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Posts of the Day

Posted: Yesterday 1:32 PM

Re: First down Alabama? (Pic) 

The out of bounds call was a back breaker.
That play is going to be the highlight tomorrow night at our weekly officials clinic. I have it from two angles, the measuring issue, the first down when the white hat barely looked at it and moved the chains while the yellow TV line showed it a half a yard short, three no call interference and the one really bad interference call.
I counted 17 really questionable "issues" form yesterday. Plus bonus footage of the white hat and two of his crew kissing up to Nick before the game. A complete how to make your self and a crew look bad on national tv.
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Posted: Yesterday 1:09 PM

Re: Mountaineer Nation represented 

I would have thought the UA fans would have voted the Unsportmanlike out of bounds play as the play of the game.
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Posted: Yesterday 10:30 AM

Re: Coach Dunlap's Summary - Alabama Game 

gomounties1956 wrote: If you cannot identify we need to play better third down defense, create more pressure on
the QB and focus on catching the ball with your hands then get out your playstation.
Do you know anything about Mountaineer FB history or who you're slamming here?  Have a little respect you a-hole.
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