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Audibles Message Board

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PinnedPenn State Bars Across the Country

Multiple Pages 1 2 

TAP poster Canzthemoose was kind enough to compile a list of Penn State bars from across the

61 38115 Psu96 5/8/14 10:46 PM
by: psujr

PinnedGreat source of info here with articles that don't support

Interview with state attorneys Frank Fina and Joe McGettigan, who prosecuted the child sexual

26 52510 bplion 12/28/13 5:27 PM
by: ccpcman

PinnedAssorted Penn State Highlights

Games (10 minutes): 1968 Penn State vs Army (LBU) 1969 Penn

38 58530 kufta4 6/5/13 6:05 PM
by: NittanyLionFootballFreak

Pinned and LockedPLEASE REVIEW: FOS Community Rules

Given the current state of things we thought it was a good time to review and clarify the rules

1 38054 PlaybookMark 11/6/11 10:36 PM
by: PlaybookMark

PinnedLost Video Links

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

I absolutely loved the pinned thread with all the video links that we had on the old board.

201 92924 NittanySeaLion 9/18/13 6:29 PM
by: NittanyLionFootballFreak

HotScandal Banter Thread #7

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...25 26 27 

on right now.. anyone watching?

1060 6244 PSUFan5 Today 3:41 AM
by: Nittany9er

Shane Simmons Announcement Discussion Thread (merged)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Predictions, discussion, and your reaction.

80 9540 WAKEupcall94 Today 1:03 AM
by: NittanyLionFootballFreak

Nike complaining about 9-year olds clothing?

Hope this was just a joke from Nike. If not, then it's just sad In an email sent hours

1 104 MarylandLion Today 12:57 AM
by: NittanyLionFootballFreak

HotJames Franklin vs. Brady Hoke

Brady Hoke in his first 2 full season as the UM coach had the 2nd ranked and 4th ranked

30 2378 bubba29 Today 12:35 AM
by: Rumpke

HotRutgers board on TOS

I went over to the Rutgers forum to look at was happening with them last night and to see if

31 3940 BlueAndWhite1986 Today 12:32 AM
by: indynittany

Hey Miles...Tracy Sprinkle news....

Drug charges were dropped after blood test revealed he had NOT used cocaine (or heroin). He

24 3135 HINYG8 Today 12:08 AM
by: Ldandy

parking at RU

Anybody know any information about parking at RU? Like what time the lots open and which lots

16 1419 tgpsufan24 Today 12:06 AM
by: Ldandy

Bo Pelini unveils new Nebraska alternate uniform

Funny unveiling,  but to me they look too much like Rutgers unis.

10 1428 MarylandLion Yesterday 11:48 PM
by: Ldandy

OT: Cleveland Fans pees on Modell's grave

Stay classy Ohio... linky

20 1322 NCnittany Yesterday 11:46 PM
by: Nittany

HotTyler Green taunts

Multiple Pages 1 2 

May be my new least favorite OSU player. Posts "63-14" after Simmons announces for

46 4900 psupride1997 Yesterday 10:39 PM
by: MarylandLion

Said It Before And I'll Say It Again Larry Johnson Who?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Urban having buyer's remorse?

60 5094 PSUinOHIO Yesterday 10:31 PM
by: rgj223344

HotStatus of decommits

Upon hearing the news of Greg Webb's dismissal and reading an article on TOOS listing players

28 5476 PSU2K6 Yesterday 8:11 PM
by: aah5833

HotRecruits of Interest 2015

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...37 38 39 

So I thought I ought to put something together before Franklin get's half of the class

1525 44050 Hectorlechugas Yesterday 7:25 PM
by: Mukluk

29 days Lion fans!

The season starts THIS month. Let's do this!

0 338 HINYG8 Yesterday 5:53 PM
by: HINYG8

Urban has peaked, according to Dave Jones

Article today:

23 3344 psupride1997 Yesterday 2:52 PM
by: socalllion

Remember Greg Webb?

4 star DT in the 2013 class that flipped from PSU to North Carolina.  He's off UNCs team,

14 4204 MarylandLion Yesterday 2:46 PM
by: goeagles1

Gentlemen....the Big, Blue, Sleeping Giant, has awoken!....

Multiple Pages 1 2 

...and he is ****** OFF.... James.  Mother.  Freaking.  Franklin. Welcome Sir Shane to the

43 6905 MilesKaufman Yesterday 2:41 PM
by: socalllion

Prediction time: 2014 Season B10 Stat leaders

What individual or team statistical categories do you expect PSU to lead the Big Ten in next

19 1196 HINYG8 Yesterday 2:27 PM
by: bmlion

Franklin's Dawn Patrol Reminds Players to go to Class

Think Franklin isn't serious about academics? This is great.

