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Re: HELP TOPIC: How to add an avatar (picture) to your username


Posted: 7/10/2011 4:55 PM

Re: HELP TOPIC: How to add an avatar (picture) to your username 

How to Create a Custom Avatar picture

I. Select your Picture 
Note: if you don't want to create a custom picture for your avatar, skip to the "Find a pre-made picture for your Avatar" below

1.) Find a picture on the internet or on your computer that you want to use.  You can find pictures on the internet by going to and doing a search for something then after the search is complete, click "Images" on the left hand side once the screen.

2.) If the picture is located on the internet save it to your computer.  For those familiar on how to do this skip to "Crop your Picture" section, otherwise instructions are as follows:

---2a.) First navigate your web browser to a fullsize picture (i.e. if you did a search for pictures of dogs and a bunch of pictures of dogs show up, then click on one of them to get to the fullsize image).

---2b.) Make sure your web browser isn't maximized (some of your desktop is showing)

---2c.) Place your cursor over the picture you want to use

---2d.) Left Click and hold the left button on your mouse 

---2e.) Drag the picture to your desktop and release


You can just use the mouse Right Click dialog box option Select "Save Image as" (or similar text depending upon browser) 

II. Crop your Picture

1.) Open the "Quick JPEG Image Resize and Crop" software

2.) Drag and drop (left click mouse button & hold) the picture file from your desktop into the picture area of the software.  Your image will appear in the window.

3.) Move your cursor over the picture

4.) Left click & hold left mouse button.  Drag your cursor diagonally and release button -- a red rectangle will appear which will be your crop area, don't worry about getting it perfect as you can adjust it in a minute.  It should look like this (except the picture and the numbers in the boxes will obviously be different)

5.) You can change the size of crop area by placing your cursor over one of the little red squares and selecting/dragging with your left mouse button

6.) You can move the crop box by placing your cursor in the center of the crop area and left click/dragging around.  

7.) Remember, you want to create a SQUARE picture.  To do this easily, once you have the approximate crop size - change either the crop height or width numbers located on the right side of the picture so they match one another.  

8.) Once you have the crop size square and located where you want it, select the crop button located under the crop numbers on the right hand side.

9.) Keep the "Quick JPEG Image Resize software" open and go to the "Resize your Picture" section below

III. Resize your Picture

1.) Change the numbers in the lower left hand corner in the custom section to "100" x "100"

2.) Select the large Save as.. button in the upper right hand corner.  Save your new file and give it a unique name -- remember where you saved it as you still need to upload it.

3.) Go to the "Upload your avatar picture" section below

IV. Skip to the "Upload your avatar picture to" section below

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Last edited 9/26/2011 10:21 AM by TeamworkOrange

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