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Trojan Football

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PinnedPac-12 Network Bars & Restaurants

Since USC plays Washington State on the Pac-12 Network, here is a nationwide list of where you

0 73 RyanAbraham Yesterday 6:16 PM
by: RyanAbraham

PinnedShould USC be 6-0 in the Pac-12?

I dug into the win probability numbers from ESPN Stats & Info and found out that 5 out

6 325 RyanAbraham Today 6:55 AM
by: USCTrojanDave

Pinned***2014 TGWTG Week 9 WSU Edition!***

Multiple Pages 1 2 

After a tough loss in Utah, the Trojans head to Bum,,,,Pullman to face the Cougars who are fresh

21 439 jefmc59 Today 10:46 AM
by: uscsmitty

Pinned10% off All Tickets for All Scout Premium Members


1 718 Scoutosphere 10/26/14 12:49 AM
by: Juice22

Paging TSnedden to the white courtesy phone.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

How'd that one taste going down? I guess you won't be calling out Giants fans for awhile now

22 554 USCDynasty Today 11:03 AM
by: tsneddon

Props to Tim Drevno:

6 212 NebrVandal Today 10:48 AM
by: PasadenaTrojan1

Bruins in free fall ... first 2 losses, now even a win is ugly

Seriously, when was the last time any team in any conference was so hyped and then played this

16 999 USCTrojanDave Today 10:23 AM
by: oldmanjay66

Searchig for Coach O

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I am for starting a grass roots movement to BRING BACK COACH O. Signs, Banners, Tee shirts, and

49 1319 joesurfs Today 10:17 AM
by: oldmanjay66

HotI don't make a habit of listening to Colin Coward

Multiple Pages 1 2 

on 7:10 A.M, but as I was commuting somewhere yesterday or the day before I heard him say

30 1186 eftzoons Today 10:05 AM
by: troy75

Hotthis left tackle move will cost us big time

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I am going on record as saying the Toa to left tackle move is not how I would do it. I think if

38 1333 Mr21305 Today 10:01 AM
by: oldmanjay66

MY USC-Washington State preview is live (link) ...

Late last night, my preview of tomorrow's Trojan-Cougar game went live on the site. Can USC

0 17 Tom4SC Today 9:59 AM
by: Tom4SC

How long/short is Sark's leash...?

Ever since about 1997, I have enjoyed our games against you guys.  We've had some entertaining

9 490 ttowncoug Today 8:47 AM
by: TroyKidd

L'ville Sarked it

Vs Free Seafood U.....

15 477 NebrVandal Today 8:46 AM


I stand corrected. My apologies.

10 630 lonobird Today 8:46 AM
by: SCweARE111

A lot of negativity going on - Just one moment now...let's...

take a minute for something positive to reflect on: How about those TRUE FRESHMAN:  Does

14 676 mcfein2012 Today 8:15 AM
by: WanderingTrojan

THE WAR ROOM - Do recruits care about losing?


0 35 RyanAbraham Today 8:00 AM
by: RyanAbraham


Multiple Pages 1 2 

That's the in conference combined records of the 4 coaches that USC should have hired instead of

23 908 trojanpete Yesterday 11:35 PM
by: lonobird

USC did not protect itself by not calling reviews for the first

td that Utah scored.  They should have had reviewed it.  They guy could have been fumbling while

9 627 PasadenaTrojan1 Yesterday 10:20 PM
by: PitbullTodd

Sark has forgotten what has made USC so

Multiple Pages 1 2 

successful.  Sc has lived by the run and became famous and fearsome with the basic run.  On 3

21 836 PasadenaTrojan1 Yesterday 9:21 PM
by: vnehring

I confess I always suspected the BCS heavily

Multiple Pages 1 2 

biased against USC in the Halcyon days of King Pete.  I like to perhaps delude myself that had

20 1283 eftzoons Yesterday 7:07 PM
by: empfanger

WSU predictions

Multiple Pages 1 2 

WSU 52 USC 49 Holiday throws 650 yards 6 tds USC has the lead last 1:05 but WSU gets the

28 1475 USCFANINOREGON Yesterday 5:45 PM
by: CrimsonApostle

Will FSU get upset tonight?

