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Olympic Sports

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Pinned and LockedGreat News for Fantasy Football Players on Cardinal Authority

Scout has joined forces with the best-kept secret in all of fantasy football —,

0 5 JodyDemling 8/20/14 2:05 PM
by: JodyDemling

Pinned and LockedScout Customer Survey

Hello! We know many of you have strong opinions about how we could improve Cardinal Authority,

0 62 JodyDemling 7/30/14 9:35 PM
by: JodyDemling

LIVE: Opening Night

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I was a little late (attending Bobby Petrino post practice presser) in arriving at Lynn Stadium

30 701 MichaelMcCammon Yesterday 6:10 AM
by: doogycard

Volleyball Wins at #12 Minnesota

The ladies won 3-1 over #12 Minnesota tonight. They looked to be having a lot of fun up there

5 181 carddroz 8/31/14 4:51 PM
by: TheBookman

Volleyball loses next starting Libero

Haley Pouliezos  who was the starting DS and projected to take over graduating Caitlin

5 1004 cards4life17 8/30/14 9:29 AM
by: 1ongtimer


Just wrapped up a 1-0 win!!!  #14 Louisville opens the new Soccer Field\Stadium with a win

10 1283 phenderson 8/29/14 10:53 PM
by: YouGotCarded

SOCCER RED OUT: September 5th

Women vs Kentucky 6:00pm Men vs Cornell 8:30pm

0 62 MichaelMcCammon 8/29/14 10:16 PM
by: MichaelMcCammon

Dr. Mark & Cindy Lynn Stadium. New pix.

Posting here because of the traffic. Mods, if you want to move could you please wait before

22 4048 doogycard 8/29/14 4:14 PM
by: peteroc

This forum needs to be in drop down list!

If you click on Featured Forums, the Olympic Sports forum is not listed. Please fix this

0 22 PhilipDC 8/29/14 9:45 AM
by: PhilipDC

Former UofL golfers

Adam Hadwin and Derek Fathauer are both doing well on the Tour. Hadwin is 6th on the

2 291 PhilipDC 8/29/14 9:42 AM
by: PhilipDC


0 45 sdraCnaF 8/26/14 8:41 AM
by: sdraCnaF

ACC wrestling

I just learned that the ACC has a seven school D1 wrestling league ( all members north of state

12 682 Cody6003 8/13/14 11:39 AM
by: HoomanBeing

Mens Lacrosse

Any word on whether we will form a team heading into the ACC? It's a big sport in our new league

16 1353 RedRage86 7/3/14 12:48 AM
by: doogycard

U of L Women's LaCrosse coach abusive per USA Today

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Link: Doesn't look good for the

31 3596 CardFanDukeGrad 6/5/14 7:41 PM
by: 65bird

Rowing makes history

The 17th-ranked Louisville rowing team had a landmark performance at Sunday's inaugural American

13 673 MichaelMcCammon 5/20/14 6:02 PM
by: 65bird

First time at UofL Aquatic Center

My 8 year old daughter swims for a team out of Lexington and I'm currently at a meet here at

5 559 IceManGervin 5/19/14 6:02 PM
by: doogycard

The ladies soccer team is really happy.

0 398 doogycard 5/13/14 2:09 PM
by: doogycard

VIDEO: Karen Ferguson & Ken Lolla discuss stadium, ACC

The two U of L soccer head coaches visited with the media on Monday to discuss the upcoming move

0 343 MichaelMcCammon 5/12/14 8:42 PM
by: MichaelMcCammon

A kick to see UofL women's lacrosse on TV...

To see UofL women's lacrosse team defeat Georgetown on national TV (which I recorded) was a huge

0 303 TheBookman 5/4/14 5:23 PM
by: TheBookman

It's almost time to lax it up.

Looking forward to seeing Coach Young and the Lady Cards back out on the field.

2 390 GeauxCards 4/1/14 8:24 AM
by: TheBookman

MOVED: Help Support a fellow Louisville Fan

- - - -

Softball -- Jacksonville Tournament

As a resident of Jacksonville, I was wondering if anyone else was going to go to the

0 231 UofLJD96UFBA90 2/7/14 10:07 AM
by: UofLJD96UFBA90

This just in: SwimCards whip slapd!!cks

UL men win for 6th yr in a row, 207-93 Women win 4th in a row  193-107..... Get ready for FBall

8 1474 dr2828 1/27/14 10:50 AM
by: uoflcardfan77

Cardinal club golf

I was told the transfer of cardinal to be purchased by u of l was going to be completed at the

2 601 toothdoc7629 1/18/14 7:05 AM
by: CardinalJim

Louisville wins all but 2 events in Tri-meet with UC and Houston

0 247 CardinalJim 1/16/14 4:09 AM
by: CardinalJim

Volleyball and Softball are post season underachievers.

Volleyball had a fantastic regular season but get dominated by Marquette in three sets in the

10 1146 CardsNC2013 1/14/14 3:32 PM
by: CKYCardFan

UL track team??I have not heard any information in regards to ou


0 284 clintician 12/23/13 2:17 AM
by: clintician


0 288 CardinalJim 12/19/13 4:19 AM
by: CardinalJim

From Swimming World: Louisville announces loaded class (Link)

From the piece: "LOUISVILLE, Kentucky, December 4. COMING off its third consecutive Big

0 380 CardinalJim 12/4/13 2:41 PM
by: CardinalJim

Women's soccer NCAA game today

Women's soccer hosts Illinois State today at 1 p.m. It's the opening round of the NCAA

1 430 JodyDemling 11/22/13 8:39 PM
by: cardasnails

Soccer team wins NCAA opener

0-0 Win in penalty kicks 3-2!

2 457 PhilipDC 11/22/13 9:00 AM
by: PhilipDC

Men's soccer to host NCAA first round match

The Louisville men’s soccer team earned its seventh straight NCAA Championship invitation on

0 321 MichaelMcCammon 11/18/13 3:58 PM
by: MichaelMcCammon

University buying cardinal club?

Anyone have any info on this?

9 1229 toothdoc7629 11/6/13 10:43 PM
by: GoCardz

Field hockey team playing for a title

Big East title up for grabs Cards are in three-way tie at the top heading into final weekend

1 394 JodyDemling 11/4/13 4:38 PM
by: GoCardz

U of L men's soccer has big final weekend on tap

Two regular-season games to end the regular-season LINK

0 297 JodyDemling 10/31/13 7:43 AM
by: JodyDemling

Womens Sand Volleyball

During halftime of the Louisville/UConn game on Sunday, they had a segment on Womens Sand

1 452 RedRage86 10/29/13 7:34 PM
by: PittEngr73

OT: Former Cardinals star Greg Cochrane

Former Cards soccer star Greg Cochrane is starting at left back for the LA Galaxy, and getting

1 653 Cardoon 10/28/13 10:26 AM
by: uoflcardfan77

Weekly roundup of events (10/25)

Another busy weekend of U of L sports LINK

0 297 JodyDemling 10/25/13 10:56 AM
by: JodyDemling

Conference title in sight for women's soccer

Cardinal Authority Corey Goodlet has a great report on the women's soccer team. LINK

0 258 MichaelMcCammon 10/24/13 12:11 PM
by: MichaelMcCammon

UofL Tennis Doubles Advances to National Top 20

Was in Memphis, had some BBQ at the Rendezvous, and drove out to the Racquet Club of Memphis to

0 311 PittEngr73 10/22/13 2:26 PM
by: PittEngr73
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