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Audibles Message Board

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Pinned2014/2015 Penn State Radio Network Stations w/ Coverage Maps

2014/2015 Penn State Radio Network Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton WAEB 790-AM

4 2306 DanPSU 8/14/14 5:57 PM
by: PSUBossFan

PinnedPenn State Bars Across the Country

Multiple Pages 1 2 

TAP poster Canzthemoose was kind enough to compile a list of Penn State bars from across the

62 43282 Psu96 8/23/14 6:36 PM
by: noideatavern

PinnedGreat source of info here with articles that don't support

Interview with state attorneys Frank Fina and Joe McGettigan,  Asked whether Paterno was part

27 55618 bplion 9/8/14 8:50 PM
by: UncleLar

PinnedAssorted Penn State Highlights

Games (10 minutes): 1968 Penn State vs Army (LBU) 1969 Penn

38 61919 kufta4 6/5/13 6:05 PM
by: NittanyLionFootballFreak

Pinned and LockedPLEASE REVIEW: FOS Community Rules

Given the current state of things we thought it was a good time to review and clarify the rules

1 40519 PlaybookMark 11/6/11 10:36 PM
by: PlaybookMark

PinnedLost Video Links

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

I absolutely loved the pinned thread with all the video links that we had on the old board.

201 95945 NittanySeaLion 9/18/13 6:29 PM
by: NittanyLionFootballFreak


RutgersAl predicted Nova would be invited to NYC for the Heisman presentation. Our resident

28 2016 CaliforniaHollywood Today 9:43 AM
by: CaliforniaHollywood

pieces in place for a dominant defense?

stop the run....dominant front four and three big time LB's and a tough tackling SS ....check

23 1890 Freshstart Today 9:42 AM
by: aijmuah

HotRU: worst fans n CFB

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I was excited to go to this game with my other PSU buddy and our friend from Rutgers as we all

82 7136 dtmdmd Today 9:39 AM
by: cfbinsider

Recruits of Interest 2016

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...8 9 10 

Just got word from Orchard Lake (Mich.) St. Mary's 2016 LB Daelin Hayes that Penn State offered.

396 27095 TomRegan Today 9:39 AM
by: PSU2K6

Nice compliment from Terry Bowden

Akron coach Terry Bowden, in passing during the MAC coaches teleconference, called Penn State,

10 4650 socalllion Today 9:22 AM
by: PSUzu

Anyway to get radio broadcast on smartphone?

I'll be in PA so I am wondering if anyone has used a FM tuner app on their phone to get the

5 304 kufta4 Today 9:19 AM
by: bubba29

Question on Illegal Forward Pass Penalty

Just re-watched the game.  It seems to me the IFP penalty didn't result in any lost yardage for

9 483 RJake1 Today 9:01 AM
by: scottyberkberk

HotBeat "Ped" State?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Thanks Frazier, thanks Peetz. Thanks again, Karen Peetz, Kenneth Frazier, and the rest of the

47 4460 harvey23 Today 8:48 AM
by: scottyberkberk

HotName the 1st PSU player to leave early for the NFL Draft...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

And this is a TOUGH ONE.... good luck...

62 2653 MilesKaufman Today 7:57 AM
by: Monsieurmagoo

Rutgers parking help

Since I'm banned from the Rutgers board, I'll try here. There's a pink lot across from the

18 1229 kufta4 Today 6:32 AM
by: kufta4

2nd-Team Players Playing in Crunchtime


0 630 Rumpke Today 5:24 AM
by: Rumpke

Recruits of Interest 2015

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...45 46 47 

So I thought I ought to put something together before Franklin get's half of the class

1868 53943 Hectorlechugas Today 4:45 AM
by: Rumpke

HotO-Line Update

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

This IS the WORST online I have watched at Penn State since 1988 PERIOD

106 6058 mdv24 Today 4:19 AM
by: Rumpke

PollRutgers Rivalry?

23 1268 BOBPennStateUniversity Today 2:00 AM
by: MilesKaufman

General Franklin Crossing The Delaware

From TOS

10 1928 Lion4Life76 Yesterday 11:40 PM
by: fastlax16

HotThis article is embarrassing

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I can't be the only one to think this

83 7770 kufta4 Yesterday 10:55 PM
by: BlueHampshire

Scheme for the O-Line weakness?

I hope Franklin can start to do what the mid-majors and lesser-known programs have done.  Look

21 2581 adlion944 Yesterday 10:54 PM
by: USMCLion

Second half O-line performane

Watching the game the other night, I remarked to my friend that something happened to the line

6 1046 FortCollinsLion Yesterday 10:50 PM
by: rufusmcbane

Hot8 fair catches and 1 return for -3 yards. DO NOT insult me....

