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The CardMarch

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PinnedForum Update -- Please Read

A few quick notes regarding the forum as the 2014 season kicks off. As you may have noticed,

1 610 MichaelMcCammon 8/26/14 10:46 AM
by: snickerling

Pinned and LockedGreat News for Fantasy Football Players on Cardinal Authority

Scout has joined forces with the best-kept secret in all of fantasy football —,

0 250 JodyDemling 8/20/14 2:05 PM
by: JodyDemling

Pinned and LockedBeta Forum Feedback...

Scout is currently the process of testing a replacement forum which will provide improved

0 578 MichaelMcCammon 8/20/14 9:52 AM
by: MichaelMcCammon

Pinned and LockedScout Media: Writer wanted

Check it out... Dream of writing about sports? Check it out this could be your lucky day:

0 770 JodyDemling 8/18/14 1:20 PM
by: JodyDemling

Pinned and LockedScout Customer Survey

Hello! We know many of you have strong opinions about how we could improve Cardinal Authority,

0 900 JodyDemling 7/30/14 9:35 PM
by: JodyDemling

Cuse not looking good

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Only up 3 on Villanova (1AA) in the 4th qtr

24 781 StayClassy Today 12:36 AM
by: DirtyBirdy

HotConstructive Criticism for the Early Birds

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Sorry Jody but you really need to quit letting that girl (Kristen) and Mark Coomes on the show.

38 2813 PS3for3 Today 12:34 AM
by: kansasCARD


Houston getting annihilated by UT-San Antonio 24-0 heading to 4th quater

5 204 kkrew24 Today 12:17 AM
by: iloveyoupreston

HotEase my mind

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I feel a loss coming Monday night. I just have concerns they  will run it down our neck and we

32 1986 DOWNTIME Today 12:09 AM

HotWKU vs. Bowling Green

Multiple Pages 1 2 

After holding to Bowling Green to a three and out in the opening drive of the game, Jeff Brohm's

35 2019 3rdandBlunder Yesterday 11:25 PM
by: doogycard


- - - -

Will Gardner and Brandon Doughty

I'm watching WKU and if this is what a QB looks like after one year on the job under Petrino,

0 468 dwcomm09 Yesterday 10:21 PM
by: dwcomm09


Who you got?  I say BYU...

16 572 cardfan68 Yesterday 10:16 PM
by: 65bird

Freshmen Receivers

Javonte Bagley (6-3, 180, Fr.) and Cameron Polk (6-2, 187, Fr.) have a chance of getting some

7 861 KYswish Yesterday 9:05 PM
by: gocards1987

Move to 3-4 Defense

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Last night South Carolina showed off their new 3-4 defense. At the end of the game, the old

21 2412 cardfan48 Yesterday 8:56 PM
by: FiletMignon

HotAssociated Press tabs Miami @ Louisville...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

as their "Upset Special" for this week. Our part of a lengthy article by AP College

25 3018 snickerling Yesterday 8:45 PM
by: SunshineSchooner

Give Me Bobby's Opening Play Call

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

What will be our opening play call on our first offensive play from scrimmage on Monday? I

63 2606 BigRedJ8680 Yesterday 8:38 PM
by: SunshineSchooner


Western looks sharp in their first drive....

1 227 cardfan68 Yesterday 7:44 PM
by: Birdwithteeth

Gary Nova's....

First pass attempt of the year is: a 78-yard touchdown???? Well this season

14 1339 kkrew24 Yesterday 7:25 PM
by: 2cardfans

HotDerek Mason

Multiple Pages 1 2 

If I'm not mistaken wasn't he on our list as a possible hire ? Isn't everyone glad we got

36 2371 UofLCARDSDave Yesterday 7:23 PM
by: FiletMignon

Who else is vastly OVERRATED in College Football this year?

South Carolina has been EXPOSED.  Who else?  Which teams do you suspect are rated way too high

14 1559 FreddyVille Yesterday 7:08 PM
by: BigMikeGT

Texas A&M at South Carolina

I'm looking at the line at Bovada and TaMu is getting 11.5.  I think that Sumlin's system makes

18 1990 CoryfromTaylorsville Yesterday 5:56 PM
by: Thinlou

Schedule Posters

Sorry if this already passed me by but I usually see something about them. Did the schedule

4 476 CardinalSoul Yesterday 5:46 PM
by: hindu47

Vandy down 21-7 to Temple at the half

S.E.C.  -- S.E.C.  -- S.E.C. Haha

9 1508 batlou Yesterday 5:44 PM
by: cards76

Offensive line thoughts

What are your thoughts on the O-line this year? I think it will be a unit with good chemistry

7 788 louis42 Yesterday 5:10 PM
by: UofLmike

You never really know how good (or bad)...

your team is until the 3rd week of the season, but let's hope that on Monday, we look like

7 594 AzCard Yesterday 4:44 PM
by: UofLmike

Kevin Sumlin can coach football...

I wish I could remember from back when we were discussing possible coaches before Charlie Strong

17 1305 TheBookman Yesterday 4:43 PM
by: thatfan

HotWhich neighborhood do you want to be in?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

From the 2013 Wall Street Journal, here's a graph ranking college football teams.  One axis is

28 2384 Speed82 Yesterday 4:35 PM
by: unc86

How do you not like Steve Spurrier?

"They're just kickin' out butts out there! They're out-blocking, out-tackling, and

10 1426 AzCard Yesterday 4:06 PM
by: CardinalChampions

Miami vs Louisville tailgating with Rick & Jeff Tours

THE FIRST TAILGATE IS FINALLY HERE. The Miami game will have a Caribbean flair! We will

1 290 CardiacCards Yesterday 3:15 PM
by: jcuzzin

Wake Forest lost

I'm surprised some uk troll hasn't posted something about how horrible the ACC is and how weak

12 1358 FrermanIsAwesome Yesterday 3:02 PM
by: 2xNoles2xHeat3xFins2xMarlins

Green Lot

Why on gods green earth is the green lot not open until 2pm on Monday?! This is bush league and

16 1264 jremersonjr Yesterday 1:18 PM
by: mh5959

Metro New York Area Card Fans! - New Location

All Card fans in the New York City area come and watch the game at our new location, Johnny

1 302 californiacard Yesterday 12:58 PM
by: californiacard

HotWake Forest/UL Monroe

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Watching some of this game, a little weird rooting for Wake as a CONFERENCE member. Great

25 1538 finalfourcard Yesterday 11:50 AM
by: RedRow

you will put somebody's eye out

1 550 cardsrbest Yesterday 11:21 AM
by: cardsrbest

Rutgers is losing.

8 1503 doogycard Yesterday 11:19 AM

Boise - Ole Miss

Don't see a thread for this game, so starting one. Boise showing Ole Miss has no business

18 1510 DirtyBirdy Yesterday 11:09 AM
by: StayClassy

Miami - Louisville Preview

4 696 FUFSU Yesterday 11:07 AM
by: mivsdaily

The United States of College Football

Article  that displays a map of the most popular football team in

1 419 CardFanDubG Yesterday 10:39 AM
by: CKYCardFan

$EC Defense

Looking tough as it did last year right out of the gate. What a## kicking.

1 438 wmcard Yesterday 7:49 AM
by: hindu47
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