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Posted: Yesterday 8:07 PM

Re: Underdogs and McLean Making Sense Post Rating (5 votes)

JunkYardCard wrote:

I guess there is a first time for everything. But their discussion about our defense makes some sense. Having a complex defensive scheme that takes at least two years to really learn doesn't make a lot of sense when the roster turnover means we have precious few upperclassmen. In 2013 it was awesome with a senior and a bunch of juniors. But year in and year out it presents challenges.

Not to brag, but we pretty much dominated most of the Big East over the last few years of the league.  Not only was the Big East the best league in the country by far during that time, but it was virtually a murderer's row night after night.  Louisville didn't just hold its own, we won trophies.  And that doesn't even touch on the NCAA Tournament success.

All of that happened under Pitino's system.  Same system, same focus on defense.

And yet, we have a year where we're not quite elite, so it's time to question everything that's worked for over a decade.  

I prefer to think we hit a perfect storm of bad situations.  Chris Jones drama, Aaron sitting out, and yet Pitino's system has still produced an NCAA Tournament birth and so far, 23 wins.

I guess it's the media's job to break things down but really, I think in this case they are trying to make the problems much bigger than they really are.  Pitino's system has shown long term success, both regular and post-season.  And it's not just Siva-Dieng-Russ.  Pitino had Elite 8's and a Final Four at Louisville long before Luke Hancock ever stepped on campus.

Maybe, just maybe, nothing is broken and we're just not elite this particular year but still good.  Maybe there aren't any bigger problems that need to be dissected.
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