Multiple Pages 1 2 

...or anyone else and claim that this is the "smart thing" to do, or that "we

63 3205 MilesKaufman Yesterday 10:40 PM
by: MilesKaufman

Wimbush named ESPN 300 Player of the Week

Congratulations Brandon!

10 1433 MarylandLion Yesterday 10:36 PM
by: roywhite

Injury Report Looking at this we have been lucky with our injuries

1 572 PSU4PEAT Yesterday 10:06 PM
by: bennywho44

Scandal Thread #8

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...16 17 18 


691 7561 thepaleking Yesterday 9:56 PM
by: DCP78

Cute Football

Why does this team want to be cute? Wildcat, double passes, QBs punting, just play football.

30 2313 fightonstate1257 Yesterday 9:21 PM
by: Nittany

HotWe Are Better....

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Who is it?

42 5529 PSUfootball1 Yesterday 9:14 PM
by: MilesKaufman

If you didn't HATE Rutgers before you will now !!!!

I know Zigler's name here is mud but you might change your mind after you see this;

38 8593 templarwd Yesterday 7:47 PM

Anybody else see the statement released by the Vikings?

This is what we never got from the BOT.  Instead they decided that PSU should own Sandusky's

8 1318 PSUinGA Yesterday 7:13 PM
by: kufta4

HotI don't see it with James

I've been thinking this to myself for a while now and I may get creamed here. I just don't see

23 4207 kufta4 Yesterday 5:56 PM
by: MilesKaufman

Props to Brandon Bell

The defense shut it down once they settled in, you could single out any number of this crew for

5 2026 NittanyLionFootballFreak Yesterday 5:02 PM
by: CowbellMan

Remaining Targets

Its been a while since I paid much attention to recruiting but the way Franklin has come and

3 1392 psu01 Yesterday 4:49 PM
by: socalllion

NYX: Hackenberg

"The teenager stands tall as a program leader"

10 1527 BOBPennStateUniversity Yesterday 4:25 PM
by: LionFever

New attitude about recruiting

With the addition of Kelly this weekend (Rutgers is probably having a melt down over it), I hope

3 2365 BlueAndWhite1986 Yesterday 4:22 PM
by: socalllion

HotStatement from Rutgers' AD regarding fan behavior

Multiple Pages 1 2 

On behalf of Rutgers University and the Athletic Department, we would like to apologize for

67 3071 underscoreTom Yesterday 4:16 PM
by: CaliforniaHollywood

Trevor Williams DPotW

Congrats, Trevor! Penn State Football ‏ @ PennStateFball 4m Nittany Lion

4 1206 MHS10PSU14 Yesterday 3:29 PM
by: psu1972

One thing is apparent

Witvoet has a new favorite punching bag.   I almost hate to say it, but it was so obvious.

27 4515 psuarva Yesterday 2:43 PM
by: NittanySteel

this is a MAC team

This is RUTGERS a MAC team ugh

7 1478 mdv24 Yesterday 2:39 PM
by: socalllion

Favorite Beaver stadium seat location

I was looking into season seats for next year for the first time and would be interested in

4 536 searay26 Yesterday 1:42 PM

UMass Line

On to the next one. PSU opens at -30. Big spread.

10 1954 PSUsp05 Yesterday 1:32 PM

Your opinions

I have been watching the first three games getting so frustrated at how long it takes to get the

5 1320 singinglion Yesterday 12:07 PM
by: NCnittany

A-Rob Jersey Number Change??

A-Rob was #80 all preseason.   Now he is #15.  This threw me off at first, as I was

3 855 WrazzleDazzle Yesterday 12:00 PM
by: WrazzleDazzle

HotHow Different Would This Team Be if Dieffenbac Was Still Playing

In watching the first 3 games, to me the problems on the O-Line start and end with the guard

34 3344 maddogmark25 Yesterday 10:59 AM
by: CowbellMan

Onward state article says the new commit is the last one At the bottom of the article it states

13 4726 PSUDave1 Yesterday 10:53 AM
by: dookpsu13

Should Franklin look at using James on field goal defense?

After watching the RU guy leap and block Ficken's first FG attempt, it made me think that a tall

4 636 NITTANYRAY Yesterday 10:48 AM
by: RJake1

Good Game, Folks

Even with a 10 point lead, I never felt comfortable, because I knew your team had the resilience

20 3110 Rutgersal Yesterday 10:34 AM
by: HoosAndNittanyLions

FYI - Devon Still on DP in the 10AM hour


1 294 scottyberkberk Yesterday 10:21 AM
by: Lion4Life76
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