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Posts of the Day


Posted: Yesterday 8:04 PM

Re: UNC deserves the death penalty, period. 

Paper Air Plane University

First In Flight.......

Sugar,Fiesta, Orange Champions

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Posted: Yesterday 3:44 PM

Re: Tabacco Roads vast academic fraud 

WVU1410 wrote:
EERSGO wrote:
CharmCityEER wrote: In before someone points out the irony of calling out another school's academics while spelling "tobacco" as "tabacco"
I can't afford someone to proof read posts for me.  Besides in Southern WV thats how we pronounce it.

So, basically, you're stupid.
So, we have widespread academic fraud at a flagship institution of the ACC, and you're worried about spelling and calling the OP names.  Talk about choking on a nat.  That's the definition of stupid.
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Posted: Yesterday 3:15 PM

Re: So, what was the real damage? 

Someone I know did some cross referencing student directory and final arrest/cited list. Here is the breakdown by state (since there were a lot of arguments)

5 from NJ
2 from PA
1 from NY
1 from KS
1 from MD
2 from WV
2 unfound in student directory (townies or friends of students presumably)
Unclear where the other 3 were from.
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Posted: Yesterday 11:10 AM

Re: please who ever has connections play this for o'tool at 

Even Brad Pitt was seen with a Mustache only recently.

Now if only our Mountaineer......

Sugar,Fiesta, Orange Champions

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Posted: Yesterday 11:01 AM

Re: Reasons I hate Oklahoma State 

Because their DUI laws are more lax than ours.
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Posted: 10/21/2014 12:36 PM

Re: Akron's gift to WVU football 

Akron Public Schools gives us Shaq. Akron U beats Pitt. Akron loves WVU.
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