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PinnedVisiting fans please read - Parking/Hotel/restaurant information

So I figured we'd have a thread for this and y'all would post knowledge of the Fresno area, and

23 3312 ROFLCOPTERofDoom 11/09/14 7:16 PM
by: FresnoFacts

PinnedThe Rules - please read

No trolling. No spamming. No personal attacks, on posters, players, or recruits. There's a

3 8365 ROFLCOPTERofDoom 01/11/14 6:29 AM
by: JacksonMoore

PinnedForum tutorials - creating links and linking images

Instructions on how to create a link on the forum. Paste your link into the text box, if it

11 18077 retrofade 11/02/13 3:48 AM
by: NeonNoodle77

Game Ball

I would give Burrell one. If he can play like that and continue to improve then he may be the QB

19 786 BulldogMike Today 12:19 PM
by: jimsgig

Why no more outcries?

I don't see anyone here calling for Burrell's head this week. Now you see what a few of us were

16 484 fsc1957alum Today 12:15 PM
by: LorenzoNeal

Defense gives up only 353 yards, championship ball playing.

That is what I like to see!

0 17 1buffdog Today 12:12 PM
by: 1buffdog

Nevada D = Dirty

The deliberate head-to-head on Waller.  The best was seeing that scumbag Hekking walk off a

18 617 CoachFord Today 12:00 PM
by: 1IvyDog

Hawkins... Really annoyed by

1. Waller- I was clearly head to head and clearly a concussion from the start. That was obvious

6 252 thedude15 Today 11:48 AM
by: JAdogs05

Hawaii Rallied!!

If they were to beat us next week(I sure hope not), could they get the nod to the MWC

3 644 dogsoftucson Today 11:40 AM
by: ZagFan559

The offense the last two games...

The Bulldog offense the last two games has finally gone "all in" on more of a run

5 372 johnjayjay Today 11:28 AM
by: ZagFan559

Tyeler Davison

Best game I've seen a DL play at FS in a long time. IMO more impactful than some of the games

9 531 JAdogs05 Today 11:21 AM
by: jeclaibor

Boise #25 in coaches poll Colorado State up to #21 (Marshall #20

Nice to see Colorado State close the gap on Marshall. Also nice to have two teams in the MW

1 102 thedude15 Today 11:20 AM
by: thedude15


If Waller has a concussion, I dont know how serious, he could be out out for the Hawaii game,

2 90 sbbulldog85 Today 11:18 AM
by: sbbulldog85

OK, it is time. Let's hear your prediction. The game is on.... after tomorrow, in Reno.  What you got? I actually think we are gonna pull this one

29 1521 redroadster Today 10:39 AM
by: waterdog1

Game Prediction: Hawaii vs. Fresno State

I'll start this one off: Bulldogs 45, Hawaii 17

2 163 DogFan8 Today 10:35 AM
by: waterdog1

The Team Has Accepted the Challenge

For all that has happened with this season, when it came time for the team to step up, every

3 206 fsudog Today 10:26 AM
by: fsudog

credit, where credit is due.

BB the past two weeks has played night and day better than the way he played earlier. The o

1 168 ericb09 Today 10:15 AM
by: LuDog70

HotWhat the h-ell is wrong with women's soccer and lax

Multiple Pages 1 2 

per the; "At

57 1963 doggEstyle Today 9:29 AM
by: CoachFord

HotFresno State at Nevada Official Game Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...10 11 12 

Just about to kick off. I'm live here from the press box in Reno! Let me know if there's

456 3866 JacksonMoore Today 9:02 AM
by: fire1977

Great win but

I am so sick of us lining up in shotgun when we have less than a yard to go. Put burrell under

2 392 559notown Today 8:28 AM
by: firetown1

The defense last two games...

The defense the last two games (minus a couple of explosive plays) has looked A LOT like the

2 348 johnjayjay Today 8:18 AM
by: DogFan8

Good win, bring on our real rivals. Bring the screwdriver.

Hawai'i and their voodoo magic should be an interesting game. I hope we don't screw up our

1 263 doggEstyle Today 7:46 AM
by: chaindog

Win 2, get back to the Blue!

Destiny is in our hands!

29 2357 jmckune Today 1:31 AM
by: mxpro32

Great watching the growth of DC2 on my favorite pro team

Here is an article that I think sums it up so far.  Wasn't it interesting how good the Raiders

10 614 1buffdog Yesterday 10:58 PM
by: dogday63

What did Batesole say about Boeh? And does anyone...

...have an audio link? I gather from the MWC board that he really trashed him... Yoda

0 607 Yoda Yesterday 6:17 PM
by: Yoda

OT: baby clothes

With Christmas coming up I want to get my 16 month old niece her first piece of Bulldog gear.

