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Trojan Football

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1 185 sportspundette Yesterday 11:11 AM
by: stretchdogg

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1 1058 Scoutosphere 10/26/14 12:49 AM
by: Juice22

The trenches

Multiple Pages 1 2 

USC has been MANHANDLED in the trenches. Who's 6'9" inch tacked is better ? Banner or the

24 1875 jamiedoodle0 Today 6:52 AM
by: CMIII1962

48 players and Coordinators that blow

Multiple Pages 1 2 

So having only 48 to play kills depth, like I said as each half ends If Wilcox is good,

20 1593 tsneddon Today 6:45 AM
by: USCDynasty

HotTime for Haden to resign...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

All of our major sports have regressed since he took over for Mike Garrett. When he took over he

25 1399 SCF4L Today 5:41 AM
by: sportsczy

6'5 300 pound juco defemsive lineman

Ari Nwobi has been getting major trojan looks the last few weeks, not only is he and excellent

5 680 Hyfr215 Today 5:36 AM
by: vermonttrojan

Hotthe Carroll first season argument B.S.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

You know using his first season as justification for this mess is stupid? Because he was

41 1522 Mr21305 Today 5:13 AM
by: USCDynasty

We suck

7-4 going into the ND game.  Good thing it's at home at ND sucks equally as bad. We have

4 733 sportsczy Today 1:26 AM
by: Mr21305

Former player sums if up quite well here

Riki Ellison post on Facebook talking about state of USC football 11-23-2014, 08:55 PM

0 192 Mr21305 Today 1:23 AM
by: Mr21305

Why the "We're down a bazillion Scholarships" argument

FAILS. Certainly having more players would be nice, but 30 additional players are not going to

1 243 DatrojanUSC Yesterday 11:53 PM
by: AlumniPark

Trojans, need some advice!

Been posting here for some time.  My father been a die hard ND fan all 65 years of his life.

6 345 KurzND Yesterday 11:03 PM
by: TrojanTW

PHOTOS: USC vs. UCLA in the Rose Bowl

Here are photos from Tim Lutes. PHOTO GALLERY

0 89 RyanAbraham Yesterday 10:27 PM
by: RyanAbraham

Justin Wilcox

UW fan here. Sark brought Wilcox in to run the defense during Sark's last two seasons at UW. I

7 902 genius007 Yesterday 9:58 PM
by: genius007

Welcome to the 90's...all over again

Can't beat our rivals, poor coaching, and utter frustration.

17 1867 tsneddon Yesterday 9:43 PM
by: IntellectualAssassin

Turning pro early...

After watching last night, anyone besides the Big Cat decide to go pro is flat stupid. Not one

6 615 tsneddon Yesterday 9:32 PM
by: albertocrespi

UCLA was a trap game

I think the team was looking forward to crushing ND next week. They lost focus and let little

18 1813 NWPHAN Yesterday 8:42 PM
by: chevyblu

I really think not kicking the FG was the turn

Multiple Pages 1 2 

My first sark bash, shitty call

22 1434 ballsweat Yesterday 8:35 PM
by: RBell42USC

Woo Hoo boys, the REAL RIVAL WEEK!

I posted this on the other site, IE Now that we are done, sucking completely to little

4 455 tsneddon Yesterday 8:23 PM
by: tsneddon

I love how some of you follow Harvey Hyde. What has he ever done

Some of the some of the stuff going on at SC seem to be easier fixes, most are not. But here

5 607 rbell Yesterday 8:17 PM
by: RBell42USC

Sark has given us ZERO reason to think he can be a great coach!

This team is only slightly better prepared then Kiffin's teams.  Sark has found ways to lose

8 1594 1BigTroyFan Yesterday 7:32 PM
by: jbsc95

Let's see whether Sarkisian can recruit the right players

I didn't want to sound negative before the game, but I had a bad feeling that we were going to

0 234 4EverTroy Yesterday 7:22 PM
by: 4EverTroy

Geez, ND game is 12:30pm

That just doesn't seem right.

7 557 trackdude Yesterday 6:44 PM
by: Goldcard

can someone please explain to me...

Why do we run from shotgun formation on fourth and two and on goal line. The tailback has

5 687 SCF4L Yesterday 6:38 PM
by: WanderingTrojan


First of all the sanctions were a major issue for USC this year.  While there are some really

9 709 SoCalDukeFan Yesterday 3:13 PM
by: lonobird


Saw the kickoff is set for 12:30 next week. Terrible time for those who like to tailgate. Oh

1 213 Uscgrr8 Yesterday 1:27 PM
by: 87trojan1

Harvey Hyde Talks Discipline On Today's Show.

I'm hearing this morning's post game show, and Harvey Hyde sort of eluded to the point that this

2 741 REG69 Yesterday 1:11 PM
by: BigScud

Just spoke to CLK...

He said sorry...after Bama wins BCS...he's taking Muschamp's Florida gig...he said good luck see

4 1236 pacificus Yesterday 12:51 PM
by: ViejoCabron

HotBring Back Paul Hackett...

Multiple Pages 1 2 


34 1187 MinnesotaTrojan Yesterday 11:57 AM
by: LetsGo55

The greatest point that made me realize sark was completely..... is 3rd and 17 and he calls a play action. Uhhhhh who is going to bit

3 920 BRPTrojan Yesterday 11:50 AM
by: lonobird

HotCongrats to the bruins

Multiple Pages 1 2 

They were the much better team

38 2755 trojanpete Yesterday 11:16 AM
by: RBnumber39

Instead of being pissed I'm watching Sat Nite Live

George Harrison and Paul Simon singing "Here Comes the Sun." And the sun will

7 308 lonobird Yesterday 11:05 AM
by: satxusc

Tonight was hideous. No way to sugar coat that. The 1990s?

Are people really serious about this? In 1998, this program faced the following with their two

9 1218 87trojan1 Yesterday 10:47 AM
by: migordo

Sark Needs To Hire An Experienced OC, and Defensive Coordinator.

Sark needs to relinquish play calling duties and hire an experienced offensive coordinator and a

18 1400 REG69 Yesterday 9:58 AM
by: REG69

Harvey Hyde Just Said The Following. I Agree.

Coach Hyde just said that USC has to have a head or assistant coach who is an

0 867 REG69 Yesterday 9:36 AM
by: REG69

Studying opponents and game planning (lack thereof)

One thing I've been noticing, and this goes back to Lane Kiffin, is that this team doesn't study

1 292 Shrapper Yesterday 8:58 AM
by: 87trojan1

HottTold you all that ND was a joke

Multiple Pages 1 2 

They are a train wreck defensively right now. Injuries, youth, and DC system nit working right

36 937 87trojan1 Yesterday 8:44 AM
by: 87trojan1

take the punches

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Next year we will be the best guarantee. Take the punches Can not have the sweet without the

22 1615 USCFANINOREGON Yesterday 7:04 AM
by: jgdds2003

what do nd, alabama, usc, stan & florida state have in

They were crappy until they got a coach who TAUGHT them how to win.ucla is the same team that

0 363 abbyboyone Yesterday 6:52 AM
by: abbyboyone

I admit I was really mad last night like most of you.

I didn't bother to stay up and read the boards. Instead I went to bed shaking my head. I

0 510 CMIII1962 Yesterday 6:24 AM
by: CMIII1962

Kessler Out of the Shotgun Inside the 5 Yard Line.

Why does Sark choose to line Kessler out of the shotgun inside the 5 yard line?   Kessler has

1 335 REG69 Yesterday 12:29 AM
by: SCF4L
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