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Bark Board

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PinnedVisiting fans please read - Parking/Hotel/restaurant information

So I figured we'd have a thread for this and y'all would post knowledge of the Fresno area, and

19 1644 ROFLCOPTERofDoom 08/28/14 9:51 AM

PinnedThe Rules - please read

No trolling. No spamming. No personal attacks, on posters, players, or recruits. There's a

3 6349 ROFLCOPTERofDoom 01/11/14 6:29 AM
by: JacksonMoore

PinnedForum tutorials - creating links and linking images

Instructions on how to create a link on the forum. Paste your link into the text box, if it

11 14726 retrofade 11/02/13 3:48 AM
by: NeonNoodle77

Typical BB overreaction

Fresno State will finish with a winning record.  They have played three strong P5 teams and

21 933 Reality95 Today 7:09 PM
by: fightdogs

The Good, Bad, and Ugly.

Gettting a bit harder to find Good, but it's there: Harper continues to show that he is the

3 210 CoachFord Today 7:04 PM
by: RumRaisin

A few thoughts and observations.

Hello and good morning fellow barkboarders!!! I'm Eric from 50/50 sports.  I just have a few

10 778 ericb09 Today 7:00 PM
by: ericb09 it our leadership, the talent level or both?

What is your assessment of the real issue? Obviously we have issues at the corner position, no

22 1267 Vegasdog1 Today 6:54 PM
by: chaindog

From First to Worst: Fixing What's Wrong on Offense

After lighting up the Mountain West Conference the past couple of year, the Fresno State offense

1 256 FightOnTwist Today 5:23 PM
by: 1buffdog

Ex-DC as head coach and we are dead last....

in defense.

2 284 1buffdog Today 5:09 PM
by: reydog1

Ill cheer derek, but i can never cheer the raiders

My tolerance for bad football has a limit.

8 232 mxpro32 Today 5:06 PM
by: 1buffdog

Glad to see the stadium full last night....

at least our fans showed up after the first two dismal outings by the Dogs.

4 427 1buffdog Today 4:50 PM
by: durtesanch

Suddenly 8-4 doesn't look so bad any more...

People are irrational. They grow tired of being merely respectable and blame the coach --

4 483 Yoda Today 4:32 PM
by: Yoda

Ryan Mathews?

What is the deal with him? It is either injuries or inconsistent play. It is very frustrating.

2 287 GoooooDogs Today 4:20 PM
by: GoooooDogs

Tight End position

I will say it one last time, work in the TE position in this offense ASAP coaches! From my

9 304 jed297 Today 4:06 PM
by: jed297

PollGuess Next Week's Announced Attendance

11 734 Yoda Today 3:33 PM
by: 1buffdog

Southern Utah- Can we lose?

Yes, we've had some bad losses over the years, but I don't remember us losing to an FCS school,

12 528 portlandog Today 3:26 PM
by: winthewac

HotFresno State vs. Nebraska - Official Game Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...8 9 10 

About 10 minutes until gametime. Nebraska fans are here in full force and loud. If the 'Dogs can

367 2647 JacksonMoore Today 1:57 PM
by: footballboyz

What I noticed: Discipline issues

I went to the game and then watched just about the whole thing on t.v. Who also agrees there

0 266 fsdogfan4life4 Today 1:40 PM
by: fsdogfan4life4

nice article on the dogs:A Big Red Embarrassment

Nebraska vs. Fresno State game recap: A Big Red Embarrassment read the whole article at:

1 504 reydog1 Today 1:26 PM
by: mxpro32

This team is the worst I've seen in 30 years.. Embarrassing!!!

I've been following this program closely for 30 years and this is the worst team we've put on

9 829 NoCalDog Today 1:22 PM
by: Angularvelocity

career highs

Is it me or has every opposing quarterback had a record breaking game against Fresno this

9 542 naijaboy Today 1:18 PM
by: mxpro32

My Vow for the Rest of 2014

While my language at last nights game was not vile or wildly profane - and no one outwardly

0 228 KibbleAndBits Today 11:19 AM
by: KibbleAndBits

If we played a cupcake schedule

Half of you would be talking about how good we look & that we need to be ranked.we play 3

26 1236 twisted11 Today 9:48 AM
by: Dogpit63

Boston college up 20-17 on usc at the half


6 304 mxpro32 Today 9:09 AM
by: dcpatters


This is worse than 2011... Disappointed in what we have in Leaders. Looking for them, just not

7 626 gottafever4cowbell Today 8:47 AM
by: Technohead

Is it basketball season yet? First time in a long time that....

that I looking forward to basketball starting at FS...and just wanting a re-do start to the

0 93 Vegasdog1 Today 8:30 AM
by: Vegasdog1

It's time to start firing people

DeRuyter bears full responsibility for this terrible product. The offense is beyond bad. Schramm

12 1222 CaliforniaStateBulldogs Today 7:36 AM
by: FresnoStateBulldog

My takes on tonight's game.

