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General Discussion

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Another journalist loses his head over Islam........

if only we were more tolerant and abiding. Here's Jihad Johnny!

7 123 Trojames Today 7:11 PM
by: JLB55

Should tobacco and alcohol be criminalized.......

by the feds just like marijuana?   Enlarge the sin police to crack down on errant behavior?

4 31 7575redux Today 7:08 PM
by: JLB55

Joe Biden is at it again. What a twit.

He says it is time to take America back! Back from whom? That crook and his pals in DC have

5 99 CMIII1962 Today 6:40 PM
by: JLB55

Polar bears-1, Al gore-0..............................

as the icebergs are enlarging even as we speak.  But, you knew that.

0 19 7575redux Today 5:23 PM
by: 7575redux

Raping little boys in Pakistan

A recent survey of 1,800 men found that a third believe that not only is raping little boys

3 60 Trojames Today 5:05 PM
by: ppaulie

Pi Boy and JLB - The discussion Part IA

Pi (cut and paste) - A product of your life and liberty is your property. Property is the

16 459 JLB55 Today 4:29 PM
by: JLB55

Immenent attack on Southern Border?

20 397 CMIII1962 Yesterday 5:11 PM
by: 7575redux

A Minnesota high school produced 3 ISIS.....

according to this piece. What's with that?

7 146 7575redux Yesterday 5:04 PM
by: 7575redux

Oh,oh. Terrorists hit American building....

and bring it to the ground.   Or maybe not.  Controlled implosion looks sorta like, uh,

0 53 7575redux Yesterday 4:55 PM
by: 7575redux

Mom who sued 4 right to carry a gun at kids sport event killed

Sometime when you sleep with snakes you get bit.  This was one odd lady, she carries around a

0 26 TeaPartier Yesterday 1:14 PM
by: TeaPartier

Good news for gun-lovers in California and the 2A

4 82 JLB55 08/31/14 5:52 PM
by: JLB55

Me I am the badass in the middle in image #8.

13 325 JLB55 08/31/14 5:18 PM
by: 7575redux

Not much coverage in the media. Pathetic.

A top Hamas official has admitted that the militant group is behind the abduction and killings

2 76 JLB55 08/31/14 2:16 PM
by: JLB55

9 Year old Girl kills gun instructor with Uzi

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Yes I know, it is her right to fire off this weapon.  But geese, a 9 year old firing off an

31 363 TeaPartier 08/31/14 9:09 AM
by: JLB55

Louie Gohmert.....Texas Congressman.....just....

.......called President Obama "Barney Fife".....

6 116 JLB55 08/30/14 7:56 AM
by: ppaulie

It was a great ride over at Rivals GD board..

for me since 2002.  About 21,000 posts later and mostly pleasant experiences, it's over like

8 221 7575redux 08/29/14 5:10 PM
by: 7575redux


The general board on TOS has been eliminated. I would surmise that low volume traffic, which was

23 425 JLB55 08/29/14 4:40 PM
by: JLB55

Is your political party of choice...

...a large part of your identity? Just curious.

15 248 Fthebruins 08/29/14 2:19 PM
by: TeaPartier

UK raises terrorist level.....a teaching moment for Obama

1 46 JLB55 08/29/14 2:12 PM
by: TeaPartier

Do you prefer that fewer people get killed

.....or that kinder and gentler rhetoric and tactics be used during violent protest like we

12 185 JLB55 08/29/14 9:34 AM
by: PaulDrakeLives

A major lesson to take away.......

......from Obama's retreat inward and away from an outward projection of American strength, not

22 369 JLB55 08/29/14 8:50 AM
by: JLB55

What's the over and under on JLB taking a pratfall?

2 90 7575redux 08/29/14 1:02 AM
by: 7575redux

Ten Commandments

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Thou shalt not have any Gods before me Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images.

50 463 CMIII1962 08/28/14 10:43 PM
by: WanderingTrojan

Texas Justice - Sweet

0 15 JLB55 08/28/14 8:39 PM
by: JLB55

What is the libertarian.....

.....perspective of living freely in a civil society?

18 248 JLB55 08/28/14 9:48 AM
by: 7575redux

Earthquake insurance

I just saw a video clip on USA today about EQ insurance.  They interviewed the head of the

0 26 WanderingTrojan 08/27/14 9:17 AM
by: WanderingTrojan

Treaturous move by Burger King!!!

We need balance on this website.  Seems too many of us (not including me) advocate for disarming

15 190 TeaPartier 08/27/14 9:13 AM
by: WanderingTrojan

Feds creating a Hate Speech Tracker .......

and a Police Czar to monitor facebook and twitter hate speech, and police conduct nationwide.

6 98 JLB55 08/27/14 8:00 AM
by: WanderingTrojan

I get back from Alaska & Ryan has made the move...

to SCout.  Good for him.  So over the past couple days, I've been reading the General Discussion

22 288 piboy 08/27/14 7:03 AM
by: Fthebruins

What is liberty? (Thanks to Ppaulie)

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I decided to go first with my take.

36 332 JLB55 08/26/14 9:43 PM
by: JLB55

In light of the Ferguson case, what is the status of the ......

....African-American community in America?  I will begin. In  1950, 17 percent of

1 52 JLB55 08/26/14 8:16 PM
by: JLB55

Brilliant move by Burger King!

They are buying Tim Horton's and relocating to Canada! Why, you ask? Because it will lower their

16 196 CMIII1962 08/26/14 6:08 PM
by: CMIII1962

I will be posting current events ......

of interests to me as they happen in our country in the days ahead. Hopefully we can have a good

0 53 JLB55 08/26/14 5:58 PM
by: JLB55

Background on JLB kerfuffle. With the recent shuffle...

caused by Ryan's move over here, it was apparent that some or most of the General Board posters

0 44 7575redux 08/26/14 5:39 PM
by: 7575redux

OMG! Been here about 2 weeks and I'm already on an

"ignore" from MPA/JLB or whatever name he is currently using.  I'm crestfallen.

11 184 7575redux 08/26/14 5:04 PM
by: CMIII1962

For those of you who were here before us.

If you have been following, you can see that we can get after it pretty good. Most of the folks

7 148 CMIII1962 08/26/14 4:31 PM
by: JLB55

This just in. Ferguson rioters have been de-classified...

as UNDOCUMENTED SHOPPERS.  Full story at eleven.

0 18 7575redux 08/26/14 4:06 PM
by: 7575redux

Another blow for fiat money?


24 243 CMIII1962 08/26/14 10:33 AM
by: JLB55

A year ago we were trying to topple Assad.

Now we are going to save him? Madness!

14 189 CMIII1962 08/26/14 10:26 AM
by: CMIII1962

The Canonization of Michael Brown has begun...or is it

"deification?" One expects flowery rhetoric at funerals, but he is being

2 59 PaulDrakeLives 08/25/14 9:03 PM
by: JLB55
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