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The Yum!

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0 18141 CHBL1 1/7/13 11:52 AM
by: CHBL1


Man, do they have a lot of talented former player in the NBA. Durant, Aldridge, Augustin,

12 1566 uom2oo1 Today 6:53 PM
by: RaysCardsFan62

ACC Commish John Swofford will be on LSL tonight at 7:30

LSL is tonight at 6 on ESPN 680 and talking UofL hoops recruiting and will

1 148 Villecard Today 6:09 PM
by: jamegumm

HotBirth of a rivalry

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Welcome to the new age Cards fans. UVA and Louisville does not have much of a history between

30 3059 407CavFan Today 6:00 PM
by: wgucardinal

HotChane Going Pro

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Per Adam Zagoria.  Wish the kid luck, but there's no spot for him in the league.

61 5649 MidnightMarauder502 Today 5:51 PM
by: hindu47

David Padgett coming back!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

For those that didn't watch the Kenny Johnson introductory press conference, Rick mentioned

21 4367 wbb240gocards Today 5:48 PM
by: DaVille

Gorgui Dieng Rookie Season Highlight Tape For those that have not seen. He's going to have

16 1194 UofLTheElite Today 5:47 PM
by: IndianapolisCard

a BIG welcome to the Notorious KEN

So glad to have Kenny on board.  Great guy--smart, personable, connected, and hard-working.

7 1306 IndianapolisCard Today 5:01 PM
by: mccard

Kenny Johnson is a what??

The guys on the Early Birds said Kenny Johnson has a degree in molecular biology. Nice to know

12 2748 Retroburn Today 4:52 PM
by: esskaydoubleyoueareell

No, Fredo.

I was thinking of the upcoming season and how Louisville fits in nicely with North Carolina and

8 1612 CougLJ Today 4:52 PM
by: uoflcardfan77

Peyton Siva is the best.

No one is even close.

18 3911 Birdwithteeth Today 4:31 PM
by: iloveyoupreston

Why is the Ville not considered a so-called Blue Blood?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...5 6 7 

I was just looking at and there was a topic asking who the blue bloods

121 9227 Rrayraydr Today 4:28 PM
by: osarusan

40-0.......this time we mean it

Let the shirt printing begin.  A sad loss for those third world countries who they clothed so

18 2931 centralkycard Today 3:33 PM
by: CaptainOneStar

Am I the only one that thinks of Special Ed (THE RAPPER)....

Multiple Pages 1 2 

when looking at Quentin Snider?  Showing my age, perhaps.  Anyway, just a thought.  Must be the

38 3664 usmcray Today 2:36 PM
by: freedomhall

HotGoing to be fun watching Rick form our rotation next season...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The bench in particular, as the starters seem fairly obvious.  Will we end up 8, 9 or maybe even

30 2898 wbb240gocards Today 1:24 PM
by: TheGainesShow

Rank the SEC Network newly released commericials for each school

The SEC Network just released a commercial for each of its 14 schools, which I hope the ACC does

5 1136 beauxregard Today 11:04 AM
by: ElizabethtownCardFan

ACC schedule for all teams released 2014/15 & 2015/16

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Duke and UNC coming to get beat down at the Yum Center next year! LET GO! LOVE ""

25 3404 Madcard1987 Today 10:54 AM
by: hrflossy

HotUk Front court

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

Gonna be pretty formidable yet again with Poythress coming back. Can't believe they are going to

101 8693 ghhop Today 10:50 AM
by: hrflossy

"BBN First"

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I guess UK fans are going to try and ignore the fact they've made fun of "L1C4" for

39 4509 CoryfromTaylorsville Today 10:08 AM
by: ULCards81

Konate to the gophers

Good get for Lil Rick. Would have taken him here. 

