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The CardMarch

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PinnedForum Update -- Please Read

A few quick notes regarding the forum as the 2014 season kicks off. As you may have noticed,

1 1748 MichaelMcCammon 8/26/14 10:46 AM
by: snickerling

FIU from a Pitt persective

Saw you are playing FIU next week.  I doubt you saw the Pitt/FIU tilt as you were playing UVA at

10 1696 ambst95 Today 5:06 AM
by: cardfistacuffs


Who should get the most snaps at QB this week Will or Reggie?

11 489 KYswish Today 4:22 AM
by: Cardland

Preston Brown leads Buffalo with 13 tackles!

Preston Brown didn't get the first-round respect of Bridgewater, Pryor and Smith but he is sure

0 40 TheBookman Today 4:09 AM
by: TheBookman

Who was our kick off man early in UVa game?

Who the heck was the guy kicking off for us early in the game when we were playing that STOOPID

3 346 BEASTVILLE Today 3:34 AM
by: phenderson

FIU Look-Alikes

Multiple Pages 1 2 


22 82 mivsdaily Today 2:18 AM
by: mivsdaily

As frustrated as anyone, but the play that ticked me off....

Multiple Pages 1 2 

...the most was punting on 4th and 20 with 2:45 or so to go. Yeah...the likelihood of getting it

21 1434 GatorDan13 Today 1:07 AM
by: jvolk

Hotbonnafon has to be the guy

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

We cannot start games like we did today. Bonnafon has to be prepared as the starter from here

63 3067 wkuCardinal Today 12:43 AM
by: doogycard

Hot'Just a Coordinator'

Multiple Pages 1 2 

whip2335 wrote: Why would Strong have to drop down to being a DC when the likes of a Petrino

27 1821 RaysBoomBoomRoom Today 12:40 AM
by: KerryRhodes

Heck of a drop in the AP Poll

Multiple Pages 1 2 

From #21 to #44 LOL. Would an SEC team drop that dramatically?

23 2052 finalfourcard Today 12:19 AM
by: doogycard

We need a taller quarterback...

Obviously, 6:5 isn't tall enough in today's game based on the number of deflections...

12 684 TheBookman Today 12:17 AM
by: cardinalpup12

HotTried to tell you

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Anything above 6 wins will be good for us this year. I said it all spring and all summer on

39 3008 SunshineSchooner Yesterday 11:29 PM
by: OutkastCard

Gardner is the guy....

The deflections at the line of scrimmage are an issue, but a fixable one.  If he can make the

0 150 SivaBelieva Yesterday 11:25 PM
by: SivaBelieva

2014 ACC Prediction...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Miami fan here.  I come in peace.  Here's my prediction for the ACC in 2014.  Feel free to make

69 6169 Legendary1 Yesterday 10:59 PM
by: CardiacCards

Strong-Watson taking a beating on OrangeBloods:

Charlie and Company are taking a WWF beat down on OrangeBloods.  It would appear most posters

19 2703 73Card Yesterday 10:56 PM
by: CardiacCards

HotWould we have beaten Virginia with Charlie as our coach?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Probably not.

27 1717 GoCardinals Yesterday 10:54 PM
by: CardiacCards

London wearing a N on his hat???

Anyone figured out why he has a hat with a N on it?  Was guessing Navy but doesn't seem right.

16 1796 skeive Yesterday 10:46 PM
by: 2012mom

HotProps to UVA fans

Multiple Pages 1 2 

This loss really sticks in my crack. I mean dayum. Of all the freaking ways to lose. I have to

29 2447 CardinalChampions Yesterday 10:43 PM
by: HoomanBeing

Enhance your calm

Everyone just calm down. We lost on the road by 2 points after we muffed a punt. On top of

5 346 Cardnerd Yesterday 10:37 PM
by: mccard

Can someone enlighten me on our quarterback Kyle Bolin

I know he has been injured but do you all know where he is in regards to recovery, depth, or his

8 923 Madcard1987 Yesterday 10:37 PM
by: poofyhairedman

Life in the ACC...