13 3634 PSUsp05 Yesterday 2:06 PM
by: socalllion

Recruits of Interest 2016

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Just got word from Orchard Lake (Mich.) St. Mary's 2016 LB Daelin Hayes that Penn State offered.

177 20361 TomRegan Yesterday 1:46 PM
by: MarylandLion

A Rob out a couple weeks

0 606 canazian Yesterday 12:49 PM
by: canazian

Is '15 Adam McLean PSU's best recruiter?

McLean seems to be the most vocal of the '15 class, and his fingerprints are all over several

3 2602 MoonShotEnergy Yesterday 12:03 PM
by: latelion

Season ticket watch

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Will they arrive this week?

50 3600 Lion03 Yesterday 11:25 AM
by: irwinsbrew

Bianchi crucifies Urban (& Shelley) Meyer for UF time

Multiple Pages 1 2 

This re-hashes some old stuff, but it can't help OSU's southern recruiting. Dumb of Shelley to

44 4594 ATLgolfer Yesterday 9:19 AM
by: MicahAndMe

Dennis Dodd says bowl ban should be lifted

35 5072 MarylandLion Yesterday 7:10 AM
by: WinchesterBUCK

Message to Coach Franklin.....

You've endured 7 MONTHS without your family, slept in your office, put in 16 hour days, and

1 1562 tickets43 7/31/14 6:58 PM
by: MilesKaufman

Penn State drops recruit because of his social media presence

Dropped another prospect this AM due to his social media presence...Actually glad I got to see

22 6004 MarylandLion 7/31/14 4:30 PM
by: LeesburgLion


There have been a lot of changes at Scout the past six months. In an effort to keep improving

0 462 mxbscout 7/31/14 3:09 PM
by: mxbscout

PSU alum NFL Training Camp Thread (merged)

Thought it would be nice to have all of the training camp news in one place. Jaguars:

39 3663 psumazda6 7/31/14 12:41 PM
by: WeR0206

siap 2016 recruiting class

The 2015 recruiting class is still taking shape and I believe there will still be a few big time

3 1932 tgpsufan24 7/31/14 12:04 PM
by: tgpsufan24

Recruiting Pitches

Pretty interesting video on best & worst recruiting pitches...Mclean and Burrell

3 1344 JoPaPhan 7/31/14 11:27 AM
by: PSUBreno14

Franklin is such a great recruiter that.......

.....I don't even sweat a possible decomitt. Franklin and staff are so good that I one stud

14 2754 Lions2002 7/31/14 11:20 AM
by: policy

Dumbest Play Pitt Post Ever.

Make the game a sponsorship deal for a Corporation at a price of $4 million. Two million per

0 332 harvey23 7/31/14 11:08 AM
by: harvey23


Go watch.

29 1458 msj56 7/30/14 11:08 PM
by: Rumpke

Dan Connor hangs up the cleats to become ...

LBs Coach at West Chester. As reported by "OOTOS", with a name not to be

10 2252 psu1972 7/30/14 7:51 PM
by: MilesKaufman

OT: The Raiders....of San Antonio??

10 1394 maddogmark25 7/30/14 6:58 PM
by: Dave85

Players you miss watching the most

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Kind of bored with it being the summer lull, so I guess I thought I would try and drum up some

52 2106 WildLion2002 7/30/14 6:52 PM
by: webadinc

Scoop on how JFF got Shane Simmons to commit

JFF must have Jedi powers ------- From the horses mouth at 2:01

1 3814 MoonShotEnergy 7/30/14 4:27 PM
by: NittanyLionFootballFreak

Franklin To Appear on SportsCenter, Was on First Take

Just saw a post on TOS that Franklin was just on First Take. I only caught the very last

16 3230 maddogmark25 7/30/14 4:20 PM
by: CowbellMan

OT: Coach Hand on Chopped.

Did anyone else catch the episode?  I watched it the other night with my wife.  She's a huge

0 492 blitzfactor 7/30/14 3:52 PM
by: blitzfactor

Ole Miss v Vandy on ESPNU now

FYI...  this is listed as the 11th best game of 2013...  i dont remember what happened but its

6 758 dfmacm 7/30/14 3:50 PM
by: Rumpke

Spider Update: Good News

Got a heads-up on this from people in the know, so I'm passing it along because I know everyone

6 3552 mxbscout 7/30/14 2:45 PM
by: socalllion

Shane Simmons and Miles Sanders

Multiple Pages 1 2 

If Shane Simmons were to commit to PSU next week, it would be a very important turn of events

48 6810 duffycobb16 7/30/14 2:24 PM
by: blitzfactor

LockedMaryland Manchild's Decision Upcoming

Multiple Pages 1 2 3

105 17052 BlueMoon66 7/30/14 2:12 PM
by: Psu96

PSU's Best Game Changing Play

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Let's rack some brains.  What is the best game changing play in PSU history? The play had

100 3517 bmlion 7/30/14 11:54 AM
by: WeezyLion
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