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Audibles Message Board

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Pinned2014/2015 Penn State Radio Network Stations w/ Coverage Maps

2014/2015 Penn State Radio Network Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton WAEB 790-AM

5 4230 DanPSU 9/24/14 11:45 PM
by: NittanyLionFootballFreak

PinnedPenn State Bars Across the Country

Multiple Pages 1 2 

TAP poster Canzthemoose was kind enough to compile a list of Penn State bars from across the

63 47214 Psu96 9/27/14 4:10 PM
by: swiftfeetpsu

PinnedGreat source of info here with articles that don't support “This is Why We Fight”

27 58290 bplion 9/8/14 8:50 PM
by: UncleLar

PinnedAssorted Penn State Highlights

Games (10 minutes): 1968 Penn State vs Army (LBU) 1969 Penn

38 65259 kufta4 6/5/13 6:05 PM
by: NittanyLionFootballFreak

Pinned and LockedPLEASE REVIEW: FOS Community Rules

Given the current state of things we thought it was a good time to review and clarify the rules

1 42561 PlaybookMark 11/6/11 10:36 PM
by: PlaybookMark

PinnedLost Video Links

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

I absolutely loved the pinned thread with all the video links that we had on the old board.

201 98335 NittanySeaLion 9/18/13 6:29 PM
by: NittanyLionFootballFreak

HotRecruits of Interest 2015 (cont'd):

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...13 14 15 

The other thread ran out of space.

564 18080 thepaleking Today 1:06 PM
by: PSUsp05

Michigan AD Dave Brandon resigning

Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon, who has been under intense fire and scrutiny

2 756 MarylandLion Today 12:56 PM
by: BluPSUdude

Franklin Targeting 2016

Some interesting stats and insights in this article... Franklin says that he's eying his third

0 181 PSUsp05 Today 12:46 PM
by: PSUsp05

Thoughts on Matthew Burrell

I've been following recruiting for about 14 years now and my senses tell me that his recent

11 3351 LionsandBear Today 12:40 PM
by: PSUsp05

HotPSU-UMD predictions

I would expect our ground game to get something going against a team that is ranked even lower

29 1948 MHS10PSU14 Today 11:59 AM
by: irwinsbrew

PEPPERS bolts from Michigan

Reported by BTN   Hoke not worried.   Thats all I know. PSUCheerleader

23 6113 PSUCheerleader Today 11:40 AM
by: bubba29

MOVED: Anyone suspicious of Frein's cuts?

- - - -

HotAnd the 2018 opener is against...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Appalachian State. The pathetic OOC scheduling continues.

41 2870 MHS10PSU14 Today 10:54 AM
by: HoosAndNittanyLions

#9 #9 #9 #9 #9----Scandal Banter

8 is full.

8 736 thepaleking Today 10:48 AM
by: NittanyLionGameCock

Look to the South!!!!!

tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tika tik tik tika tika tik tik tika tika tika tik tik

0 161 JagdPanther Today 10:36 AM
by: JagdPanther

HotPulling Apke's redshirt Saturday

Jeff Nelson ‏ @ GoPSUJeff 1 hr1 hour ago james franklin announced after practice

36 6492 MarylandLion Today 10:33 AM
by: fakePSUinsider

Osu paid the refs for this one but.....

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

The atmosphere was good enough for the recruits! Proud of this team!

127 5874 roncampb Today 9:48 AM
by: ricked

Recruits of Interest 2016

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...12 13 14 

Just got word from Orchard Lake (Mich.) St. Mary's 2016 LB Daelin Hayes that Penn State offered.

536 30986 TomRegan Today 9:21 AM
by: thepaleking

Hull Grabs Back-to-Back PSU Fan Honors

HULL GRABS BACK-TO-BACK PENN STATE HONORS For the second consecutive game, Penn

0 91 PlaybookMark Today 8:29 AM
by: PlaybookMark

Get 2 The Game featuring Sterling Jenkins

Video interview featuring Sterling, his father, and his football coach.  Sterling seems like an

1 890 MarylandLion Today 8:16 AM
by: searay26

I propse Penn State powers to be try scheduling deep in the SEC

1. Alabama 2.LSU 3. Georgia 4. Tennessee 4. Florida   Any one of these schools Penn State

27 2010 NittanyLionFootballFreak Today 6:45 AM
by: FrontRow31

Comprehensive list of officiating "mistakes"

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Clear bad calls against Penn State 1) The interception debacle. 'Nuff said. 2) The field

66 4004 Football79Dude Today 4:49 AM
by: MicahAndMe


Noticed some board regulars: Rumpke, socallion, Tom Regan, maybe others, all stopped posting

8 1938 MarylandLion Today 2:14 AM
by: manatree

MOVED: Did Corbett Stall Frein's capture

- - - -

FSU at Louisville

Louisville has the number 4 scoring defense in the country. Do they have a good chance to pull

13 1098 scottyberkberk Yesterday 10:59 PM
by: QBKeeper

Possible schollie moves??

