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Re: HELP TOPIC: How to post a Picture


Posted: 5/8/2011 6:14 PM

Re: HELP TOPIC: How to post a Picture 

How to post a picture using

I. Copy and Paste Method (Easiest)

1.) Open InsideIllini posting window in your browser.  If you also plan on adding text, it's a good idea to hit return a several times within your posting window so you can easily add text above and/or below the posted picture.

2.) Open website with picture you want to post in another browser tab, or another browser window.    

3.) Place your cursor over the picture you wish to post, and right click with your mouse.  

4.) Select "Copy Picture" on the dialog box that popped up when you right clicked

5.) Return to InsideIllini posting window, place your cursor within the posting window and right click

6.) Select "Paste" in the dialog box that popped up.  The picture should immediately show up in your posting window.  If it does not, go back to step '2' above.   At this point you can re-size the picture if you are using Firefox or Windows Internet explorer.  See instructions later in thread on how to do so.

7.) Complete your post and select "Post" button 

If you are familiar with the copy and paste keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C = copy  & Ctrl+V= paste), you may substitute them for using the right click method described above.

II. Drag and Drop Method

This is another method you can use which is not quite as easy if you have a smaller monitor.  Basically you open 2 separate browser windows.  One with the posting window, and the other with the picture you want to post.  Place your cursor over over the picture, left click and hold.  Drag the picture into the Inside Illini posting window and then release your left click.  The picture should immediately appear in your posting window.

Note: If you are using Firefox you can drag and drop between tabs.  You can not currently do this with any other browser.   You open the tab with the picture, drag the picture up to the tab of the InsideIllini posting window and pause until the tab opens, then  you drag the picture into the posting window.

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