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The Dog House

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PinnedThe Rules - please read

No trolling. No spamming. No personal attacks, on posters, players, or recruits. There's a

3 2474 ROFLCOPTERofDoom 01/11/14 6:29 AM
by: JacksonMoore

PinnedForum tutorials - creating links and linking images

Instructions on how to create a link on the forum. Paste your link into the text box, if it

11 9026 retrofade 11/02/13 3:48 AM
by: NeonNoodle77

HotBrandon Connette visiting 'DOGS

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Duke QB visiting 'DOGS

150 4278 GreenV559 Yesterday 11:51 PM
by: mag24

New NCAA rule for low hits on QB.

Fifteen yard penalty for low hits on QB.

6 385 house32 Yesterday 10:57 PM
by: FresnoStateBulldog

Interesting - Derek on Dan Patrick Show This Morning.

Dan asked him about the new rule that college players will now have unlimited meals.  Derek

15 1333 dogsoftucson Yesterday 7:18 AM
by: Dogpit67


I just saw that he dropped Derek out of his top 5 QB's and replaced him with McCaron. I have not

21 1400 559notown Yesterday 4:16 AM
by: Fangdog

Future Non-conference schedule? Who would you schedule?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Was looking at the future non-conference schedule and FS has openings in 2017,'18, and '19. So

44 1495 durtesanch 04/19/14 8:57 AM
by: LuDog70

New Uniforms 2014?

I love out red script helmet, the all white helmet and of course the everyone loves the black

8 1243 Rmort23 04/18/14 11:00 PM
by: RedDog

Carr interview today on NBC Basically, there are lots of things one

0 415 bakodogfan 04/18/14 7:20 PM
by: bakodogfan

Derek in the Jungle today

You can hear him on Jim Rome's show here: Bruce Wayne

2 530 CaliforniaStateBulldogs 04/18/14 5:52 PM
by: FresnoFansince79

Carr invited to the Draft.

But may choose to stay in Bakersfield with family.

0 435 Bulld0g8588 04/18/14 5:33 PM
by: Bulld0g8588

Helmet Hair now likes DC2...

Projecting him "solidly in the first round," projecting him going to the Cardinals as

18 1277 jmckune 04/18/14 12:51 PM
by: LorenzoNeal

CTD #1 Ranked MWC Coach!

10 780 jmckune 04/18/14 11:51 AM
by: Fangdog

Nebraska game Television

Has been picked up by CBS sports. September 13. 7:30pm

17 895 Bulld0g8588 04/17/14 10:50 PM
by: Fangdog

Green Bay Packers reporter says Derek Carr...

In his "Ask Vic" section Vic  Ketchman, who has covered the NFL through 42 seasons,

0 846 PleasewintheWAC2006 04/17/14 12:14 PM
by: PleasewintheWAC2006

Marcel Jensen Radio Interview

Marcel Jensen interviewed with a radio station in Baltimore...talks of the Ravens being

0 289 PleasewintheWAC2006 04/17/14 11:43 AM
by: PleasewintheWAC2006

Another Immediate Transfer Availible...Texas A&M

I wonder if there could be another transfer sighting in Fresno?

5 1230 fapjat 04/17/14 10:21 AM
by: RedDog

Derek Carr interviewed by Bucky Brooks & Matt

Bucky Brooks and Matt "Money" Smith interview Derek Carr . Definitely worth a listen.

8 817 PleasewintheWAC2006 04/16/14 10:37 PM
by: mxpro32

Nice article from BYU country.

Because emulating is the ultimate compliment.

0 638 GreenV559 04/16/14 8:51 PM
by: GreenV559

At least student-athletes won't go hungry!

4 665 1buffdog 04/16/14 4:04 PM
by: Fangdog

The Cure Bowl

The number of bowl games now is beyond ridiculous.  Introducing #40....

14 840 LorenzoNeal 04/16/14 2:44 PM
by: fsubone

Derek Carrs Wonderlic Test

Wow not the score I expected.

36 2977 fapjat 04/16/14 9:15 AM
by: Fangdog

Brandon Connette

First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers to this young kid and his family. It's truly an

12 2024 qwertsod 04/15/14 4:58 PM
by: GreenV559

Bridgewater having issues with team workouts?

19 1564 1buffdog 04/15/14 3:30 PM
by: SteveBurnes

New WR commit for 2014 Anthony Grayson

Late 2014 commit Anthony Grayson WR from Redlands.

