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The Bulldog Diner

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Unbelieveable..... CTA at'r ag'in.....

Multiple Pages 1 2 

& the Lefties in charge scramble all over themselves to please the Teachers Union

25 292 RaisinsofWrath Yesterday 5:19 PM
by: CaliforniaStateBulldogs

Potentially great news

Maybe Obamacare's starting to come apart at the seams -- into it's death agonies, so to speak.

10 213 fsc1957alum 07/25/14 6:03 PM
by: SoCalValleyDog

Out-of-state tuition at Fresno State

If you look at the tuition in US News for Fresno State you will find: In-state tuition $6,286

2 119 RumRaisin 07/25/14 3:27 PM
by: modestobulldog

Here we go

7 189 Sparatore 07/24/14 4:09 PM
by: CoachFord

Is this a great country or what???

I'm sitting here with a letter from the IRS, sent by certified mail, claiming I owe $513 for

8 260 fsc1957alum 07/21/14 9:00 AM
by: babydaddyschlegel12

California Removes 'Husband' and 'Wife' from California Marriage

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed a bill Monday to formally make marriage gender-neutral to

90 449 Sparatore 07/21/14 6:29 AM
by: CoachFord

This pretty much sums it up...

1 95 LuDog70 07/20/14 12:05 PM
by: SoCalValleyDog

Anyone here with some expertise on feline behaviour?

My cat, about 2 years old, won't drink water from a dish. He was found by some guy when he was a

2 89 fsc1957alum 07/19/14 9:09 AM
by: LuDog70

I didn't realize that the Ukrainian's had French blood

Ukraine is's feable.

10 293 CaliforniaStateBulldogs 07/18/14 2:55 PM
by: CoachFord


Multiple Pages 1 2 

HE...He.....he...he..he....can't wait....

21 343 RaisinsofWrath 07/17/14 2:10 PM
by: CoachFord

Texas is Number One Again!

This time, they seem to be the top supplier of weapons to drug cartels. Americans put

12 401 CoachFord 07/12/14 7:28 PM
by: ArmyDogg

Burwell vs Hobby Lobby case in 1 hour

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I think Roberts wants this case votes to be at least 6-3, either way, for his own legacy. Hobby

49 447 CaliforniaStateBulldogs 07/12/14 2:10 PM
by: SoCalValleyDog

I'm Not A Preacher

Nor am I a Biblical authority. I haven't even set foot inside a church in more than 10 years,

16 364 fsc1957alum 07/12/14 10:04 AM
by: fsc1957alum


president barak obama: president obama walked into the bank of america to cash a

10 304 CaliforniaStateBulldogs 07/10/14 6:22 AM
by: FresnoStateBulldog

I don't care what you say.

President SOB is out to destroy this country. And like Hitler had in Germany, he has his cadre

7 379 fsc1957alum 07/05/14 9:13 AM
by: fsc1957alum

Mexican Military Chopper Fires on US Border Patrol

12 389 Sparatore 07/02/14 3:03 PM
by: bullpupg2

New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism

re-affirms that the Climatistas are only about money & & power

14 292 RaisinsofWrath 06/29/14 6:13 PM
by: CoachFord

Illegal Minors

In the last two years there has been a significant increase in illegal minors (literally tens of

13 463 soupslam 06/25/14 10:40 PM
by: FresnoStateBulldog

Now's yer chance... Six state petition locations

lets split this turd up.... analysis....

5 228 RaisinsofWrath 06/23/14 8:56 AM
by: RaisinsofWrath

Want to get U.S. MARINE SGT. ANDREW TAHMOORESSI out of Mexico

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Start deporting illegal aliens by the bus load. Take them to the border and release. Line the

24 511 bullpupg2 06/20/14 8:20 PM
by: LuDog70

A law I can support.."Dog Ate My Tax Receipt Act"

“The Dog Ate My Tax Receipts Act,” taxpayers who do not provide documents requested by the

2 182 RaisinsofWrath 06/20/14 5:25 PM
by: LuDog70

Sound Familiar?

1. Corrupt the young, get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make

12 311 Sparatore 06/20/14 3:19 PM
by: Saxophoneguy2001

I thought that this was a spontaneous response to a movie?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

The Benghazi affair gets even more surreal. The White House claims that a movie caused the

43 407 CaliforniaStateBulldogs 06/20/14 9:28 AM
by: LuDog70

Here's an interesting one -- one of the fastest growing jobs

Seen in my local newspaper, june 15:  "non-managers at computer systems design companies

0 115 fsc1957alum 06/20/14 8:00 AM
by: fsc1957alum

Lois Lerner's hard drive crashed?

Because of that, she lost all the emails that were of interest to the "targeting"

19 461 fsc1957alum 06/19/14 1:32 PM
by: fightdogs

A Real Opportunity in Iraq.

The only group there with any semblance of a national identity that could iive in peace are the

11 266 CoachFord 06/19/14 7:01 AM
by: CoachFord

Time for another hashtag...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Who needs a military when the solution to everything is for some airhead tied to Obama (pajama

29 480 LuDog70 06/19/14 6:30 AM
by: CoachFord

Holy crap, my popcorn expires on June 21, 2014 also need Land-o-

Lakes butter. I need to chide the wife for buying the Challenge butter currently stocked in the

2 130 modestobulldog 06/14/14 10:36 PM
by: FresnoStateBulldog

200 U.S. contractors surrounded by jihadists in Iraq "The

9 228 Sparatore 06/13/14 10:57 PM
by: CoachFord

It's safer to be in jail

The jury's error and a judges dumb ruling set this bad guy gets killed.

4 172 CaliforniaStateBulldogs 06/13/14 10:15 AM
by: LuDog70

Seen the news about Dunkin' Donuts snacks?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Unhealthy, too many calories, shouldn't eat'em. So say the self-righteous zealots. Is there no

23 414 fsc1957alum 06/13/14 8:05 AM
by: fsc1957alum

the knickerbockers

5 216 babydaddyschlegel12 06/11/14 9:48 PM
by: FresnoStateBulldog

They were kooks, but

were those two folks in Las Vegas just a preview of what we're in for, in the future? They had

5 246 fsc1957alum 06/10/14 3:49 PM
by: soupslam

Would you have made that trade for Bergdahl?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

5 mid to high ranking Taliban prisoners for Bergdahl?   "If this deployment is lame,

25 656 CaliforniaStateBulldogs 06/10/14 9:40 AM
by: Sparatore

When do we release all captured during Afghanistan/Iraq wars?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Are holding anyone from prior wars (WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, etc). When will the

26 421 CaliforniaStateBulldogs 06/10/14 6:56 AM
by: LuDog70

Boy! That one sure sneaked up on us.

There's word now that Michelle Obama may run for congress. Who woulda thunk it? Are we blessed,

7 348 fsc1957alum 06/09/14 9:56 PM
by: bakodogfan

Here's what concerns me, maybe it concerns you, also

Every time our President illegally by-passes Congress and/or the constitution, there's a lot of

3 284 fsc1957alum 06/06/14 1:29 PM
by: CoachFord

Donald Sterling

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Mr. Sterling's team is being sold because he holds an opinion about a group of people? Who said

35 395 fsc1957alum 06/02/14 12:23 PM
by: CoachFord

A real view of where we're headed

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

If you want a realistic view of where this country's heading, pay close attention to some

43 654 fsc1957alum 05/31/14 6:36 AM
by: fsc1957alum

Is Obama a secret agent for the republican party?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The way he evades issues like IRS, NSA, Benghazi, VA, it's easy to believe he's deliberately

20 552 fsc1957alum 05/30/14 11:23 PM
by: CoachFord
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