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PinnedRookie Report: OL & DL (IN)

Here is our rookie report on the freshmen & newcommers on the offensive and defensive

0 264 JacksonMoore 08/24/14 8:17 PM
by: JacksonMoore

PinnedVisiting fans please read - Parking/Hotel/restaurant information

So I figured we'd have a thread for this and y'all would post knowledge of the Fresno area, and

19 1084 ROFLCOPTERofDoom 08/28/14 9:51 AM

PinnedVIDEO -- Brandon Connette Scrimmage Highlights (IN)

Here's some video of Brandon Connette at Saturday's scrimmage.  VIDEO -- Brandon Connette

1 877 FightOnTwist 08/15/14 10:47 AM
by: mxpro32

PinnedVIDEO -- Fresno State Wide Receiver Highlights (IN)

Here's some video I shot of the wide receivers practicing before the scrimmage. Highlights by

0 558 FightOnTwist 08/14/14 10:31 AM
by: FightOnTwist

PinnedThe Rules - please read

No trolling. No spamming. No personal attacks, on posters, players, or recruits. There's a

3 5913 ROFLCOPTERofDoom 01/11/14 6:29 AM
by: JacksonMoore

PinnedForum tutorials - creating links and linking images

Instructions on how to create a link on the forum. Paste your link into the text box, if it

11 13996 retrofade 11/02/13 3:48 AM
by: NeonNoodle77

HotGame thread (Official)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...7 8 9 

Anyone know when this is going up?

343 2184 madtown28 Today 9:32 PM
by: jimsgig

What do ya think..... Burrell or Connette?

I lean Burrell.....

17 527 RaisinsofWrath Today 9:25 PM
by: jimsgig

BSU fans feel your pain.

Sorry dogs.  Some bright spots I noticed. O line and Waller had a good night.

0 28 halfmanhalfbronco Today 9:22 PM
by: halfmanhalfbronco

Unit grades?

Qbs: C- too many turnovers, but each drove the field for tds without much help from the

2 118 mxpro32 Today 9:18 PM
by: winthewac

HotSJSU gets only 10,000 for first game.......

31 1524 RagingBulldog Today 9:15 PM
by: mxpro32

OT: Wow cheerleaders should be drug tested

This girl was on one big time...

15 1254 GreenV559 Today 9:15 PM
by: Dogpit63

So what can we do to get back on top next year


3 266 hereboy Today 9:12 PM
by: slipperypete9696

Philip Thomas Waived

Honestly, I'm glad he's out of that trainwreck in DC. Hope he catches on and gets a fresh

1 67 jmckune Today 9:12 PM
by: winthewac

Dog Talk

Does it still exist? If so, how do I listen/ dial in?

4 216 bulldogFSU Today 9:02 PM
by: RaisinsofWrath

One bright spot, our offensive line

Our qbs werent rushed, and we actually had a run game.

3 130 mxpro32 Today 9:00 PM
by: jed297

the goal is still the MW title (3 peat) and we can still do that

Shoot last years team could not compete against elite competition so no surprise this years team

2 260 thedude15 Today 8:57 PM
by: FresnoStateBulldogFan

Prediction Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

I know it's a little early but I can't wait another day! Let's get this started! 27-24 DOGS!!

194 3859 5HONDA Today 8:54 PM
by: mxpro32

One more observation and question

When Connette first came in, Schramm switched to a more run option attack. We went right down

3 175 madtown28 Today 8:46 PM
by: madtown28

Worst freaking Tackling


2 206 Vegasdog1 Today 8:33 PM
by: 1buffdog

Ever wonder what the 2013 SJSU game would look like without Carr

Our DB's were so out of position against USC, I really am not sure how good USC's O will be

3 197 5150dogfan Today 8:30 PM
by: NoCalDog

Well at least we knew the Defense was returning 8 Starters

We expected the offense to take awhile to get on track with a new QB. However we felt the

0 138 Jiminfresno Today 8:21 PM
by: Jiminfresno

What needs to happen with the offense.

I think USC is top 10 talent so it's hard to get a real read on this team. I know our O and D

3 240 madtown28 Today 8:14 PM
by: TruePlaYaz

Everybody needs to just chill...

Hawaii is beating Chris Peterson Put some Jake Shimabukuro, and Jack Johnson on in the

0 195 BahaMan Today 8:09 PM
by: BahaMan

This bring back CPH notion needs to stop...

