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The Yum!

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0 17717 CHBL1 1/7/13 11:52 AM
by: CHBL1

Derby Classic Top Plays Video

2 567 setpoint Today 4:41 AM
by: JtownCard


if you dish out 9 dimes a game next year you will be the most talked about freshman in the

2 646 1978cards Today 4:40 AM

Wish him the best

Ware's thoughts while at Ky Derby Classic. Link

14 3267 ChocolateVille Today 3:51 AM
by: JtownCard

From Russdiculous to Blondiculous

Russ got his hair did.  Express yourself young man . . . express yourself.  Mini Rodman?  You

4 2622 beauxregard Today 1:09 AM
by: Cardsareinmyblood

Snider a true point guard - 9 assists - zero TO - White Team MVP

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Derby Classic - MVP Against elite competition. From the CJ: "I just wanted to

24 2824 DaVille Today 12:18 AM
by: BCTeeTime

Why is the Ville not considered a so-called Blue Blood?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

I was just looking at and there was a topic asking who the blue bloods

91 7180 Rrayraydr Today 12:01 AM

JaKeenan Gant (top 50 2014 PF)

@AnthonyDasher1: JaKeenan Gant's AAU coach Michael Stokes tells me if Mizzou were to release

9 3672 keycard Yesterday 11:55 PM
by: MikeMcD

What a tangled web Cal weaves

Multiple Pages 1 2 

When you start looking at many of the existing players coming back for UK, you wonder how Cal is

20 4115 DaVille Yesterday 11:08 PM
by: wbb240gocards

Alright, I'm done

I don't have any time or tolerance for this. Just trying to find box scores on Derby Classic

9 2263 send2den Yesterday 10:00 PM
by: esskaydoubleyoueareell

JJ and that #4 and much more

Multiple Pages 1 2 

. Just a week ago, we were all so concerned about that 4 position.  And now look, Montrezl, an

21 2778 4evercard Yesterday 9:49 PM
by: esskaydoubleyoueareell

HotNBA going to a 2 year rule

Multiple Pages 1 2 

This would be HUGE for college basketball. Probably wouldn't affect us much though.

34 3626 bloodbought Yesterday 9:31 PM
by: kujhawks18

Our Depth Chart for 2013-14 season

1.  Rozier / Snider 2.  Gill / Jones 3.  Blackshear / Shaq Aaron 4.  Harrell / Jaylen

18 1917 DaVille Yesterday 9:28 PM

How did Shaqquan Aaron do in the Jordan game?

I never heard about how he did in the game.

13 2736 CardinalBeak Yesterday 8:52 PM
by: NdotDiggity

What I'm hearing about Cal...

Dude has never met a buffet he didn't like.

13 4581 Kreetch Yesterday 8:07 PM
by: wmcard

Clippers game

Really good game, I like this team.

8 462 bloodbought Yesterday 7:46 PM
by: ellisouttacompton

Jonah Bolden

Really wanted this kid way back when. Saw he only scored 9 points... How did he look? Just

1 979 ghhop Yesterday 7:09 PM
by: keycard

Jaylen Johnson's Mom Throws Him an Alley-Oop

During Derby Classic...  Love this .

0 466 mbm65041 Yesterday 6:17 PM
by: mbm65041

Jaylen Johnson

Multiple Pages 1 2 

This "kid" is going to be a stud. He's young. Still growing. And is only going to get

20 3929 reppintheville Yesterday 4:20 PM
by: NVcard

Which ACC team do you want a rivalry with?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

For me, it's UNC and it isn't close. I know they have Duke and we have uk for that, but why not

46 2522 thecraphead Yesterday 4:19 PM
by: NVcard

For all the Nike guys out soup for you

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Louisville inks new 5 yr 40 million dollar deal with Adidas according to Sportscenter update.

85 5208 IceManGervin Yesterday 4:17 PM
by: NVcard

Theory of Cal's decision

The Laker deal was a done deal about 7 weeks ago.  To be exact, probably right around the South

7 3425 meanbirds Yesterday 4:10 PM
by: Kugelcard1

Rex Chapman

Multiple Pages 1 2 

It seems strange that Rex Chapman tweeted the Cal to Lakers right before the championship game.

29 3357 GoshShamgosh Yesterday 4:02 PM
by: wafflehousemenu

Squid throws final game

by not fouling in the final minutes. He did not want to be the first coach to vacate a

3 944 ULVilleN Yesterday 3:51 PM
by: wafflehousemenu

Has WWW turned on Cal?

If he was Chapman's source then he surely would have known that Rex would go public with the

2 2022 CardinalChampions Yesterday 3:43 PM

IMO on the whole Cal to the NBA thing

Multiple Pages 1 2 

for those who want him out at UK, IMO pay attention the the amount of guys that decide to go pro

25 6249 vette68427fk Yesterday 3:17 PM

Hot"Lot coming back, but they're going into ACC"

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I replayed the Jordon Classic only to listen to Paul Biancardi make this statemen when talking

30 4599 4evercard Yesterday 3:04 PM
by: 502sbirdman

HotOfficial Derby Classic game thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Nice National Anthem.  I would make a comment about the fat lady singing at the end, not the

81 3125 NVcard Yesterday 12:46 PM

Maybe everything that is wrong with the SEC...

All in one tragic video. I have never been a conference honk before, but this almost drives me

11 2208 CardatWork Yesterday 12:26 PM
by: keycard

HotDifference in talent

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I love our class coming in next year but you can tell a big difference in all star games. The

47 5325 Ulangrymidget Yesterday 12:09 PM
by: keycard

Kenny Johnson

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Is this IU assistant in the running to replace Coach Keatts?

29 4636 JG4UL Yesterday 11:55 AM
by: wmcard

Year of the Cardinal

Is being replayed on ESPNU at 11 this morning.

0 238 uldn72 Yesterday 10:17 AM
by: uldn72


Multiple Pages 1 2 

He hardly got to play much this year behind Harrell. Now Harrell is back and he has even more

20 2455 CardinalChampions Yesterday 9:34 AM
by: MD226226

Houston Transfers

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Gary Parrish is reporting on Twitter that Tashawn Thomas & Danuel House are planning to

40 7446 TMX2006 Yesterday 9:33 AM
by: JG4UL

Jabari Parker declares for the NBA draft.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Our path to an ACC championship in our first season just got a little easier. 

26 2685 thisbirdhasclaws Yesterday 6:13 AM
by: senore2006

at derby classic

Multiple Pages 1 2 

How's Shaw Aaron doing in the Jordan?

21 3506 TRUEATHLETE90 Yesterday 1:19 AM
by: roadofalex

Does anyone know if there will be a replay of the KDFC?

I thought I saw somewhere on here that there was going to be a replay.

0 304 cardsr4real Yesterday 12:52 AM
by: cardsr4real

KDF Roll Call

Who's going tonight? What section? Also, Who are you most looking forward to seeing tonight?

1 430 reppintheville Yesterday 12:45 AM
by: cardsr4real

1-800-Help-ASAP commercial

Jesus.. I had to mute it.  Horrible... who is their target market?

12 1539 DJintheVille 4/18/14 11:55 PM
by: hrflossy

What number is shaqquan Aaron in this game


6 1707 swissdaddy 4/18/14 10:27 PM
by: 4evercard
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