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Re: 2012 Fan Support for Baseball


Posted: 12/28/2011 12:01 PM

Re: 2012 Fan Support for Baseball 

fsbaseballfan wrote: It's funny, I remember driving somewhere in the spring of 2008 listening to paul S.'s show on 1430 and the topic was "Things that are not as good ad they were in the 80's". One caller called in and said  "Fresno State Baseball". Later that spring the Dogs won the program's first ever National Championship. Since Coach Batesoles 1st recruiting class became juniors here are the results..

06 - 11 (6 conference titles in 6 years) average of 40 wins per season and a National Championship with 7 more All-Americans and 6 Freshman All Americans to add to the list of historic Bulldog Greats, along with a new all time Home Rune leader at Bieden Field in Tom Mendonca, Jordan Ribera leading the country in HR's in 2010,a dn maybe the best position player (from a draft perspective) of all time in sophamore Aaron Judge.

The previous runs that have defined Bulldog Baseball are......

50-62 (8 conference titles in 13 years) average of 30 wins per season (far fewer games played then) and the programs first trip to Omaha

77- 85 (8 conference titles in 9 years) average of 43 wins per season plus the 54 win season (not to skew it but there were many division 2 teams scheduled in these days, that takes nothing away from these great teams however)

88-95 (6 conference titles in 8 years) average of 42 wins per season, 2 trips to Omaha, and the 56 win season (88 team was loaded)

Not to mention all of the Big Leagers, All American's, and All confernece players that have come through Fresno State

My point is that baseball at Fresno State is in another heyday and it is happening right before our eyes, with all of the uncertainty in our athletic department these days, sub par programs, and general discontent with the atmosphere around these parts, Bulldog Baseball is carrying on the tradition set forth by Coach Bieden and Coach Bennett. If we want to see Fresno State baseball take the next step we need the kind of fan support that this place had in the 80's when that stadium was the only one on the west coast. Other programs have caught up and past us in many regards as it relates to funding and facilities. The SEC, which was once an afterthough in baseball has built cathedrals with all of it's BCS money, the Pac 12 and Big 12 crushes our funding even at its doormat schools. Don't let what has happened to Football happen with baseball. Butts in the seats changes everything. Make Bieden as tough a place to play as it once was and the success of Fresno State Baseball will continue to grow and maybe even reach new heights. Don't let the commings and goings of administrators stop the foundation built by Coach Beiden, the vision launched by Coach Bennett, and the national stage reached by Coach Batesole. Go Dogs!!!
Great post. You should consider throwing it up on the main board
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