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Hoosier Hoops Nation

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PinnedBasketball content series

Hey all - Hope you are well. If you haven't seen, I have been posting Indiana basketball

2 146 jmalbers13 10/20/14 8:56 AM
by: jmsgws

PinnedNeed Fantasy Football Help? has it!

TITLE: Great News for Fantasy Football Players on   BODY: Scout has

1 243 TerryHutchens 8/18/14 11:34 PM
by: gocolts88

PinnedStudent subscription plan

We have a new offer for college students. Any college student can sign up for a subscription

0 965 jmalbers13 4/28/14 1:21 PM
by: jmalbers13

PinnedIU Scholarship Grid

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...13 14 15 

2014-2015 Roster ... IU IU 2014-2015 Schedule 2015

284 201753 fasbjd 4/18/14 9:56 PM
by: fasbjd

Our offensive philosophy - Getting Fouled

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Go to ITH and watch the roundtable media session with Crean. He talks again about our need to

24 827 BattlinBob Yesterday 11:42 PM
by: knightsofbloomington

Tubby, Tubby, Tubby. LMFAO

If you haven't seen Texas Tech's MM with Tubby as Shaft, you are in for a laugh out loud treat.

0 102 Dyedinthewool Yesterday 11:27 AM
by: Dyedinthewool

Crean: Trick or Treat?

For the sake of my own sanity, and a natural quest for inner happiness, I often find myself

4 342 annarodriguez Yesterday 10:34 AM
by: iuden

Is IU In Jepordy?

Will this be the year that IU's record of the last unblemished team be broken. I know UK printed

10 632 Dyedinthewool Yesterday 10:04 AM
by: jmsgws

Skip to 13:30 If fans

4 709 gocolts88 10/18/14 3:17 PM
by: gocolts88

Indiana at Rutgers Tix Will Go On sale Oct. 20

Indiana at Rutgers tickets will go on sale October 20. To order,call the Rutgers ticket office

0 44 HeavenUniversity 10/18/14 1:05 PM
by: HeavenUniversity

8 mm video of IU game

You Tube video  shot by Chilean national team coach Renato Raggio during a visit to IU.  Not

2 475 BillVol 10/17/14 2:33 AM
by: BillVol


Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap. Ogugua "O.G." Anunoby, 6'8" 215# forward,

3 926 IUebermensch 10/16/14 10:26 PM
by: gocolts88

Shake It Up !!!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Perhaps one of the often discussed,"package Deals" will finally come to fruition. With

31 3464 Dyedinthewool 10/16/14 7:52 AM
by: marslanding

2014-15 Hoosier Hysteria

Time to find out how this years edition is looking.

1 226 Dyedinthewool 10/16/14 1:24 AM
by: ClassicHoosier

An Inside Look At Practice

No video allowed, but CTC opened the doors to practice for a few writers.

3 435 Dyedinthewool 10/15/14 9:35 PM
by: gocolts88

JaQuan Lyle

Here's a name we wrote off a long time ago. He is at IMG in Fl. And word is, he has been talking

0 600 Dyedinthewool 10/14/14 4:46 PM
by: Dyedinthewool


I think he is going to be a huge surprise this season. He realized his shortcomings last season.

5 882 Dyedinthewool 10/14/14 1:28 PM
by: Dyedinthewool

Zimmerman To Wait

Perhaps CTC said something during his In Home Visit that caused concern for SZ. It gives IU more

3 1363 Dyedinthewool 10/14/14 10:15 AM
by: Dyedinthewool

Does Scout still rival other outlets

as far as recruiting info goes?  This place seems dead.  I read where on here a while back where

2 301 NorthernPikeAngler 10/14/14 10:09 AM
by: Dyedinthewool

2015 Recruiting Could Wrap Up This Week

With OA and Shake both set to announce Tuesday and Wednesday, we could be done with the 2015

