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Sports PA Announcers at Stadium Football Games ...........

Posted: 08/29/2009 12:14 AM

Sports PA Announcers at Stadium Football Games ........... 

Last Season, several high school football stadium PA Announcers did a poor job following standard codes of conduct. The National Association of Sports PA Announcers ( NASPAA )has a list below that should be promoted by all of the local high schools plus the NIAA.

Some of the biggest problems are local football stadium PA Announcers doing " radio play by play " comments during the game, talking during LIVE football action, personal comments about plays & Players, trying to entertain the crowd with wise cracks, etc. Very unprofessional.

The local Southern Nevada Official Association ( SNOA ) should keep an eye and ear on this issue and warn the head football coach about their home stadium PA Announcer's conduct. Unsportsmanlike penalties should be given in the worst case situations.

If you watch UNLV football, their Sports PA Announcer is one of the best in the business and someone the prep PA Announcers should try to follow. Watch any NCAA football game live or on television and you can hear the college PA Announcer in the background. They add to the professional atmosphere of the college game and help promote sportsmanship. Our high school PA Announcers should follow their lead.

If you have a problem with a local sports PA Announcer, report them to their school AD.

NASPAA Code of Conduct As one of the NASPAA's goals we strive to promote and educate public address announcers to use a professional standard of conduct. The NASPAA wishes to acknowledge the NAIA for allowing the NASPAA to incorporate the core qualities of the NAIA's Champions of Character Initiatives into the NASPAA Announcers Code of Conduct. Our web site is

1.Announcers shall not attempt to be bigger than the game or event by doing play-by-play or by providing commentary in an effort to draw attention to themselves.

2.Announcers shall understand that because they have a tremendous influence on the crowd and that cheerleading or antics designed to incite the crowd for the purpose of gaining an advantage for their team is inappropriate.

3.Announcers shall promote good sportsmanship by what they say and how they act.

4.Announcers shall treat the opponents and their fans as guests, not the enemy.

5.Announcers shall respect the individuals who are responsible for the conduct and administration of athletic games and events, such as coaches, officials and administrators, and avoid making any comments that reflect positively or negatively on them.

6.Announcers shall respect the participants of all teams and remain neutral when introducing the starting participants, announcing substitutions and the outcome of plays or performances of the participants.

7.Announcers shall be competent. This means following approved announcing guidelines, expectations and policies, such as emergency procedures, provided by the administration or the host facility.

8.Announcers shall be prepared, such as being familiar with the correct pronunciations of the participants' names, knowing the rules of the sport, the officials' signals and how the game is played.

9.Announcers shall exhibit professional behavior and represent their school, organization or association with respect and dignity at all times by what they say, how they act and how they appear.

10.Announcers shall avoid using alcohol and tobacco products at the venue.

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Posted: 08/29/2009 5:25 PM

Re: High School Stadium Sports PA Announcers for Football 

This is needed. Too bad it probably won't be read by those who need it. Announcing in the valley, as a whole, is awful.

That said:

I don't think it is innappropriate for an announcer to be a slight "homer" when announcing the outcomes of plays. IMO, you announce the visitors "plays" with neutrality and you inflect a "little" enthusiasm (homerism) when the home team makes a play.

Now, that probably leads to a violation of rule #2 as well, because if the announcer is doing that, the crowd (mainly kids who don't know much about football anyway) are going to get more into the game then they would because they have a clue what is going on. It creates some home field advantage, but oh well. If you don't like it, get a better announcer.

Again, just my opinions. I have announced before and I toe the line but I am on the appropriate side.
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Posted: 08/30/2009 9:37 PM

Re: Sports PA Announcers at Stadium Football Games ............. 

Being a little bit of a "homer" to me personally is fine. Just do NOT over do it. Use good taste. It is a judgment call. What really shocks me is how bad some of these guys get with unnecessary over the top personal comments. They just show No common sense and lack of good sportsmanship.

Basically, hard core cheering for the home team over the football stadium PA Announcer sound system is just plain wrong. Things like ...let's hear it for our boys !!!! Show some pride, make some noise !!!! Come on and stand up and cheer !!!! These are examples of what should NOT be said.

Then we have the sports radio want- to- be- guy who does the (sports radio) - play by play broadcast over the stadium sound system which is the worst. He sounds like he is trying out for ESPN. Comments like's the snap, hand off to Johnson, runs over left tackle. Guys like that should not even be in the press box.

And then like the guy above, you have the big mouth talking over the PA sound system while the LIVE football play is going on - a huge mistake. Things like - …..he's back to pass, no he is now rolling left, the pass is on the way, nice catch, wow, or ...great punt by our player, what a leg, etc. Horrible basic technique. When the ball is snapped until the player gets tackled, the PA Announcer needs to just be DEAD quiet !!!!

The officials need to be strict with that nonsense and throw the yellow flag on those situations. It is a fact that PA Announcers can be flagged for unsportsmanlike penalties. More visiting teams need to complain and force the home team to address this growing problem.

Last edited 08/30/2009 10:09 PM by LouisianaRaginCAJUN

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