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Re: HELP TOPIC: How to post a Picture


Posted: 5/8/2011 6:15 PM

Re: HELP TOPIC: How to post a Picture 

How to post a picture using

I. Drag and Drop Method (Easiest)

1.) Open two separate Safari browser windows

2.) In one browser window, open an InsideIllini posting window, and in the other one, open the picture you wish to post.  It's a good idea in the InsideIllini posting window to hit return a few times if you plan on adding text.

3.)  Arrange the browser windows (move and/or stretch) if they are overlapping so that at least a portion of the InsideIllini posting window visible if beneath the picture browser. A portion of the picture must also be visible.

4.) Place your cursor over the picture, left click your mouse and hold

5.) While holding the left button, drag the picture from one browser to the other and into the InsideIllini posting window

6.) Release left mouse button and picture should immediately appear

7.) Complete your post and select "Post" button

II. Copy and Paste Method

DO NOT USE Copy and Pate Method if you are using Safari, as it will not work.

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