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Audibles Message Board

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Pinned2014/2015 Penn State Radio Network Stations w/ Coverage Maps

2014/2015 Penn State Radio Network Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton WAEB 790-AM

5 3730 DanPSU 9/24/14 11:45 PM
by: NittanyLionFootballFreak

PinnedPenn State Bars Across the Country

Multiple Pages 1 2 

TAP poster Canzthemoose was kind enough to compile a list of Penn State bars from across the

63 46226 Psu96 9/27/14 4:10 PM
by: swiftfeetpsu

PinnedGreat source of info here with articles that don't support Interview with state attorneys

27 57598 bplion 9/8/14 8:50 PM
by: UncleLar

PinnedAssorted Penn State Highlights

Games (10 minutes): 1968 Penn State vs Army (LBU) 1969 Penn

38 64483 kufta4 6/5/13 6:05 PM
by: NittanyLionFootballFreak

Pinned and LockedPLEASE REVIEW: FOS Community Rules

Given the current state of things we thought it was a good time to review and clarify the rules

1 42087 PlaybookMark 11/6/11 10:36 PM
by: PlaybookMark

PinnedLost Video Links

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

I absolutely loved the pinned thread with all the video links that we had on the old board.

201 97745 NittanySeaLion 9/18/13 6:29 PM
by: NittanyLionFootballFreak

Chance Meeting w./ Adam Taliaferro !

I went with my wife to an outdoor event this past Saturday morning in South Jersey. Who

0 10 Cappy73 Today 8:33 AM
by: Cappy73

PSU relentless argument about Officials whenever we lose

Hey, I know there are many on this board that say stop the bickering about the officials and

25 1880 PSUCheerleader Today 8:27 AM
by: bubba29

Franklins White Jacket?

Does anyone know where I could buy Franklns White Jacket? I found one on Bleacher Bum a few

2 438 currdog160 Today 8:26 AM
by: BurmeisterPSU

HotRutgers-Ohio State

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Ohio State's front 4 dominating LOS.

68 4083 Lion4Life2 Today 8:18 AM
by: Cappy73

HotOhio State-Penn State Score Prediction?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I'll take a stab. 27-13 the bad guys. They probably keep us to negative net rush yardage,

118 3899 Lion4Life2 Today 8:12 AM
by: cfbinsider

One play

And everyone is happy this morning.

12 2940 FranklinPennState Today 8:08 AM
by: PSUCheerleader


Last week a clear majority of people thought we would lose, but sentiment appears to be

4 967 FranklinPennState Today 8:06 AM
by: PSUCheerleader

onside kick photo posted from tos

Multiple Pages 1 2 

63 6925 NittanyLionFootballFreak Today 7:46 AM
by: PSUCheerleader

Miles Dieffenbach article


11 2153 RedZoneOne Today 7:20 AM
by: underscoreTom

HotOhio State -11.5

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The OSU fans who made wagers with me can self-ban themselves now.

70 2799 cfbinsider Today 5:43 AM
by: slobert89

HotNext Week is Going to Be Awfully Ugly....Yuck....

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

hope it's closer than last year but I doubt it.

89 3998 LionsRoar1 Today 5:42 AM
by: cfbinsider

HotCollege Gameday next week??

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Looking ahead to next weekend, I couldn't help but notice that there are no marquee matchups and

60 4194 PSUinNJ14 Today 5:36 AM
by: Cliffkeane

Recruits of Interest 2016

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...11 12 13 

Just got word from Orchard Lake (Mich.) St. Mary's 2016 LB Daelin Hayes that Penn State offered.

494 29424 TomRegan Yesterday 11:31 PM
by: NittanyLionFootballFreak

Gurley vs Winston

GA suspended Gurley with no more evidence (i.e., not any evidence) that he accepted money for

3 587 RJake1 Yesterday 10:00 PM
by: ccpcman

As soon as John Donovan is replaced

Multiple Pages 1 2 

You will see an immediate improvement in all aspects of the offense. Until that happens, we

50 4619 Shundo Yesterday 9:55 PM
by: ccpcman

Would we beat Pitt this year?

I realize some have made fun of Pitt playing on Thursdays but this game has been fun to watch so

33 2661 YorkLion Yesterday 9:26 PM
by: kufta4

HotNotre Dame vs. Florida State

I'm rooting for FSU even though I can't stand Jameisnt Winston

34 2643 PSU4PEAT Yesterday 8:35 PM
by: str8liner

Recruits of Interest 2015 (cont'd):

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...7 8 9 

The other thread ran out of space.

347 14045 thepaleking Yesterday 8:09 PM
by: maddogmark25

Texans coach O'Brien still cherishes time at Penn State

10 2341 MarylandLion Yesterday 7:33 PM
by: maddogmark25

HotGuess the Opening Line - PSU/OSU

Multiple Pages 1 2 

That's all.