7 2967 ghhop Today 7:40 AM
by: Cardsfan88

Good to see Peyton back in Louisville

Peyton is back in Louisville and is living here all summer. His family and his wife's family are

12 3241 BIGtCardFan Today 7:35 AM
by: dontlikedakats

HotDakich re Kenny Johnson today...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

talking a lot about Kenny on this radio show here in Indy--says it was obvious Kenny would not

65 9341 IndianapolisCard Yesterday 10:32 PM
by: wmcard

HotWhat are Luke's chances of making it on a NBA team?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I think there is a good possibility he might just make it, he is clever with the ball, has

56 2741 lacards Yesterday 10:17 PM
by: cards76

Bryant Crawford - 2015 pg to keep an eye on

This kid was heavily recruited by Kenny Johnson at IU. He is from the DC area and is a very

13 3992 keycard Yesterday 6:48 PM
by: keycard

Link to Rick's Noon Press Conference...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

He's introducing Kenny Johnson, and will probably further address Anas Osama Mahmoud.  Should

23 3512 wbb240gocards Yesterday 5:09 PM
by: jimthefin

Mahmoud redshirt

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Jeff Greer  ‏ @ jeffgreer_cj     5m Mahmoud had a slightly torn meniscus and will have

40 6588 DannyMitchell Yesterday 4:13 PM
by: BigRedJ8680

UK fan "logic" always fun to poke fun at

7 1794 CoryfromTaylorsville Yesterday 3:06 PM
by: CoryfromTaylorsville

Now that Virginia is our Conference Rival...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Would they have won their ACC championship if Louisville would have been in the ACC this year?

20 2561 BRANDEISCARD Yesterday 1:31 PM
by: unc86

Our Depth Chart for 2014-15 season

Multiple Pages 1 2 

1.  Rozier / Snider 2.  Gill / Jones 3.  Blackshear / Shaq Aaron 4.  Harrell / Jaylen

36 4705 DaVille Yesterday 12:29 PM
by: CoryfromTaylorsville

one and dones and draft.schools they play for get to much credit

These guys could go to any college and still be top draft picks because their draft status  is

2 778 ULFB1 Yesterday 11:33 AM
by: MiltandLancaster

I gotta ask

Listening to Espn 680 just a moment ago and a cayat fan called in. Starts giving props to

15 5019 Cardinalbred90 Yesterday 10:30 AM
by: IceManGervin

Congrats Richard Pitino... Rick is a grandpa again.

Richard Pitino ‏ @ MNCoachPitino 44m Welcome baby Jack...newest

12 2070 snickerling Yesterday 10:19 AM
by: osarusan

Favorite Athletes by State

Indiana understandably chose Peyton Manning.  But Kentucky I don't get.  According to SB

18 3296 lanky47150 Yesterday 9:46 AM
by: MiltandLancaster

Thon Maker

Multiple Pages 1 2 

word from some of the scouts at the Derby game Friday night is that CRP and staff are really

35 8478 vette68427fk Yesterday 8:55 AM
by: paintcard

The Years of the Cardinals?

I would say, without a doubt, yes. We all know about the Year of the Cardinal, but following,

5 982 egspro 4/22/14 10:45 PM
by: senore2006

Randle Leaving

Multiple Pages 1 2 


30 8278 LoneOakCard 4/22/14 10:26 PM
by: send2den

Moving money and the new unlimited food rule...

It won't take long for this stupid rule to get abused. Still need a limit and oversight.  Wonder

1 678 CARDADDICT 4/22/14 8:11 PM
by: MikesMarbles

Done deal?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

@insidemdsports: Per multiple sources, Indiana assistant Kenny Johnson is expected to join the

35 5631 keycard 4/22/14 7:02 PM
by: BigRedJ8680

Mahmoud Signs Letter of Intent

Multiple Pages 1 2 3

48 3821 TruCard 4/22/14 7:00 PM
by: MiltandLancaster

Anas Mahmoud video

Has anyone seen Mahmoud video?  I can't find any video of him.

2 1066 IDOOBIEDUB 4/22/14 5:19 PM
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