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Red signs three year extension

Posted: 7/17/2012 3:30 AM

Red signs three year extension 

Why wait this long to do it? I think college hockey is harder to recruit then college football. The word for last couple of years was this was it for Red. We have a good recruiting class coming but could it have been better??? I honestly do not know college hockey recruiting is harder to follow. I like we have the stability with Red won't have to wonder if this is it. I also hear he is going to skate in the alumni game for the red wings.
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Posted: 7/17/2012 12:38 PM

RE: Red signs three year extension 

Hockey recruiting is a finicky thing. Go after the top guys and you're risking them signing with an OHL team or their organization wanting them to go pro right away or after a year in school. Go after the lesser guys and you might not be able to maintain your elite status. Red's done about as good of job as you can ask them IMO. Recruiting seemed to suffer a couple years back because of the uncertainty of Red's coaching career. I think that Red is still going on a year to year basis on if he wants to continue but it's good to at least have that 3 year contract to point out to recruits and parents. Recruiting is steady now and seems like we have alot of top kids committed. Not what it was in the 90s though, for sure. Still missing out on top notch goalies it seems.

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Posted: 7/18/2012 9:32 PM

Re: Red signs three year extension 

I think it was because Brandon was trying to get the Regents to approve the new athletic campus marquee. wink

I kid, I kid.

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