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Cardinal football

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PinnedSPRING GAME VIDEO: Petrino, Gardner, Rankins, Quick

Full post game comments from ... Bobby Petrino : LINK Will Gardner : LINK Sheldon

0 1327 MichaelMcCammon 4/12/14 1:36 AM
by: MichaelMcCammon

Pinned and LockedPost reporting and forum guidelines

please remember to use the REPORT POST button if you see someone clearly breaking the rules in a

0 13743 CHBL1 1/7/13 11:52 AM
by: CHBL1

HotStrong tells Texas fans "we will not win the title"

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Lol.. granted, that's not a horrible proclamation, but he is dealing with a different monster

40 2651 DJintheVille Today 3:05 AM
by: AirForceSFCard

Slive outlines plan for subdivision

" In a keynote address, Slive laid out seven goals for the new subdivision of Division I

0 116 dopeordogfood Today 1:13 AM
by: dopeordogfood

Texas football is worth $875 million !!

Notre Dame is worth $811 million. Those are the top two. Louisville football is worth $72

0 216 dopeordogfood Today 12:35 AM
by: dopeordogfood

college football playoff

I'm bored so here we go  1. Florida State 2. Auburn 3. UCLA 4. Oklahoma Teams on the

13 1623 Mango61 Today 12:02 AM
by: jemho

That school is copying us again?!?!?!

Who's "little brother"?

15 3242 GatorDan13 Yesterday 11:39 PM
by: BigOwensboroCard

Raiders traded Pryor to Seattle

Last years starter Unless they're gonna hitch their wagons to Matt Shaub, they're definitely

17 1916 StayClassy Yesterday 10:46 PM

Build your own college football superconference...

This exercise is only meant for fun and to help pass the time until football season starts

5 630 ClemsonCoastal Yesterday 10:37 PM
by: Guerilla04

Pat Thomas and Jovon Robinson

It looks like the Cards are recruiting QB Pat Thomas (2014) and RB Jovon Robinson (2015) from

13 4789 CARDINALSFOOTBALL Yesterday 10:18 PM
by: willthiswork

Upgraded My Seats Today

Going from the mile high confines of Sec 10, literally five rows from the top of the flight deck

12 1284 LaurelCardsFan Yesterday 10:03 PM
by: CardinalJim

HotTexas spring game today....

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...5 6 7 

Hope Texas fans are ready for a loooong day. Today is the day they find out Charlie conservative

138 8616 CardsNC2013 Yesterday 10:02 PM
by: willthiswork

Teddy on ESPN with Gruden

He's on Gruden's QB Camp show

0 338 poofyhairedman Yesterday 9:18 PM
by: poofyhairedman

Future scheduling

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Hello Cards fans - it's been a while. What has happened to the Cincy board? I just went

24 3565 WoadBlue Yesterday 7:22 PM
by: BigRedJ8680

For those who want to go to the Notre Dame game....

If you can't get tickets through UofL, they are going to be very difficult to get (at a

3 1265 clearout4GRIFF Yesterday 6:26 PM
by: GoCardz

Spring Game pic from one of our new conference brothers:

Georgia Tech Spring Game....attendance, 117.

10 2632 CoachVcard4life Yesterday 4:58 PM
by: Rasta1

ACC Countdown

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...8 9 10 

Should have started the thread yesterday.  Let's keep this going

187 24749 UofLCards81 Yesterday 2:56 PM
by: UofLCards81

Which ACC schools will be U of L's rivals?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

As July 1 approaches and we enter the quieter zone between bball and fball message boards always

39 3827 luvUNChatedook Yesterday 1:56 PM
by: hrflossy

ACC Radio Station

WCCP 104.9 ( will be moving to 105.5 May 1 ) is the flagship station for Clemson. Don't think it

2 943 mountaincard Yesterday 1:33 PM
by: mountaincard

"Teddy Bridgewater is falling, and there's no real reason

Decent article about Teddy and some of the crap that is being thrown around about his draft

15 2012 HankEvans Yesterday 11:45 AM
by: WheatWasBestCard

Ernest Givins

His retired jersey is missing at PJCS. 2 time Pro Bowler, 49 TDs in the NFL and who could

14 2864 TWILLiams1980 Yesterday 8:19 AM
by: SuperCard

ESPN - Louisville proves (again) it fits right in

Great article by Andrea Adelson. She has always written nothing but positive articles about us

11 3548 finalfourcard 4/21/14 11:48 PM
by: doogycard

Alabama got a HUGE multi-media deal!!

