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Tailgating Forum

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PinnedPenn State Football Parking & Tailgating Information

Below, please find all of the information you need to know before heading up to Happy Valley

4 7990 LionbackerU 7/29/11 9:49 AM
by: LionbackerU


I'm planning on using either Apple TV or espn app from my ipad and stream it to my tv.. How is

3 165 jjas22 8/30/14 1:15 PM


Get with the movement! If any of you are attending the game like me and my compadres, along with

0 317 rmj147 4/22/14 9:56 PM
by: rmj147

PSU/Cuse Tailgating

Taking train from Philadelphia with my wife and another couple for the PSU/Cuse game.  Does

0 559 PSULiszoo 8/26/13 4:22 PM
by: PSULiszoo

Overnight RV Tailgating

Does anyone have any information for tailgating in the overnight RV section? I've never gone

5 1354 PVLion85 8/23/13 3:19 PM
by: PVLion85

Overnight RV Parking for Blue-White game?

Does anyone know if they allow you to do the whole overnight RV'ing for the Blue-White game?

0 765 PVLion85 4/1/13 3:37 PM
by: PVLion85


Has anyone here used the overnight RV lot for one of the colder games?  I may use it for the OSU

0 795 PSUMan0382 10/3/12 2:00 PM
by: PSUMan0382

Has anyone used Nittany RV Valet?

I am thinking of renting an RV for the weekend through them and am curious if anyone has used

2 679 itsmelen 9/21/12 4:14 PM
by: Friznitz5

Best Drinks

What are your favorite tailgate drinks? Remember we can be talking morning (for noon, 3:30

18 2438 jrtfootball06 8/17/12 10:22 PM
by: irwinsbrew

Best BBQ recipe??

I want to compare style and technique with you Lions

6 1751 Chiefloincloth 8/17/12 10:20 PM
by: irwinsbrew

Parking Lots

So I got my tickets today but I did n't get my parki ng passes because appare ntly I screwed

3 1107 Eedutch 8/2/12 2:52 AM
by: Eedutch


Anyone ever play this?

1 1221 feetforlove 4/5/12 2:35 PM
by: stachliu0

Play the Tebowing game at your next Tailgate

New classic Tebowing game to play. http://******/ki6oU

0 333 stachliu0 4/5/12 2:33 PM
by: stachliu0

Tailgating for Nebraska

As a loyal alumnus of Penn State, I have some problems reconciling the events of the past week.

0 1140 irwinsbrew 11/10/11 4:19 PM
by: irwinsbrew

LockedTailgate at OSU

Heading out to OSU for the game on the 19th. Looking to join a group of fellow PSU tailgaters

0 958 gusforpsu 11/8/11 6:11 PM
by: gusforpsu

Tailgate Canopies

I have a 10' x 10' canopy from REI.  Would that be too large for the typical tailgate parking in

13 1931 PSUWonka 10/27/11 8:32 PM
by: underscoreTom

Any Restuarants That Deliver to Tailgates?

Does anyone know of any restaurants that will deliver to tailgates this season?   We used to

5 1830 silks 10/25/11 9:49 AM
by: PSUWonka

Tailgating in Evanston!!!

Has anyone succeeded in tailgating at Evanston?  Any thoughts or comments on tailgating

0 788 drachenooner 10/17/11 12:32 PM
by: drachenooner

Pre game help

I am asking for your help. My wife's uncle moved out here to CA when he was young, and has

5 1189 Tuffy04 10/5/11 11:40 AM
by: cgriffie

Constructing Cornhole Boards

I'm going to construct myself some cornhole boards for tailgating this fall, and was wondering

12 2412 rockinthabeav 9/30/11 12:07 AM
by: Friznitz5

tailgating at Temple

offical info here No overnight parking.  Lots open at 0700. I was also told by an

2 1376 corefive 9/15/11 10:28 AM
by: underscoreTom


what are the open container laws on gameday?  Thanks.

10 1567 ab21011 9/11/11 10:39 PM
by: KYatPSU

PSU @ IU Tailgate Spots?

I just got tickets for the PSU game in Bloomington, anyone know of where to go before the game??

0 877 KYatPSU 9/7/11 7:42 PM
by: KYatPSU

Satellite/TV Rental?

Taking RV's up to PSU game.  Can anyone recommend a business that rents satellite dish or

5 3090 PSULiszoo 9/7/11 10:22 AM
by: irwinsbrew

Postgame Tailgate and Parking Lot Departures

I imagine some of you, like me, decide to just tailgate a bit after each game in order to let

22 1794 JittanyClassic 9/2/11 2:49 PM
by: pozposse

Marine Batteries

Wanted to split this out into its own topic... Cmjumper wrote: Anyone use marine batteries

3 1515 LionbackerU 9/1/11 8:37 PM
by: bughouse

Does anyone own the DIRECTV Sat-Go portable tv for tailgating?

Curious to hear reviews about it.

13 5906 CarolinaDave 8/25/11 3:46 PM
by: Friznitz5

Sausage Biscuit Gravy

One of my family’s favorite tailgating breakfasts is actually very simple.   Get a tube of

1 1540 PSUfan1963 8/22/11 5:03 PM
by: psengr82

Tonto's Demise Recipe?


0 1878 JPilla19 8/5/11 6:46 PM
by: JPilla19

Tailgate Television

Anyone try using High Gain Outdoor HDTV Antenna's as a source for watching football games during

2 1317 Paturnovil 8/4/11 10:51 AM
by: Paturnovil

Tailgate Spread Picture Thread!

This could be a fun thread. When I get home, I'll post my setup.

11 2120 LionbackerU 7/29/11 3:09 PM
by: LionbackerU

Tailgating sub-forum?

I posted this on the Help & Suggestions forum, but based on other threads there I'm not

8 1508 LionbackerU 7/28/11 8:24 AM
by: PSUjosh11

Kicking this off....BREAKFAST FOOD

For noon games, the crew that I usually tailgate with goes with the typical bagel spread in the

19 1813 quez56 7/28/11 8:22 AM
by: PSUjosh11

Tailgate recipes (link)

0 1409 CarolinaDave 7/22/11 12:47 PM
by: CarolinaDave
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