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General Discussion

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Pinned10% off All Tickets for All Scout Premium Members

USC TROJAN EVENTS  ALL SPORTS AND CONCERTS We’ve been working on new benefits

0 48 Scoutosphere 09/24/14 6:30 PM
by: Scoutosphere

The Golden Brown turkey awards...

Our Own Potus who stated after the November election..."I heard you" and then

2 42 GaryD Yesterday 9:20 PM
by: piboy

Are Blacks really the ones that are the racists?

We got a black president....elected by mostly whites How has black racism improved??....oh,

5 159 Trocx Yesterday 8:46 PM
by: TeaPartier

Hello from Florida......

.....just a quick note to wish all a happy thanksgiving and to offer a few quick comments about

1 93 JLB55 11/26/14 2:51 PM
by: 7575redux

LA Kings - Stanley Cup Moments is back!

stanley cup moments – episode 1 - adversity

0 14 TrojanEagle446 11/26/14 11:43 AM
by: TrojanEagle446

Ferguson decision imminent. Odds on riot if "no

bill?"  I would say if they do not indict: 15:1 there are riots in Ferguson 2:1 there

8 184 PaulDrakeLives 11/26/14 10:59 AM
by: WanderingTrojan

Three Caterpillars, a Butterfly… and Liberty

Three caterpillars — a conservative, a liberal, and a libertarian — looked up and saw a

4 84 piboy 11/26/14 10:55 AM
by: WanderingTrojan

More fuel for the Ferguson unrest. Another cop shoots ....

un-armed man in NY.   Not what we need at this time.

5 129 7575redux 11/25/14 7:15 PM
by: ppaulie

Remember how Obama got us out of Afghanistsan?

Well he lied. We're not. Are their any liberals or Obama voters/supporters who want to answer to

9 189 CMIII1962 11/25/14 10:22 AM
by: Trocx

The Al Sharpton Minstrel Show Moves On

This caricature of a man, with his oiled ringlets and predictable patter reminds me of one of

1 50 PaulDrakeLives 11/25/14 10:13 AM
by: Trocx

New pejorative. "Getting Cosby'd" *


3 67 7575redux 11/25/14 6:34 AM
by: ppaulie

Zoot suit riots

I remember the Cherry Poppin Daddies song...then I started watching vids of the real zoot suit

0 53 vuiscool 11/24/14 2:51 PM
by: vuiscool

The gay mafia the schools and the coming...

"revolution", as described by Fred Reed.   Funny. But maybe not......."I didn't

0 21 7575redux 11/24/14 10:05 AM
by: 7575redux


Obama's dangerous move on immigration

17 304 GroovieTrojan 11/22/14 4:54 PM
by: TeaPartier

Is income inequality 'morally wrong'?

CNN's guy has an opinion --

18 422 901Club 11/22/14 5:23 AM
by: GaryD

here's a nice slap in the face

to Christian war mongers... " Thank the Troops for Their Service to Islam "

3 111 piboy 11/21/14 3:33 PM
by: 7575redux

House GOP Files Lawsuit Over Obama’s Health-Care Law

From the WSJ.  Below is a copy and paste of the article. WASHINGTON—House Republicans on

3 54 GroovieTrojan 11/21/14 3:26 PM
by: 7575redux

rockin' the vote

Libertarian style ... "...Monday afternoon, The Record caught up with three Chadron

2 43 piboy 11/21/14 12:29 PM
by: piboy

OT: Update to My Appearance on ABC's 20/20

As some of you know, I recently did a photo shoot which was part of a segment on ABC show 20/20

5 122 GroovieTrojan 11/21/14 12:09 PM
by: GroovieTrojan

Florida State shot up this morning by gunman

3 60 Trocx 11/21/14 9:30 AM
by: Trocx

The Greatest Achievement in Human History?

what would be your first guess?? Wheel? Computers? US? How about, this ? "...

5 94 piboy 11/21/14 9:09 AM
by: CMIII1962

The Self-help Book; "Combat for Dummies".....Enjoy

GySgt (Ret) Randy Sears, a Marine's Marine and a longtime friend emailed this to me this

2 95 JLB55 11/20/14 3:15 PM
by: 7575redux

“I say I’ll paint a big target on my front door.......

....and say come and get us.” - words of Rob O'Neill's father to ISIS after Rob went

14 291 JLB55 11/20/14 2:00 PM
by: 7575redux

could this be another Massachusetts Tea Party?

not the current GOP hack types, but actual uprising in Massachusetts.  This time it's not over a

5 88 piboy 11/20/14 1:25 PM
by: piboy

Self-Defeating Strategy to Sell the Health Care Law

Here are two articles: 1.) 2.)   CNN The video is pretty good.

0 14 GroovieTrojan 11/20/14 12:43 PM
by: GroovieTrojan

Where do you stand?

Cruz: 'Height of lunacy' to push online sales tax bill I'm afraid it is just a matter of

5 75 GroovieTrojan 11/20/14 9:45 AM
by: piboy

OT: Bin Laden's Shooter Should Have Stayed Silent

8 170 LambdaChiTrojan 11/20/14 7:08 AM
by: PaulDrakeLives

PollPoll: Will Josh Shaw play against UCLA this weekend?

1 33 sportspundette 11/19/14 11:43 AM
by: 7575redux

"I know nusink!!"

Remember that dumb line from "Hogan's Hreoes" from Sgt Shultz?  Well its in

3 70 GaryD 11/19/14 11:41 AM
by: 7575redux

Here we go. Marine Perspective.

9 277 JLB55 11/18/14 5:14 PM
by: 7575redux

Dick Cheney? Seriously? This is the guy who is advising.....

Republicans on how to conduct the new US "efforts" in Iraq?

9 231 7575redux 11/18/14 12:23 PM
by: 11times

Article on US oil and geopolitical events resulting in...

the use of the slippery stuff as economic weapons.  FWIW.

0 20 7575redux 11/18/14 9:35 AM
by: 7575redux

MOVED: Peterson

- - - -

Welcome to " 1984"...

George Orwell wrote "1984" as a warning about big government and their total control

15 216 GaryD 11/18/14 7:16 AM
by: piboy

Stupid for the Navy Seal who killed

OBL to ID himself....HUGE mistake.  That info would never have gotten out unless he wanted it

27 570 PaulDrakeLives 11/17/14 9:40 AM
by: 7575redux

California schools and the gay mafia kerfuffle....

as the state wants the little one's brought up to speed on alternative sexual inclinations.

0 35 7575redux 11/16/14 3:42 PM
by: 7575redux

Opium production in Afghanistan to hit record high in 2014..

as the trade continues unabated.  Must be for "humanitarian needs"

3 72 7575redux 11/16/14 1:32 PM
by: TeaPartier

On immigration, Obama may follow an existing trail set by Reagan

This can't be can it.  Reagan really took executive action on immigration to keep families

2 86 TeaPartier 11/16/14 1:29 PM
by: TeaPartier

Christmas already? Nah...just an ad that speaks to ....

possibilities of humanity making a breakthrough.  Corny and sappy I suppose but one can hope.

0 23 7575redux 11/16/14 2:07 AM
by: 7575redux

Bo and the China climate deal....

BO strikes again! Bo and Global warming err cooling err change

5 118 Trojames 11/14/14 7:22 AM
by: WanderingTrojan
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