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General Discussion

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A major lesson to take away.......

......from Obama's retreat inward and away from an outward projection of American strength, not

1 43 JLB55 Today 6:59 AM
by: TeaPartier

HotTen Commandments

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Thou shalt not have any Gods before me Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images.

43 403 CMIII1962 Today 4:59 AM
by: Fthebruins

What is the libertarian.....

.....perspective of living freely in a civil society?

17 188 JLB55 Today 3:30 AM
by: CMIII1962

Pi Boy and JLB - The discussion Part I

Pi (cut and paste) - A product of your life and liberty is your property. Property is the

5 157 JLB55 Today 3:26 AM
by: JLB55

9 Year old Girl kills gun instructor with Uzi

Yes I know, it is her right to fire off this weapon.  But geese, a 9 year old firing off an

19 185 TeaPartier Yesterday 1:40 PM
by: Fthebruins

Earthquake insurance

I just saw a video clip on USA today about EQ insurance.  They interviewed the head of the

0 18 WanderingTrojan Yesterday 9:17 AM
by: WanderingTrojan

Treaturous move by Burger King!!!

We need balance on this website.  Seems too many of us (not including me) advocate for disarming

15 180 TeaPartier Yesterday 9:13 AM
by: WanderingTrojan

Feds creating a Hate Speech Tracker .......

and a Police Czar to monitor facebook and twitter hate speech, and police conduct nationwide.

6 86 JLB55 Yesterday 8:00 AM
by: WanderingTrojan

I get back from Alaska & Ryan has made the move...

to SCout.  Good for him.  So over the past couple days, I've been reading the General Discussion

22 274 piboy Yesterday 7:03 AM
by: Fthebruins

What is liberty? (Thanks to Ppaulie)

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I decided to go first with my take.

36 322 JLB55 08/26/14 9:43 PM
by: JLB55

In light of the Ferguson case, what is the status of the ......

....African-American community in America?  I will begin. In  1950, 17 percent of

1 42 JLB55 08/26/14 8:16 PM
by: JLB55

Do you prefer that fewer people get killed

.....or that kinder and gentler rhetoric and tactics be used during violent protest like we

11 139 JLB55 08/26/14 6:55 PM
by: JLB55

Brilliant move by Burger King!

They are buying Tim Horton's and relocating to Canada! Why, you ask? Because it will lower their

16 192 CMIII1962 08/26/14 6:08 PM
by: CMIII1962

I will be posting current events ......

of interests to me as they happen in our country in the days ahead. Hopefully we can have a good

0 37 JLB55 08/26/14 5:58 PM
by: JLB55

Background on JLB kerfuffle. With the recent shuffle...

caused by Ryan's move over here, it was apparent that some or most of the General Board posters

0 28 7575redux 08/26/14 5:39 PM
by: 7575redux

OMG! Been here about 2 weeks and I'm already on an

"ignore" from MPA/JLB or whatever name he is currently using.  I'm crestfallen.

11 172 7575redux 08/26/14 5:04 PM
by: CMIII1962

For those of you who were here before us.

If you have been following, you can see that we can get after it pretty good. Most of the folks

7 136 CMIII1962 08/26/14 4:31 PM
by: JLB55

This just in. Ferguson rioters have been de-classified...

as UNDOCUMENTED SHOPPERS.  Full story at eleven.

0 12 7575redux 08/26/14 4:06 PM
by: 7575redux

Another blow for fiat money?


24 229 CMIII1962 08/26/14 10:33 AM
by: JLB55

A year ago we were trying to topple Assad.

Now we are going to save him? Madness!

14 175 CMIII1962 08/26/14 10:26 AM
by: CMIII1962

The Canonization of Michael Brown has begun...or is it

"deification?" One expects flowery rhetoric at funerals, but he is being

2 53 PaulDrakeLives 08/25/14 9:03 PM
by: JLB55

Is your political party of choice...

...a large part of your identity? Just curious.

13 190 Fthebruins 08/25/14 4:27 PM
by: JLB55

An American born fun crowd member kills 4 in the name of Allah

what a great group of people.  

2 62 Trojames 08/25/14 2:08 PM
by: WanderingTrojan

Ron Paul ridicules Rick Perry indictment

as is fitting with his principles.    

4 109 7575redux 08/25/14 8:19 AM
by: TeaPartier

Earlier question as to use of force and Libertarianism.....

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

jlb55 starter 224 posts this site nominate | report posted:

80 510 JLB55 08/25/14 4:40 AM
by: JLB55

Now the police are saying that the officer was severely..

beaten by Brown before the shooting and the officer suffered  a broken eye socket bone in the

10 190 7575redux 08/24/14 12:15 PM
by: PaulDrakeLives

James Cameron's "Deep Sea Challenge 3D"

An OT topic other than politics for a change, i.e. movies..... Meant to post this two weeks

0 10 TrojanSkyCop97 08/24/14 7:33 AM
by: TrojanSkyCop97

Feds: Obama broke the law with Bergdahl swap.

21 291 CMIII1962 08/24/14 4:46 AM
by: JLB55

So will the rest of the world vote the Muslims off the Island?

You have to wonder about when the rest of the world wakes up and says enough is enough. Maybe

17 301 Trojames 08/24/14 4:45 AM
by: JLB55

Should liberty be championed above all other values?

What say you?

9 172 JLB55 08/23/14 6:54 PM
by: JLB55

Finally someone in the media found some "guts"!!

17 264 JLB55 08/23/14 5:36 PM
by: JLB55

Well, Holder said something very curious in Ferguson

He's apparently there to calm things down.   Anyway:   Holder met with community

3 66 WanderingTrojan 08/22/14 1:58 AM
by: 7575redux

Libertarianism and governance. Is it an oxymoron or what?

Libertarians have difficulty with the notion of "force", and if I understand it

23 331 JLB55 08/21/14 7:02 PM
by: JLB55

From the "Miscellaneous Stuff We Don't Need To Know"

comes this astounding tidbit. Notice lately that when getting change from a cash transaction

7 109 7575redux 08/21/14 9:15 AM
by: JLB55

Thoughts about Brown and Ferguson.

I’m sorry Brown is dead. It should not have happened. I feel sorry for the officer,

1 66 Trojames 08/21/14 7:23 AM
by: WanderingTrojan

The Topic that is on a lot of minds but nobody can speak about..

I posted that rant by that African American pastor, I believe it was. He basically said: LOOK,

11 248 PaulDrakeLives 08/20/14 9:53 PM
by: Trojames

Still having problems with Obama care. I keep sending them

premiums. They keep keep cashing my checks. They keep saying I have not paid them. I call every

5 124 Trojames 08/20/14 9:07 PM
by: redneckbilly

Questions about your membership?

Check out our new FAQ page ! There's been a lot of questions about the

2 37 sportspundette 08/20/14 4:46 PM
by: Trojames

Missouri Governor calling for vigorous "prosecution".

Now that my friends is an example of political cowardice and pandering.  Why not just call for

9 121 JLB55 08/20/14 11:25 AM
by: JLB55

Reporter suspended for inappropriate Ferguson tweets.

What did Christine Byers tweet, you say? Did she use a racial epithet? Did she get caught

11 137 CMIII1962 08/20/14 10:39 AM
by: JLB55
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