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The CardMarch

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Pinned5 Questions: Louisville v Syracuse

Cardinal Authority and swapped 5 questions regarding Friday night's between the

0 28 MichaelMcCammon Today 11:27 AM
by: MichaelMcCammon

PinnedCards in the mix for two top OL prospects

The University of Louisville football staff continues to search the high school and junior

0 157 MichaelMcCammon Yesterday 10:09 PM
by: MichaelMcCammon

PinnedCommit Kareem Orr planning U of L visits

University of Louisville three-star pledge Kareem Orr tells Cardinal Authority that he's

0 212 MichaelMcCammon 9/29/14 2:59 PM
by: MichaelMcCammon

PinnedACC Announces Game Times/TV for Oct. 11 : UofL v Clem 3:30p

ACC Announces Game Times & TV for Oct. 11           GREENSBORO, NC – The Atlantic

0 587 MichaelMcCammon 9/29/14 11:13 AM
by: MichaelMcCammon

PinnedRadcliff has a 'must see moment'

Among the career best 129 yards that he ran for in Louisville's 20-10 victory over Wake Forest

2 830 MichaelMcCammon 9/29/14 1:25 PM
by: CardFanKeg

PinnedForum Update -- Please Read

[[ UPDATED: 09/20/14 ]] A few quick notes regarding the forum now that the 2014 season is

2 3238 MichaelMcCammon Today 12:26 PM
by: Hoods

HotCards Favored by 2.5

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Opened at -3.5, but the line is now at -2.5.

27 1697 SunshineSchooner Today 1:21 PM
by: OriginalScott

Bonnafon to Start vs Syracuse

according to the update I just got on my phone from Bleacher Report.

1 30 SunshineSchooner Today 1:17 PM
by: SunshineSchooner

Tweets Push for Vikings Game at PJCS

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Apparently, this is gaining some traction.   Bringing Vikings to PJCS for a Pre-Season

20 1002 DaVille Today 1:16 PM
by: ShimmyShong

Ramsey's great. Jared is Adam Neft 2.0...

I am so tired of listening to young windbags who clearly know nothing more than average fans who

18 2521 TheBookman Today 1:05 PM
by: bigdogcard

Gerod Holliman ?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

It hadn't crossed my mind until tonight, I guess because he is listed as a rs sophomore, but he

22 1993 PapasVsYum Today 12:55 PM
by: adcorbett

HotA bit of trouble to the East?...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

...investigation in Lexington...

50 6115 mh5959 Today 12:35 PM
by: Sp00g3

Probabilities of final regular season records for Louisville

Based on the current Sagarin Predictor ratings:  4-8 --  0.19%  5-7 --  2.42%  6-6 --

6 709 CardGame Today 12:13 PM
by: BIGtCardFan

HotWhy do you like Bonnafon better than Gardner?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Bonnafon rarely picked up a first down in the first half. Our defense won the game for us.

72 2335 CardinalBeak Today 11:56 AM
by: JunkYardCard

Halfway through the season on Friday

It just dawned on me that the first half of the season will be over by Friday.  It sucks to


DeVante Parker update

Bobby Petrino also commented on the recovery of senior wide receiver DeVante Parker during his

0 710 MichaelMcCammon Today 11:08 AM
by: MichaelMcCammon

QB status update

Bobby Petrino updated the status of sophomore quarterback Will Gardner during his weekly ACC

0 442 MichaelMcCammon Today 11:02 AM
by: MichaelMcCammon


Multiple Pages 1 2 

How do we match up and will Bonnafon get his second start at quarterback?

