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Posted: Yesterday 2:07 PM

Re: Brandon Watkins 

That's how I meant my post to read, sorry if it wasn't clear. Student athlete permission form gives the University consent to speak on behalf of the student. Facility consents are a separate issue that don't apply to media. They are applicable for the transfer of health care information between treating providers. When you sign these forms personally, your doctor and/or hospital cannot then release your information to the local newspaper.

Any athlete can stand in front a microphone and announce whatever they want. Most athletic departments try to control this, however. Watkins will not release any info unless coaching staff and athletic department approve.

And again, it's HIPAA, not HIPPA.

--- ButlerEER wrote:

CthruU wrote:
The student may give consent to release of info, but the ultimate decision to release comes from the institution, athletic department and/or coaching staff. The student may choose not to consent to release of info.

--- statmanwvu wrote:

CthruU wrote:
HIPAA does not prohibit this type of disclosure. It applies to health care providers.

It is up to WVU and Brandon Watkins to disclose whatever info they choose. Either there is no news, or they've chosen to keep it quiet.

--- statmanwvu wrote:

CountryRoads316 wrote:

TheStaff wrote: At the NCAAs in Columbus, I was told it was for ligament and meniscus repair. No microfracture was mentioned at that time.

makes no sense not having the surgery already if true

There could be hundreds of reasons why he has yet to have the surgery (sick, Dr schedule perform surgery, etc)...or he had the surgery and not yet disclosed (HIPPA).

It is up to Brandon Watkins to allow disclosure.

---------------------------------------------You're reading that wrong....  The Patient (Watkins) must first give consent.   Then the Doctors, Hospital, Care Givers, University makes the decision afterward to reveal info or not.  That is HIPPA.  The Doctors, University, etc.... cannot divulge any information unless the patient allows them and I believe it has to be in written form.

Watkins can talk directly to the press if he wants.  But unless he gives his OK, nobody else can.

Let me make this easy.... from Wiki...
"A covered entity may disclose PHI (Protected Health Information) to facilitate treatment, payment, or health care operations without a patient's express written authorization.[20] Any other disclosures of PHI (Protected Health Information) require the covered entity to obtain written authorization from the individual for the disclosure.[21] However, when a covered entity discloses any PHI, it must make a reasonable effort to disclose only the minimum necessary information required to achieve its purpose.[22]"

Covered entity is Doc, Hospital, Insurance, Care Giver, University, Coach..... anybody except the individual....  parents may not be given if the individual isn't a minor.... but usually the parents and immediate family are part of the decision making process..

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