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Projected baseball lineups for this weekend ...


Posted: 02/13/2013 3:59 PM

Projected baseball lineups for this weekend ... 

CF Derek Campbell JR
C Andrew Knapp JR
1B Devon Rodriguez JR
SS Chris Paul SO
3B Max Dutto FR
DH Mitchell Kranson FR
RF Jacob Wark JR
2B Mike Reuvekamp JR
LF Brian Celsi RFR

Surprised that Campbell's leading off, firstly, but not that he's in CF. He's been there much of the fall and all of the spring. He played WR in HS, catching passes from Matt Barkley, so he can go get it out there. Knapp batting second feels weird to me. He's got a little quickness, but not the speed I'd like in the 2-hole. I can see him settling in to the third or fourth spot once the season goes on.

Rodriguez being back at first is a great sign for the Bears, as they won't have to use Kranson (5-foot-8) over there, and just let his bat play.

Wark in right field is not as ungainly as you would think. He's actually pretty agile for his size, and has a decent enough arm. 

Would not be shocked to see Celsi and Campbell flip spots in the lineup, or to see Devin Pearson get some run in left or right field at some point during the run-up to conference play, because someone is going to have to be able to replace Wark when he has to leave for spring football.

The rotation is:
Michael Theofanopoulos JR LHP
Justin Jones SR LHP
Kyle Porter JR LHP

David Esquer on starting an entire weekend rotation of lefties: 

“I’ve never done it before, so I don’t know. Ryan Mason’s there just in case, and Keaton [Siomkin], and [LHP Chris] Muse-Fisher, another left. I think [FR Jake] Shulz has been impressive, very impressive. Dylan Nelson has been impressive. Trevor Hildenberger is going to get a shot, because he throws from a lower arm slot. We’re going to find out what the opponent looks like, so those are going to be the kids who are going to get a lot of opportunity.”

Ryan Gorcey
Publisher, &
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