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The CardMarch

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PinnedGame Preview: Cards v Panthers

A look at this afternoon's game between Louisville - FIU.  Game details, stat comparison,

0 184 MichaelMcCammon Today 12:08 PM
by: MichaelMcCammon

PinnedVIDEO: Todd Grantham, Greg Brown, Trumaine Washington meet media

University of Louisville defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, safeties coach Greg Brown and true

0 167 MichaelMcCammon 9/17/14 7:57 PM
by: MichaelMcCammon

PinnedVIDEO: Petrino, Mauldin, Rankins discuss UVA, FIU

U of L head coach Bobby Petrino, along with Sheldon Rankins and Lorenzo Mauldin, met with the

0 294 MichaelMcCammon 9/15/14 4:51 PM
by: MichaelMcCammon

PinnedForum Update -- Please Read

[[ UPDATED: 09/20/14 ]] A few quick notes regarding the forum now that the 2014 season is

1 2134 MichaelMcCammon 8/26/14 10:46 AM
by: snickerling

What we learned from this game.

Nothing. What a complete waste of a week. I hope we never go and play these garbage teams at

4 119 thisbirdhasclaws Today 8:08 PM
by: TheOnlyVariable

HotGame Thread: Cardinals v Panthers

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...36 37 38 

Nearing kickoff. Thunderstorms in the area. Expect very little crowd. Dyer appears to

749 2844 MichaelMcCammon Today 8:07 PM
by: metrodayze

UNCs Defense is not good

Ecu hung 70 on them Ouch

6 70 StayClassy Today 8:05 PM
by: ffire522


I love how they so nonchalantly say the game is going to FS2, and even talk as if it is widely

17 815 tatville Today 8:04 PM
by: daddyrabbit123

Offensive line is a catastrophe

No further explanation needed.

6 320 Whacker77 Today 8:03 PM
by: ULCards81

Indiana beats the Zoo at the Zoo


12 234 Birdwithteeth Today 8:01 PM
by: cd1875

What I-heart station is Paul Rogers streaming on ?

Fox Sports 1 flipped over to the Cardinals v. Reds game and I can't view the stream anymore.

2 54 DaVille Today 7:53 PM
by: PennCard

Bench Gardner!!!!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

We just covered the spread with a minute left in the first half!!!

22 1126 SunshineSchooner Today 7:44 PM
by: Thinlou

sorry but Gardner sucks

I was willing to give him another chance this week and look for improvement. He is the worst QB

18 1245 wkuCardinal Today 7:39 PM
by: TheLouCard1

Michael Dyer dressed/warming up

Michael Dyer appears ready to play for the first time this season. He's dressed and

3 497 MichaelMcCammon Today 7:37 PM
by: SunshineSchooner

I hope Fox Sports 2 is in your package

I have to leave and already switched over and the game is already on

17 832 dopeordogfood Today 7:36 PM
by: JNeal

Anyone have clemson visitor seating section numbers?

Didn't get tickets from louisville going thru stubhub. Thanks in advance! GO CARDS!!

0 14 Welcome2TheVille Today 7:25 PM
by: Welcome2TheVille

ECU 49 UNC 27 3rd Q

ACC taking hits today.  Heels need to win this one.

8 480 KerryRhodes Today 7:24 PM
by: KingCardinal17

Watch today's game online anywhere?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Looks like its not on ESPN3. Anyone know of a website showing it? In Europe so looking for a

22 1248 artell Today 7:13 PM
by: DaVille

If Charlie Strong was coaching this mess ...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

This forum would be on meltdown mode!

21 998 Bigeastballer Today 7:06 PM
by: PJM3414

Vag down 11 to Byu in the 4th

Oh well.

3 300 KyCardinal Today 6:56 PM
by: DeionBranchMVP

Gamblers Corner- FIU week -

Who do u like this week? I like WVU and Clemson with the points. I've actually got them at +10

10 666 Cardinalbred90 Today 6:56 PM
by: dimori

Who is the backup QB?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Who is the backup QB? We need to Change.

21 787 CardsBlackMamba Today 6:26 PM
by: dirtywater17

This is a shame

What in the world is Bobby seeing out of Gardner in practice? This is beyond stink

5 503 bigdogcard Today 6:21 PM
by: cardfan68

whatever happened to that Trinity QB Wright that went to FIU nm


1 352 stockcard Today 6:13 PM
by: SunshineSchooner

Just got home

1 offensive TD so far???? Brief recap anyone?

7 305 Ulangrymidget Today 6:07 PM
by: bigdogcard

I'm all for going for it on 4th down...

but, 4 & 13 from mid field?????????? Really??  Pump the fliipin ball, pin em, get a 3

2 176 Thinlou Today 5:59 PM
by: MiltandLancaster

The ACC is gonna get hammered in the media today...

If we dont pull out some of these games against the horrible Big Ten. Syracuse getting smoked.

11 827 CardsChad Today 5:46 PM
by: PJM3414

I really believe it's those ugly red socks !

Two games in a row we have worn those embarassing red socks. Burn 'em ! We can't play in them.

0 44 silknsteel Today 5:39 PM
by: silknsteel

Wow.. Ga Tech scored ten points in the final two minutes...

To beat VT in Blacksburg. Has to be a kick in the gut to Tech fans after the win at OSU to drop

7 328 KyCardinal Today 5:20 PM
by: send2den

Why is the iheart radio broadcast so far behind the television?


4 190 PastorCARD Today 4:54 PM
by: KerryRhodes


Multiple Pages 1 2 

According to petrino. He has a good shot to play Saturday. Hmmmm. I think I've heard that

21 3464 Cardnerd Today 4:42 PM
by: adcorbett

Florida and Bama on as well...

Should be fun.

17 730 KyCardinal Today 4:29 PM
by: SouthpawCard

Latest Jameis Winston incident...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Jameis Winston everyone. [EDIT -- please use a little more common sense when creating a title

87 5151 GoCardz Today 4:21 PM


Runs it right down BYU's throats on their first possession. Looked impressive doing it. 7-0 Va.

11 498 send2den Today 4:20 PM
by: CardinalJim

ND Tickets - Single Game on Sale 7/10 and 7/11"

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6

112 5848 PJCS1 Today 4:19 PM
by: CardinalJim

Start time v FIU

Any news on projected starting time?

2 702 CoalfieldCard Today 4:16 PM
by: MichaelMcCammon

3-0 byu v 2-1 uva 330 measuring stick

byu is averaging about 37 pts a game and [plays uva at 330. it will be interesting to see who we

6 314 metrodayze Today 4:07 PM
by: metrodayze

HotHal Mumme

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Skip reading the article. Just look at the pictures of Mumme looking like an idiot.

37 2871 GoCardz Today 3:07 PM
by: carddog1

Syracuse Turf

I cringe everytime Louisville has to go play there. A Maryland player just got hurt on it,

5 418 12thCard Today 3:02 PM
by: KurzND

Syracuse getting pole-axed by Maryland.

Not yet half and the Terps have 31 points on the board. Ugh.

6 322 KyCardinal Today 3:01 PM
by: 65bird
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