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Re: HELP TOPIC: How to post a Picture


Posted: 5/8/2011 6:16 PM

Re: HELP TOPIC: How to post a Picture 

How to resize a picture using

Unfortunately these are currently the only 2 web browsers that allow you resize pictures within your post (unless you use HTML coding).  I usually use Chrome, and if I need to resize a picture after I posted it, I'll open one of these browsers and edit my post to resize them.

1.) Once you have inserted a picture into a post, but before you have actually posted it, click on the image.  You can also do this after you have posted the picture by editing your post and clicking on the picture..

2.) Little grips (squares) appear on the perimeter of the picture at all 4 corners as well as at the middle of each side.   Place your cursor in one of the corner grips, left click your mouse and hold.

3.) Drag the picture grip either smaller (towards picture center) or larger (away from picture center) to resize of the picture.  Please avoid posting huge pictures on the forum as some people are using small monitors and large pictures take up too much of their screen.  Plus the mods will most likely delete your post.

4.) You can repeat resizing the picture as many times as you like until you get the size you want, as some pictures are huge and because the posting window is small, it takes several times to get them to a manageable size.  

5.) Complete your post then select "Post" button

6.) Most importantly, after you post, check your posted picture to make sure it appears correctly.  You can always edit your post and resize again as necessary using the same method

Note: Unless you are purposely trying to distort a picture it's advisable to avoid using the grips located on the sides of top/bottom/left/right side of the picture.  When you select the side grips, it changes the aspect ratio of the picture which will result in a stretched or squashed looking picture.  When you use the corner grips it automatically keeps the aspect ratio correct.

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