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Audibles Message Board

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Pinned2014/2015 Penn State Radio Network Stations w/ Coverage Maps

2014/2015 Penn State Radio Network Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton WAEB 790-AM

5 3942 DanPSU 9/24/14 11:45 PM
by: NittanyLionFootballFreak

PinnedPenn State Bars Across the Country

Multiple Pages 1 2 

TAP poster Canzthemoose was kind enough to compile a list of Penn State bars from across the

63 46558 Psu96 9/27/14 4:10 PM
by: swiftfeetpsu

PinnedGreat source of info here with articles that don't support Interview with state attorneys

27 57838 bplion 9/8/14 8:50 PM
by: UncleLar

PinnedAssorted Penn State Highlights

Games (10 minutes): 1968 Penn State vs Army (LBU) 1969 Penn

38 64733 kufta4 6/5/13 6:05 PM
by: NittanyLionFootballFreak

Pinned and LockedPLEASE REVIEW: FOS Community Rules

Given the current state of things we thought it was a good time to review and clarify the rules

1 42237 PlaybookMark 11/6/11 10:36 PM
by: PlaybookMark

PinnedLost Video Links

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

I absolutely loved the pinned thread with all the video links that we had on the old board.

201 97919 NittanySeaLion 9/18/13 6:29 PM
by: NittanyLionFootballFreak

I asked this on the OSU I'll ask it here:

A lot of OSU fans, and even some PSU fans seem to be predicting OSU will cover what is now a 14

0 29 HINYG8 Today 10:55 AM
by: HINYG8

HotScandal Thread #8 (merged)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...44 45 46 


1834 14472 thepaleking Today 10:54 AM
by: T1000

Chris Matthews editorializes about JoePa

“I’m going to editorialize. I think JoePa’s coming back at some point. I don’t know how long

11 2657 MarylandLion Today 10:54 AM
by: PSUinGA

Schedule a game with Oregon

Texas A&M and Oregon just cancelled their 2018/2019 home and home series. '18 was

3 390 MicahAndMe Today 10:44 AM
by: FrontRow31

A heads up for overnight RV'ers the lot is in chaos right now

I am sure the person in charge of PSU Athletics parking has good intentions but he has a lot of

0 78 towny87 Today 10:41 AM
by: towny87

Here is a bizarre stat....

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Number of first year Ohio state quarterbacks to win at Beaver Stadium in the past 50 years:

40 4631 MilesKaufman Today 10:41 AM
by: Bucks07

HotWhat it will take to pull off an upset

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I know that there will be many, many (both PSU downers and OSU fans) that will love to add their

50 2561 FrontRow31 Today 10:40 AM
by: FrontRow31

HotRecruits of Interest 2015 (cont'd):

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...8 9 10 

The other thread ran out of space.

389 14871 thepaleking Today 10:38 AM
by: scottyberkberk

Football Hypothetical

Say if two college teams were basically clones of each other.  On offense, defense or special

6 614 RedZoneOne Today 10:32 AM
by: JPSU84

what a difference a month makes

we have 2 losses.   I can't believe how fast you bandwagon jumpers leaped off the bus.   we lost

18 1272 webadinc Today 10:31 AM
by: bluecoyote

College Gameday next week??

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Looking ahead to next weekend, I couldn't help but notice that there are no marquee matchups and

73 4972 PSUinNJ14 Today 10:27 AM
by: FrontRow31

kyle carter

Has he made a big play since his freshman season.?   I think Gesicki should have passed him on

13 1642 webadinc Today 10:16 AM
by: webadinc

Would we beat Pitt this year?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I realize some have made fun of Pitt playing on Thursdays but this game has been fun to watch so

43 3602 YorkLion Today 10:10 AM
by: DownSouthLion

HotCentral Bucks West cancels season (More Hazing)

32 1994 cfbinsider Today 10:02 AM
by: DownSouthLion

For those going to the OSU game...

There are not a lot of reasons to be optimistic about Saturday night. We all want games like

25 4477 Psu96 Today 9:58 AM
by: sharg

UNC move over, it's Syracuse's time

Brett McMurphy @ McMurphyESPN 16 minutes ago syracuse hoops & football to

5 1655 MarylandLion Today 9:53 AM
by: MarylandLion

OSU will try to run up the score...

... Because that loss to VT will kill their chances to make the final four even if they win the

22 1394 VirginiaPSU Today 9:49 AM
by: PSUFan5

HINY, you going to the game?

Hiny, you going to the game?  And I don't mean Michigan-Ohio State but this Saturday's game.

3 519 john4psu Today 9:47 AM
by: HINYG8

Meyer Has Always Said He Has Mad Respect For PSU

+ Meyer said Joe Paterno became one of his closest friends as he was growing up: "He kind

3 781 AllInBrutus Today 9:41 AM
by: NGUfanatic

James Franklin Wants Throwback Uniforms Once a Year

10 1780 LionbackerU Today 8:32 AM
by: BlueWhite79

NCAA now demanding the PA Supreme Court end the Corman lawsuit.

