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Posted: Today 1:22 PM

Tailgating rant Post Rating (31 votes)

I need to get this off my chest. Trying to tailgate in C lot yesterday. Surrounded on 2 side by other tailgating parties with dual PA systems. 

First of all...I get why you would want to use a PA. Better sound, better bass, better party. Thats cool, I have no problem with that. What I have a problem with is that these people point the PA system AWAY from their own tailgate into the parking lot, as if they were hired DJs for the entire population. But GUESS WHAT...NO ONE ELSE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR CRAP MUSIC AT 5000db.

Not to mention when you have the unfortunate pleasure of being sandwiched between two of these self appointed DJs, you end up hearing a distorted mess of music FOR HOURS. 

What kind of music do these people like to play? Think Jock Jams. Think "NOW thats what I call music volume 53". Think cupid shuffle on repeat for 6 hours. 

Have some respect people. Point your PA system towards your own party for Gods sake. I know why you don't do it already...BECAUSE YOU WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO HEAR YOURSELVES COMMUNICATE. OR if you want to have a little dance area thats cool just keep the freaking music at a reasonable level. I don't mean quiet...I just mean to where people 50 feet away can still hear each other speak. 

INB4 "Hur dur whats wrong wussy can't handle a little loud music???" No, its just your music is garbage and I would rather hear my own. 

End rant. See attached illustration for example. 

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Posted: Today 7:51 AM

Re: Does it feel like the playcalling is vanilla so far? Post Rating (1 vote)

Bobby P protected his young and inexperienced quarterback, minus Dyer and Parker, to a 31-13 win. There was no perfection or wow did you see that stuff, but it was great for what it was. The long, time-consuming drive in the 4th was a thing of beauty. The touchdown said: I'm Bobby Petrino and I'm back. Nice to see you all.
ACC, ready or not, here we come! Old 41-9 is back! Rick Pitino Hall of Fame. What a great time to be a Louisville Cardinal fan!  Go Cards!
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