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Re: My suggestion to fellow Illini: use the blocklist


Posted: 10/6/2011 9:13 PM

Re: My suggestion to fellow Illini: use the blocklist 

Iagreewithsp wrote: I've realized that a small percentage of users ruin my experience here.  They have thousands of posts to their name, yet rarely say anything of value.  That minority lowers my overall opinion of our fanbase and it's not fair, so it's time to hit the "mute" button.  

I "ignored" a few folks that are incapable of having a realistic view of our program.  One overly negative nelly, and two that must be on heavy drugs to look at a scenario and see the hallucinations they claim they see (need I say more?).

Give it a try--I think you'll find your experience here is more fulfilling once you weed out the outliers that are incapable of a seriously, thoughtful, and informed discourse.   

PS: the best part is if those folks reply to this thread, I won't even see it!

Blocklist usage
Thank you I am now blocking your posts.
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