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Posted: Yesterday 11:21 PM

Re: UK Sl@pd!cks look-a-like thread Post Rating (7 votes)

Jason Hatcher  

Jason Hatcher            Aunt Jemima


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Posted: Yesterday 8:40 PM

My photo album of the game yesterday. Post Rating (6 votes)

Unfortunately I had to quit shooting pix before the 2nd half started because the skies opened up. My camera was already wetter than I wanted it to be and I didn't want to ruin it. Also, being as it was raining off and on while I was shooting, the pix aren't as sharp as I like. I do hope everyone who views them enjoys them anyhow.

The sign at the southeast entrance to the campus.

Inside the Purcell Pavilion at the Joyce Center.

It holds the basketball court.

The court.

Our men and women have had some battles there. I am sure no one will every forget that 5 OT game the men played there.

No score right now. Can't wait to start our ACC portion of the basketball schedule.

Time to enter Notre Dame stadium for a pigskin match up.

This is where I sat.

I lied. I sat way up there 8 or 9 rows from the top.

They had another plaque full of All-Americans.

I shot this one not only because Paul is from Louisville, but my mom knew him in high school. 

Looking out over some of the tailgating on the ramp to my seat.

Here come our CARDINALS.

Touchdown Jesus looks over the stadium.

See how far up I was?

The best shot I took of the Golden Dome. In the rain.

Time to play some football.

Golson trying to move his team on our CARDS.

Reggie SCORES. I wish the shot were better but the lady in front of me jumped up in joy. I still like it because it's how it actually happened.

That's what we like to see.

CARDS making another move.

Reggie scores his 2nd TD of the evening.

This is what we like to see.

Gathering on the field.

Kicking a field goal.

Growing that lead. We'll need it later.

I really was way up there. Still, not bad at all.

Our band at halftime. I had to quit shooting pix at this point because the skies opened up. My camera was already wetter than I wanted it to be and I didn't want to ruin it.

I WAS able to get a shot of the final score. L YEAH!!!

C A R D S GO CARDS GO!!!!!!!!

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Posted: Yesterday 7:48 PM

Re: The 2-pt conversion by Notre Dame 

rwintheATL wrote: How about the blatant hold on our kicker on the long punt return??? Many many obvious ones missed
Yeah that was absolutely one of the most blatant holds I have ever seen. The blocker even took Wallace down after the runner had passed them by. Those refs were some of the worst I have ever witnessed.


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Posted: Yesterday 11:55 AM

Re: Has anyone else heard about this?? Post Rating (19 votes)

UofLTheElite wrote: Per Twitter.

@JohnBoelWAVE3: my image of courteous ND crowd was dashed after fan hauled out of stadium after standing and urinating on the head of woman in front of him.

That is so disgusting.
And where did you think they got the term 'golden domers?'
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