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Home Plate

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PSU players wrap up strong summer league performances

Summer league standouts Seems like a good number of our players had some extremely solid

0 5029 PSUjosh11 8/20/10 8:41 AM
by: PSUjosh11

New "Players in the Pros" page

1 5159 blitzfactor 8/9/10 8:47 PM
by: PSUjosh11

Spikes' owner's group wins bidding war, buys Texas Rangers

0 4871 blitzfactor 8/7/10 8:44 AM
by: blitzfactor

CWS Thread

For those of us who are in to college baseball. Minnesota went out west and pulled a big

0 5059 blitzfactor 6/5/10 3:27 PM
by: blitzfactor

What got in to the baseball team??

18-7 last night and 20-4 through 7 today.  The boys are really taking it to Michigan State.

8 5812 blitzfactor 5/9/10 8:32 PM
by: PSUjosh11

First Game of Year for Me!!

Will make Sunday's game even though I needed to get home to the Burg for Saturday--JOB

1 5101 burgpup 5/1/10 7:51 PM
by: mountsnittanylions10

All-Around Effort Leads Baseball to Historic Series Win at OSU

2 5073 welcometopaternoville 4/28/10 8:27 PM
by: PSUjosh11

Big Win vs. Pitt

Great to see Penn State Baseball win last night vs. #24 Pitt.  After our struggles, we

2 5065 jgunnd86 4/21/10 5:15 PM
by: PSUjosh11

Baseball 2010

Sorry, trying to graduate this semester and struggling with one class in particular--soooo much

0 4808 burgpup 4/9/10 7:46 AM
by: burgpup

PSU sweeps Hofstra in double header

2-1, 9-4.  BTW, Welcome....  I find your answer to my previous question no answer at all.  I

3 4961 PSUVBFAN 4/1/10 2:21 PM
by: DiamondLionFan

Baseball losses first of four game series to Hofstra

7-1.  Is Hofstra this good,  or is PSU this bad?  Coupled with the loss to PItt...

4 4903 PSUVBFAN 3/28/10 10:10 AM
by: PSUjosh11

Pittsburgh Tops Nittany Lions in Keystone Battle, 7-4

0 4631 welcometopaternoville 3/25/10 6:32 AM
by: welcometopaternoville

Penn State softball versus St Francis

The ladies lost Game 1 of a doubleheader 5-3.  First pitch in the nightcap should be in about 10

1 4557 welcometopaternoville 3/25/10 6:31 AM
by: welcometopaternoville

Tournament down in Texas

The baseball team is playing quite well early in the season so far. They are down in Texas right

7 4991 PSUjosh11 3/22/10 9:52 AM
by: burgpup

Meanwhile, the softball team is doing pretty well.

Just wanted to give the ladies a shout out for another solid start to their season.

0 4472 welcometopaternoville 3/17/10 9:41 AM
by: welcometopaternoville

Happy Valley Hardball

After taking the summer pretty much off, I've fired HappyValleyHardball back up again.

3 4959 UncleLar 3/13/10 9:52 AM
by: PSUjosh11

First weekend

2-1 is a solid start. Basically played 4 games since all three went extra innings. However, 2-1

1 919 DoctorPills 3/7/10 9:39 AM
by: PSUjosh11

Hey, they get the first WIN!!

I have been sooooo busy lately can't post hardly.  Not on hoops or ball site.  Seems like they

0 754 burgpup 2/27/10 10:14 AM
by: burgpup

Two Weeks From the Season????

Wow, just realized we're two weeks from the season and haven't seen anything about this team

9 1322 burgpup 2/26/10 1:16 PM
by: jfrankpsu

Phillies Sign Nate Bump

Two other pitchers sign. The Phillies also agreed to minor-league deals with righthanders

0 913 BayernLion 1/19/10 9:19 AM
by: BayernLion

Site of B10 Championship---Columbus, OH???

Isn't this sort of giving OSU the home field advantage for the B10 Championship???  In fact it's

2 1022 burgpup 12/21/09 2:58 PM
by: burgpup

2010 Schedule is Out!! Buckle Up Guys!!

We all complained about the football schedule, but I don't think anyone who knows baseball

10 1430 burgpup 12/7/09 2:09 AM
by: PSUjosh11


Anyone hear anything about baseball recruits?   I expect we'll see a PSU press release on

6 1265 EvanCeg 11/24/09 3:20 AM
by: PSUjosh11

Pitching 2010?? Did They get Anyone?

Waiting for UM in football and don't get over here too much between school and work.  Did the

5 1295 burgpup 10/22/09 6:05 PM
by: burgpup

PSU Old Stadium

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I was checking out different stadiums across the country, you guys easily have a Top 10

21 1479 terpsandskins 10/19/09 2:38 PM
by: DoctorPills

Blue/White & Fall Ball

Almost forgot about fall ball--football & all. Will try to stop by the stadium at some

5 1145 burgpup 9/30/09 9:25 PM
by: PSUjosh11

Craig Clark Moves up to AA--As I Expected

He was moved up to AA for the playoff run. It's what I expected. When he wasn't moved up

4 829 burgpup 9/23/09 3:44 PM
by: burgpup

Big 10/Big East Challenge opponents set

PSU will be facing Cincinatti, Seton Hall, and Notre Dame in the 2010 Big 10/Big East Challenge.

4 851 PSUjosh11 9/21/09 1:46 AM
by: PSUjosh11

Nate Bump back in AAA

5 1176 underscoreTom 9/13/09 7:25 PM
by: underscoreTom

Craig Clark (California League PITCHER OF THE YEAR)

How do you like them apples?

2 1015 WrestlingGeek 9/3/09 12:56 PM
by: DiamondLionFan

Penn Staters in the Pros Good write-up on where

12 1106 DoctorPills 8/31/09 10:45 AM
by: zeta1344

Bad News

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Heard earlier today that Parthamore wound up signing with the Red Sox. It's a hit to the

26 1443 WrestlingGeek 8/28/09 7:47 AM
by: burgpup

MLB Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Since Center Ice has an NHL thread, I thought we could start an MLB thread here. I'll start

30 1070 psujeremy 8/3/09 7:35 AM
by: burgpup

Will they improve next year???

Figured I'd post this last time for baseball since the season is over. (Was impressed with LSU

4 996 burgpup 7/3/09 9:19 AM
by: burgpup

Robbie Wine Status

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

The talk around the Big Ten Tournament was that Wine's contract is not being renewed.  Any word

50 3377 btbball 6/20/09 8:27 PM
by: 305TheLegendV2

Watch Texas and Southern Mississippi game online

I downloaded a software program to my computer that allows me to watch the college world series

1 854 sholex09 6/14/09 9:47 AM
by: burgpup

Draft begins tonight

Anyone close to the team know if any of the guys were getting calls? List of seniors and

9 1101 DoctorPills 6/11/09 3:03 PM
by: UncleLar

Super Regionals

Is anybody watching the Super Regionals on the family of networks this weekend? Some great

7 822 PSUjosh11 6/8/09 3:09 PM
by: burgpup

Craig Clark ties Cal League record

strikes out ten in a row I've got links to a couple of feature stories on Happy Valley

2 779 UncleLar 6/5/09 8:41 AM
by: burgpup

NCAA Regionals

Ohio State is losing 35-2 to Florida State right now in the 8th inning. I know we didn't fair

11 950 PSUjosh11 6/2/09 1:25 PM
by: NoleIn1
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