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Cardinal football

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Pinned***Fall Camp Open Practice Info....

University of Louisville head football coach Bobby Petrino announced that he will open the first

1 470 MichaelMcCammon 7/23/14 11:00 PM
by: jvolk

Pinned and LockedCardinal Authority on Social Media

In an effort to make sure we get the news to you in prompt and even more in-depth way, Cardinal

0 290 MichaelMcCammon 7/16/14 10:34 PM
by: MichaelMcCammon

Pinned and LockedPost reporting and forum guidelines

please remember to use the REPORT POST button if you see someone clearly breaking the rules in a

0 17707 CHBL1 1/7/13 11:52 AM
by: CHBL1

Black or white helmets for the Miami game?

Will we wear the black or white helmets for the Miami game? During the ACC celebration on

10 576 reppintheville Today 3:48 PM
by: Sec221

HotBrowns Stunned. Really?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

What a surprise this must be for the Browns.

29 3508 MainEventMafia Today 3:48 PM
by: esskaydoubleyoueareell

HotOuch. Devante on Strong/Watson offense.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3

52 3986 OutkastCard Today 3:29 PM
by: LosAngelesCard

Anyone Going to Clemson Game?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

One of my High School buddies went there and has a ticket for me. Would love to hook up with

41 2112 Cardfan1963 Today 3:29 PM
by: LaurelCardsFan

Purely hypothetical wild topic

Petrino goes 11-1. Charlie goes 9-3, better than expected. Florida bombs and fires muschamp.

3 236 carddog1 Today 3:13 PM
by: LosAngelesCard

Is the SEC Overrated?

Durrrr...Of course they are. So go vote and bring some balance to the force. (Bottom left of the

6 315 MSTiger03 Today 3:11 PM
by: DixieCard

Anyone have 2005 Football game vs. UK

Does anyone have the 2005 game against UK where Dumervil had 6 sacks?? Jerb, really hoping you

7 646 ljeezy Today 3:02 PM
by: carddog1

I'm tired of seeing the Krags fiasco blamed all on Petrino

I was on the  ESPN website reading about Strong cleaning house, and then read some of the

12 594 Cardtillidie Today 2:20 PM
by: 2villecard

HotCincy schedules IU; talking to U of L about scheduling games

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4

66 2006 ACardAttack Today 2:14 PM
by: Cataclysmo


This will probably wither on the vine after I lead off with...I was perusing the UK board...

9 1418 cardinalfRED Today 1:31 PM
by: Cardtillidie

Ohio State marching band chief fired after probe


12 1728 TechCard Today 1:21 PM
by: Purvis

Ot: Miami (OH) coach Chuck Martin

Multiple Pages 1 2 

This is an interesting piece on Yahoo of why Chuck MArtin, former ND OC, took the job at Miami.

22 1666 adcorbett Today 12:53 PM
by: cardadistance

Miami Northwestern.

I know our coaches are working hard on the recruiting trail this summer, but i was wondering if

1 484 krikey Today 11:07 AM
by: Nurhyme

Funny Article on ACC Schools

Not sure if you guys saw this, but funny article comparing our solar system to the ACC based off

7 1330 2xNoles2xHeat3xFins2xMarlins Today 10:25 AM
by: jackorange

Charlie Strong

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Is on Mike and Mike.

43 5594 StephDa2 Today 10:17 AM
by: LordChewie

I am getting to meet Howard....

for my birthday,  Gonna get a few things signed and a few pics.  I was wanting to get a UofL

0 124 KINGoftheVILLE Today 10:06 AM
by: KINGoftheVILLE

Calvin Pryor on Ray Rice

Calvin was brought up well..

19 2907 poofyhairedman Today 9:45 AM
by: MiltandLancaster

Neutral Site Idea

This is totally out of the blue, but a buddy of mine and I were talking at dinner about college

15 1354 UofLCards36 Today 7:48 AM
by: 3rdandBlunder

To Those providing the old games on Youtube!!!

2 770 CardsKepin Yesterday 11:25 PM
by: FranciscoScaramanga

Great quote from DeVante

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

"Last coaching staff always put their foot on the brake," Parker said. "This

58 6495 CardAtlantic Yesterday 6:41 PM
by: TheGainesShow

How to watch old louisville games

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I think a lot of us have gotten nostalgic since BP returned. My question is, does anyone know

49 3289 LeforsCanHearMan Yesterday 6:27 PM
by: jerb2

They Misspelled TEXAS. Holy Crap

2 1132 MainEventMafia Yesterday 5:58 PM
by: Sec221

HotAccording to College Football Live...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The ACC is a weak conference. If that's the case then the Big 10 and Big 12 must be at mid-major

27 2615 ULBIRDMAN88 Yesterday 3:54 PM

Jurich/ACC honored on new Maker's Bottle

Multiple Pages 1 2 

8500 will be sold starting Friday... $45 each. Money will go to funding for the Academic

33 2694 snickerling Yesterday 3:30 PM
by: magneticCard

Hot2014 ACC Prediction...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Miami fan here.  I come in peace.  Here's my prediction for the ACC in 2014.  Feel free to make

26 2110 Legendary1 Yesterday 2:34 PM
by: CoachVcard4life

For those who get caught up in recruiting...

This 4 star kid can eat... Wow Matt Elam Reply The

16 3160 Sec221 Yesterday 12:21 PM
by: KirkUofLGrad

Looks like mooU is copying U of L!!!!

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

67 7153 luvUNChatedook Yesterday 11:52 AM
by: hrflossy

Massive UK tickets returned for UofL v. UK game

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

UK could not sell even half of their allotment of 5K for the UK v. UofL game on Nov 29.

64 5900 DaVille Yesterday 7:29 AM
by: nawals13

Who can explain to me what "deafly quiet" means?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

deafly quiet

30 2878 TechCard 7/24/14 10:25 PM
by: senore2006

Why the playoff was important and the playoff expansion even mor

It helps reduce corporate talking heads power to push bias on who is the best. The more teams

1 296 CARDADDICT 7/24/14 9:49 PM
by: senore2006

MOVED: Demolition of UofL silos to start Monday

- - - -

Teddy virtual rookie card

0 592 killaman72 7/24/14 4:32 PM
by: killaman72


Multiple Pages 1 2 

Sucks that this kid keeps having injury issues. I was really excited about this kid coming out

25 2608 cardfan68 7/24/14 4:31 PM
by: CoryfromTaylorsville

How many QB's on the roster?

Exactly how many quarterbacks are on the roster now?  We have created quite a log jam at this

16 1054 Nurhyme 7/24/14 2:26 PM
by: jvolk

LSL is tonight at 6 talking UofL and ACC football

Join us tonight at 6 as we talk all things UofL and ACC football with David Teel, an ACC

0 232 Villecard 7/24/14 2:26 PM
by: Villecard

Not a bad idea to get fans in the seats

17 2559 cardsinfl 7/24/14 1:29 PM
by: TWILLiams1980

For our new ACC friends...

A little primer for those who will be visiting us on game days... Stuff you'll never hear us

15 2411 snickerling 7/24/14 1:13 PM
by: hrflossy
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