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Posted: 4/20/2014 3:01 PM

Re: Bama/Penn St spring game and WVU's attendance 

An absolutely ridiculous comparison, as you well know. 79% of Tuscaloosa did not attend Alabama's spring game.
fprio wrote: WVU had a turnout of 10,000, drawing from the 35,000 people in Morgantown...  Which is about 30% of the population showed up.

Bama had a turnout of 73,506, drawing from a population base of 93,000 people in Tuscoloosa.  Which is 79% turnout.

Penn State's turnout was 73,000 from a population base of 42,000 in State College Pa. which is a 57% increase in available population numbers.

As you can see, WVU needs to do a ton of work with their fanbase if it want's to compete with top 20 programs...

Next time you as fans complain about on the status of the program remember this, "It's your fault we're not Elite.

"I'm a damn mystery to myself"
-Merle Dixon
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