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Bark Board

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PinnedVisiting fans please read - Parking/Hotel/restaurant information

So I figured we'd have a thread for this and y'all would post knowledge of the Fresno area, and

19 1724 ROFLCOPTERofDoom 08/28/14 9:51 AM

PinnedThe Rules - please read

No trolling. No spamming. No personal attacks, on posters, players, or recruits. There's a

3 6397 ROFLCOPTERofDoom 01/11/14 6:29 AM
by: JacksonMoore

PinnedForum tutorials - creating links and linking images

Instructions on how to create a link on the forum. Paste your link into the text box, if it

11 14836 retrofade 11/02/13 3:48 AM
by: NeonNoodle77

Time to step up Bulldog fans and support this team!

These kids need our support so let's pack the stadium this Saturday!  There is nothing worse

1 72 joenamath12 Today 6:44 PM
by: tommypm1

Kicker tryouts

The football team will be holding tryouts for full-time Fresno State students to be a kicker on

17 652 DogPoundStudent Today 6:40 PM
by: bluedog15

HotHow did FS coaches not see Burrell was a below average QB?

I just don't understand what these coaches could of been seeing. They need to put Burrell to the

29 1653 dgfan4life Today 6:29 PM
by: ZK686

Soccer and LaX Field

Is there any reason why this area can't still be used for tailgating? I've seen other U's use

9 292 SoCalValleyDog Today 6:23 PM
by: LuDog70

HotTypical BB overreaction

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Fresno State will finish with a winning record.  They have played three strong P5 teams and

45 2206 Reality95 Today 6:11 PM
by: flash802

OK, Time To Lick Our Wounds, and get Ready For Southern Utah!!

.......This game is exactly what some are saying that we needed in the first place. To build

3 226 goBulldogs01 Today 4:50 PM
by: Dogpit63

Bark Board Tailgate - Southern Utah

Hello everyone, You are all welcome to join in on the Bark Board tailgate this Saturday prior

1 157 JacksonMoore Today 3:50 PM
by: NutDog it our leadership, the talent level or both?

What is your assessment of the real issue? Obviously we have issues at the corner position, no

26 1695 Vegasdog1 Today 3:38 PM
by: LuDog70

HotThis team is the worst I've seen in 30 years.. Embarrassing!!!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I've been following this program closely for 30 years and this is the worst team we've put on

40 2228 NoCalDog Today 3:06 PM
by: 559notown

Derek vs David - NFL Game Logs

Just thought it was kind of interesting to compare stats after a couple games. It's still

6 342 QBUBulldogs Today 2:52 PM
by: 559notown

career highs

Is it me or has every opposing quarterback had a record breaking game against Fresno this

14 807 naijaboy Today 1:51 PM
by: thatfresnodude

Bulldog spirit

Last year I took my kids to their first bulldog game. It was a great game, they had a great

9 506 jed297 Today 12:59 PM
by: 2XDogbacker

HotCould Coach Hill have been back2back MW champion?

Everyone knows the past two years were pat hills team. Derek Carr was probably the best player

25 871 BulldogBenji Today 12:31 PM
by: 559notown

Forget the QB controversy

What can we do to fix the D? What happened to all the hype about the improvements on the

9 480 scottydawg Today 11:45 AM
by: scottydawg

Thanks Fresno, good luck

I had a blast this weekend in Fresno. Of course I am happy my Nebraska Cornhuskers dominated,

8 1092 AnaheimHusker Today 7:59 AM
by: babydaddyschlegel12

Ryan Mathews out 4-5 weeks with knee injury. His MRI revealed a

sprain of the MCL (medial collateral ligament) and he will not be playing for over a month...

6 403 redroadster Today 7:45 AM
by: LorenzoNeal

My apologies to QuickSilver Messenger Service

However I felt like a stranger on the land that I was born. I have witnessed some strange

6 598 SanDiegoSteve Today 7:28 AM
by: 559notown

Let's do 2002 all over again...

Historical fun fact: The 2002 season, the first "post Carr era" after DC1

8 698 johnjayjay Today 2:21 AM
by: NoCalDog

Suddenly 8-4 doesn't look so bad any more...

People are irrational. They grow tired of being merely respectable and blame the coach --

12 881 Yoda Yesterday 11:01 PM
by: SteveBurnes

The numbers don't lie.....and it's ugly.

If you look at Fresno State's last six games going back to the San Jose State game this past

2 509 MERdoggie Yesterday 10:22 PM
by: SteveBurnes

From First to Worst: Fixing What's Wrong on Offense

After lighting up the Mountain West Conference the past couple of year, the Fresno State offense

6 970 FightOnTwist Yesterday 9:37 PM
by: fsudog86

As if things couldn't get any weirder

Pat's going to be the analyst for Campus Insiders/MWN broadcast against Southern Utah.

