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Re: Illini fan needs help posting on this site

Posted: 11/12/2011 11:01 AM

Re: Illini fan needs help posting on this site 

I had that problem too, and fixed it with the same approach Nova used.

NOVAIlliniFan wrote:
JackLyman wrote: I just received a message from one of our posters.  He has a new computer and is having problems posting.  If anyone knows what might be the problem, please share it here.  Thanks.  I have enclosed his message below:

"When I try to post with my new computer, the text of the post is entered,  the post is credited to me but my comments are missing.  I now hit the preview button, and the comments I enter vanish.  Any idea what the problem may be?  I can stll post on my older computer, but it is agonizingly slow."
I had, and still have, the same problem.  It happens when I open the site on the new Internet Explorer.  So, I switched to Google Chrome and I have no trouble.  Give that a try to see if it works.
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