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Posts of the Day

Posted: Today 3:13 PM

Re: Texas Christian = safety school..... 

Houston has a problem that space wasn't made for their inclusion.
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Posted: Today 2:40 PM

Re: College GameDay live on ESPN at 2:30 

Needs a Coonskin cap.

Sugar,Fiesta, Orange Champions

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Posted: Today 1:21 PM

Gee with his Gameday Sign 

E. Gordon Gee: Working on some signs for @CollegeGameDay! Here is one for my friends at @TCU_Athletics.

— E. Gordon Gee (@gordongee) October 31, 2014

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Last edited Today 1:24 PM by bearcatprimetime

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Posted: Yesterday 10:25 PM

Re: Hate To Say This But Let's Go Louisville Game Thread 

Neckbrace should have kicked that FG on the opening drive, like I said.

Liverpool Logo Wallpaper

"Why are you different? Why are you that way? If you don't get in line we'll lock you away"
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Posted: Yesterday 6:22 PM

Re: True Frosh WR to start in WR Doctson's place 

Architeer wrote: A true freshmon is to start in his place.
Is he from Jamaica?
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Posted: Yesterday 3:28 PM

Re: So, Kenny Bass.......... 

A small handful of high school kids is basically Marshall's fanbase, so maybe that is just what he is used to?
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Posted: Yesterday 11:04 AM

"Bet on overtime" 

B & G News says, "Bet on overtime" in the prediction for the TCU game. Seems reasonable. The last two games between these Big 12 newcomers have been decided in overtime. That would be a great game for national TV.

Then our esteemed leaders predict the final score to be WVU 36 - TCU 34. I am good with that. A victory for the good guys. IF that prediction comes true, the game will be talked about for years. Tony will describe how we chase down a TCU player in their end zone some eighty yards away for a safety. That is the only way I see it could happen!

Still reflecting on how to get to that score. I guess WVU could make a 2 point conversion, then TCU make a TD and fail in its conversion attempt. I would really prefer the safety in OT

Last edited Yesterday 11:13 AM by bundles

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Posted: 10/29/2014 1:41 PM

Re: WVU vs TCU Game Watches Across the Country 

boateer wrote: You're doing God's work, Sara
Good Call!

Sugar,Fiesta, Orange Champions

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Posted: 10/28/2014 9:57 PM

Re: SIAP: Rolling Stone Takes ESPN to the Woodshed 

BlindDuck wrote:
ncmountie1 wrote:

--- wvuametz wrote:

This article was written BEFORE the first Committee Poll was released.


It's dated today, how am I to know what time it was released??

It's all conspiracy theory stuff to me. SEC IS the best football conference until proven otherwise. We control our own destiny as do several teams.
They got beat last year in the NCG by an ACC team and in the Sugar by a Big 12 team. Yet, the cycle continues. Rank 6 of the top 10 SEC in preseason and suckers get sucked right in and laugh at others for seeing the truth. It is a built in SOS that nobody can argue. Media types will argue that the BIg 12 is as tough a roll to hoe, but when it comes polling time, not even the same amount of love. noidea
Row, you hoe a row. I don't believe it is possible to hoe a roll unless you're talking about taking a dinner roll and beating it with a garden tool.

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