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The CardMarch

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PinnedVIDEO: Petrino, Mauldin, Rankins discuss UVA, FIU

U of L head coach Bobby Petrino, along with Sheldon Rankins and Lorenzo Mauldin, met with the

0 186 MichaelMcCammon 9/15/14 4:51 PM
by: MichaelMcCammon

PinnedForum Update -- Please Read

A few quick notes regarding the forum as the 2014 season kicks off. As you may have noticed,

1 1834 MichaelMcCammon 8/26/14 10:46 AM
by: snickerling

Cards move forward with outstanding Tuesday practice...

...from GoCards...

3 295 mh5959 Today 1:22 AM
by: Madcard1987

Who are #3 and #4 quarterbacks?

Who are #3 and #4 quarterbacks? And those of you who got to attend the early practices, are

8 622 wilkie01 Today 12:40 AM
by: mh5959

Former Card Dexter Heyman and his thoughts...

...about the current situation...

16 2930 mh5959 Today 12:14 AM
by: OriginalScott

HotTried to tell you

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Anything above 6 wins will be good for us this year. I said it all spring and all summer on

67 4530 SunshineSchooner Today 12:01 AM
by: gozzer45

Arkansas St fake punt gone wrong

12 860 finalfourcard Yesterday 11:23 PM
by: RedBirdBath

yes, i know recruiting ranking dont mean much but

I noticed that most of our early commits are 3 star listed players.  That is good - but is it

8 1138 Purvis Yesterday 11:17 PM
by: Lowkeymongs2

Louisville @ FIU: Statistical Comparison

Stat ... Cards ... FIU Offense Rushing Yards/Game ... 178 ... 82.7 Passing Yards/Game ...

4 518 snickerling Yesterday 11:14 PM
by: doogycard

Big games for the ACC this week

Georgia Tech @ Virginia Tech Iowa @ Pittsburgh Maryland @ Syracuse North Carolina @ East

9 734 GuessWhosBackBobby Yesterday 11:12 PM
by: doogycard

WR Mekale Mckay

I really wanted him when he was coming out of Moore High School. But he went to play for Bobby P

3 758 devilschild76 Yesterday 10:47 PM
by: devilschild76

Looking forward to seeing Louisville at Clemson

I am so excited to have Louisville in the ACC.   You guys bring great athletics to the

9 1034 CLEMalumn Yesterday 10:05 PM
by: CoachVcard4life

Hot'Just a Coordinator'

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

whip2335 wrote: Why would Strong have to drop down to being a DC when the likes of a Petrino

108 4742 RaysBoomBoomRoom Yesterday 9:35 PM
by: snickerling

HotGardner is the guy....

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

The deflections at the line of scrimmage are an issue, but a fixable one.  If he can make the

44 2325 SivaBelieva Yesterday 8:55 PM
by: wkuCardinal

HotReggie's Dad just passed

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Reggie announced on Twitter just now. Reggie L. Bonnafon ‏ @ RegSoSpiffy1

37 3905 CardinalJim Yesterday 8:30 PM
by: SunshineSchooner

Heck of a drop in the AP Poll

Multiple Pages 1 2 

From #21 to #44 LOL. Would an SEC team drop that dramatically?

36 3458 finalfourcard Yesterday 8:17 PM
by: AuburnCard

Props to UVA fans

Multiple Pages 1 2 

This loss really sticks in my crack. I mean dayum. Of all the freaking ways to lose. I have to

34 3485 CardinalChampions Yesterday 6:25 PM
by: 65bird

Just a thought

How about Charles Gaines getting some reps at WR?  I'm not saying for the entire game but just

17 1087 Scratchshooter Yesterday 5:55 PM
by: 65bird

I'm gonna look at the Virginia game like this

1) Virginia MAY be better than most people think. I definitely think they have a top notch

14 1285 send2den Yesterday 5:42 PM
by: malicecooper84

HotWould we have beaten Virginia with Charlie as our coach?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Probably not.

60 2621 GoCardinals Yesterday 5:32 PM
by: PJM3414

Life in the ACC...

This is a strange conference. Every year there are a bunch of "head scratcher" game

14 1751 Legendary1 Yesterday 3:38 PM
by: CornbreadandCollards

UK's excited by keeping it close with Florida?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

A team that lost home games last season to Vanderbilt 17-34 and Georgia Southern 20-26. So

41 2616 DieCard Yesterday 3:29 PM
by: LaurelCardsFan

Who was our kick off man early in UVa game?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Who the heck was the guy kicking off for us early in the game when we were playing that STOOPID

21 2401 BEASTVILLE Yesterday 3:24 PM
by: urcookin

Can someone explain to me

When the Virginia defender covering a punt downed the ball at the 1yard line with both of his

13 1729 tschoenlaub Yesterday 2:54 PM

Clemson vs. FSU

ACC primetime game. Who do you have?

15 783 ACCCard Yesterday 11:32 AM
by: dimori

Preston Brown leads Buffalo with 13 tackles!

Preston Brown didn't get the first-round respect of Bridgewater, Pryor and Smith but he is sure

5 1193 TheBookman Yesterday 10:45 AM
by: dimori

Devante is Bootless

12 2880 mivsdaily Yesterday 10:35 AM
by: malicecooper84

HotFIU Look-Alikes

Multiple Pages 1 2 


32 759 mivsdaily Yesterday 9:39 AM
by: uoflcardfan77

bonnafon has to be the guy

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

We cannot start games like we did today. Bonnafon has to be prepared as the starter from here

79 3973 wkuCardinal Yesterday 9:28 AM
by: adcorbett

Miami QB arrested for DUI

DUI plus a stolen ID.

13 2314 ULoverUK Yesterday 7:57 AM
by: RedRager


Who should get the most snaps at QB this week Will or Reggie?

18 1298 KYswish 9/15/14 10:16 PM
by: OldCard4sure

Off the mat Cards Fans

I know Petrino and his staff and the leaders on this team will bounce back and get better.  That

3 691 CoryfromTaylorsville 9/15/14 9:44 PM
by: HankEvans

UK's greatest moment...

UK is so proud of its "great" loss to Florida which, to everyone else, just proved

18 1699 bdar24 9/15/14 9:23 PM
by: dontlikedakats

Strong will be HC at Florida before next season

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Mark it down.   Muschamp will be gone.   Boosters are very upset with him.    They wanted CCS

75 5665 DaVille 9/15/14 9:06 PM
by: thatfan

Louisville -26.5 @ FIU

That seems a bit light to me. FIU is pretty awful.

13 869 GoCardz 9/15/14 8:53 PM
by: Rasta1

FIU from a Pitt persective

Saw you are playing FIU next week.  I doubt you saw the Pitt/FIU tilt as you were playing UVA at

15 2844 ambst95 9/15/14 5:20 PM
by: magneticCard

Current ACC Projections

Where do you think we stand now? Are we 3rd in the Atlantic still? Do you think we are

7 730 ACCCard 9/15/14 4:18 PM
by: bigdogcard


May be my imagination, but does anyone else think we've had more dropped passes this year than

16 1123 carddog1 9/15/14 3:59 PM
by: phenderson

Wake Forest Game Time

Just announced, per the ACC website.   The Wake Forest kickoff is at 3:30, televised live by

12 1438 LaurelCardsFan 9/15/14 3:49 PM
by: JtownCard

Petrino press conference recap...

...from WDRB's Eric Crawford...

0 1174 mh5959 9/15/14 3:08 PM
by: mh5959
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