7 258 559notown Yesterday 5:51 PM
by: FresnoStateBulldogFan

Nevada 6.5 favorites

With a predicted score of 24.8 to 27.7. Hows that work?

4 526 mxpro32 Yesterday 5:17 PM
by: LorenzoNeal

Paint reno RED. Free Bus ride & ticket 9am Thursday

Awesome to see the U stepping up and sending students and fans to reno for free.  Shout out to

8 956 GreenV559 Yesterday 2:06 PM
by: fire1977

CONFIRMED: Fresno State Athletics Director Named

5 1285 ncaafanatic029 Yesterday 8:07 AM
by: SJMDog

What hotel in Reno?

Where is everyone staying in Reno?  I am at the Silver Legacy.  See you all

11 556 scaldog 11/21/14 10:31 PM
by: BattleReady

Waller status for Nevada


2 594 1buffdog 11/21/14 9:22 PM
by: durtesanch

Here's the video link to the AD announcement... Yoda out... .

21 1266 Yoda 11/21/14 6:57 PM
by: ZagFan559


Multiple Pages 1 2 


50 2997 bulldog50 11/21/14 6:50 PM
by: FresnoFacts

Carr on in Prime time

Maybe what the Raiders have been needing to finally get their first "W" is to play in

9 840 GreenV559 11/21/14 10:09 AM
by: GreenV559

New Fresno State Athletics Director

Something interesting came from website College AD this morning. Fresno State looks like it's

32 3202 ncaafanatic029 11/20/14 5:17 PM
by: ncaafanatic029

Athletic Director Official Announcement

Fresno State Director of Athletics Press Conference Friday - 10 a.m. A

0 426 FightOnTwist 11/20/14 4:57 PM
by: FightOnTwist

Bee article on burrells character I have to say i liked what i saw from

0 312 mxpro32 11/20/14 1:51 PM
by: mxpro32

Nevada is not a natural rival

Nevada joined division 1A football in 1992, the year Fresno State joined the WAC 1995 was first

16 1291 sbbulldog85 11/20/14 12:39 PM
by: WolfPackJack

Anybody else fed up with Toth and/or Schramm?

Sorry if this has been over-discussed. I've been away for a bit. I admit I know not much

20 1133 scottydawg 11/20/14 8:52 AM
by: durtesanch

remember what happen the last time we came off a bye week

i hope this weekend isn't a repeat performance of the last time we came off a bye week.

1 290 reydog1 11/19/14 1:20 PM
by: LorenzoNeal

will the dogs continue to do what has worked for them ?

In all four of their victories this season, they have run the football more times than they

1 282 reydog1 11/19/14 1:10 PM
by: LorenzoNeal

What grade would you give the season if we go 3-0

the next three weeks?  Yes 7-6 and winning the MW would be a much better spot than where we

21 1254 thedude15 11/19/14 5:56 AM
by: Jiminfresno


Multiple Pages 1 2 

Any information out there on his injury update?

49 4013 FresnoStateBulldogFan 11/18/14 4:27 PM

Mountain West Tie-Breaker Explained

When I was on-air last Wednesday with Tony, we discussed the possible scenarios that could

16 1446 FightOnTwist 11/18/14 3:01 PM
by: SoCalValleyDog

OT: Top 25 Bachelor’s in Human Resources Degrees

Ranked by Graduation Rates 2014. 'Dogs make the list along with a few other Western

3 439 GreenV559 11/18/14 8:59 AM
by: LorenzoNeal

What does Alabama do to continue living in the top 5?

Since 2008 Alabama has been in the top 5 defensively, not allowing over 300 yards a season and

18 886 1buffdog 11/18/14 6:59 AM
by: 559notown

On the Carrs' training facility(s)

2 795 IbarHarry 11/17/14 10:13 PM
by: Robblake

Harper and Smith in the Senior Bowl

Josh Harper and Derron Smith have been invited (And Accepted) to the Senior Bowl per Bleacher

3 436 Brodude 11/17/14 3:16 PM
by: babydaddyschlegel12

OT: Just Got Officially Engaged Tonight At The Alumni House...

...time to become an honest man it seems. Gonna marry my college sweetheart, also a Dog...we met

22 1190 Dogs4Me 11/17/14 1:55 PM
by: Dogs4Me

Bee Video of Fan's Cell Phone Light Show Saturday Night

The Bee posted a short video of the fans lighting up the stadium Saturday night. The video

22 1773 FresnoFacts 11/17/14 11:00 AM
by: RedLadyDog
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