Sorry if this brings about some outcry but facts are the facts. We have 3 DBs that are on

30 5136 chaz1989 Yesterday 9:29 PM
by: MilesKaufman

FSU down big to Louisville early

Can't say I feel bad for them. My most hated team besides Notre Dame.

1 357 Niftylion Yesterday 9:06 PM
by: WhiteandBlue1

Is even ESPN now suggesting an anti-PSU B1G bias?

23 5639 PSUinGA Yesterday 8:29 PM
by: 1994NC

HotNot to dwell too much on the officiating from the tOSU game...

...but does the B1G ever announce whether or not disciplinary action will be taken against its

35 2248 PSUinGA Yesterday 8:29 PM
by: PSUCheerleader

Well I lost money but was pleasently surprised with the game.

You guys on here who said it was too good to be true and a sucker's bet were correct. I was

1 388 1994NC Yesterday 8:25 PM
by: PSUCheerleader

LockedHotScandal Thread #8 (merged)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...47 48 49 


1947 15601 thepaleking Yesterday 7:16 PM
by: LionOnTop

HotHeck No Bell wasn't trying to gouge Barrett's eyes.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

77 6091 MoonShotEnergy Yesterday 5:03 PM
by: StopLion

According to 247 Sports...Burrell to announce soon

Here's to hoping the atmosphere on Saturday and the ability to play sooner rather than later

0 1299 Poz31 Yesterday 3:55 PM
by: Poz31

Predictions by SunnyD

Lynch 158 yards Hack back to 300 yard game Blacknell and Hamilton 100 plus PSU 31- MD 17

9 992 sunshinedynomite Yesterday 2:26 PM
by: joepafloodpants

PSU opened at -2 1/2 vs Maryland

o/U 48 1/2 It seems as though the line is moving to 3 1/2 or 4 1/2 depending upon where you

5 672 Freshstart Yesterday 1:44 PM
by: bmlion

Revised season predictions

After the Michigan loss, this forum was riddled with "we won't win another game" type

7 994 MicahAndMe Yesterday 1:21 PM
by: psualum10

Happy Anniversary...

DID YOU KNOW today's the 20 year anniversary of Penn State's 63-14 rout of No. 21 Ohio State

9 772 PlaybookMark Yesterday 11:57 AM
by: dawgpound2005

PSU Football Tweet - Trust the Process

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Interesting tweet from PSU football that sums up the state of the program and progress. Assuming

48 4626 PSUsp05 Yesterday 8:41 AM
by: PSUinGA

Blitz the Terps

Blitz the Terps Mark

0 391 PlaybookMark Yesterday 8:30 AM
by: PlaybookMark

BCS Proxy Rankings

FYI, here is what BCS rankings might have looked like this week:

0 448 jlc11 Yesterday 7:12 AM
by: jlc11

My first Pitt-related OP ever...

I have never started a thread about Pitt before... because really, we don't play them anymore,

8 1666 PSUinGA Yesterday 12:48 AM
by: PSUinGA

You guys played your hearts out Saturday

I know you've probably heard it a thousand times already but I just wanted to take the time to

17 2498 DZBUCK Yesterday 12:45 AM
by: gnash94

PSU revokes UMd student radios credentials

Any idea of why this was done?     Dan Servodidio @dan_servodidio · 16 mins16

7 3011 MarylandLion Yesterday 12:17 AM
by: lion2014

LSU-Ole Miss Beats PSU-OSU game in ratings

Thats shocking to me, especially with the SEC game on cable. Wonder if this will hurt the Big

28 2759 athleticdeer Yesterday 12:05 AM
by: Lions82

Wendy Laurent, have we found our center?

Looked like his snaps were better than Mangiro's were and he's got pretty good feet.

14 3191 Monsieurmagoo 10/29/14 11:02 PM
by: marlboro798345

Prayers needed for Ryan Keiser

29 6211 pennstate2 10/29/14 9:09 PM
by: 5weight

Taliaferro not the only PSU FBer on BOT (& Pegula's Seat)

Maybe most of you are aware of this, but I know I wasn't. Todd Rucci, who graduated in 1992,

1 693 LattyDaddy 10/29/14 9:02 PM
by: LionOnTop

BTN The Journey featuring James Franklin: Must Watch!!!

I am still pumped up from Sat night- was at the game and loved every minute of it (one of the

2 1059 psuwolf 10/29/14 8:26 PM
by: psuwolf

Keiser has another surgery and is in ICU

Know Franklin said he's improving, but multiple surgeries and being in ICU doesn't sound good.

0 1360 MarylandLion 10/29/14 6:50 PM
by: MarylandLion
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