23 3351 CARDINALSFOOTBALL Today 10:52 AM
by: kvance

Louisville Bowl Projections - Week 6

CBSSports Music City Bowl- Louisville vs Mississippi State ESPN Mark Schlabach -

12 1368 finalfourcard Today 10:26 AM
by: DaVille

Apologies? Teddy's also owed a bunch of money by writers

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Yes, Crawford's article about all the sports writers owing Teddy an apology is right.  However,

23 2579 4evercard Today 10:02 AM
by: adcorbett

Two wins to become bowl eligible -- where do they come from?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

At this point, we have to assume we have at least three more losses coming -- Clemson, Notre

37 3691 CardsChad Today 10:01 AM
by: WESTkyCARD14

Online Schedules

I have downloaded the football and bball schedules from to my Outlook and iPad

0 104 DRVILLE Today 9:47 AM

HotTodd Grantham story from The Atlanta Journal Constitution...

Multiple Pages 1 2

28 4710 mh5959 Today 9:33 AM
by: DJSdawg

OK, now that the game is over, what r your thoughts about Reggie

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

I will first say that the kid is definitely talented and I think he has a bright future. I will

97 3439 Madcard1987 Today 9:26 AM
by: PhilipDC

Emmit Smith LB

What's the story with this kid? He was pretty highly rated for a while and then appeared to

2 777 BLF2145 Today 8:35 AM
by: JunkYardCard

Cards defense preparing for running QB

Grantham talked tonight about Syracuse. Says the Orange offense will be "a challenge for

2 678 JodyDemling Today 12:01 AM
by: JodyDemling

HotBecoming a Big Time Program

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

UofL is on it's way. There is no debating that. But I think we can all agree we aren't quite

47 3355 BigFan2012 Yesterday 11:22 PM
by: send2den

Pat Thomas?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Give this kid a shot.  Seriously.  If you've even watched them practice or been to a game and

20 3351 ULHeel Yesterday 10:54 PM
by: wkuCardinal

Louisville has won 9 games in a row during short week

Games played less than 7 days after previous game: W - 11/26/10 - A - Louisville 40, Rutgers

1 271 CardGame Yesterday 10:28 PM
by: CardHusker

Watch ESPN app blackouts?

I recently decided to get rid of cable and so far so good. I get all the local network channels

14 1322 Orange4 Yesterday 8:18 PM
by: adcorbett

Found this on a Viking Board

Interesting read on Teddy from Grudens camp

13 3056 ulcard98 Yesterday 7:36 PM
by: Bagdaddy

2014 ACC Prediction...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Miami fan here.  I come in peace.  Here's my prediction for the ACC in 2014.  Feel free to make

75 7125 Legendary1 Yesterday 6:22 PM
by: Legendary1

Preston Brown is quietly tied for fourth in the NFL for # of ...

total tackles at 40.    We have really had some football talent here over the years.

1 536 madvillecard Yesterday 5:25 PM
by: CardGame

Cards in the mix for several top offensive linemen

Khalil Hunter has liked the Cards for a while, he says he will visit. Hunter would be a nice

4 1951 JodyDemling Yesterday 5:14 PM
by: Cardtillidie

Remanining Schedule Difficulty

Here is how I think the remaining schedule stacks up in terms of difficulty from top to bottom.

16 1334 DBACard Yesterday 5:06 PM
by: CardinalBeak

HotSyracuse Lookalikes

Multiple Pages 1 2 OK guys, let's get started.

25 1168 uoflcardfan77 Yesterday 4:41 PM
by: mivsdaily

WDRB's Bozich...Reggie (Bonnafon) looks like Cards Mr October...

3 1154 mh5959 Yesterday 3:33 PM

What does $1 million buy you?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The number three rated defense in the country, that's what.  Grantham just might be the best

27 3206 DemonSpawn Yesterday 2:51 PM
by: RedRow

Cards in the NFL through Week 4

Gary Barnidge -- Cleveland 3 games, 5 receptions for 54 yards Joshua Bellamy -- Chicago

5 686 CardGame Yesterday 2:09 PM
by: CardGame

Paul Petrino

Multiple Pages 1 2 

0-4 start and got blown out by South Alabama this week. Not looking good for his head coaching

20 2884 CardHusker Yesterday 11:28 AM
by: villun
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