Really getting desperate to avoid discovery now. Commonwealth court denied the gag order. The

3 656 psu00 Today 3:24 AM
by: NittanyLionFootballFreak

Tim Settle cancels this weekend's official visit?

Are you all hearing the same thing?

15 4610 TRICKorDEVICE Today 1:34 AM
by: bkb5119

New SI article on PSU is out...

I'll leave it up to the mods as to whether this deserves its own thread or needs to be merged

6 2525 PSUinGA Yesterday 11:28 PM
by: GerchTheMuskie

Hotanyone catch the cnn story on UNC about 10:15 this morning

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I lost my picture just as Sara Ganim came on and they had a UNC athlete on that was going to

62 4594 mellens Yesterday 11:15 PM
by: HBonzer

Recruits of Interest 2016

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...11 12 13 

Just got word from Orchard Lake (Mich.) St. Mary's 2016 LB Daelin Hayes that Penn State offered.

503 29883 TomRegan Yesterday 9:03 PM
by: dfmacm

San Diego O Line

Ohrenberger & Troutman on the offensive line tonight for the Chargers.

1 290 RothrockLion Yesterday 8:24 PM
by: underscoreTom

Maryland kickoff

Is it unusual that we are about 10 days away from the Maryland game and they haven't announced

4 1016 psuinpgh21 Yesterday 7:31 PM
by: CJPhilly

HotOhio State-Penn State Score Prediction?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...5 6 7 

I'll take a stab. 27-13 the bad guys. They probably keep us to negative net rush yardage,

249 6921 Lion4Life2 Yesterday 5:05 PM
by: Lion4Life76

Recruits attending OSU vs. PSU game.

Has anyone seen a list of recruits that will be at the game? Thanks

19 5185 PhilipsburgPSU Yesterday 3:51 PM
by: psuram3

HotCan O worms...Texas to pay athletes 10g's a yr? Say it aint so.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

45 3138 NittanyLionFootballFreak Yesterday 2:58 PM
by: KJCarter

PollHotOSU Game

34 2775 FranklinPennState Yesterday 2:10 PM
by: AllInBrutus

How Did VT Ever Beat tOSU?

VT stinks.  Their defense is allowing big plays and is missing tackles.  Their offense is....

37 4234 RJake1 Yesterday 1:44 PM
by: PSUfre

Ohio State -11.5 (merged)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

The OSU fans who made wagers with me can self-ban themselves now.

120 5021 cfbinsider Yesterday 1:41 PM
by: PSUfre

Good B1G expansion rumor talk on a buy week per toos enjoy!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

43 7116 NittanyLionFootballFreak Yesterday 1:37 PM
by: PSUfre

Beat OSU or go to bowl?

Would you rather win this game, celebrate with the whiteout crowd throughout one memorable

16 1076 Tigers93 Yesterday 1:19 PM
by: PSUfre

Penn State Football: Forever Changed

SI article.

1 1029 MarylandLion Yesterday 11:16 AM

I can understand being overpowered...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

...but really, how hard can it be to play the OL?  Block left, block right, block in front.

46 3566 insensitivebrute Yesterday 9:32 AM
by: insensitivebrute

Blitz the Buckeyes

Blitz the Buckeyes Mark

1 478 PlaybookMark Yesterday 9:24 AM
by: Monsieurmagoo

Franklin: OSU.."it is going to be difficult and

At his weekly tuesday press confeence Penn State coach James C. franklin said saturday's game:

2 1831 Achilles1958 Yesterday 8:17 AM
by: Lion4Life2

Halftime show - Game of Thrones + THON

Dean Otthofer DeVore   @DeanPSUpa: If u love the @ GameOfThrones & a good

2 800 jrtfootball06 Yesterday 12:27 AM
by: bkb5119

Franklins White Jacket?

Does anyone know where I could buy Franklns White Jacket? I found one on Bleacher Bum a few

10 1922 currdog160 10/22/14 9:40 PM
by: PSUsoccer

How Many New Commits Will Penn State Get...

...after the game against OSU?  By 'after the game', I mean in the week immediately following

24 4591 RedZoneOne 10/22/14 9:11 PM
by: cwerph

Positional breakdown of every state/region in the NFL

Here is a complete breakdown of all the POSITIONS and players currently in the NFL and what

0 270 Jamie Newberg 10/22/14 6:08 PM
by: Jamie Newberg

Joe, PA : Time to Rename State College

Its starts as a lone voice,  then a chorus, then a campaign, soon a whole movement. Rename

8 1564 RJake1 10/22/14 3:38 PM
by: maddogmark25
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