27 3534 house32 04/15/14 1:33 PM
by: 2XDogbacker

Patti Transfers to UCF

Multiple Pages 1 2 

57 4230 Sparatore 04/15/14 8:35 AM
by: babydaddyschlegel12

Sean Alston

What's the latest news on Alston's injury?  Did it turn out to be career-ending or does he have

2 856 Barkelnic 04/15/14 3:36 AM
by: BldgAlum

Phil Sims - the QB evaluator...

What does this guy really know about evaluating QB's anyways...

14 1509 GreenV559 04/14/14 1:42 PM
by: 1buffdog

Carr's episode on Gruden's QB Camp!

Carr's episode on Gruden's QB Camp is Saturday at 6:00 am on espn2. Set the DVRs!

34 3678 dreamseason1984 04/14/14 1:36 PM
by: 559notown

DC is the #2 QB for 3 top 10 teams

According to this article: Yes, I

4 1198 FresnoStateBulldog 04/14/14 9:23 AM
by: retrofade

Early Look at 2014 2Deep Depth Chart

In my humble opinion this is what the 2014 Bulldog depth chart looks like. Spring ball will play

11 1969 BulldogBenji 04/13/14 12:16 PM
by: 559notown

OT: Bag Man b

10 730 Fangdog 04/12/14 11:04 AM
by: Fangdog

2014 Friday games

per Mountain West 4/10/14 9/26 at New Mexico 10/3 home vs. San Diego St. 10/17 at Boise

10 939 jazu4ea 04/11/14 5:11 PM
by: thedude15

Working on upgrading infrastructure

"Fresno State is continuing efforts to upgrade the infrastructure of its football

39 2714 Fangdog 04/11/14 1:26 PM
by: LuDog70

Scrimmage Reviews?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Who's got 'em? How did the QB's do?

43 3438 CaliforniaStateBulldogs 04/10/14 8:38 AM
by: qwertsod

Way too early official class of 2015 Thread

Here is a list of kids we have offered who we have a shot at landing. Feel free to post news and

6 873 BulldogBenji 04/09/14 9:54 PM
by: Fangdog

Awesome Player Videos

This is the first in a series of players profiled before the draft.  The AD has doing a really

1 518 1IvyDog 04/09/14 4:32 PM
by: NutDog

Lorenzo Neal on NFL channel

I saw Lorenzo Neal on the NFL channel today. I don't know if he has been on before, but this was

0 380 NutDog 04/09/14 4:09 PM
by: NutDog

Athletics and Academics Rise Together

Academics and Athletics Boldly Rise Together at Fresno State Nice piece! And one I would

4 732 jmckune 04/09/14 1:49 PM
by: babydaddyschlegel12

Spring Scrimmage Attendance

It's not that big a deal (at the moment)….but for only about 500 people (see photo/video on

34 2054 Angularvelocity 04/08/14 10:08 PM
by: Fangdog

Have you seen this? a little dated

3 1205 sbbulldog85 04/08/14 3:42 PM
by: SteveBurnes

Nice Article About DC2

2 1047 ArmyDogg 04/08/14 3:02 PM
by: babydaddyschlegel12

Nice to hear Coach Hill was out at practice today....

apparently CTD let CPH know he was always welcome.  I love to hear about the Bulldog family

32 3191 1buffdog 04/08/14 12:26 PM
by: ZK686

2more schlorships?

After Scooby signed we now have 2 more scholarships? Is this accurate? Any possible late jucos

12 2601 BulldogBenji 04/08/14 11:21 AM
by: Fangdog

Do real people work at SB Nation?

What a bunch of nuts.  37th best?  But 8th.  But...

6 841 CaliforniaStateBulldogs 04/08/14 10:35 AM
by: SJMDog

Spring Showcase Recap

The team ran some 7-on-7 followed by the scrimmage consisting of 73 live plays.  Highlights

8 1704 JacksonMoore 04/07/14 1:55 PM
by: JacksonMoore

Is it over for College Athletics

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Unionizaton ruling is in.

41 2103 IbarHarry 04/06/14 9:54 PM
by: fsubone

Ruling is in Johnny Manziel's favor manziel patenting and trademarking

6 799 reydog1 04/06/14 8:59 PM
by: reydog1

Spring Scrimmage

The Spring Scrimmage is Saturday for those who do not know. For those of you who didn't attend

25 1897 PleasewintheWAC2006 04/06/14 7:03 PM
by: LuDog70

Mcshay..."Carr, 4th rd at best!"

The espn talking heads are actually talking out of the other orifice...can't wait for DC2 to

16 1243 43dogNmadera 04/06/14 6:46 PM
by: reydog1
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