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The Yum!

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0 17643 CHBL1 1/7/13 11:52 AM
by: CHBL1

NBA going to a 2 year rule

This would be HUGE for college basketball. Probably wouldn't affect us much though.

13 710 bloodbought Today 11:03 PM
by: urcookin

Difference in talent

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I love our class coming in next year but you can tell a big difference in all star games. The

21 1831 Ulangrymidget Today 10:53 PM
by: CardinalJim

HotOfficial Derby Classic game thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Nice National Anthem.  I would make a comment about the fat lady singing at the end, not the

79 2143 NVcard Today 10:52 PM
by: Kugelcard1


He hardly got to play much this year behind Harrell. Now Harrell is back and he has even more

13 1337 CardinalChampions Today 10:52 PM
by: CardEsq

"Lot coming back, but they're going into ACC"

I replayed the Jordon Classic only to listen to Jimmy Dykes make this statemen when talking

5 541 4evercard Today 10:33 PM
by: adcorbett

What number is shaqquan Aaron in this game


6 979 swissdaddy Today 10:27 PM
by: 4evercard

1-800-Help-ASAP commercial

Jesus.. I had to mute it.  Horrible... who is their target market?

9 821 DJintheVille Today 10:11 PM
by: willthiswork

HotWhich ACC team do you want a rivalry with?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

For me, it's UNC and it isn't close. I know they have Duke and we have uk for that, but why not

43 2117 thecraphead Today 10:03 PM
by: CardTopper

at derby classic

Multiple Pages 1 2 

How's Shaw Aaron doing in the Jordan?

20 2246 TRUEATHLETE90 Today 9:48 PM
by: CardTopper

Why is the Ville not considered a so-called Blue Blood?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

I was just looking at and there was a topic asking who the blue bloods

86 6562 Rrayraydr Today 9:15 PM
by: ShadowSpawne

is WDRB blacked out for anyone else?

Is it just us over here on the Indiana side that has the displeasure of not being able to watch

8 407 TheTrainIsRollin Today 8:42 PM
by: adcorbett

HotFor all the Nike guys out soup for you

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Louisville inks new 5 yr 40 million dollar deal with Adidas according to Sportscenter update.

82 4754 IceManGervin Today 8:02 PM
by: TopCard

All Cardinal recruits need a year to develop?

First, let me preface this by saying I understand that Rick's system is more difficult than

14 1515 Ebonyman Today 7:56 PM
by: adcorbett

IMO on the whole Cal to the NBA thing

Multiple Pages 1 2 

for those who want him out at UK, IMO pay attention the the amount of guys that decide to go pro

24 5861 vette68427fk Today 7:26 PM
by: rltrace

Jaylen Johnson

This "kid" is going to be a stud. He's young. Still growing. And is only going to get

17 2671 reppintheville Today 7:24 PM
by: jimthefin

Richard to Tennessee???!!!

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

If Tennessee was smart, they would contact Richard Pitino NOW.

40 4821 bloodbought Today 7:20 PM
by: CardInAustin

JaKeenan Gant (top 50 2014 PF)

@AnthonyDasher1: JaKeenan Gant's AAU coach Michael Stokes tells me if Mizzou were to release

4 1828 keycard Today 7:15 PM
by: jimthefin

Kenny Johnson a "done deal"?

Pardon me for the Rex Chapman proclamation, but a friend of mine is claiming he heard Johnson is

6 1777 OhBannon Today 7:14 PM
by: jimthefin

Game Jerseys

Game jersey's infrared, championship and all three colors for last three seasons, warm up tops

5 1997 Rickdacatkilla Today 6:52 PM
by: Rickdacatkilla

Is the Derby Classic going to be Televised?

It has been in the past but I can't find any info on it.

19 3032 mccard Today 6:46 PM
by: Tessio

HotNight of future stars

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

For those that are there go ahead and post some updates on how our young cards look! Thanks!

50 4701 Cardinalbred90 Today 6:30 PM
by: reppintheville

4 Keys for next year

1.Vocal leadership: Didn't really see a lot this year. When It came to crunch time Russ or

3 538 madtownCard Today 5:28 PM
by: adcorbett

HotFrank Haith to Tulsa

Multiple Pages 1 2 

33 3794 finalfourcard Today 3:18 PM
by: StayClassy

Over/Under UK fans @DC

Friday Night at Freedom Hall. There are NO UK players nor unsigned guys looking at UK in the

12 2166 madtownCard Today 3:02 PM
by: bigdogcard

HotUK fans that say Pitino selfishly talks players out of declaring

Multiple Pages 1 2 

UK fans that say Pitino selfishly influences players to stay in school instead of declaring for

35 2764 GoshShamgosh Today 2:42 PM
by: 3rdandBlunder

Arvydas Sabonis son signs with Gonzaga.

If Lithuania hadn't been part of the Soviet Union in the 80s Arvydas Sabonis would have easily

16 2126 beauxregard Today 12:58 PM
by: KerryRhodes


How does this guy shoot from 3????

13 4085 bloodbought Today 12:45 PM
by: BLF2145

My thoughts on how we will stand up in our first year in the ACC

Men's basketball-I think we're going to shock a lot of people here.  Our program has final four

10 1766 4evercard Today 12:43 PM
by: BLF2145

Maybe everything that is wrong with the SEC...

All in one tragic video. I have never been a conference honk before, but this almost drives me

8 1428 CardatWork Today 12:03 PM
by: urcookin

KDF Roll Call

Who's going tonight? What section? Also, Who are you most looking forward to seeing tonight?

0 192 reppintheville Today 11:46 AM
by: reppintheville

Word from inside their program

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

...Cal is gone.  TIFWIW not sure if I believe it

113 13904 wkuCardinal Today 9:40 AM
by: JunkYardCard

In regards to what schools are considered Blue Bloods . . .

The following paragraph from an article concerning which top 50 schools have a realistic chance

9 1760 beauxregard Today 8:29 AM
by: JunkYardCard

Gorgui related tweets from Marc Stein

@ESPNSteinLine: Didn't know til I actually looked at my ballots today on turn-in day that I had

7 4416 soxfanmofo Today 8:25 AM
by: tanmarino

Kenny Johnson

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Is this IU assistant in the running to replace Coach Keatts?

24 4176 JG4UL Yesterday 9:59 PM
by: osarusan

Jabari Parker declares for the NBA draft.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Our path to an ACC championship in our first season just got a little easier. 

23 2327 thisbirdhasclaws Yesterday 8:28 PM
by: kujhawks18

Cauley-Stein staying at UK

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Can't wait to hear the Cat fans spin this, since they all believe Harrell made a huge mistake by

71 7574 keycard Yesterday 8:12 PM
by: kujhawks18

ulric maligi

Another assistant that's being talked about being a replacement

0 840 StephDa2 Yesterday 7:00 PM
by: StephDa2

Hot3 Louisville basketball signees in Derby Classic

Multiple Pages 1 2 


26 2431 TechCard Yesterday 6:52 PM
by: NewYorkCard

Chris Jones tweet

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Chris Jones  ‏ @ iAM_UNGUARDABLE     43m Playing for louisville another year want hurt

50 5835 DannyMitchell Yesterday 5:11 PM
by: DaVille
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