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Re: How do I get pictures into my posts?

Posted: 7/26/2008 3:03 PM

Re: How do I get pictures into my posts? 

Here is a story of the candidates using pictures to emphasize some of the issues involved in the 2008 presidential election. I hoped for something somewhat light on controversy because I would like to post it in political threads on otherwise non-political websites. It turned out to be easier than expected.

    Anger and the same old, same old versus hope and change:



One threatens war, one threatens peace:



One offers health care to all who can afford it, the other to all:



One threatens more of him, the other offers more like her:



One offers a childish foreign policy, the other knows when to put away childish things:



One offers a choice of home remedies, the other a choice:



One wants to spend your money teaching his enemies a lesson:



One lives in the past, one lives for the future:



One speaks to tens of people, one speaks to tens of thousands:



One is a two-time loser, the other is undefeated:



    Then, you have the way people around the world respond to Obama versus the same old McBush. John McCain is jealous of the treatment Barack Obama received on his trip to foreign lands because he KNOWS he would have received the same old Bush treatment, if anyone cared enough to show up:






    Northern Ireland



    Czech Republic





    That's compared to Obama's reception:



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