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Posted: Today 4:02 PM

Re: Chris Jones tweet Post Rating (1 vote)

DonPitinoistheMan wrote:
MiltandLancaster wrote:
DannyMitchell wrote:

Playing for louisville another year want hurt besides I love this city and fans never want to leave once a card always a card..

I'm sorry but what does this paragraph mean? Someone decipher this for me.
I think want is supposed to be "won't".
i think so.  here is how he meant to say it but was in a rushtongue : 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to continue playing for louisville.   Playing another year for this prestigious program won't hurt my stock, but rather have quite the opposite effect.  Furthermore, I love this city and the U of L fans so why in the blue hell would I want to leave.  #L1C4 baby
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Posted: Today 12:10 PM

Re: Sorry Rupp, no wait not sorry! Post Rating (13 votes)

Impose a local t-shirt tax and they could have  Basketball Taj Mahal.
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