Ya he did bring the team national recognition. And ALMOST beat USC, A&M, and Wisconsin

6 286 wetElectric Today 8:09 PM
by: 12and4

HotBuck Foise

That is all.

36 1631 CoachFord Today 7:59 PM
by: darkflame

Missed Tackles

I really thought our defense was going to be better than last year, especially since it was one

0 112 Sparatore Today 7:31 PM
by: Sparatore

Wishing this wasn't on national tv now

Guys this is a classic buzz saw. Don't get too down on the dogs. This happens to be a USC team

0 162 darkflame Today 7:23 PM
by: darkflame

We needed a cup cake to start this season.

Bad timing to start with USC at their house on fox. Playing usc on fox is like watching the

0 142 jed297 Today 7:22 PM
by: jed297

Nebraska 55-7 over FAU

How much better can Huskers get by week 3?

2 154 Dogpit63 Today 7:22 PM
by: LouisianaHusker

USC has 429 yds, total offense in 1st HALF...! Meanwhile Fresno

State has what, 165yds?  Numbers don't lie, my friends - and those numbers say Total Domination.

3 352 redroadster Today 7:16 PM
by: LuDog70

What's wrong with the radio feed?

This station's stream is not available at the moment due to airing restrictions. You can

2 62 Yoda Today 7:15 PM
by: Yoda

How was that not a Horse Collar tackle

should have been off setting penalties I think. Well I think QB #2 will be QB # 1 after the

0 82 madtown28 Today 5:20 PM
by: madtown28

BURRELL is the starter. I guess I have to eat crow, at this...

point.  I truly believed it would be Brandon Connette.  OK, so this is who we got.  Let's give

3 259 redroadster Today 5:03 PM
by: Jpacheco8623

Woe be unto me!

Neither of the first two Bulldog games are on ESPN3.   I'll be stuck watching the

9 551 scottydawg Today 4:35 PM
by: scottydawg

Starting Quarterback...

If I were to throw my best guess out there... I think Burrell will get the start. He's had

11 609 FSU93 Today 4:14 PM
by: Dogpit63

It's GAMEDAY!!!!!

Time to crack open a beer (or 10), time to eat some great food, time to watch our Dogs showcase

10 510 Bulld0g8588 Today 4:12 PM
by: 12and4

Phillip thomas cut from the redskins

6 691 mxpro32 Today 4:04 PM
by: OCjames

USC Game Streams

Check these when the game starts at 4:30. Don't click to download anything.  Just open up the

0 70 TruePlaYaz Today 4:03 PM
by: TruePlaYaz

CSU playing...

well enough to beat CU:) I know it's not much, but hey... go mwc!

12 721 BahaMan Today 3:41 PM
by: mxpro32

CHAT anybody?


2 131 RaisinsofWrath Today 3:08 PM
by: RaisinsofWrath

Jags waive two TE's .....

Jensen ain't one of'em.... he might make the 53....... GO JAGS!!..... 08/29 The

5 329 RaisinsofWrath Today 2:45 PM
by: markindapark

710 ESPN game day...LA...voice of the Trojans...

Fresno has no chance.... Hope they're wrong.....

0 202 RaisinsofWrath Today 2:01 PM
by: RaisinsofWrath

TV Schedules

Good site for College Football TV Schedule It is a LSU Site but has a great link to find

0 80 fbdog Today 1:52 PM
by: fbdog

Uni's announced

Announced about an hour ago: Fresno State will wear all white uniforms and helmets against USC

17 1126 DogPoundStudent Today 1:32 PM
by: redroadster

Holly Rowe comments

Shaw issue has been MAJOR distraction for USC regardless of Coach Kardasian spin. Quote from

1 365 SanDiegoSteve Today 1:14 PM
by: bttrthnu18

Any streams of the game

I'm committed to a camping trip today, so no TV for me. Assuming my smartphone gets reception

5 252 dogday63 Today 12:11 PM
by: rudolro

Jaamal Rose Linebacker #44

Has anyone seen this kid in practice or scrimmages how does he look?

2 585 Uno408 Today 12:08 PM
by: Uno408

Lets go Dogs...Beat the Condomns.

Your playing for RESPECT. Go out there and play smart hard football. No Dogs Down !! The Valley

0 81 dogbite925 Today 11:56 AM
by: dogbite925

Vs. FCS, but the Spartoons

are looking very sharp. 21-0 2nd quarter.

3 536 scottydawg Today 9:00 AM
by: Dogpit63
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