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General Discussion

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0 16 Scoutosphere 09/24/14 6:30 PM
by: Scoutosphere

Mitt Romney: He's Back!!! (possibily)

After years of saying No, it appears it is now a "We'll see"   =)    And this is not

6 73 TeaPartier Today 10:54 AM
by: IntellectualAssassin

Washington teen charged with sex assault on football team bus

This kid seems like a pre-ISIS teen.  But he is probably Christian.  Most Americans are.  And

21 291 TeaPartier Today 10:41 AM
by: trojanpete

Truth of biblical scripture. Please enjoy the read. I will be absent for several days.

0 4 JLB55 Today 10:37 AM
by: JLB55

New minimum wage laws crippling restaurant industry.

3 18 CMIII1962 Today 10:28 AM
by: JLB55

Gun store owner refuses to sell guns to Muslims

she has a very logical reason for her actions. Wonder if there is a market for a Muslim free

12 135 Trojames Today 10:15 AM
by: JLB55

ISIS plans to invade Lebanon to crucify Christians

move a long, nothing to see heere.  

1 16 Trojames Today 8:39 AM
by: WanderingTrojan

And now we have Ebola in the USA

Just a few months ago we would have laughed at the prospect.

2 25 WanderingTrojan Today 8:34 AM
by: WanderingTrojan

Coyote struck by SUV, gets stuck in bumper, lives

Such a cute animal.  Best of luck to him. “It was even more amazing he survived,” she told

0 12 TeaPartier Today 6:28 AM
by: TeaPartier

Christians in Denmark being terroized by local Muslims

the peaceful, tolerant fun crowd doing what it does best.

3 74 Trojames Yesterday 10:33 PM
by: WanderingTrojan

Woman Who Really Hates Mexican Flag Loses Her Job Over It

This lady is dumb.  Who cares if another country's flag is blowing in the wind.  She has to

5 144 TeaPartier Yesterday 1:41 PM
by: JLB55

More "we're from the government, we're here to help"

Sponsored by my favorite idiot, Kevin de Leon, the " Yes means Yes " bill just got

1 39 WanderingTrojan Yesterday 8:27 AM
by: ppaulie

Eric Holder, enemy of justice.

Ron Paul and Voices of Liberty puts forth a very good article on the action, or lack of action

12 220 CMIII1962 Yesterday 5:04 AM
by: PaulDrakeLives

CNN " officials see no link to terrorism" you can't

kind of amazing stupidity up.    Some of our

2 68 Trojames 09/29/14 4:57 PM
by: ppaulie

I was wrong about Islam. I used to believe that Muslims would be

better off under Sharia law and the rule of the Imams. It appears they are better off under

6 163 Trojames 09/29/14 1:15 PM
by: TroyKidd

Would we be safer if we didn't go to war in the ME?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

My aggressive personality and ego tells me that we should have done just what we did. But I have

66 1634 Fthebruins 09/29/14 10:49 AM
by: tommika

Video, young muslim men attack young Danish girl

nothing to see here, move along. 

4 108 Trojames 09/27/14 12:03 PM
by: JLB55

PollAnti-Terror Mercenary Force

6 203 JLB55 09/27/14 11:55 AM
by: JLB55

Jordanian-Palestinian Politician:ISIS is pure Islam.

somehting I have been saying for a long time.  

1 36 Trojames 09/27/14 11:09 AM
by: JLB55

Who from the general board is going tomorrow?

Looking for a tailgate to scrounge.  Bringing the little sis to her first game since 86's

5 143 ICBM77 09/27/14 11:06 AM
by: WanderingTrojan

Marines singing "Days of Elijah". Enjoy!! No other God but Jehovah. Ooorah.

0 17 JLB55 09/27/14 9:04 AM
by: JLB55

2nd and 3rd gen more likely to become radical in UK

2nd, 3rd, 4th generation Musslims are more likely to become radicalized than the more recent

3 106 Trojames 09/26/14 9:26 PM
by: JLB55

A beheading in Oklahoma....deputy shoots suspect/perp

Good grief, it has officially arrived here.  Well, gents, get to the range.... Edit:

1 55 PaulDrakeLives 09/26/14 7:30 PM
by: JLB55

More evidence that the libertarian movement is growing!

Like it or not, the evidence suggests that liberty isn't dead yet.

6 134 CMIII1962 09/26/14 3:05 PM
by: JLB55

Fun crowd beheading women and childern in Afgahnistan

nothing to see here, move along.

2 89 Trojames 09/26/14 2:23 PM
by: WanderingTrojan

Dutch soldiers told not to wear uniforms in public due to terror


0 28 Trojames 09/26/14 10:47 AM
by: Trojames

Holder quitting.....about time

not worth a link...but good riddance to bad rubbish

23 395 PaulDrakeLives 09/26/14 8:41 AM
by: JLB55

A libertarian triumph? Game, Set, Match :))

0 28 JLB55 09/26/14 8:19 AM
by: JLB55

old photo about...

well I'm sure you can guess….      Fight On!

3 117 piboy 09/26/14 4:51 AM
by: JLB55

Video of ISIS Being Pounded

For those that are interested, the S cout Military site uploaded video of USC jets pounding

15 156 LambdaChiTrojan 09/25/14 5:34 PM
by: davaocitytrojan

And the fastest growing- restaurant chain in America is.. Can't

4 100 trojanpete 09/25/14 5:30 PM
by: GroovieTrojan

Here's what Obama thinks of Marines...

See if you can see what he did.   And from the White House's instagram feed too.

25 297 WanderingTrojan 09/25/14 3:11 PM
by: JLB55

BO cites Ferguson, MO as an ..

......example of America's failure in front of the UN? What a pathetic human being. Throws

0 28 JLB55 09/25/14 2:22 PM
by: JLB55

Dick Morris: Obama Has Secret Agenda

This is a very weak argument by Dick Morris, and a weak argument to sell a book.  I could of

6 96 TeaPartier 09/25/14 1:32 PM
by: JLB55

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg

Should she be Impeached and disbarred? I am of the impression that SCOTUS appointees are not to

16 163 CMIII1962 09/25/14 7:15 AM
by: JLB55

China getting involved in South Sudan

in yet another area of the world where the Muslims are killing and enslaving non Muslims. China

4 85 Trojames 09/25/14 6:50 AM
by: ppaulie

An Interesting Thought

I'm not saying it is a good or bad idea, just that it is interesting. Thoughts?

13 185 GroovieTrojan 09/24/14 8:13 PM
by: JLB55

Questions women ask to test men...funny

test questions.

2 94 Trojames 09/24/14 6:37 PM
by: TeaPartier

Old article about Libertarianism. Found it in my archives.

Skip to site navigation (Press enter) [lprc] why libertarians can't win

0 36 JLB55 09/24/14 2:53 PM
by: JLB55

Obama uses the "E" word....about time....but too

late? speech I think it's pretty clear that I have little use for our President or his

6 82 PaulDrakeLives 09/24/14 11:19 AM
by: Trojames
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