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FOS Questions Answers and Suggestions

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Frequently Asked Questions for Forums Users (also try "Help" under My Menu): Q:

32 6033 WeRPSUPlaybook 4/15/12 3:21 PM
by: underscoreTom


How do I change my avatar?  When I select My Profile Home I get the page which lists My Member

0 36 joe4psu 10/10/14 7:01 AM
by: joe4psu

FOS magazine

If I am a TAP member, should I be receiving the FOS magazine? I used to get it, but havent in a

2 831 ORPSU 9/26/14 8:42 PM
by: pennstatejohnnie

Monthly to Annual Subscription

Just got off the phone with a rep from Scout. I told her I wanted to change my script from

0 243 wpe57 4/18/14 2:05 PM
by: wpe57

Trouble cutting and pasting

I'm having trouble cutting and pasting, text from within the site, as well as quotes and

3 391 lionfan86 1/3/14 5:40 AM
by: lionfan86

Posts and Topic Page cut off

All posts and the Topic Page extend off the screen to the right so posts are cut off and there

0 290 joe4psu 12/24/13 7:50 AM
by: joe4psu

problem with site verification using Firefox.....

I just started having a problem, when using opens up fine but when I go to sign-in

1 652 RandyL 6/1/13 8:28 AM
by: underscoreTom

Using Safari (IMAC) can post a link as a hyperlink, help

When I was using Windows all I had to do was copy and paste a link in the message and it would

0 626 bfpsu1 3/2/13 9:44 AM
by: bfpsu1

Annoying Embedded Pop-up.

Is anyone else getting this "Comcast" buy at GS14 Coupon Ad? Very annoying, and

0 631 pnnylion 11/18/12 5:48 AM
by: pnnylion

Help with new Fox format

It's 10/4 at 2:33 PM and I still do not see any of the changes that other posters are referring

1 832 lionfan86 10/6/12 11:13 PM
by: LionCrzyCurt

How do I remove myself from automatic renewal?

If Penn State receives the death penalty and is not allowed to put a competitive team on the

1 868 1stnittanyfan 7/23/12 11:35 AM
by: psucali

Messages on TAP board

I have been a premium member for several years.  Recently I noticed that when I am signed in and

3 836 denverlion 6/8/12 6:17 PM
by: underscoreTom

Has a search function been set up yet?

I would search the posts for this info but... I have read through a lot of the current posts

6 2143 joe4psu 5/25/12 9:18 AM
by: underscoreTom

FOS Staff, FYI twice my anti-virus has picked up a Trojan On FOS

My anti virus program is identifying is  the following Trojan; Exploit-CVE2011-2140

1 417 1stnittanyfan 2/27/12 10:30 AM
by: underscoreTom

Pictures in signature

How do you put a picture in your signature? I used the [img][/img] method but for some reason

13 2951 WAPS32 12/19/11 6:12 PM
by: WestChesterLion

How do you copy quotes from a previous thread??

I can;t seem to figure it out....

6 2406 vjgkam 11/10/11 3:49 PM
by: RockinBeaver10

problem with site...

last night/this morning I began experiencing trouble with this site and this site only. I am

3 1296 RandyL 10/23/11 12:37 PM
by: ogstarwars

Fight on State App for Android Crashes

Is the right place to post questions about the android app? If not, where should I ask?

0 1304 Think1 8/24/11 10:39 AM
by: Think1

Tailgating sub-forum?

Has any thought been given to establishing a tailgating sub-forum here? It's a pretty big

0 902 LionbackerU 7/20/11 9:15 AM
by: LionbackerU

Quoting leads to blank posts...


1 860 freakytj 6/29/11 12:01 PM
by: freakytj

Forum suggestions

1)The excessive block quoting should be cut doesn't do much wonders for the page

0 932 MHS10PSU14 12/21/10 6:33 PM
by: MHS10PSU14

redirect working weird

just this morning, noticing that about half the time when I click on my bookmark (Chrome v

1 1288 OWCHippy 11/2/10 8:02 AM
by: underscoreTom

New premium member question

I just signed up for a 3-month premium subscription.  The adverisement said I would have access

0 1197 strez 4/27/10 12:52 PM
by: strez

How do I include the post i'm replying to in my post?

I can't figure out how to include the post i want to reply to in my post?

1 1082 grant2772 4/20/10 6:11 PM
by: WeRPSUPlaybook

PSU Ringtones

Is there a website for PENN STATE ringtones and texting downloads?

0 1343 im4pennstate 1/1/10 8:34 AM
by: im4pennstate

Trying to change Avatar....

And one of my real old ones keeps appearing.Not sure why?

1 1413 psu78 12/12/09 9:35 PM
by: WeRPSUPlaybook

Hovering over thread title

When i hover over a thread title...  should i get a preview window that shows more information

1 1238 dfmacm 10/8/09 7:56 AM
by: WeRPSUPlaybook

Window Window Window Window Window Window Window Window ... etc.

Anyone else have issues with opening a zillion windows? Happens on my home PC.

0 1105 gillamonstar 9/12/09 11:33 AM
by: gillamonstar

FOS Pick em

Will there be a FOS pick em this year? Trying to find a link for it and not successful thus

1 1160 Lionvet 8/29/09 12:34 PM
by: WeRPSUPlaybook

SIAP: iPhone app for FOS

Are there any plans for an iphone app that would interface with the articles and forums for this

1 1312 JohnnyPSU 8/11/09 2:16 PM
by: WeRPSUPlaybook

I can read and post but all it shows is


0 1114 Devon2012 7/30/09 10:28 AM
by: Devon2012



0 1229 cbi24 7/30/09 7:11 AM
by: cbi24

IE 8

Staff, I just updated my IE to version 8 and now the standard emoticons that used to show up

3 1562 PSUjosh11 6/30/09 4:28 PM
by: vinnie1

Suggestion for site

I really like the bar that is in each forum that lets you select from the drop down list to go

1 1221 StpMustang 6/29/09 1:43 PM
by: WeRPSUPlaybook

Private messages

Hey mods, Say someone sends you a private message and wants a reply, but they have not turn on

3 1275 silbenny 6/26/09 4:12 AM
by: altrock78

Firefox crashing on FOS?

Yesterday, my Firefox browser did an auto update.  Now every time I visit this site, Firefox

3 1595 CvilleLion 4/27/09 6:19 PM
by: CvilleLion


Hey Mods Quick Question. Whenever I try to quote someone it comes up as in between two dashed

3 1441 dwillforpres 3/8/09 2:32 AM
by: Dittybag

Mods, the Willard board is jumping to the subscribe page again

Tried to click on a thread and jumped to teh full page ad with JoePa at top.  Went back,

15 1781 carlisle14 2/24/09 9:57 PM
by: JagdPanther

Flashing log in

I am having trouble with frequent redirects to a FOS log in page. When it redirects it is a

4 1370 Joypa 2/10/09 7:16 PM
by: Joypa

OT: Picture in signature help

I have an image in my sig but it is not showing up when I post. Can someone give me some help?

7 1899 codexavellum 1/19/09 12:58 AM
by: codexavellum
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