Their old deal paid them $8 million a year. This new deal is $150-$160 million over 10 years

1 1478 dopeordogfood 4/21/14 11:22 PM
by: hrflossy

5 new uniforms

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Under the new deal, adidas will will provide 5 different uniforms - including helmets - for the

64 7515 MichaelMcCammon 4/21/14 9:41 PM
by: CardTopper

Predict the ACC final standings

Atlantic 1. FSU 2. Clemson 3. Louisville 4. Syracuse 5. Boston College 6. NC State 7.

19 2416 cardinalfan123 4/21/14 9:20 PM
by: hrflossy

The positive to not having Teddy is...

that most outside of Louisville are completely discounting just how good the roster is top to

16 2468 CoryfromTaylorsville 4/21/14 9:14 PM
by: hrflossy

Jalen Whitlow

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Whitlow (the teams starter if the season started now guy 2 weeks ago) is transferring from UK.

66 6813 vette68427fk 4/21/14 7:44 PM
by: mh5959

RED-WHITE - Spring Game - Notes (long because excited)

Multiple Pages 1 2 

For those that could not attend or out of town.   Also, there was almost no media coverage.

37 8432 DaVille 4/21/14 6:31 PM
by: mjkap1202

Open date before FSU

The Open date is going to be nice the week before the FSU game. It's going to give a longer time

9 1581 CardinalBeak 4/21/14 3:49 PM
by: CardinalBeak

Gruden Camp

When does the full Gruden Camp with Teddy air again on ESPN? I know it came on Thursday night at

8 1996 reppintheville 4/21/14 1:02 PM
by: jwhcard

How awesome would it be if...

We end up being the last needed win for the cayuts to be bowl eligible (though highly unlikely

19 1783 jremersonjr 4/21/14 12:15 PM
by: CardTopper


Multiple Pages 1 2 

People say the reason why Teddy is slipping is because of our weak SOS. Idc if they say that or

28 2357 Kingcard1 4/21/14 11:07 AM
by: RedBirdBath

Will Gardner - Early Darkhorse for Heisman

Good read.

11 4264 DaVille 4/21/14 9:07 AM
by: GatorDan13

I hope this quote stands true

"No one comes in our house and pushes us around" Not much of a quote but whatever.

10 2280 CardinalBeak 4/20/14 7:02 PM
by: 3rdandBlunder

Am I the only one that has high expectations for UofL's Defense?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Call me crazy, but I have high expectations for the UofL defense this season. The way that the

29 3129 Bogeycard 4/20/14 5:21 PM
by: gocards1987

CBP 21-1 at PJCS as head coach

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Coach Petrino is 21-1 at home. I never realized how good he is at home. I hope as well as think

29 2459 CardinalBeak 4/20/14 12:07 PM
by: JunkYardCard

teddy fallen to 2nd round?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

just heard that he may have fallen this far down on espn a bit ago. said he was an open receiver

60 5032 cardshoopfan 4/20/14 9:50 AM

Cards 8-0 Right Out Of The Gate

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I wouldn't be surprised if The BP Express gets 8 W'S to start of the year!

47 4369 dimori 4/20/14 9:38 AM

Shaquery Wilson WR Coral Gables 2015 Class

The standout wr from Coral Gables has Louisville at the top of His list and plans on visiting

5 2544 dimori 4/19/14 6:13 PM
by: LeforsCanHearMan

Blast from the past.

Saw this today and thought I would share.  Somehow I never thought of Coach S. as ever being

5 2560 LuvCards 4/19/14 11:02 AM
by: TechCard
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