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The Dog House

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PinnedBulldog Blast Recruiting Insider (IN)

We're implementing a new series that we'll be calling the "Bulldog Blast" where we

0 352 FightOnTwist 07/11/14 10:15 PM
by: FightOnTwist

PinnedTexas DB Is High On Fresno State (IN)

Update with Texas DB Jalen Smith who is high on the Bulldogs right now. Texas DB is High on

0 445 JacksonMoore 07/11/14 12:27 PM
by: JacksonMoore

PinnedSt. Mary's Standout Leaves An Impression (IN)

Story by Josh Webb on St. Mary's standout Ron Smith  St. Mary's Standout Leaves An

0 269 JacksonMoore 07/11/14 12:24 PM
by: JacksonMoore

PinnedBulldogs Eyeing 2016 Linebacker (IN)

Story by Josh Webb on a 2016 linebacker that the Bulldogs are targeting.  Bulldogs Eyeing

0 255 JacksonMoore 07/11/14 12:21 PM
by: JacksonMoore

PinnedThe Rules - please read

No trolling. No spamming. No personal attacks, on posters, players, or recruits. There's a

3 4679 ROFLCOPTERofDoom 01/11/14 6:29 AM
by: JacksonMoore

PinnedForum tutorials - creating links and linking images

Instructions on how to create a link on the forum. Paste your link into the text box, if it

11 12241 retrofade 11/02/13 3:48 AM
by: NeonNoodle77

New all-navy uniforms debut

Via Anteola on Twitter: "2014 #FresnoState online media guise states Bulldogs are scheduled

4 97 DogPoundStudent Today 11:49 AM
by: chaindog

Our red helmet also getting an upgrade

Fresno State FB ‏ @ FresnoStateFB Small alteration to this year's

0 34 RagingBulldog Today 11:28 AM
by: RagingBulldog

My appearance on today's Bulldog Hour w/Tony D

Had a blast today talking football with Tony D. Here's a link to listen to today's show

4 493 FightOnTwist Today 10:08 AM
by: 559notown


I haven't seen many articles from him lately but here is one from yesterday if you didn't catch

2 663 Sparatore Today 6:12 AM
by: Jiminfresno

Anyone else looking forward to Peck, Johnson and Harp?

I was watching some of last year's games with San Jose, USC, and they all made some difficult

17 1075 goBulldogs01 Today 2:25 AM
by: SteveBurnes

Happy Birthday Henry Ellard and David Carr

Multiple Pages 1 2 

18 years apart those two.   2 of the 10 greatest Bulldog football players of all time (I have

47 955 CaliforniaStateBulldogs Today 2:13 AM
by: SteveBurnes

New sports podcast show about the dogs!

Greetings fellow red wavers!!! I'm Eric Barboza from 50/50 sports blogs.  Just wanted to inform

4 561 ericb09 Yesterday 4:54 PM
by: SteveBurnes

OT: Goodell fumbles R. Rice's penalty

So, I know many people here have a terrible misconception for the use of cannabis, but the NFL

2 187 GreenV559 Yesterday 4:46 PM
by: GreenV559

New Uni's?

Has anyone heard any word on new uniforms this season? Was hoping to see all navy but I haven't

14 1401 DogPoundStudent Yesterday 4:34 PM
by: FightOnTwist

VIDEO -- Can Fresno State Win Without Derek Carr

Paul Loeffler joined Campus Insiders to discuss what life will be like with Connette as the

7 642 FightOnTwist Yesterday 3:41 PM
by: SJSU1forever

Interesting Fact

The Bulldogs first 7 games are against teams that have red or a shade of the color of red in

10 673 bulldogFSU Yesterday 1:18 PM
by: DogFan8

FREE Monday Mailbag

We promised you guys a couple of these. And here's the first one for this week. Some of you guys

14 1175 FightOnTwist Yesterday 8:47 AM
by: srodrig5

No Pressure Felt, Bulldogs Just Ready To Compete

By Jason Clay (Fresno State SID) LAS VEGAS, Nev. -  Fresno State went through its day of

2 478 FightOnTwist Yesterday 1:54 AM
by: SteveBurnes

Video for Derron Smith

Derron Smith career interception leader

2 379 BldgAlum 07/23/14 7:22 PM
by: ZagFan559

Top 25 games of 2013...

#22 Fresno State v. Rutgers. ESPNU, Tuesday, July 22nd. 7:00pm PDT. Just what the Doctor

4 552 LuDog70 07/23/14 7:05 PM
by: Robblake

Talking to Coach Norcross tomorrow morning

I'm gonna be talking to Coach Norcross for a little tomorrow. I obviously cannot ask him about

15 995 FightOnTwist 07/23/14 6:03 PM
by: FightOnTwist

Fresno vs rutgers on espnu right now

Its the #22 game in the top 25 games of 2013

9 456 mxpro32 07/23/14 3:09 PM
by: SteveBurnes

MWC Media Day

Mountain West Media Day coverage begins right now on ESPN 3.

