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Re: HELP TOPIC: How to post a Picture


Posted: 5/8/2011 6:16 PM

Re: HELP TOPIC: How to post a Picture 

How to select an Image Hosting Website

After doing a quick google search I found a multitude of websites that offer free image hosting. There isn't enough time in the day for me to review all of them and tell you which ones are the best.  Here is a website that rates the top 10 image so hopefully the information is accurate.  If you have any input on particular image hosting websites, please add your comments to this thread.  I've found that once you get the account set up (just takes a 1-2 minutes) that they are very easy to use.  

In your search for an image hosting site you should consider the following:

1.) Cost of the site? If you are just posting to InsideIllini, I would recommend the free ones. You can also buy upgrades on the free sites if you require additional bandwidth or other features.

2.) Will the website allow hotlinking? For example, posting to InsideIllini website) 

3.)  Whate image File Formats supported? This will depend upon which type of images you plan to post (i.e. JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, TIFF, SWF, etc).  

4.) Maximum file size? (unless you are getting into spreadsheets with a lot of text and need higher resolution then 1 Megabyte should be enough)

5.) What are the Bandwidth restrictions? For those who don't understand what bandwidth is, it is the measure of data passed through the network over a period of time.  Image hosting websites usually restrict the amount of bandwidth per month.  Just think of it as the number of times your photo would be accessed over a period of time.  If you have a 1 Mb picture and it is viewed 100 times in an InsideIllini thread, then you have have used 100 Mb of bandwidth.  If you exceed an image hosting site's bandwidth restrictions, they either cut off access to the image, or there is the possibility they might charge you for it (if you provided credit card information when you signed up).  Since InsideIllini gets a lot of traffic, it's advisable to seek image hosting sites with large amounts of bandwidth availability (i.e. Photobucket has 10 Gb per month).  Some sites have unlimited bandwidth.

6.) Ease of use (uploading pictures, viewing your pictures, logging in, etc.)

7.) There are other factors which you can pull off of this rankings page  

I personally use Photobucket, but would like to find another site that allows for larger files so spreadsheets pictures don't lose as much resolution, so I might try ImageShack later this year.   I've listed a few below:  




How to use an Image Hosting Website

Because there are so many out there, it's pointless to describe in detail how to hotlink a picture from an image hosting website to an InsideIllini post, because the details will vary depending upon the image hosting website.  However, I'll give general instructions so those unfamiliar with the concept can understand what to do.

1.) Select an an image hosting website and setup an account (if required)

2.) Upload your images from your hard drive to the image hosting website using the website's instructions.  Depending upon the website you use, they may not create thumbnail images of your images, so it would be advisable to rename your image file names to something descriptive before uploading them.

3.) Navigate the hosting website to view the image fullsize (Some hosting websites allow you to view all of your pictures as thumbnail pictures, and if you copy and paste a thumbnail picture then your resulting post will be a small thumbnail picture).  Some websites (i.e. Flicker) may be a little tricky to get to get to a fullsize image where you can copy it, so you'll have to play with the website a little bit.  

4.) Depending upon the browser you are using, use one of the "How to post a picture using..." methods previously described within this thread.  

5.) Remember if you delete or rename your picture on the image hosting website then it will disappear from your InsideIllini post.

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