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What is the radical right? What do they stand for on the issues?

Try and keep name calling and personal attacks to a minimum, and try and be specific as to the

2 27 JLB55 Yesterday 8:40 PM
by: JLB55

Pure Comedy Gold! MSNBC gets trolled live on the air!

MSNBC...the network of the loony left.  Hilarious!

4 71 K9Buck Yesterday 11:15 AM
by: K9Buck

An Obama Inventory

50 million on food stamps, millions having dropped out of the labor market, failing economy,

2 61 JLB55 Yesterday 5:02 AM
by: JLB55

Checking in.

Looking forward to the changes that are happening on this site! I expect in a month or so, the

3 72 CMIII1962 07/19/14 7:47 PM
by: stretchdogg

Ben Carson for President. What say you?

The man just has what it will take to fix the damage that has been done. Nonetheless, Jimmy

1 28 JLB55 07/18/14 5:21 PM
by: K9Buck

Obama's failed Middle East Policy......What a pathetic leader.

1 33 JLB55 07/18/14 5:19 PM
by: K9Buck

Israeli Prime Minister doesn't care about world opinion

He said his responsibility is to protect his country. Now there is a leader for Israel, and then

24 222 JLB55 07/18/14 5:09 PM
by: K9Buck

My award for father of the year goes to this guy

0 12 trojanpete 07/18/14 2:36 PM
by: trojanpete

It's a hell of the thing, killing a man.

Take away all he's got and all he's ever gonna have. A line from one of my all-time

3 119 trojanpete 07/11/14 10:27 AM
by: JLB55

Whatever became of Al Cowlings


17 46 CPATaxMan 07/09/14 6:46 PM
by: olnumber6

Job Openings!

Hi all, I have some retail jobs available (part-time and full-time) I'm hiring for if you have

1 39 LABigBoi 07/09/14 6:45 PM
by: olnumber6

Intro. I am to the " right" of Attila the Hun... regard to politics. Beware.  I am a P transplant.

6 65 JLB55 07/09/14 6:40 PM
by: olnumber6

Texas Border Crisis and Obama.

What are your thoughts?

1 26 JLB55 07/09/14 6:18 PM
by: olnumber6

Top 5 Tim Howard Meme's

Funny for sure: 

0 22 LambdaChiTrojan 07/03/14 5:00 PM
by: LambdaChiTrojan

Happy & Safe Independence Day! What are your plans?

I will be doing some yard work, cooking out with family and friends, likely getting sunburned,

0 12 Ole88 07/03/14 1:29 PM
by: Ole88

Porsche Engine Question

I was told my engine head is cracked on my 996 and I'm quoted to pay 30,000 to fix it. Is

2 76 BRPTrojan 05/27/14 3:40 PM
by: uscf8fl

Romney on minimum wage: 'We ought to raise it'

I just don't get this guy.  He finally comes out in support of the common man, but it is 2 years

1 60 TeaPartier 05/18/14 4:59 PM
by: IntellectualAssassin

Cliven Bundy and the likes

So is he a patriot or what?  I have to admit I didn't like the fact the militiamen were putting

3 91 TeaPartier 04/28/14 3:40 PM
by: IntellectualAssassin

Keystone XL pipel: New delay could move decision beyond midterms

You know, I've had it up to here with these tree huggers.  Just finish the dang pipeline and

2 66 TeaPartier 04/23/14 10:30 AM
by: redneckbilly

Don't Mess with This Ex-Navy Seal

Dude have any eligibility left? Tough mo-fo.

0 52 LambdaChiTrojan 04/14/14 3:08 PM
by: LambdaChiTrojan

4 Georgia players arrested.....

16 586 uscf8fl 04/08/14 5:46 PM
by: ConquestTime

#1 Arizona vs. #2 Wisconsin: Pac 12 vs. Big 10, who you got?

This is one of those games I really hope we can always remember, like the Duke/UK game of 92,

1 56 Velosh 03/30/14 9:46 AM
by: trojanpete

To the Zeppelin fans

0 70 trojanpete 03/24/14 2:31 PM
by: trojanpete

Ben Carson: The U.S. is like 'Nazi Germany'

Ben Carson is a great man, as he is able to think for himself.  Nazi Germany?  Do any of you

3 122 TeaPartier 03/23/14 5:50 PM
by: sealbeachusc

Uh-Oh! LOL

12 893 VCGhost 03/20/14 9:47 AM
by: VCGhost

I Was Gone A Few Days, But Doesn't Look Like I Missed Much...

Man, we're struggling on the board here. On a personal note, I was thrilled to see Troy

21 496 nitch19 03/14/14 8:08 PM
by: USCFlash

Unlike at ucla, SC pro day - no sub 3.0 fourties

I heard all the bruins ran  3.0/40's or less.

0 68 lonobird 03/12/14 7:35 PM
by: lonobird

Ex UCLA water Polo Player accused of raping 3 women

8 410 SCweARE111 03/07/14 11:00 AM
by: LambdaChiTrojan

Swim with Mike


0 86 lonobird 02/26/14 7:14 PM
by: lonobird

This site's coverage of combine sucks

Why wouldn't you post the results of USC players at the NFL combine.   A huge oversight and

9 418 troj78 02/25/14 5:55 PM
by: mcfein2012

Phillip Seymour Hoffman dies of overdose

For some reason I am not able to post a link. Apparently he was found dead with a needle in

3 71 trojanpete 02/08/14 6:33 PM
by: sealbeachusc

Lane Kiffin hates gay people

Former USC coach, Lane Kiffin wore a Duck Dynasty hat. Anti-gay Kiffin

11 264 curlslb 02/08/14 5:58 PM
by: sealbeachusc

Poll: Controversies hurt Christie's 2016 standing

His White House plans have taken a real hit.  Anyone surprised?  Makes you think the American

8 152 TeaPartier 01/31/14 8:59 PM
by: TeaPartier

Smart to take a Gun to a Movie Theater?

I myself am a big time gun nut or enthusiast.  But in a case of what happened the other day in

7 181 TeaPartier 01/31/14 8:52 PM
by: TeaPartier

China's Obesity Pandemic

There are some interesting looking photos in this article.  An odd quote from one of the photos

0 76 TeaPartier 01/30/14 9:13 AM
by: TeaPartier

OT: jvhockey01 was banned from scplaybook but...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

...he PMed me and from what I could interpret through bRuin babbleize he wanted me to post this:

44 1358 TinLA 01/29/14 8:58 PM
by: huskytrojan

I wonder where secpower is right now?

Must be grounded.

18 545 USCnationalchamps1 01/25/14 11:24 PM
by: DEGorilla

PollC/O 2015 Monster DT DeAdam Hall 6'6" 335 lbs Highlights

USC needs to pick him up. Massive run stopping DT. MUST WATCH!

0 292 deadamhall72 01/23/14 10:40 AM
by: deadamhall72

The Internet Is On Fire With Lane Kiffin Jokes

a few of my favorites as the had me ROTFLMFAO/tears Lane Kiffin to Alabama as OC?

3 291 zekethemeek 01/20/14 10:54 AM
by: VCGhost

OT:This 120 pound female can eat us all under the table

3 162 USCFANINOREGON 01/17/14 2:11 PM
by: oldmanjay66
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