2 346 DogPoundStudent 07/23/14 1:59 PM
by: 21Dog

lee harris, doing good in the community #

0 214 babydaddyschlegel12 07/23/14 1:58 PM
by: babydaddyschlegel12

Derek Carr Bobble Head

7 746 Bulld0g8588 07/23/14 1:15 PM
by: qwertsod

Former Bulldog Lars Bramer to play in Aussie Gridiron League

Sounds awesome!

0 277 SJMDog 07/22/14 2:38 PM
by: SJMDog

Tim DeRuyter shares his vision for Fresno State football (FREE)

I spoke with Fresno State head coach Tim DeRuyter about his vision for the Bulldogs. He shared

6 894 FightOnTwist 07/22/14 2:20 PM
by: GreenV559

MW Media Hype?

Today is media day in Vegas for the MW and the local media isn't hyping up the event.  Rather

2 527 GreenV559 07/22/14 12:18 PM
by: ericb09

Mountain West Media Day... Derron Smith is MVP.

So, our excellent coach, Tim De Ruyter, took Josh Harper and Derron Smith with him to the MWC

2 524 redroadster 07/22/14 11:07 AM
by: sbbulldog85

Selective Enforcement of Title 9 Training table in Mountain West

In today's Bee it was discussed that Fresno State was one of two Schools in the Mountain West

36 1658 Jiminfresno 07/22/14 6:27 AM
by: Jiminfresno

Bobby Johnson Update

I talked to Bobby today and he told me that everything is going to plan. He's working very

2 745 FightOnTwist 07/21/14 11:24 PM
by: bakodogfan

Really nice article on Bulldog Football from Lincoln

6 1008 GreenV559 07/21/14 7:51 PM
by: freznobulldawg

Husker fan with my trip booked to Fresno....

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Every year our family takes 2 or 3 trips with the Huskers, and I am really looking forward to

48 2032 Huskers3531 07/21/14 4:31 PM
by: bulldog50

College Football Countdown | No. 51: Fresno State

3 502 Sparatore 07/21/14 3:13 PM
by: MrGeologist

NEW -- Red Wave Report w/Jackson Moore

This week we talk Bulldog recruiting and their depth chart.  Red Wave Report 

0 310 FightOnTwist 07/21/14 12:24 PM
by: FightOnTwist

What is June Jones trying to do to all of us?


3 682 GreenV559 07/21/14 7:27 AM
by: Yoda

Mailbag Monday

We're gonna try something out here and see how you guys respond to it? We're going to take some

11 1289 FightOnTwist 07/20/14 10:49 PM
by: RagingBulldog

Fresno State 24 point underdogs against USC.

32 2728 house32 07/20/14 9:19 PM
by: srodrig5

I went on Bulldog Hour w/Tony D.

I went on the Bulldog Hour w/Tony D today and talked about Connette vs. Burrell. You can hear my

17 1881 FightOnTwist 07/20/14 1:28 PM
by: 559notown

So when do players report for Fall camp?

USC reports the 4th (which is less than 4 weeks until we come a callin'). Is that our time line

4 742 CaliforniaStateBulldogs 07/20/14 10:36 AM
by: sbbulldog85

New D1A governance structure

Posted at NCAA site:

3 472 1buffdog 07/19/14 9:09 AM
by: CaliforniaStateBulldogs

Fresno State ranked No. 40

13 1684 Sparatore 07/18/14 3:50 PM
by: LuDog70

The Mob / NCAA backtracking

No longer does a student athlete have to sign a release of his / her name to the mob in order to

2 419 GreenV559 07/18/14 2:04 PM
by: GreenV559

my project 2 deep roster

here is the way I see thinks shaking out going in fall camp ones listed first, twos listed

7 879 BulldogBenji 07/18/14 11:29 AM
by: 559notown

Article on Ryan Mathews

4 648 ArmyDogg 07/18/14 11:17 AM
by: DogPoundStudent

Tickets for Utah Game

Anyone know why tickets for the Utah game are currently not for sale or listed when they will be

2 362 SeaDog71 07/17/14 7:44 PM
by: SeaDog71

what happened to og Bobby Johnson?

is he not on the team any more? I had high hopes for the incoming freshman a big kid

1 600 BulldogBenji 07/17/14 7:42 PM
by: markindapark

Updated Football roster

Updated roster on Looks

16 1459 NoCalDog 07/17/14 5:10 PM
by: chaindog

Boise State has underachieved in MW, so far

follow boise st was 75-5 in wac but has 0 outright mw titles (3 yrs). fresno had not

38 2107 reydog1 07/17/14 4:39 PM
by: halfmanhalfbronco
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