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General Discussion

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Would we be safer if we didn't go to war in the ME?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

My aggressive personality and ego tells me that we should have done just what we did. But I have

53 599 Fthebruins Today 5:13 AM
by: tommika

I was wrong about Islam. I used to believe that Muslims would be

better off under Sharia law and the rule of the Imams. It appears they are better off under

4 89 Trojames Today 12:59 AM
by: davaocitytrojan

Efforts underway to change the GOP on same sex marriage

"Any entity is more than welcome to try and make their case," Jeff Kaufmann, chairman

1 18 TeaPartier Today 12:19 AM
by: TeaPartier

How many wives can a Muslim have on welfare.... Michigan?

1 23 JLB55 Today 12:01 AM
by: Trojames

For Tommika and any of the other Islamic appoligist

If Islam was truly a relgion of peace they would welcome the Jews to live in the ME. You know

5 127 Trojames Yesterday 7:31 PM
by: Trojames

Austraila, fun crowd protest raid that stopped

mass beheadings.  So where is the moderate muslims?   Same pattern over

0 19 Trojames Yesterday 12:23 PM
by: Trojames

Nice to see Rand Paul

getting some love for his views around here.   "... maybe we need some Libertarian

15 215 piboy 09/19/14 6:15 PM
by: JLB55

If you wan't to get up to speed on worldwide Jihad watch this

video. You will learn all about the history of Islamic agression and Jihad. You will learn that

3 62 Trojames 09/19/14 5:03 PM
by: Trocx

If Texas was its own country

0 32 JLB55 09/19/14 4:28 PM
by: JLB55

Texas stands with Scotland

I wholeheartedly stand with the Scottish people in their vote for self-determination and

12 212 JLB55 09/19/14 4:24 PM
by: JLB55

Gunfight at my daughter's best friends house

Wow...Her 15 year old brother and his best friend had a falling out over a girl. The ex-friend

2 50 Fthebruins 09/19/14 11:23 AM
by: Fthebruins

What would William Wallace say??

some people are scared of leaving home.....

4 107 PaulDrakeLives 09/19/14 11:05 AM
by: JLB55

Rand Paul - a libertarian. Really?

0 17 JLB55 09/19/14 5:47 AM
by: JLB55

Re: Wisconsin Republican Drops Out Of State Assembly Race Over

I have been wondering what has become of our party.  The party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy

6 107 TeaPartier 09/18/14 11:00 PM
by: WanderingTrojan

Apparently, MPA 1988 has been banned...

on rivals for his usual racist crap. I just wonder how awkward it will be if he shows up here.

10 206 Fthebruins 09/18/14 8:13 PM
by: JLB55


Isn't this supposed to be America where you can speak your mind?

4 130 GroovieTrojan 09/18/14 5:03 PM
by: ppaulie

Why does Tamara Holder call Brigitte Gabriel the most dangerous

person in America ? I find that really hard to believe that she is the most dangerous person

0 23 Trojames 09/18/14 3:21 PM
by: Trojames

ISIS bans the teaching of Math, Science, Social Studies, etc

to be replaced with teachings which emphasize "the belonging to Islam ... and to

1 38 Trojames 09/18/14 10:50 AM
by: JLB55

Ron Paul's hard work paying off?

Audit the Fed passed the House today by a big margin. Harry Reid stands in the way now. Stay

7 108 CMIII1962 09/18/14 10:23 AM
by: JLB55

Happy Birthday

On this day, 227 years ago, 39 courageous men signed the Constitution and forever changed the

2 65 JLB55 09/18/14 10:16 AM
by: JLB55

The Big Bang Theory TV show, is it funny?

I have watched it a couple of times and did not find it funny. So I watched a best of

9 213 Trojames 09/18/14 8:34 AM
by: Trojames

Study: Conservatives and liberals smell different

I do like Strawberry jam over grape jam, and clear liquors over colored ones, and my dorm room

0 28 TeaPartier 09/18/14 1:36 AM
by: TeaPartier

Rand Paul and Mark Levin.....

...coming up on Hannity.

1 46 JLB55 09/17/14 7:31 PM
by: JLB55

BO. #1 objective would be to take all ISI oil fields

cut off the source of income this will have the most impact on them. Then assign the income

17 236 Trojames 09/17/14 4:41 PM
by: WanderingTrojan

OT: Star Wars Fans: Fellow Trojan Directing Episode VIII

Rian Johnson is directing the Episode VIII of Star Wars . So why do you care? He's a fellow

0 136 LambdaChiTrojan 09/17/14 2:07 PM
by: LambdaChiTrojan

ISIS supporters urged to plant pipe bombs in Times Square

We have ISIS supporters here in the US? Gasp, who knew?

0 20 Trojames 09/17/14 11:26 AM
by: Trojames

Turkey forces 40K students to attend Islamic schools

against parents will .

0 14 Trojames 09/17/14 11:19 AM
by: Trojames

ISIS Orders All Christian, Shiite Business Assets to Be Delivere

the fun crowd doing what it does  best.   AINA News ISIS Orders All

0 16 Trojames 09/17/14 11:17 AM
by: Trojames

Cameron bites for the old line: "Islam is a religion of

...peace." Nonsense.  Islam means "submission," and there are basically two

20 309 PaulDrakeLives 09/17/14 9:37 AM
by: JLB55

Howdy folks, this is NYT from ryan's old board

not sure who took NYTrojan over here, but to hell with them.  Anyway, thought I'd drop in at

4 72 NYTrojanSD 09/16/14 5:29 PM
by: WanderingTrojan

Malaysian Prime Minister praises ISIS

of course Malaysia is the home to the more "tolerant" muslims.  

1 62 Trojames 09/16/14 1:54 PM
by: JLB55

I think the migrants will be staying.

The migrants are reciting the pledge of allegiance, wow, incredible, as I don't think we would

1 32 TeaPartier 09/16/14 1:52 PM
by: JLB55

Erdogan's new Turkey to requires all students to study the Qur'a

Erdogan's new Turkey to requires all students to study the Qur'an   Nothing to see

0 30 Trojames 09/16/14 1:14 PM
by: Trojames

Greetings from Aomori Prefecture, Japan.

Ohaio gozaimasu, ikaga desuka ?   Am in the Land of the Rising Sun to start my latest pirate,

3 46 TrojanSkyCop97 09/16/14 11:37 AM
by: WanderingTrojan

Mora's F Bomb Tirade Toward Parent of USC Recruit.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I heard on the post game radio show this morning, where a caller accused Mora of going on an F

48 2819 REG69 09/16/14 11:36 AM
by: REG69

Obama sending 3000 troops to Africa....

.....while our southern border is in chaos. This guy is a POS.

0 20 JLB55 09/16/14 8:11 AM
by: JLB55

adrian petersen

hahaha if these silly laws were on the books when i was a kid, my parents would still be in

4 116 davaocitytrojan 09/15/14 11:21 AM
by: JLB55

Foreign Aid

The inept Obama administration is having difficulty securing commitment from so- called allies

20 372 JLB55 09/13/14 3:47 PM
by: JLB55

Suadi's arrest 28 Christians workers

Any relgion is illegal other than Islam in the most pure Islamic state. Like I said we should

3 104 Trojames 09/13/14 11:22 AM
by: TeaPartier

PSA. Guys, remember the porn star who lives next to 7575?

Well, she is pregnant and 7575 hasn't been around in a couple of days, so I'm beginning to think

3 186 CMIII1962 09/12/14 4:14 PM
by: JLB55
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