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Hoosier Hoops Nation

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PinnedJuwan Morgan talks decision to choose IU (FREE)

Here's my free story after talking to new Indiana commit Juwan Morgan.  READ IT HERE

0 336 jmalbers13 9/11/14 9:01 AM
by: jmalbers13

PinnedLIVE CHAT THREAD (Let's talk IU FB and Juwan Morgan commit)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I am here and Justin will be joining me shortly and let's talk about Juwan Morgan and anything

43 840 TerryHutchens 9/10/14 10:49 PM
by: marslanding

PinnedNeed Fantasy Football Help? has it!

TITLE: Great News for Fantasy Football Players on   BODY: Scout has

1 183 TerryHutchens 8/18/14 11:34 PM
by: gocolts88

PinnedStudent subscription plan

We have a new offer for college students. Any college student can sign up for a subscription

0 899 jmalbers13 4/28/14 1:21 PM
by: jmalbers13

PinnedIU Scholarship Grid

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...13 14 15 

2014-2015 Roster ... IU IU 2014-2015 Schedule 2015

284 200551 fasbjd 4/18/14 9:56 PM
by: fasbjd

Curt Miller

I'm sure everyone's heard by now that Coach Miller is leaving the IU women's program for

9 2811 gocolts88 9/17/14 6:46 PM
by: rocknhoops

JaQuan Lyle info . . . . . . .

1 401 jdunn1 9/17/14 2:33 PM
by: Dyedinthewool

Juwan Morgan

Multiple Pages 1 2 

If all goes well we may have our first 2015 recruit by Sunday. 6'9" PF has already been on

31 2911 Dyedinthewool 9/17/14 1:13 PM
by: BTB

Sporting News Has IU 10th

Unfortunately, it's tenth in the BIG. Of course when you look at the players lost from last

13 1334 Dyedinthewool 9/16/14 5:30 PM
by: BillyAnchor

That Had To Hurt

Maybe he should have left his shirt on. What hurt more, the epic fail, or the embarrassment ?

0 280 Dyedinthewool 9/16/14 8:47 AM
by: Dyedinthewool

Come On Home Bobby

Perhaps this letter will get it done.

10 693 Dyedinthewool 9/16/14 8:34 AM
by: Dyedinthewool

Shake It Up !!!

Perhaps one of the often discussed,"package Deals" will finally come to fruition. With

11 862 Dyedinthewool 9/12/14 4:38 PM

Congrats To Yogi And JBJ

Wow YF is mentioned in the same sentence as IT. Just think if he had shooters last year.

0 166 Dyedinthewool 9/11/14 3:14 PM
by: Dyedinthewool

Tim Priller article from the Dallas Morning news

Ther is a nice write up with pics of his signing with IU. I can not link it but if someone could

15 3613 raiders23 9/10/14 9:12 PM
by: myers1971

LIVE CHAT today will be on the Football Free Board

Stop by. We're going from 2-3 ET at least.

0 55 TerryHutchens 9/9/14 2:13 PM
by: TerryHutchens

NCAA Showing Their Teeth

With all of the academic scandal going on in Chapel Hill, along with agents and handlers of

3 467 Dyedinthewool 9/7/14 11:13 AM
by: myers08231971

A Little Respect

2 343 Dyedinthewool 9/5/14 6:15 PM
by: Dyedinthewool

What Makes IU Special

Here's a great read. It seems like players really get connected to CTC. Love VO's discussion

0 332 Dyedinthewool 9/4/14 11:07 AM
by: Dyedinthewool

Trey Lyles' dad releases Kentucky rap song

Takes a swipe at Crean  with "pull up your pants coach, clap them hands coach." Link

13 1757 msb30 9/3/14 11:40 PM
by: DustyBanners

It's time to make college trades instead of transfers

A player should be allowed to request a trade just because he wants a change. I am endorsing

15 2222 annarodriguez 9/3/14 6:48 PM
by: myers08231971

Austin - "I'm Much Happier Here"

Doesn't sound like he enjoyed his experience last year, nor does it seem like he has any love

12 3674 BattlinBob 9/3/14 5:48 PM
by: myers08231971

Emmitt Holt

Word is he is on campus, and his visit has officially started. Can you imagine being taken over

11 2222 Dyedinthewool 9/2/14 9:48 AM
by: gocolts88


We will be starting our live chat here in the next five minutes. Anyone can join. Let's talk IU

1 567 jmalbers13 8/29/14 12:02 PM
by: jmalbers13

Nick Zeisloft

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

It looks like CTC just couldn't take an open scholarship. Is this an academic signing, or will

80 4347 Dyedinthewool 8/28/14 10:41 PM
by: gocolts88

Live Chat Friday at noon

Plan to join us tomorrow at noon for our first live chat of the year. We will it on the FREE

0 115 jmalbers13 8/28/14 1:00 PM
by: jmalbers13

Crean is at it again

Is there ever, and I mean ever, a player that makes a visit to IU that doesn't get an offer? If

19 4728 annarodriguez 8/26/14 11:36 PM
by: myers08231971

One thing for sure this year,

Ole' Don Fischer will wear us out with how young our team is. Year after year we are the only

8 906 wayno1963 8/25/14 8:51 AM
by: iuden

What Is The One Thing?

We have all had more than a sample size of the way CTC runs his program. We all would like to

0 335 Dyedinthewool 8/24/14 10:28 PM
by: Dyedinthewool

Ray Kasongo

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Do we need another 2014 signee? He is a 6'9 kid, but it sounds like he has some baggage as well.

21 2468 Dyedinthewool 8/23/14 3:19 PM
by: Dyedinthewool

What Am I Missing?

CTC has addressed our glaring weakness from last season. We not only signed one of, if not the

12 1186 Dyedinthewool 8/23/14 10:58 AM
by: gocolts88

The Trip North

The upcoming trip to Canada should do wonders for the team and coaching staff. It will give CTC

17 2920 Dyedinthewool 8/18/14 2:49 PM
by: SouthernHooser0126

Kasongo, Holt, or hold Scholly?

I say Kasongo as he seems to have more potential.

2 954 eventred 8/14/14 3:08 PM
by: MJackson3

Buy one month, get one month FREE thru Saturday night

We have a buy one month, get one month FREE special going on right now at

0 183 TerryHutchens 8/13/14 11:04 PM
by: TerryHutchens

Mostly FREE content at

With very few exceptions, I have made most of our content at FREE this week so

0 389 TerryHutchens 8/13/14 11:01 PM
by: TerryHutchens

Canadians Get IU Hoops

Nice story from a Canadian paper. It sounds like once again IU was well represented, regardless

0 484 Dyedinthewool 8/12/14 9:07 AM
by: Dyedinthewool

Nice win vs. Carlton tonight

IU wins by ten.  Go Hoosiers!!!!!!!!

0 559 SteveEyl 8/11/14 8:24 PM
by: SteveEyl

Premium or not, please take this quick survey

Hello! We know many of you have strong opinions about how we could improve,

3 772 TerryHutchens 8/10/14 12:08 AM
by: annarodriguez

Teri Moren - New IU WBB Coach

Have heard her mentioned as a prominent candidate, and she seems to have the resume.  Looks like

0 448 IUebermensch 8/9/14 10:34 PM
by: IUebermensch

Is Tom Crean on the Hot Seat or not? (link)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Good read.

41 4015 eventred 8/9/14 9:23 AM
by: EarlyTimes22

Tyler Zeller Traded To Celtics

I guess he won't be playing with King James after all. It sounds like CBS is happy to finally

0 661 Dyedinthewool 8/7/14 12:16 PM
by: Dyedinthewool
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