6 813 Dyedinthewool 10/14/14 1:44 AM
by: Azguy43

2015 Big Ten Basketball Recuiting Updates: Ongoing

I started a thread like this for the 2014 year, but it was messy & it was only posted on

3 1486 sunflowerpetsounds 9/25/14 1:25 PM
by: sunflowerpetsounds

Assist To Turnover This Year

Last season we had a very limited number of outside shooters, coupled with careless ball

0 124 Dyedinthewool 9/24/14 1:56 PM
by: Dyedinthewool

Sporting News Has IU 10th

Unfortunately, it's tenth in the BIG. Of course when you look at the players lost from last

14 2115 Dyedinthewool 9/20/14 11:32 PM
by: coltcrean

Emmitt Holt

Word is he is on campus, and his visit has officially started. Can you imagine being taken over

17 3046 Dyedinthewool 9/20/14 9:59 PM
by: bluesy1

Curt Miller

I'm sure everyone's heard by now that Coach Miller is leaving the IU women's program for

9 3257 gocolts88 9/17/14 6:46 PM
by: rocknhoops

JaQuan Lyle info . . . . . . .

1 919 jdunn1 9/17/14 2:33 PM
by: Dyedinthewool

Juwan Morgan

Multiple Pages 1 2 

If all goes well we may have our first 2015 recruit by Sunday. 6'9" PF has already been on

31 3207 Dyedinthewool 9/17/14 1:13 PM
by: BTB

That Had To Hurt

Maybe he should have left his shirt on. What hurt more, the epic fail, or the embarrassment ?

0 538 Dyedinthewool 9/16/14 8:47 AM
by: Dyedinthewool

Come On Home Bobby

Perhaps this letter will get it done.

10 852 Dyedinthewool 9/16/14 8:34 AM
by: Dyedinthewool

Congrats To Yogi And JBJ

Wow YF is mentioned in the same sentence as IT. Just think if he had shooters last year.

0 264 Dyedinthewool 9/11/14 3:14 PM
by: Dyedinthewool

Juwan Morgan talks decision to choose IU (FREE)

Here's my free story after talking to new Indiana commit Juwan Morgan.  READ IT HERE

0 878 jmalbers13 9/11/14 9:01 AM
by: jmalbers13

LIVE CHAT THREAD (Let's talk IU FB and Juwan Morgan commit)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I am here and Justin will be joining me shortly and let's talk about Juwan Morgan and anything

43 1062 TerryHutchens 9/10/14 10:49 PM
by: marslanding

Tim Priller article from the Dallas Morning news

Ther is a nice write up with pics of his signing with IU. I can not link it but if someone could

15 4037 raiders23 9/10/14 9:12 PM
by: myers1971

LIVE CHAT today will be on the Football Free Board

Stop by. We're going from 2-3 ET at least.

0 79 TerryHutchens 9/9/14 2:13 PM
by: TerryHutchens

NCAA Showing Their Teeth

With all of the academic scandal going on in Chapel Hill, along with agents and handlers of

3 585 Dyedinthewool 9/7/14 11:13 AM
by: myers08231971

A Little Respect

2 427 Dyedinthewool 9/5/14 6:15 PM
by: Dyedinthewool

What Makes IU Special

Here's a great read. It seems like players really get connected to CTC. Love VO's discussion

0 434 Dyedinthewool 9/4/14 11:07 AM
by: Dyedinthewool

Trey Lyles' dad releases Kentucky rap song

Takes a swipe at Crean  with "pull up your pants coach, clap them hands coach." Link

13 2191 msb30 9/3/14 11:40 PM
by: DustyBanners

It's time to make college trades instead of transfers

A player should be allowed to request a trade just because he wants a change. I am endorsing

15 2290 annarodriguez 9/3/14 6:48 PM
by: myers08231971

Austin - "I'm Much Happier Here"

Doesn't sound like he enjoyed his experience last year, nor does it seem like he has any love

12 3838 BattlinBob 9/3/14 5:48 PM
by: myers08231971
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