Whole lotta stupid being slung around this board.  So I'm going to drop these and leave for a

10 1152 ROFLCOPTERofDoom Today 7:21 AM
by: RaisinsofWrath

First time we have given up 50 plus points 3 straight games

And that goes back to 1921. 166 points given up in 3 games. We had two 50+,40+,50+ prior: It

1 307 CaliforniaStateBulldogs Today 4:03 AM
by: qwertsod


Left at halftime.

2 555 5HONDA Today 12:56 AM
by: RagingBulldog


Multiple Pages 1 2 

Let's hear it!

44 3002 FresnoStateBulldogFan Yesterday 11:50 PM
by: FresnoStateBulldogFan

Are we going to get blown out AGAIN on Saturday? Come on, let

Multiple Pages 1 2 

us hear it.  What you got?  I did predict that USC would beat us, but I thought we could beat

51 2350 redroadster Yesterday 11:41 PM
by: 5150dogfan

Game - you are the coach, wwctdd?

Settle on a starter at qb, leaning towards BC. Move Davidson back to nose guard Start

16 1066 gottafever4cowbell Yesterday 10:32 PM
by: gottafever4cowbell

All I gots to say......


0 321 RaisinsofWrath Yesterday 10:16 PM
by: RaisinsofWrath



1 317 clovisdog Yesterday 10:01 PM
by: AYEROCK559


Think again! Huskers are gonna be 15k EASY!! No Connette means we're going to hear Goodwood

5 671 No25juice Yesterday 9:46 PM
by: LuDog70

Burrell starting... No Connette

Holy Chit, were in big trouble!!!!

19 1189 fightdogs Yesterday 9:24 PM
by: LuDog70

Online options - Stream

Looking for streaming options.

8 308 BulldoginBoise Yesterday 7:49 PM
by: Yoda

Game chat tonight starts at 7 p.m.

Come join fellow members on Big Red Report for a game chat.

1 100 JoshHarvey Yesterday 7:27 PM
by: LouisianaHusker

Bulldog Grill

It's about 70% Cornhuskers right now. It was 80% 20 mind ago.

4 474 CaliforniaStateBulldogs Yesterday 6:24 PM
by: BulldogTim

Finally it's Gameday!!

Dog House Grill was a blast last night, met lots of great Bulldog fans. Now watch a few games

12 802 OregonHuskerGBR Yesterday 5:49 PM
by: TopNotchGame

PollWho do YOU want playing QB?

12 401 GoooooDogs Yesterday 5:41 PM
by: TopNotchGame

was cool to see Nebraskans at In N Out

Made me wish I was going tonight I haven been since 2009 because anxiety disorder screwed my

0 304 TheRedScoreBoard Yesterday 5:40 PM
by: TheRedScoreBoard

Updated Nebraska fan attendance.

Update from Nebraska Rivals site: Now they are forecasting well over 15,000 + Nebraska Fans at

37 3247 OregonHuskerGBR Yesterday 5:37 PM
by: OregonHuskerGBR

Great times

All Husker RED in every place I've gone today! gBR!

0 222 OregonHuskerGBR Yesterday 5:28 PM
by: OregonHuskerGBR

Extra Ticket

I bought 2 extra tickets for the Nebraska game. One friend from Lodi is showing up but the other

3 288 RockyDog77 Yesterday 4:13 PM
by: Tony1973

Can we try some Trick Plays on Saturday?

It used to be in the days of Coach Sweeney and to a lesser extent under CPH, that the Dogs would

7 432 TorranceDog Yesterday 3:09 PM
by: Jiminfresno

Bulldog Pride...

is what I want to see on the field tonight.

0 140 1buffdog Yesterday 2:47 PM
by: 1buffdog

What happened to all of the online fans?

Normally we are at about 400 to 500 fans.  It's almost mid-day and there's like 270 fans online.

4 338 CaliforniaStateBulldogs Yesterday 2:41 PM
by: waterdog1

2 tickets for sale

Up for sale are 2 tickets to the Fresno State vs. Nebraska tonight for $50 per ticket or $100.00

0 76 marcsorbowilson Yesterday 2:32 PM
by: marcsorbowilson
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