin Etherington has transferred to Butler. He will be able to play immediately. Really

13 2584 Lynchmob23 6/7/14 5:49 PM
by: hoosierhoops

This Years Schedule

It will be interesting to see how we fill in the blanks for our non conference schedule for

6 918 Dyedinthewool 6/7/14 8:04 AM
by: Dyedinthewool

ESPN Top 50 Coaches

Tommy is unranked. Their reasoning is the same as most of the posts here. Not living up to

2 972 toddwr17 6/6/14 5:18 PM
by: annarodriguez

IU Hires Chuck Martin...Premium Content...Seriously?

This site is just comical with their "premium content."  Like this isn't going to be

17 1613 Bumstead 6/6/14 4:53 PM
by: hoosierhoops

Meet Indiana's newest commit

Indiana got a commitment from 7-foot, 235-pound center Jeremiah April today. Here's everything

5 4443 jmalbers13 6/5/14 4:46 PM
by: hoosierhoops

I guess this "thing" is now officiallly dead?!

It seems all that is necessary to finally and officially declare that this blog or web site or

9 2118 hoosierhoops 6/4/14 6:37 AM
by: cjdjbucknuts

14-15 Early Depth Chart (link)

Are we really guard loaded?

0 780 eventred 5/29/14 7:15 PM
by: eventred

Good article on importance of next season (link)

Pretty blunt - but good I think. Link

4 1656 eventred 5/29/14 2:43 PM
by: gocolts88

Where Do You See Noah?

This is a deep draft this year. Great talent at every position. While NV's numbers don't jump

5 929 Dyedinthewool 5/26/14 11:13 AM
by: morganmonroe

It's time to make college trades instead of transfers

A player should be allowed to request a trade just because he wants a change. I am endorsing

11 1824 annarodriguez 5/23/14 11:40 PM
by: thurufally

Off Topic: Here's a FREE notebook from IU-Iowa baseball

We have a new baseball premium board on the premium site Here is a premium story I wrote off

0 459 TerryHutchens 5/22/14 10:26 AM
by: TerryHutchens

Are We Finished

CTC. Has a class of 5 for the upcoming season. He addressed our glaring weakness from last

5 2430 Dyedinthewool 5/20/14 11:41 AM
by: Lynchmob23

USC transfer Byron Wesley

Byron Wesley is transferring from USC and is considering IU and Michigan. He is 6'5 and averaged

8 3784 Lynchmob23 5/20/14 11:40 AM
by: Lynchmob23

Summer Workouts

Are all of the 2014 players in town yet? The sooner coach Jackson gets them in the weight room

0 616 Dyedinthewool 5/20/14 9:31 AM
by: Dyedinthewool

Can anyone...

Figure out the Pacers?   Anyone? Slow around here, and they at least give us something to

6 939 gocolts88 5/18/14 10:52 PM
by: gocolts88

Senior CLASS Award

Indiana third baseman Dustin DeMuth is one of 10 finalists nationally for The Senior CLASS

3 617 IUebermensch 5/18/14 11:23 AM
by: IUebermensch

Nice new look to the site!

I've been meaning to stop by a little more than I have, but with the new look to the site

2 750 JohnDecker 5/17/14 10:31 AM
by: HoosierSadaseci

Three months of for $9.95 total

We have rolled out the new user-friendly design for and with it we're extending

4 535 TerryHutchens 5/17/14 12:36 AM
by: TerryHutchens

IU Basketball Recruiting history question

Looking for a little help.....the name Glen Grunwald came up today. Does anyone remember or have

2 1269 Boomauer7 5/16/14 3:30 PM
by: jakied

Slow news day

Talk about a "slow news day"!   We haven't had a post in several days other than

7 1567 hoosierhoops 5/16/14 2:42 PM
by: hoosierhoops
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