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Cardinal football

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PinnedVIDEO: Petrino presser 07.17.14

Bobby Petrino spent about 30 minutes visiting with media on Thursday morning. Here's the

0 546 MichaelMcCammon 7/17/14 3:42 PM
by: MichaelMcCammon

Pinned and LockedCardinal Authority on Social Media

In an effort to make sure we get the news to you in prompt and even more in-depth way, Cardinal

0 220 MichaelMcCammon 7/16/14 10:34 PM
by: MichaelMcCammon

Pinned and LockedPost reporting and forum guidelines

please remember to use the REPORT POST button if you see someone clearly breaking the rules in a

0 17597 CHBL1 1/7/13 11:52 AM
by: CHBL1

Jurich/ACC honored on new Maker's Bottle

8500 will be sold starting Friday... $45 each. Money will go to funding for the Academic

12 1270 snickerling Today 1:56 AM
by: DeionBranchMVP

HotMassive UK tickets returned for UofL v. UK game

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

UK could not sell even half of their allotment of 5K for the UK v. UofL game on Nov 29.

44 3249 DaVille Today 1:04 AM
by: jvolk


Sucks that this kid keeps having injury issues. I was really excited about this kid coming out

15 1118 cardfan68 Today 1:03 AM
by: keycard

Which rule in college football would you change if you could?

Personally, I've always hated  taking a knee . As a fan of the game, I want to see action until

3 170 ClemsonCoastal Today 12:31 AM
by: doogycard

PJCS seating question

I bought the combo basketball/football pack because it seemed like a great deal, even for an

11 1058 BMac6 Yesterday 11:22 PM
by: snickerling

HotAnother Transfer?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Is CBP at it again? Are we getting another transfer?

31 5540 Bogeycard Yesterday 11:11 PM
by: CaptCardinal

How to watch old louisville games

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I think a lot of us have gotten nostalgic since BP returned. My question is, does anyone know

41 2542 LeforsCanHearMan Yesterday 10:42 PM
by: jerb2

HotGreat quote from DeVante

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

"Last coaching staff always put their foot on the brake," Parker said. "This

46 5133 CardAtlantic Yesterday 10:05 PM
by: Thinlou

ACC members past and present helmets and school songs While we all still love each other before action

6 468 luvUNChatedook Yesterday 10:02 PM
by: BigMikeGT

HotShould every conference be required to have a championship game?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Jimbo Fisher says yes (it acts like an extra play-off game) but Art Briles says no (worry about

33 1235 ClemsonCoastal Yesterday 9:46 PM
by: willthiswork

Football Camps?

My son went to the UL camp last year and the UK camp this year. There is a major difference. At

9 2838 hillbillycard Yesterday 7:30 PM
by: aliasFRONTROW

OT: WVU, the gift that keeps on giving

Seems Clint Trickett won't be participating in a "Ladies Love Football" clinic anytime

4 646 Robochico5 Yesterday 5:31 PM
by: LouisVillain

Looks like mooU is copying U of L!!!!

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

58 6127 luvUNChatedook Yesterday 5:26 PM
by: luvUNChatedook

HotStoops missing Gov. Cup luncheon

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

According to Bob Valvano on the V show just now. Idk, I found it amusing. UK Football=

72 5048 lvillefan1 Yesterday 5:26 PM
by: kkrew24

AFROS billboard

Anyone have details on it?   Heard a vague mention on radio but didn't get the url they said.

10 1661 uldn72 Yesterday 4:48 PM

Not a bad idea to get fans in the seats

7 915 cardsinfl Yesterday 4:25 PM
by: ACardAttack

961 days (and counting) since uk beat a major conference team

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

UPDATED! As of today, July 14th, 2014: Its been 961 days since uk beat a team from a major

51 3925 BPSUL Yesterday 4:04 PM
by: BigFan2012


Saturday July 19, 2014 Syndicated ACC Football Games will air in nearly 80% of U.S.

16 1954 dopeordogfood Yesterday 3:57 PM
by: adcorbett

One more shout out!

I really just want to give one more shout out to all of the ACC fans that have joined us over

12 1338 3rdandBlunder Yesterday 3:45 PM
by: DasVille

WVU as an OOC home/away

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

We hate them.  They hate us.  Crowds would be packed and atmosphere ripe and tense.  A pretty

71 3386 ULoverUK Yesterday 12:53 PM
by: snickerling

Former Cards in NFL training camps

There is a bunch of Cards throughout the the league.  Hope many can stick with a team.  Dunn

7 973 nyccard Yesterday 12:41 PM
by: nyccard

Anyone Going to Clemson Game?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

One of my High School buddies went there and has a ticket for me. Would love to hook up with

36 1848 Cardfan1963 Yesterday 11:39 AM
by: cardman4

All ACC Preseason

SN picks Parker and Gaines.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

3 834 RedRager Yesterday 11:17 AM
by: Hoods

Staying in Chicago for Notre Dame? Hire a Ride?

Now that people have tickets and plans are probably starting to firm up, I wanted to try this

7 1032 GoCardz Yesterday 8:56 AM
by: AustinTexasCard

Cards picked 3rd in Atlantic

Louisville was picked picked 3rd in ACC Atlantic at ACC Kickoff in Greensboro ... 1.

11 1985 MichaelMcCammon Yesterday 6:46 AM
by: CardFanRyan85

Out of Towners for the FSU Game

Hotels are going to be at a premium, because the National FFA Convention runs Oct. 29-Nov. 1.

0 402 souloucard 7/21/14 9:33 PM
by: souloucard

Pregame Idea

I was thinking we need some more tradition on gameday. I think if we had a bunch of people

11 1325 BradytheCardinal 7/21/14 8:39 PM
by: BradytheCardinal

If you want to check out all the ACC coaches...

ESPN is doing something called the Car Wash where all 14 ACC coaches will be featured on July

2 780 ClemsonCoastal 7/21/14 8:17 PM
by: ClemsonCoastal

Petrino article on yahoo

Saw this on yahoo. Nice article on Petrino:

3 1135 DirtyBirdy 7/21/14 8:02 PM
by: nyccard

Official COUNTDOWN to "Back in Black" against the U

11 2123 DaVille 7/21/14 7:13 PM
by: hindu47

A Spring Season For Non Big 5 Schools

Multiple Pages 1 2 

June Jones, the SMU football coach, suggested in an interview the other day that he would

28 2108 BigRedJ8680 7/21/14 4:04 PM
by: MD226226

UK marketing machine finally gives Cat fans what they want...

As I was driving my kiddos home from soccer practice this morning, I passed the UK football

12 3309 rmouser 7/21/14 2:22 PM
by: briggsky

ACC Media Days

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Various pics of UofL related things at the ACC Media Days courtesy of Mark Ennis. Follow him on

21 2628 finalfourcard 7/21/14 2:12 PM
by: wmcard

2 Cane players charged with rape kicked off team (link)

Sorry if already posted. Hurricane linebackers JaWand Blue, Alex Figueroa kicked off team

0 450 73Card 7/21/14 12:31 PM
by: 73Card

Commonwealth Stadium Downsizing

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I was recently reading about the Commonwealth Stadium renovations and found a picture that I

41 3438 CARDINALSFOOTBALL 7/21/14 12:30 PM
by: imapirate

Interesting stat

This post goes in the category of who really cares and is the result of much idle time in

1 330 cardadistance 7/21/14 9:55 AM
by: MD226226

Secondary Market - Cards #16

"Only one school from the ACC will start the season as one of the Top 25 most expensive

0 760 LexGreyBeard 7/21/14 9:25 AM
by: LexGreyBeard
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