4 SEC teams in the playoffs if it happens?

4 154 trojanpete Yesterday 5:30 PM
by: oldmanjay66

Which Camp Are You????

I posted this in response to something else, but it seems to me worthy of its own post.  Why?

19 560 mcfein2012 Yesterday 5:06 PM
by: mcfein2012

LA Times says do not blame Sark

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4

68 2107 USCFANINOREGON Yesterday 4:37 PM
by: 1955fanUSC staff unanimously pick USC vs WSU. Four Reasons

On the site for Pac-12 there is an article on which teams will win this week.

1 346 JHillUSC Yesterday 3:57 PM
by: TroyJD

Scout's first NFL Mock Draft is Out...

...and a USC player is in the #1 slot. Who could it be?! Raiders with the first pick

0 115 sportspundette Yesterday 3:35 PM
by: sportspundette

Let the rants begin on the playoff selection

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Ole Miss over the Yucks is the first error

27 1055 Raygoza Yesterday 2:27 PM
by: TroyKidd

USC Ringtones

Can anyone point me in the direction to get some cool USC ringtones?

5 201 SCTrojanDieHard Yesterday 12:51 PM
by: lonobird

According to Wikipedia Clancy Pendergast

Is not coaching this year. I wonder if he would come back?

19 639 USCFANINOREGON Yesterday 9:58 AM
by: USCDynasty


When the powers at be finally come to their senses -- Clay Helton should be the next HC.    If

17 830 troy75 Yesterday 8:30 AM
by: trojanpete

VIDEO: Tee Martin talks about JuJu Smith & more

Thanks to Keely Eure for this good interview with Martin. TEE MARTIN

0 69 RyanAbraham Yesterday 8:10 AM
by: RyanAbraham

For those wondering why we run to the short side of the field...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

If you have to ask this question, you really don't understand football and the strategy

30 1375 Pookela 10/29/14 11:36 PM
by: jhs4uscrah

O-line changes

I heard Toa is being moved to LT....can anyone confirm?

9 510 mcfein2012 10/29/14 8:52 PM
by: TulsaTrojan

NFL Roster Series - Where are the players from?

I spent the month of Sept and early Oct researching the NFL rosters and all 2,178 players and

0 89 Jamie Newberg 10/29/14 7:36 PM
by: Jamie Newberg


USC is currently at 17 commits and the blue shirt which makes it 18. If we get the other JC

5 797 EpicReuben 10/29/14 3:12 PM
by: ppaulie

LockedI'm gone for two days and you guys miss a KABOOOOOOM!!!!

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

You're falling asleep at the switch people. Dominic Davis

48 1724 USCDynasty 10/29/14 1:42 PM
by: piboy

my 2 seats on the 50 for Cal game

Thursday night Nov 12 stairway 22 row 70 seat 1,2 face value pm me.

0 114 thornyrose 10/29/14 1:32 PM
by: thornyrose

same play call ND had against them vs FSU not called tonight

Multiple Pages 1 2 

courtesy of jamesbbal22 here's a picture of an illegal pick on the last play, ND had

38 1908 RBnumber39 10/29/14 1:10 PM
by: bupolo

Grow up ,accept where we are an average team.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Stop blaming coach's and even players. Blame the NCAA and Larry Scott if you need a scapegoat.

24 1298 westuscguy 10/29/14 1:06 PM
by: TroyKidd

An unfortunate reality that is causing folk to

crazily blame Cody Kessler for our loss(es) is the fact that whenever Cody lines up under

3 374 eftzoons 10/29/14 12:35 PM
by: chevyblu
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