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Posted: Yesterday 11:44 AM

Re: Memorial Day 2015 musings 

I like that,well done,nice writeup.

i'm proud to say that back on 4 february 2000, i was the recipient of the sgt louis h. fisher award.  (Show Off.)

Probably like you I cringe a little when people say,by rote,with a blank look, usually,"Thank you for your Service" Especially young 'uns.

I read an article recently that sort of summed up how I feel about the increasing divide between the Armed Forces and the general public. The crux was the growing feeling that the public views us as guard dogs, hired mercenaries to be used when needed. There is no sense of oneness, as in the past,  when so many families were involved in the anxious waiting,due to the Draft.

As a cynic once said, the uproar during the street riots over the College deferments and other unfair entitlements in the '70's resulted in the powers that be doing away with the draft lottery to make sure their precious sons would never be in the line of fire.

I firmly believe that a couple of years serving the good ole US and A,whether in the Military or some other function,would do a great deal to eliminate the "Us and Them" that is now present.

EDIT.Still see my writing being frequently changed to Lower Case.

Last edited Yesterday 11:48 AM by tommika

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