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Posted: Today 3:54 PM

Re: Bears choking 

+1 looks at how aaron rogers is freaking tearing it up while cutler is sucking it up. anyone with a brain could see that jay was not the answer, especially making him the largest cap hit against a team in the league. the bears basically mortgaged their D for his sorry ***. now they have a bad defense and a below average qb. something is wrong when forte is leading the league in receptions. bears are just dumb disbelief

TheBeastisback wrote: No. I think an 18 million dollar qb should be winning games instead of losing them. But it is the out of his league Trestman and the equally out of his league Emery that gave hime the contract.

I didn't think Lovie should have been fired.
IlliniLaw05 wrote: That's sports Beast. It isn't like the reality everyone else lives and works in. Every team in every major professional sport has overpaid for the talent/performance/production they received at one point or another. The best organizations are good at minimizing the bad money they spend. You seem to want to be mad at Cutler when really you should be mad at the GM or the Team President or the overall system that has allowed the going rate for an average QB like Cutler, Romo, Flacco, Ryan or Stafford, etc. to be $100m. Or perhaps you should focus your disappointment towards NFL fans that feed the machine so that the product on or off the field really doesn't matter because butts will fill the seats and eyeballs will tune into the television regardless of the quality.
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