This is a strange conference. Every year there are a bunch of "head scratcher" game

7 756 Legendary1 Yesterday 10:36 PM
by: unc86

Louisville defense ranks 6th in the country

LouisvilleFootball ‏ @ UofLFootball Louisville defense ranks 6th in the country,

4 639 caGdawg Yesterday 10:32 PM
by: poofyhairedman

The difference in us and them

We're not thumping our chests after a close loss.  While there's a silver lining with the way

14 859 3rdandBlunder Yesterday 10:22 PM
by: clintician

Preston Brown's big day

He led the Buffalo defense with 13 tackles, including 1 TFL. Way to go, Preston!

2 367 2012mom Yesterday 9:43 PM
by: adcorbett

HotAnnnnnnd this is why UK is the most hated fanbase in America

Multiple Pages 1 2 

25 4745 ThePipeBomb Yesterday 9:25 PM
by: krikey

Strong will be HC at Florida before next season

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Mark it down.   Muschamp will be gone.   Boosters are very upset with him.    They wanted CCS

67 4733 DaVille Yesterday 9:06 PM

Cassel just threw his 3rd INT

Crowd is chanting for Teddy

11 1616 StayClassy Yesterday 9:03 PM
by: StayClassy

Hey, where's the brotherly love, Jeff ?

Jeff Brohm allows his quarterback to break the all time C-USA passing yardage for one game.

1 522 4evercard Yesterday 7:54 PM
by: mh5959

The Silver Lining

The mistakes on turnovers are correctable. I also thought Will Gardner looked nervous/scared the

9 1018 GuessWhosBackBobby Yesterday 7:54 PM
by: pupus

HotUK's excited by keeping it close with Florida?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

A team that lost home games last season to Vanderbilt 17-34 and Georgia Southern 20-26. So

29 1618 DieCard Yesterday 7:17 PM
by: clintician

A rivalry is born!!!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

It sucked to lose this game but the best part is that I believe a riviary was born today!!!!

21 1235 hrflossy Yesterday 7:09 PM
by: 12thCard

Gamblers Corner Sunday

Cards messed up plenty of 2 Team Teasers and straight play.. Back in the saddle today:

2 210 dimori Yesterday 6:12 PM
by: dimori

Why don't we use our depth at RB to pound defenses?

I get it Brown is a big, bad bruiser who is capable of running thru defenses, but he isn't

8 918 theville23 Yesterday 6:09 PM
by: kyville03


Multiple Pages 1 2 

I know this has probably been on the board today...but do you really believe in Will? In my

27 1613 gocards32 Yesterday 5:24 PM
by: Bworth

On the bright side .....

I just picked off a pass from Gary Nova.

6 356 kypecos Yesterday 5:11 PM
by: Cardtillidie

{Tiptoes over here} I know what it's like to lose on a muff punt

Believe me it blows. Great game, Our defense played well, so did yours. We really could have

14 1572 Hoobaseball Yesterday 5:06 PM
by: RedBirdBath

Silver Lining?

I've been trying to console myself with something to allow a ray of hope going forward.  Lots

7 476 ThePipeAndMustache Yesterday 4:03 PM
by: ACCCard

Norte Dame and Penn state in the ACC ?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Talking to a ND fan, and he's hearing ND will be all in within 10 years. He says many fans

70 4199 KerryRhodes Yesterday 3:01 PM
by: 2xNoles2xHeat3xFins2xMarlins

Big 10 is 1-9 against P5 teams

5-3 against the MAC. Penn State had to hold on to beat Rutgers. No way they get a playoff spot.

9 762 finalfourcard Yesterday 1:41 PM
by: unc4life

Phil Steele of ESPN just predicted a Virginia upset. 24-23

These ESPN wipes just don't get it, do they?

14 2448 Cuttyhunk Yesterday 1:32 PM
by: DBACard
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