3 548 SJMDog Yesterday 8:04 PM
by: SanDiegoSteve

Can we bring back Carr?

Myles Carr. I wonder if pure read option with Carr would give us better results than what

4 344 toadlife Yesterday 6:06 PM
by: Robblake

OT: To add injury to insult...

Thanks Warren Buffett: Fresno State

4 757 ZK686 Yesterday 3:35 PM
by: ZK686

QB Competition Still Open

Per DeRuyter's press conference.

11 760 FightOnTwist Yesterday 2:32 PM
by: chaindog

Fresno State Press Conference

Tim Deruyter's weekly press conference will be at 11 AM PT today. It is on the Mountain West

11 699 DogPoundStudent Yesterday 1:32 PM
by: 5150dogfan

What happened to all of the online fans?

Normally we are at about 400 to 500 fans.  It's almost mid-day and there's like 270 fans online.

6 493 CaliforniaStateBulldogs Yesterday 1:09 PM
by: MrGeologist

Ill cheer derek, but i can never cheer the raiders

My tolerance for bad football has a limit.

13 482 mxpro32 Yesterday 12:56 PM
by: LorenzoNeal

Ex-DC as head coach and we are dead last....

in defense.

7 1026 1buffdog Yesterday 8:18 AM
by: tommypm1

Finally it's Gameday!!

Dog House Grill was a blast last night, met lots of great Bulldog fans. Now watch a few games

13 948 OregonHuskerGBR Yesterday 8:16 AM
by: MrGeologist

Updated Nebraska fan attendance.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Update from Nebraska Rivals site: Now they are forecasting well over 15,000 + Nebraska Fans at

40 3693 OregonHuskerGBR 09/14/14 9:31 PM
by: Angularvelocity

Glad to see the stadium full last night....

at least our fans showed up after the first two dismal outings by the Dogs.

7 717 1buffdog 09/14/14 9:06 PM
by: DogPoundStudent

nice article on the dogs:A Big Red Embarrassment

Nebraska vs. Fresno State game recap: A Big Red Embarrassment read the whole article at:

2 890 reydog1 09/14/14 8:10 PM
by: ZK686

The Good, Bad, and Ugly.

Gettting a bit harder to find Good, but it's there: Harper continues to show that he is the

3 490 CoachFord 09/14/14 7:04 PM
by: RumRaisin

A few thoughts and observations.

Hello and good morning fellow barkboarders!!! I'm Eric from 50/50 sports.  I just have a few

10 1080 ericb09 09/14/14 7:00 PM
by: ericb09

Ryan Mathews?

What is the deal with him? It is either injuries or inconsistent play. It is very frustrating.

2 561 GoooooDogs 09/14/14 4:20 PM
by: GoooooDogs

Tight End position

I will say it one last time, work in the TE position in this offense ASAP coaches! From my

9 358 jed297 09/14/14 4:06 PM
by: jed297

PollGuess Next Week's Announced Attendance

11 862 Yoda 09/14/14 3:33 PM
by: 1buffdog

Southern Utah- Can we lose?

Yes, we've had some bad losses over the years, but I don't remember us losing to an FCS school,

12 738 portlandog 09/14/14 3:26 PM
by: winthewac

Fresno State vs. Nebraska - Official Game Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...8 9 10 

About 10 minutes until gametime. Nebraska fans are here in full force and loud. If the 'Dogs can

367 2783 JacksonMoore 09/14/14 1:57 PM
by: footballboyz

What I noticed: Discipline issues

I went to the game and then watched just about the whole thing on t.v. Who also agrees there

0 470 fsdogfan4life4 09/14/14 1:40 PM
by: fsdogfan4life4

My Vow for the Rest of 2014

While my language at last nights game was not vile or wildly profane - and no one outwardly

0 346 KibbleAndBits 09/14/14 11:19 AM
by: KibbleAndBits

If we played a cupcake schedule

Half of you would be talking about how good we look & that we need to be ranked.we play 3

26 1326 twisted11 09/14/14 9:48 AM
by: Dogpit63

Boston college up 20-17 on usc at the half


6 330 mxpro32 09/14/14 9:09 AM
by: dcpatters


This is worse than 2011... Disappointed in what we have in Leaders. Looking for them, just not

7 676 gottafever4cowbell 09/14/14 8:47 AM
by: Technohead

Is it basketball season yet? First time in a long time that....

that I looking forward to basketball starting at FS...and just wanting a re-do start to the

0 121 Vegasdog1 09/14/14 8:30 AM
by: Vegasdog1

It's time to start firing people

DeRuyter bears full responsibility for this terrible product. The offense is beyond bad. Schramm

12 1354 CaliforniaStateBulldogs 09/14/14 7:36 AM
by: FresnoStateBulldog
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