67 3487 cfbinsider Yesterday 6:47 PM
by: malelee21

Temple and Houston on now espn U

10-0 Houston but the Owls have 3rd n Goal starting the 2nd qtr. Just a heads up, not

9 1242 NittanyLionFootballFreak Yesterday 5:31 PM
by: cfbinsider

Joe Ehrmann: Motivational Speaker

Apparently this guy was invited to speak on campus... "Ehrmann's take is that Paterno

35 4346 PSUinGA Yesterday 4:04 PM
by: Dave85

How Did VT Ever Beat tOSU?

VT stinks.  Their defense is allowing big plays and is missing tackles.  Their offense is....

27 2735 RJake1 Yesterday 3:31 PM
by: phatassjungle

Good B1G expansion rumor talk on a buy week per toos enjoy!

30 4003 NittanyLionFootballFreak Yesterday 3:13 PM
by: MicahAndMe

HotI can understand being overpowered...

...but really, how hard can it be to play the OL?  Block left, block right, block in front.

28 1976 insensitivebrute Yesterday 2:50 PM
by: MilesKaufman

Scandal Thread #8 (merged)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...42 43 44 


1748 13715 thepaleking Yesterday 2:14 PM
by: thepaleking

I understand the challenges this team is facing but,

Do you think there is a major issue with our offense of coordinator?

15 1126 TRICKorDEVICE Yesterday 1:13 PM
by: MilesKaufman

Marty Clark, Loyalsock 2017 RB

Franklin best get started on this kid.  Something special.  Best speed/power combo I've seen in

18 4489 cfbinsider Yesterday 9:09 AM
by: Monsieurmagoo

It's amazing how irrelevant we are!

I mean the weekends we don't have a game and therefore highlights to show it's like we're non

12 2019 1994NC Yesterday 6:46 AM
by: lionfan86

Hm, OSU frosh QB @Navy 34K stadium @Terps 54K @PSU at night 107K

Multiple Pages 1 2 

It's going to be J.T. Barrett's first "hostile environment" game -by a big margin- as

45 3477 MoonShotEnergy Yesterday 2:30 AM
by: JimmyBigfeather

Week Eight Key Big Ten Games

Heading into week 8 and the division races are starting to really take shape, with each side

11 978 HINYG8 Yesterday 12:36 AM
by: CoalBinGeorge

NCAA Remedy For O-L

For one year they let our players transfer out without penalty. How about letting players from

0 488 FranklinPennState 10/18/14 11:39 PM
by: FranklinPennState

Doom and Gloom

I understand that times are frustrating as a fan, but Im astonished at the doom and gloom posts

12 933 PsuProud4ever 10/18/14 8:10 PM
by: PorkRollEggAndCheese

These Are the Rutgers Beat Downs They Used to Get From PSU

hopefully they'll get more from us in the future like the ones they used to get.

0 382 LionsRoar1 10/18/14 6:38 PM
by: LionsRoar1

This 3:30 slate is brutal

52-0 Alabama on A&M... 49-7 OHST on Rutgers... 35-17 MSU on Indy... 38-6 UGA on

2 342 MHS10PSU14 10/18/14 6:20 PM
by: Lion4Life76

One thing to look forward to during the Holidays

For the first time in 4 years, we should not have to glued to our computers/smartphones to see

2 1260 CJPhilly 10/18/14 5:04 PM
by: rgj223344

Two More SURE Wins?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

As long as our OL is in shambles, can anyone assure me that we have two more wins?  I can't!

51 3045 ccpcman 10/18/14 4:20 PM
by: latelion

Some former PSU coaches at the WVU game

1 1412 MarylandLion 10/18/14 3:45 PM
by: YorkRaven

Nit Fan drops a JoPa sign on gameday!

Per tos MtNittany

1 1256 NittanyLionFootballFreak 10/18/14 2:43 PM
by: indynittany

Offensive Line: Why are we in this situation?

5th Yr Seniors True Seniors Redshirt JRs True JRs** Redshirt SO** Recruited by Paterno

33 4575 BeaverStadiumMaulerIV 10/18/14 12:31 PM
by: Lions82

Mark it down. This team will NOT win another game this season

Multiple Pages 1 2 

No bowl and no more wins. If they can't beat a God awful Michigan team, they stand no chance!

79 5446 Ochostrando 10/18/14 11:57 AM
by: HappyValleyLions

Anyone Want Ohio State to Put a Whoopin on Rutgers Tomorrow?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I'm sorry, but these Rutgers folk (both online and offline) have become a little too big for

45 2354 maddogmark25 10/18/14 9:30 AM
by: Shundo

PollGames We'll Win

4 848 FranklinPennState 10/18/14 8:42 AM
by: GreensboroNClion

OT:Easton v. Liberty on PCN

Shane Simpson of undefeated Easton (scored 7TDs two weeks ago against Saquon Barkley's Whitehall

2 560 ccpcman 10/17/14 9:18 PM
by: ccpcman
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