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The Yum!

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PinnedVIDEO: Red v White Scrimmage

Plenty of action from Sunday's Red v White Scrimmage at the KFC Yum! Center. Recorded with my

0 257 MichaelMcCammon Yesterday 10:04 AM
by: MichaelMcCammon

PinnedVIDEO: Rick Pitino comments following scrimmage

University of Louisville head coach Rick Pitino discussed his team's first public scrimmage

1 460 MichaelMcCammon 10/19/14 10:54 PM
by: MichaelMcCammon

Pinned and LockedCardinal Authority on Social Media

In an effort to make sure we get the news to you in prompt and even more in-depth way, Cardinal

0 3192 MichaelMcCammon 7/16/14 10:34 PM
by: MichaelMcCammon

Pinned and LockedPost reporting and forum guidelines

please remember to use the REPORT POST button if you see someone clearly breaking the rules in

0 28018 CHBL1 1/7/13 11:52 AM
by: CHBL1

Wow....I missed the game!

I've been so consumed with the football board that I didn't even know the scrimmage was going

6 1125 BobbyPeGenius Today 8:42 AM
by: CardsFanFromBoston


I  know we haven't even played in a exhibition game yet but with the emergence of  Anas do you

11 1028 Kingcard1 Today 8:34 AM
by: MD226226

Matz Stockman?

Pardon me if this was discussed elsewhere, but I was expecting to see a bit of Matz out there

13 1876 LYeah22 Today 7:24 AM
by: NottsCard

HotAnas = defense

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Just his size alone will alter shots. You cannot teach speed and size. It doesn't matter if

30 2669 GoCardinals Today 6:54 AM
by: NottsCard

HotA certain talk show host for our biggest rival said...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

On his show today that our team looks junior varsity compared to their team(UK) you agree

33 3021 pac502 Today 2:14 AM
by: CardInAustin

I'm not usually one for starting UK topics, but then I saw......

......this on my Facebook feed from the ESPN show Highly Questionable (which is one that I

7 1548 2cardfans Today 1:50 AM
by: CardInAustin

1st Public Practice - Freak Show

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Are we talking about a show in Vegas, Hollywood Variety Show, WWF Title Match........ or a

28 4771 DaVille Today 12:36 AM
by: DJintheVille

Russ to date

The Pelicans have played six games to date.  Here is Russ' numbers: Games  Mins    Shots   3

0 523 4evercard Yesterday 11:49 PM
by: 4evercard

Is it too late to send back these uniforms?

They are equally ugly in red or white. What were they thinking? Just get some new shorts.

18 2081 DCards Yesterday 11:41 PM
by: Robochico5

Depth issues with this team?

Seems Pitino is putting an emphasis on our lack of depth but I think it's just coach speak to

11 2041 EP3031 Yesterday 10:37 PM
by: CoryfromTaylorsville

Video of Kuric getting 21 off the bench -

This week -

11 2615 NVcard Yesterday 10:26 PM
by: CardiacCardinal

Article about Junior Bridgman in Forbes

Thought you all might like to read it. Posting from my cell phone, so hopefully the link works.

4 460 2NC7FF Yesterday 10:17 PM
by: 2villecard

HotWouldn't you love to have Mahmoud's future

Multiple Pages 1 2 

You are a 7 footer with an unusual variety of skills, you are so young, you have been blessed

25 1901 Bcole Yesterday 8:43 PM
by: 4evercard

Akoy Agau is he practicing yet?

Early in the summer, before his injury, the staff was raving on how much he has improved.  Is he

1 594 Purvis Yesterday 4:06 PM
by: CoryfromTaylorsville

Back from the scrimmage - Thoughts

I had built up some big-time hope for Anas after watching his YouTube clips, then Pitino's talk

10 4267 CoryfromTaylorsville Yesterday 3:35 PM
by: MacCard

Sunday Box score


1 594 MiltandLancaster Yesterday 2:20 PM
by: BleedVille

HotAnas is a game changer out there

Multiple Pages 1 2 

No way we redshirt that guy. I don't care what he weighs. Dude can play.

36 6126 EP3031 Yesterday 1:50 PM
by: 4evercard

Live Feed of the tip off luncheon?

Anyone know? 

1 206 ghhop Yesterday 12:14 PM
by: CoryfromTaylorsville

1st Red-White Scrimmage Recap

White won the scrimmage 75-72. WHITE Jones - 18 pts, and shot 41% from the field,

5 2272 DaVille Yesterday 6:27 AM
by: DaVille

Going to the scrimmage again next week is because of Anas

I went to the scrimmage today and came away very impressed. I was a little bit worried about the

8 1583 Madcard1987 10/19/14 10:35 PM
by: send2den


Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

I live in Arizona... I am 3 hours behind you guys.. and will be at church... so not only do I no

61 3432 phenderson 10/19/14 10:20 PM

One HUGE Problem from the Scrimmage

FT shooting, 9-22, 40.9%. If we learned anything from the Championship Game it's that FT

4 1084 TheEtownCardinal 10/19/14 10:15 PM
by: doogycard

Pitino just said we need to get shoe companies out of the...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

recruiting process and more in the hands of parents and coaches.

77 5731 CoryfromTaylorsville 10/19/14 6:24 PM
by: TarBabyBlueHeel


Multiple Pages 1 2 


22 2609 JTTDMD 10/19/14 3:28 PM

Darrell Griffith Athletic Center (Photo)

House of Dunkenstein ...

5 1793 Bigeastballer 10/19/14 11:26 AM
by: Bigeastballer

Which newcomer and returner are you most excited to see Sunday?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Newcomer- I would say Shaqquan, but with his weight loss, it is questionable what type of impact

21 2332 YoungGunz23 10/19/14 12:31 AM
by: CoryfromTaylorsville

Why would Snider wear #2 when...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

#2 could/should be retired this year??

27 3354 OneToughBird 10/18/14 8:46 AM
by: DaVille

Season Tickets Being Mailed Today!

Just wanted everyone to be aware that they are mailing out the tickets today for basketball. GO

1 235 TWILLiams1980 10/18/14 8:43 AM
by: DaVille

Does ANY radio announcer/talk show host remember ....

when talking about UK (sorry to bring THEM up), that they LOST in the national championship game

4 1688 OneToughBird 10/17/14 11:19 PM
by: OneToughBird

SIAP.... ACC Vault. Have you seen it?

Nice website that holds ACC Football and basketball games. It has classic games too. I clicked

1 688 dopeordogfood 10/17/14 9:04 PM
by: CoolhandCard

Billboard spotted in NC on I-40

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Enjoy... (and welcome to the ACC) ETA: sign cycles through four messages in all

28 4671 wolfgar 10/17/14 6:02 PM
by: r0ninX

Preseason Coaches Poll

ACC has 9 teams either ranked or receiving votes. 5 ranked, 4 not. Louisville will play

13 2979 lvillefan1 10/17/14 1:09 PM
by: cardcrazyguy

Top 10 Most Important Shooters -- ESPN

Number 1 is....

16 3869 erudited 10/17/14 10:03 AM
by: Beenieson

Which 2015 Cards can become the best ever to wear their number?

0 - Terry Rozier -- Already leading scorer among 0's with 259 points.  Other 0's are Joshua

11 1277 CardGame 10/17/14 1:08 AM
by: CardGame

Jovante Parker

Check this kid out Pitino!

7 3106 lvillejj 10/16/14 9:30 PM
by: Sideburns176

Now THIS, THIS is what you call an advantage.

Multiple Pages 1 2

35 10165 Cardtillidie 10/16/14 9:23 PM
by: somecard
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